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Here are my elusive Green's of Indiana.

Descendants of *John Green
Generation No. 1

1.  *JOHN1 GREEN was born 1856 in IN.  He married *CAROLINE CARRIE DALEY HIMMELHAVER 1879, daughter of *PETER DALEY and *MARY A.  She was born April 1854 in IN.

Notes for *JOHN GREEN:
John Green was a descendant of Civil War General Green.  Have 1900 Dearborn CO., IN census listing all children.

     i. BELLE2 HIMMELHAVER, b. 1869, In.  Notes:  This is a halfsister to Milton Elwood Green
     ii. EDWARD GREEN, b. March 1880, In.
     iii. OLIVER GREEN, b. March 1883, In.
    2. iv. *MILTON ELWOOD GREEN, b. July 15, 1886, Auroa, Dearborn Co, In; d. February 11, 1962, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Oh.
     v. FLORA ETHEL GREEN, b. January 1888, In; m. EDWARD HIGDON.
     vi. LOTTIE MAE GREEN, b. January 1890, In; m. HENRY SCHULLER.
     vii. ROBERT FRANCIS GREEN, b. June 1894, In; m. MARY WALDON.

Generation No. 2

2.  *MILTON ELWOOD2 GREEN (*JOHN1) was born July 15, 1886 in Auroa, Dearborn Co, In1,2,3, and died February 11, 1962 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Oh.  He married *CAROLYN MATILDA BAKER July 03, 1907 in Aurora, Dearborn Co, In, daughter of *JOHN BAKER and *MATILDA PEASLEE.  She was born March 04, 1889 in Hunter's Bottom, Milton Co., Ky4,5,6, and died June 23, 1957 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Oh.

Notes for *MILTON ELWOOD GREEN:  Milton Elwood Green's father John Green was decedant of General
Green,Civil War.Have Marriage Certificte, Death Records naming parents.Have 1900 Dearborn CO., IN census shown with father, also have 1910  Dearborn CO., In census with wife, son, father-in-law and sister-in-law.

Information on Internment Record:
75 years  6 mos  27 days
SS# 309-01-5772
State of Issue: Indiana
Cause of death: Cerebral Accident, Contributary causes: Hypertension
Physician: J.R. Hudson
7017 Miami Ave.
Madeira, Ohio
Occupation: Labler for Foy Paint Co., Norwood, OHio
Burial: February 14, 1962, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Oh, Rest Haven Cemetery

Caroline Matilda Baker is Revolutionary War decedent. This is the line entitled to membership in DAR. Have Marriage Certificate,Death Records naming parents. 1900 Census John Baker naming Caroline Baker. 1910 IN census married and with a son, also on the census was her father John and her sister Ida.

Information from Internmant Record:
Age 68 years  3 mos   19 days
Residence at time of death:
7181 Nodding Way
Kenwood, Ohio
Certifying Physician: J.S. McMath
435 Crescent Ave.
Clergyman: Rev. J. Schaeffer
Service at & undertaker: Hodapp Funeral Home
Rest Haven Cemetery Lot 57 Sec. K
Burial: June 26, 1957, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Oh, Rest Haven Cemetery7,8,9

Children of *MILTON GREEN and *CAROLYN BAKER are:
   3. i. *LAWRENCE OLIVER3 GREEN, b. January 31, 1909, Auroa, Dearborn, IN; d. November 15, 1984, Mason, OH
   4. ii. CAROLYN MARGUERITE GREEN,  Aurora, Dearborn Co, In.

Generation No. 3

3.  *LAWRENCE OLIVER3 GREEN (*MILTON ELWOOD2, *JOHN1) was born January 31, 1909 in Auroa, Dearborn Co, In10, and died November 15, 1984 in Mason, Oh11,11.  He married *THELMA LOUISE COX12,13 January 06, 1934 in Newport, Campbell Co, Ky, daughter of *FRANK COX and *RENA SCHMUCKER.  She was born May 06, 1913 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Oh.

Have Birth Certificate(naming parents),marriage certificate,and Death Certificate,Record from Rest Haven Cemetery listing Block/Bld. K, Section/Side57, Gr/Crypt 1,dating 11,19,1984 as burial.

Also shown on the 1910 Dearborn CO.IN census with parents.

Information Death Certicate #1765; Reg. Dist. #31;Primary Reg.
Age 74
Occupation:Engineer at; Foster Transformer
Place of Death: Bethesda North  Hospital; Montgomery, Ohio
Rest Haven Cemetery
Block K; Section 57; Grave 1
Last Residence: 5640 Cox-Smith Rd., Mason, Ohio
Funeral Firm: John Hodapp & Son; 7401 Vine St., Cincinnat,Ohio; 45216
Funeral Director: Clifford B. Hodapp Jr., Lic.#5485
Name of Embalmer: Daniel Kaiser
Certifying Physician:  Paul N. Jolly; Acting Coroner, 3159 Eden Ave.
Cincinnati,Ohio, 45219
Informant: Maurene J. Gleis
Burial: November 19, 1984, Blue ash, Oh, Rest Haven Cemetery14,14

Children of *LAWRENCE GREEN and *THELMA COX are:
    5. i. *NANCY CAROLYN4 GREEN, b., Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Oh..
    6. ii. MAURENE JAYNE GREEN, b., Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Oh.

4.  CAROLYN MARGUERITE3 GREEN (*MILTON ELWOOD2, *JOHN1) was in Aurora, Dearborn Co, In.  She married HENRY BOWLING.  He was born Abt. 1912, and died April 1969 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Oh.

More About HENRY BOWLING:  Burial: April 1969, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Oh

     i. BILLY JOE4 BOWLING, b., Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Oh.

Generation No. 4

5.  *NANCY CAROLYN4 GREEN (*LAWRENCE OLIVER3, *MILTON ELWOOD2, *JOHN1)15,16,17,18,19 was born in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Oh.20.  She married (1) RICHARD DEREK KASH21,22 in Covington, Campbell Co., Ky23,23, son of REIS KASH and MARY WHITE. in Il.  She married (2) "ACIE" ADRON C GRACE in Las Cruces, NM, son of THOMAS GRACE and ADDIE CLARK.  He was born March 28, 1901 in Plainview, Tx, and died February 10, 1987 in Porterville, Tulare Co., Ca, Obit.  She married (3) #VIRGIL JOHN PHILDIUS in Las Vegas, Clark Co., Nv24, son of #JOHN PHILDIUS and #RUTH GREGORIUS.

     i. JACK DEREK5 KASH, b, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Oh., Doc; m. (1) JO LYNN CLARK, April 12, 1972, Pensacola, Escambia Co, Fl, Cert. 72665; b. November 10, 1954, Oakland, Ca; m. (2) GENEVIEVE WAGNER, December 23, 1977, Ridgecrest, Kern Co., Ca; b., Albuquerque, Nm; m. (3) PATRICIA HICKS, Long Beach, Ca, Queen Mary Ship; b. Mass; m. (4) ~VICTORIA JEAN FRYSAK, , Bakersfield, Kern Co., Ca26; b, Bakersfield, Kern Co, Ca27.

Children of *NANCY GREEN and ADRON GRACE are:
    ii. GARY LEE5 GRACE, b., Bakersfield, Kern Co., Ca, Memorial Hosp.; m. (1) ANGIE ROSS, Las Vegas, Clark Co., Nv; m. (2) CHRISTINE COMBS, , Silver City, Nv;; m. (3) LANA JEAN BATTENFIELD, , Lake Tahoe, Nv;
    iii. ADRIENNE SUE GRACE, b, Bakersfield, Kern Co., Ca, Memorial Hosp.; m. (1) LINFORD KENNETH MCMURRAY, Bakersfield, Kern Co., Ca; b., Bakersfield, Kern Co., Ca; m. (2) TYLER NOBLE, Bakersfield, Kern, CA
    iv   DAVID CLARK GRACE27, b., Bakersfield, Kern Co., Ca 27; m. (1) TANDRA SULLIVAN, Las Vegas, Clark Co., Nv;; m. (2) APRIL RENE DENTON27, , Ridgecrest, Kern Co, Ca, Nazarrene Church;
    v. DARRYL BRYAN GRACE, b, Bakersfield, Kern Co., Ca, Memorial Hosp.; m. SANDRA GAIL ROCKWOOD,

6. MAURENE JAYNE4 GREEN (*LAWRENCE OLIVER3, *MILTON ELWOOD2, *JOHN1) was born in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Oh.  She married HARRY RALPH GLEIS in Lawrenceburg, Dearborn Co, In, son of EDWARD GLEIS and LILLIAN BOUTET.

 i. MARK EDWARD5 GLEIS, b. , Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Oh; m. MARISSA MURPHY, , Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Oh, St.John Baptist