A Ritchie, Sage, Stewart family in Scotland.

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As far as possible living persons have been excluded from these charts, not everyone likes the birth date displayed. Insufficient information has been included to allow any person to identify living people, so if you do not want your details known just do not tell anyone you are here.

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History of a Ritchie, Stewart and Sage Family.

The Ritchie Family can be traced back to the Lasswade area of Midlothian in the 1700 era. This appears to be the root origin of the Ritchie's, several families of Ritchie's lived in the area surrounding Lasswade. However the evidence is that in one Census William Ritchie 1782 (1781) says he was from Lasswade, after much research it seems that he actually was born in Peeblesshire. The probable parents were William Ritchie married to Margrate Noble.
For the story The Ritchie Story.

The Sage family has been traced back to the Nairn Area at Auldearn and Ardclach, just South of Nairn. William Sage was a Preacher for the Anti Burger Secessionist Church (Free Church). It is recorded in the Statistical Account for Scotland 1790 that a Minister left Nairn and traveled to Perth, this was the first entry found in the History Book for any family member. They were the first Sage family to be recorded in Perth as all the others found seem to be descendants. Sage's are not common anyplace, most numerous about Inverness area. See Sage Story.

Peebles line is found in Perth in 1564 and after, see Peebles Story.

The story of The McKintosh and Sloan families is short as not much is known. McKintosh Sloan Tale

The Stewart line starts in Highland Mist, they come from Aberlour in Banffshire from there William Stewart makes his way to Perth. Stewart Story.

The other half of the Stewart line is the Lorimers who started in Collessie, Fife. They married into the Wightons of Moneydie. Since this was the first gravestone that was found on the trail it makes them a important step. Lorimer and Wighton Story.

Go see the Mc Kerron of Aberlour Tree
Two ways to view this have been provided, first the tree gives Descent from the Oldest to the newest person.
McKerron Family Tree for 1800s.

This way gives a Index for people and a small Tree for each individual.
McKerron Family Tree for 1800s.

The Addison line starts in the Mearns Addison Tale.

The Proudfoot family starts around Methven Proudfoot Tale.


Photographs relating to the Major Families have been collected and can be seen here, Sets of Photographs.

Names and Dates.

Since christian names run in families it is required to be able to tell them apart. For this purpose the date of birth has been added onto the name. So William Ritchie 1782 was born in 1782, this can sometimes be a trifle confusing. Female names always are shown as unmarried version so do not change. However some names repeat so they get a Date added.

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Researched by John Ritchie in 2002.

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