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Rev. Soldiers:

Bryan Gregory settled and died on Town Branch of Peyton’s Creek.  He was from NC.

Bray Gregory is buried at the old Piper place Smith Co.  He also from NC.

Thomas Gregory was the father of Berry Gregory and William Gregory and is also buried somewhere in the Peyton Creek settlement.

William Gregory is buried on the William Nixon place on Peyton’s Creek.

13 Jul 1811 Smith Co TN: THOMAS GREGORY will:  Property to be sold at auction and divided among seven children.  Those named: Hardian Gregory, Bry Gregory, William Gregory, the children of Thomas Gregory deceased, Thomas Douglasis only son who is living with John Douglas, Elizabeth (George’s wife), Abraham Gregory.
Execs: Hardin and William Gregory.  (page 231)

1814-1816; Inventory Book.

Inventory of cash estate of George Gregory; Jerry Gregory Admin.  Amount $7.62 ½ plus a note for two months pay due from U.S. for $9.50. (page 120)

1815 Aug. Term: Joseph Gregory Inventory rec’d; made by Candis Gregory who signs by his mark. (page 252).

24 Oct 1816, Bk 4:  Court orders one year provisions for widow and orphans of Joseph Gregory dcd; 20 bar. Corn and so many hogs as to equal 750 wt. Pork.  Money from sale of property as will buy ½ bu. Salt. (page 18)

Joseph Gregory’s sale by Candes Gregory, Admin. (page 27)

22 Nov 1816: John Anderson estate sale; buyers include William Gregory, Labon Gregory, Herbert Gregory, Ambrous Gregory (page 74).

 (Laban Gregory s/Bry, born c1789 NC m 1. Sina Perkins, 2. Frances -; 1830 Cen. Crawford Co IN #488; 24 Jan 1849 Crawford Co IN Estate sale)

6 Dec 1816: Archibald White’s estate: buyers include…Smith Gregory (page 28)

James Piper sale: buyers inc…William Gregory, Labon Gregory (page 44)

15 May 1817: Alexander Piper estate; Inventory by William Gregory Sr. (page 102).
(Alexander Piper m Elizabeth Douglass 30 Apr 1807 Lewis Co KY)

Aug term 1817: Alexander Piper estate sale; buyers inc. William Gregory, Smith Gregory,

L. Gregory, Tapley Gregory. (page 141)

10 Aug 1818:  Supp. Inventory of Thomas Gregory.  Not signed.  (page 241)

Thomas Gregory estate sale:  buyers include…Thomas Gregory Jr., William Gregory Sr.,

Bry Gregory, Abram Gregory.  No date.  (page 313)

1821 Nov term:  Lucy Parker’s estate sale; buyers inc…Abel Gregory, Major Gregory.  Recorded 26 Jan 1822 (page 167)

2 Nov 1822: Jeremiah Bowers Inv.; some property and many outstanding notes inc…Joseph P. Gregory, William Gregory, Jeremiah Gregory…(page 243)
(Jeremiah Bowers m 4 Sep 1809 Margaret Easton Sumner Co TN)

23 Nov 1822: James Grogan estate sale; buyers inc…William H. Gregory (page 263)

9 May 1848: SMITH GREGORY will: Wife Becky, son William H. Gregory.  Three daughters Elizabeth, Manurvy, Polley Ann.  Mentions three oldest sons (not named).
Wit: C. D. Goad, George Gregory, Curtis Gregory. (page 322)
(Curtis Gregory m Catherine Ellis 8 Sep 1827 Campbell Co KY)

THOMAS GREGORY will: (no date, no page number):  Wife Betsy, two sons Gabriel and Ambrose.  Other children (not named) to have schooling.
Exec: sons Thomas Gregory and James Gregory.

26 Sep 1861: OBEDIAH GREGORY will: wife Elizabeth, daughter Peggy R. Lankford, son Silas F. Gregory.  Granddaughter Marthey E. Reece; granddaughter Mary R. Craghead; grandson Zachariah G. Craghead. (page 140)


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