Noel Chenoweth compiles Green(e) data

Green(e) Ancestors and Descendants

Data compiled by Noel Chenoweth. Contributors to Green(e) Database As of 20 May 2001 include Bill Abrams, Herb Ault, Robert Bacher, Barbara Baxter, Nancy Bellucci, Frank Davis Buckley (via SK-Publications), Claudia Burt, Fran Daniels, Pamela Jean (Green) Duimstra, Sandy Dunavan, Jonathan Fisher (via SK-Publications), Donald J. Fauss, Carl Green, Cindy Green (2), Clark Green, Carol D. Greene, Donald F. Green, Donald J. Green, Gary O. Green (2), Gerald Green, Glenn E. Green, John Henry Green, Kathleen Green, Ken Green, Laura Greene, Perry Green, Philip Green, Richard Green, Richard Greene (2), Shelly Dodge Green, Tamara Fotheringham Greene, Thomas F. Green, William H. Haywood, Pamela C. Johnson, Janice Leggett, Devin Lindsey (2), Colleen Lopez, Albert Hershel Justice, Greg Lovelace (via SK-Publications), Ann P. Lynch, Nettie Mae, Brent McQuirk, Linda K. Nelson, Susan Pawley, Verna Reed, Mark Reid, Les Ruble, Susan Shannon, Jane Stephenson, Sally Greene, Trim Lou Wayne, Joyce Weaver (2), Randy Winch, and Donald Young. 

Use the database as a guide; there has been no effort to ensure the accuracy of the data as presented by the contributors. There is no other information concerning the relationships of individuals in this database.

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