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Descendant of Alexander de Greene de Boketon, John Greene of Quidnessett, RI and Robert Green of Delaware County, NY
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I have been digging into genealogy since 1991 and have compiled a data base of over 126,000 of my closest relatives.  I have completed many of my branches to my ancestors initially emigrating from overseas. 

My primary families are Green(e), Bowen, Lape and Graham.   References are found in the notes for each individual.

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The Green(e) Family Home Pages Links

Descendants of Alexander de Greene de Boketon, England
This includes both John Greene of Quidnessett and John Greene the Surgeon

John Green of Quidnessett, RI   Joyce Weaver
    Jacob/Job Green of NY Laura Greene

John (The Surgeon) Greene 1597 - 1658 of RI - from Julius Jahnke's GEDCOM  (Large File)
    Dr. John Greene > James Greene > Russell Green Jo Orvik

Green(e) Ancestors and Descendants - Compiled by Noel Chenoweth

    Green(e) Ancestors and Descendants Database List
         Part 1 (de Boketon de Greene - Greenan)
         Part 2 (Greene - Greenwood)


Miscellaneous Green(e) Lines

Alexander Green OH>NE 1819   Sharon Green Swan
Ambrose Green NJ ~1728  Thomas E. Green


Benjamin Green of ME 1748  Joel Walker
Benjamin Green ME 1750  Lucy
Benjamin Green of NJ 1755 - 1833  Donald Young

Clarence James Greene PA 1867 Deana


Daniel Green VA 1720 Audrey
Daniel Thomas Green AL 1854  Carol Green
David Green, Sr PA 1796  Coleen Lopez
David Griggs Green TX 1814  Sallie Cannon


Eleazer Green MA 1674  Brenda Hester
Ephraim G. Green TN 1807 Brenda Hester


Forrest Green AL ~1770  Maryellen Horrigan

Garrett Green VA 1730  Donna De Graw
George Green MD 1751 Dawn Green
George Washington Green GA ~1805  Billy Shepherd

Gideon Green NC ~1755 DJ Thorton
Gilbert Thomas Green NY 1812  Joe Kimmel


Henry Green MD 1793 Romur
Henry Green NC 1799  Lucille Althoff
Henry Gruen Prussia ~1840  Sue Green Fletcher

Isaac Green IN 1791
Deborah Bruno

Isaac Green SC ~1720 Audrey


James Green NJ 1785  Glenn Green
Jehiel Green NY 1761  Donna De Graw
Jonathan Green of TN 1800 Jana Bears
John Green CT 1610 - Web Master CT Rootsweb Page
John Green CT 1700  Violette O. Guy
John Green of Hampshire, England 1731  Richard Green
John Green NC 1777  Mary Ellen Ledford
John Green GA 1809  Blair MacKenzie
John Green IN 1856  Nancy
Josiah Green of NC, SC, MS 1710    Dennis Boswell
Joshua Green of NY 1782  Lois Green


Lewis Green NH 1807  Rhonda


Miscellaneous Green(e) Families - compiled by Principal Frank L. Greene Jo Orvik
Morris Green OH 1830  Sue Green


Nathaniel Green MA 1724  Marilyn Green Day
Nathaniel Green NY 1822  Jacqueline Green
Nelson M. Green CA 1849 Robert Curtis
Noah Green KY 1820  Stacy Smith


Ohio Census 1850 - Green/Greene Courtesy of Tommy A. Green


Samuel Green England>Canada>IN 1780  Lana Hudson
Samuel Green 1780  Debbi Tower
Sewall Green 1804  Susan Escobar
Shadrack L. Green 1800 Mollie Charles Pawlick
Struxton (Taft) Green SC 1910  Laura Green-Salter


Thomas Green of Malden, MA 1600  Gary O. Green
Thomas Green(e) of MD 1610 - Anita Hoyer
Thomas Green of IN 1765  Janet Green  Will of Thomas Green of IN
Thomas Green of VA 1728 Doris J. Peirce
Thomas Green VA 1770  Evelyn
Thomas "The Seagull" Green of VA 1640  Fran Green Daniels Web Page


Wesley Green TN ~1800  Sue Hall Mills
William Green of Middlesex 1591  Joyce Weaver
William Green NC 1725  Sue Green
William Green NC ~1725  Steve Pearson
William Green NJ 1781  Sue Green
William Henry Green, SC 1810  Charlotte Green Haag
Wilson Green KY or VA or NY~1855  Etta Green

Biography of Benajah Samuel Greene, CT>IA

Green/Greene Marriages in Kansas  Susan Hastings
Green Marriages in NJ 1737-1786  Leona Greene
Will - submitted by Jo Orvik
Will - submitted by Carla
Will  - submitted by Carla

Gary O. Green's Genealogy Surname Search Includes:

Green/Greene, Andrew, Beggarly, Brownson (Brunson), Cahoon, Cummins (Cummings), Davis, Gile (Guile, Guild), Goppy, Hodge, Jones, Kinsman, Lascelle, Lee, Lent, Northrup, Paine, Pingrey, Rea, Searle, Sutton, Tamsett, Thayer, & Wardwell from England, Delaware & Otsego Counties in NY, Kent County in RI, and New London County in CT.


Descendants of Timothy Bowen

Bowen Family URLs

Bowen, Ames, Baker, Bountayne, Bouton, Bulkeley, Cameron, Charlton, Coman, Ellis, Fisher, Frost, Grosvenor, Hall, Hawley, Hill, Hodgson, Irby, Jenks, Lamb, Moon, Mord, Overton, Perkins, Petteys, Rice, Smith, Stewart, St John, Waldegrave, & Wallace from, England-Scotland, Dutchess, Rensselaer & Warren Counties, NY


Descendants of John Adam Löeb (Lape)

Lape Family URLs

Lape, Beck, Belding, Fredendall, Heidley, Heydlin, Hoffman, Mueller, Price, Sanger, Sargent, Schauerman, Sitts, Van Buren, & Ziegler from Otsego, Rensselaer and Schoharie Counties in NY.


Descendants of Hugh Graham

Graham Family URLs

Graham, Clark, Fischer, Hall, & Reicherd (Richard) in Australia, Germany and Herkimer County, NY.


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