MY  FAMILY ANCESTRY             

                                                                                    by Raymond A. Grosswirth





            What follows are my paternal and maternal ancestries.  While many persons choose to restrict their genealogy to names and dates, I feel it is also important to say something about many of the persons in my family lineage, considering that I feel blessed to have come from such an inspiring background.


            This web presentation is inclusive of three sections:


            A.        Paternal Family History

            B.         Maternal Family History

            C.        Family Charts


            The primary surnames presented in this summary are Grosswirth, Wicks, Dodge, and Burke.




            Research on my father’s side of the family continues to be a work-in-progress.   I am becoming increasingly aware that the number of Grosswirths living in the old Austro-Hungarian empire was large.  Most of the information I have gathered came from family members, old Hungarian census files, cemetery records, genealogy resource centers, and the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum.  As far as immigration data, Ellis Island records were extremely helpful.


            Many histories of Hungarian families were destroyed during the periods of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the two world wars, and the subsequent Communist occupation.  The first challenge I encountered was that of deciphering Eastern European boundaries, which were quite different during the late 19th and early 20th centuries than they are presently.  What used to be the Austro-Hungarian Empire is now divided between sections of present-day Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, and southern Poland.


            I am encouraged by the fact that archivists are beginning to list names of persons buried in old Jewish cemeteries that are located in areas of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.  However, many of the old cemeteries have either been destroyed or are in very poor condition.  Another challenge in this regard is that victims of the Holocaust were obviously not buried in Jewish cemeteries.  So, Yad Vashem records at least gave me a sense of how many Grosswirths died during that terrible period.  We will never know the full story, because the primary records at Yad Vashem are those that pertain to victims of concentration camps.  In the case of Hungary, many citizens were reportedly shot on the banks of the Danube River, in a desperate act by the Nazis, as World War II was nearing an end.


            I discovered that my last name had variations in spelling, the most prominent being Groszwirth.  Examples of other variations are Grosswirth, Groswirth, Grosswirt, Grosswerth, etc.  While the Hungarian spelling was primarily Groszwirth, immigration officials often spelled names on ship manifests according to how they sounded.  My grandparents (Henry and Sallie) eventually settled upon Grosswirth, after being in America for a considerable period.


            As I am writing my family history, I am grateful for the fact that following the death of my Aunt Minna (Grosswirth) Berkowitz, my cousin Sandy found a written chart that my aunt had stored with her papers.  Prior to seeing this chart, I began to think I would never find the names of my paternal great-grandparents.  However, I now have my great-grandfather’s name, as well as his wife’s first name.  In addition, much to my surprise, the chart contains the names of my great-grandfather’s siblings, which are included in the family history that follows.  I am also grateful to my cousin Shirley for locating papers her mother, Regina (Grosswirth) Gallant, saved.


            Here is the information I have thus far, beginning with my paternal great-great grandfather.


            My great-great grandfather’s name was Philip Groszwirth.  (At the time of this writing, I don’t know the name of his wife.) 


            My great-grandfather’s name was Sigmund Groszwirth, and he was married to Yetta (last name unknown).  The names of Sigmund’s siblings were Rose, Samuel, Abraham, Jakob, William, Nathan, Ferdinand, Simon, Lazar and Menachem.


            My paternal grandparents were Henry Grosswirth (4/18/1879-10/22/1975) and Sallie (Wicks) Grosswirth (2/18/1888-1/29/1954).  While records indicate that some of Henry’s siblings were born in Kezmarok, Hungary, Henry’s death certificate names Austria as his birthplace, and his naturalization papers mention his former nationality as Hungarian. (During Henry’s early years, Austria and Hungary were actually linked as the Austro-Hungarian Empire.)  Research I have done indicates his family members lived alternately in Kezmarok, Presov, Lipany (formerly Hethars) and Uj-bela (also referred to as Nowa Biala).  Family records indicate that Sallie was also born and raised in Hungary.  Henry Grosswirth had five siblings: Nathan, William, Adolf, Louis and Molly.  Sally Wicks had seven siblings: Louis, Arnold, Jacob, Adolf, Joseph, Regina and Lena.


            Immigration records from Ellis Island indicate the following for Henry and Sally, inclusive of Hungarian spelling of names:


First Name: Heinrich

Last Name: Groszwirth

Ethnicity: Hungarian, Jewish

Last Place of Residence: Ujbela, Hungary

Date of Arrival: June 12, 1907

Age at Arrival: 26 (was probably 27 or 28, considering his birth year was 1879)

Ship of Travel: Kronprinz Wilhelm

Port of Departure: Bremen (Germany) on June 4, 1907 (journey took eight days)

Manifest Line Number: 0001

Passenger Classification: 2nd Class (provisions were 1st Class, 2nd Class, 3rd Class, based upon ability to pay)

Amount of money to bring to the United States:  $300.00

Health: Good

Height: 5’6”

Profession: Baker


First Name: Sali

Last Name: Groszwirth

Ethnicity: Hungarian, Jewish

Last Place of Residence: Ujbela, Hungary

Date of Arrival: June 12, 1907

Age at Arrival: 20

Ship of Travel: Kronprinz Wilhelm

Port of Departure: Bremen (Germany) on June 4, 1907 (journey took eight days)

Manifest Line Number: 0002

Passenger Classification: 2nd Class (provisions were 1st Class, 2nd Class, 3rd Class, based upon

ability to pay)

Amount of money to bring to the United States: simply checked off above the $50.00 required

Health: Good

Height: 5’4”

Profession: None


            It is important to note that this was Henry’s second trip to the United States.  He originally arrived alone as a teenager on September 4, 1896 and worked in Rochester, New York for several years, beginning as an apprentice in a cigar-making shop.   He then traveled to Vienna, after suffering a serious hand injury, whereby his fingers were saved.  While back in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Henry tried other careers, such as cabinetmaking and tinsmithing, as well as working in a leather plant.  During this short time-span, he also managed to teach languages at various schools. (Henry was proficient in six languages.)   Gradually, he settled upon perfecting his skills as a baker.


            Henry married my grandmother (Sallie Wicks) on March 13, 1904.  At the time of their marriage, he was 24 and she was only 16.  As stated in the above Ellis Island records, they arrived to the U.S. together on June 12, 1907.


            According to Henry’s U.S. Certificate of Naturalization, he was naturalized by the Supreme Court of Monroe County, at Rochester, New York, on September 30, 1913.


As I continue to explore the past family experiences in Hungary, I have learned that many members of the Grosswirth family were involved in the manufacture of Sheep Cheese in Kezmarok.  One Grosswirth in Kezmarok ran a pub, and my grandfather (Henry) was a baker at his final Hungarian location (Uj-bela).


            Upon arriving in Rochester, New York (for the second time), my grandfather (Henry) first worked at Stein’s Bakery.  He also attended Mechanics Institute at night to learn the plumbing trade.  (He did a lot of plumbing work to supplement his income from the bakery job.)  He then went on to work at Eastman Kodak for 33 years and was a long-time honored member of the Masons.


            One of my deep regrets is that my grandmother (Sallie) died when I was only 5 years old (1954).  However, I am delighted that my grandparents were able to have fifty good years together.


            After a considerable period, following the death of my grandmother, Henry (my grandfather) married his second wife, Julie Guddman (Julie’s last name from her first marriage was Zernick).


            The following is the text of my grandfather’s death notice (died in 1975):


            Henry Grosswirth, 96, a founder of Congregation B’nai Israel of Joesph Avenue, died Wednesday, October 22, 1975.


            Mr. Grosswirth, who resided at 51 Field Street, helped found B’nai Israel with his late wife, Sallie, of his first marriage.  He was a machinist for Eastman Kodak, retiring in 1944.  He was a life member of Genesee Falls Lodge, F&AM, and was honored by that organization two years ago for being a 60-year member.  Mr. Grosswirth was also a life member of Gideon Lodge, I.O.O.F., and the Moose Club.


            He is survived by his second wife, Julie; three daughters, Mrs. Norman (Regina) Gallant and Mrs. Bert (Selma) Silverstein of Rochester, Mrs. Milton (Minna) Berkowitz of Beverly Hills, California; three sons, Louis of Sherman Oaks, California; Edward of Las Vegas, Nevada; Sidney of Rochester; one step-son, George Zernik of Rochester; 14 grandchildren (12 from first marriage; 2 from second marriage); seven greatgrandchildren; several nieces and nephews.


            Funeral services were held in the chapel of Parky Funeral Home, Inc., 1125 St. Paul Street.  Burial in Britton Road Cemetery, B’nai Israel plot.


            My grandmother (Sallie) was one of the first Rochester women to engage in real estate.  She also distinguished herself as a civic leader and was active for many years in local women’s groups.  For example, she was affiliated with the Golden Link of the Order of the Golden Chain.  (The Golden Chain had national chapters dedicated to charitable works, and received special notoriety during World War II, whereby members raised $4 million for the war bond effort.  The Order of the Golden Chain also worked tirelessly on behalf of disadvantage children.)  Perhaps most noteworthy, Sallie was president of the Sisterhood of the Congregation of B’nai Israel for more than 13 years.


            The parents of my paternal grandmother, Sallie (Wicks) Grosswirth, were Jonas Wicks and Celia Stiller (born in Czechoslovakia).  The siblings of Jonas were Katie, Hanna, Mary, and Sally.  The parents of Jonas Wicks were Henry Wicks and Regina Schlachet.  The parents of Henry Wicks were Jonas Wicks and Anna Shiffer.


            My grandparents (Henry and Sallie) had eight children, most of who were born and raised in Rochester, New York: Celia (died as an infant in Europe), Jonas (1908-1916), Minna (5/19/1909-1/1/2006), Regina (10/26/1911-11/9/2003), Selma (2/27/1915-6/23/1995), Sidney (4/3/1917-), Louis (3/13/1919-6/20/1998) and Edward (3/13/1919-1/25/2004). 


            My oldest aunt (Minna) was married to Milton Berkowitz, and they had one daughter, Sandra.  Sadly, I only got to know my Uncle Milton briefly.  (He died at a very young age.)  However, I am glad I got to know my Aunt Minna and cousin Sandy fairly well, despite the fact that they moved to the West Coast (California).  Following the death of Uncle Milton, Aunt Minna followed in the footsteps of her mother, in that she was quite a trailblazer.  (She was a multi-million-dollar salesperson for Metropolitan Insurance in Los Angeles.)  Many family stories have been shared about Aunt Minna - stories I will always cherish.  She kept very close tabs on family members in Rochester and had her own special way of making sure we were all doing well.


            Regina was married to Norman Gallant, and they had two daughters, Joanie and Shirley Gallant.  (Norman Gallant lived from 7/31/1913-8/18/2001.)  Uncle Norman and Aunt Regina were my god-parents, which created a special relationship between them and myself.  I spent many days at their home as a child and was a frequent visitor as an adult as well.  Aunt Regina, being a substitute teacher by profession, was very instrumental in my educational development.  So, as I write this narrative, I am trying to make an extra effort at correct spelling and punctuation, as a special tribute to Aunt Regina.


            Selma was married to Bert Silverstein, and they had two daughters, Ellyn and Linda.  (Bert Silverstein lived from 11/28/1910-11/4/1989.)  The first home I remember living in was that owned by Uncle Bert and Aunt Selma.  They, together with their daughters, Ellyn and Linda, lived upstairs and my family lived downstairs (duplex home).  I have fond memories of my few years there, despite the fact that I am sure I was quite a handful for my parents and my upstairs relatives.  In addition to living in their home, I remember the Sunday morning ritual of going to Uncle Bert’s meat market, where he would kindly allow me to sample cold cuts.


            Sidney was married to Dorothy Dodge, and they had one son, Raymond Grosswirth (myself) and two daughters, Cheryl and Sally Grosswirth.   (Dorothy’s ancestry is covered in the later section on my maternal side of the family.)


            Louis was married to Dorothy (aka Dolly) and they had one son, Robert Groswirth and two daughters, Diane and Linda Groswirth. (Louis changed the spelling of his last name to Groswirth during his time in the military.)  Sadly, I only got to connect with Robert, Diane and Linda very briefly, due to our being on opposite sides of the country.  However, Uncle Lou and Aunt Dolly would make occasional visits to Rochester, and they gave me a tour of the Los Angeles area when I visited them in 1971.  I will always remember Uncle Lou as the military member of the family, who later went on to run his plastics firm.


            Edward was married first to Rose and then to Betty.  Edward and Rose had one son, Cary Grosswirth.  Edward made frequent visits to Rochester after moving to the West Coast.  So, I got to know him fairly well.  On occasion, he also brought Cary with him during my early years.  I didn’t get to know his first wife, Rose.  However, I did meet Betty on a couple occasions (very nice person).  I will never forget my one trip to Las Vegas, during which Uncle Ed showed me the highlights of the entertainment district and took me on a tour of the resorts he serviced in his capacity as a seller of commercial bakery supplies.


            My deceased aunts and uncles would be pleased to know that I stay in contact with my cousins via the wonder of electronic mail.   All the cousins are wonderful people who have honored the legacies of their parents.


            Since my cousins are spread out throughout the country, the information I have collected may not be complete.  So, this is what I have thus far:


            Sandra Berkowitz (daughter of Milton Berkowitz and Minna Grosswirth) married Jeff Shender; their daughter is Micah.


            Joanie Gallant (daughter of Norman Gallant and Regina Grosswirth) married Yehezkel Shmia; their children are Moshe, Stanley and Sara.


            Shirley Gallant (daughter of Norman Gallant and Regina Grosswirth) married Oliver Kee.


            Ellyn Silverstein (daughter of Bert Silverstein and Selma Grosswirth) married Harold Schneider; their children are Melissa, Rachael and Amy.


            Linda Silverstein (daughter of Bert Silverstein and Selma Grosswirth) married Errol Cohen; their children are Jennifer and Scott.


            Robert Groswirth (son of Louis & Dorothy Groswirth) married Jill Tenney; their daughter is Torie.


            Diane Groswirth (daughter of Louis & Dorothy Groswirth) was married and divorced; no children.


            Linda Groswirth (daughter of Louis & Dorothy Groswirth) was married and divorced; no children.


            Cary Grosswirth (changed last name to Wirth; son of Edward & Rose Grosswirth) married Barbara Hinckley.


            Because of the fact that the Wicks family is so huge, I never got to know many of my second cousins.  A notable exception is Lynn (Morris) Harris.  She and I spent many of our early years growing up on the same street.  Her parents were Irving Morris and Julia Wicks. (Julia and my father were first cousins; Julia’s father was Jacob Wicks, brother of my grandmother, Sallie.)

Another second cousin I got to know is Jeffrey Wicks, son of Alvin & Sonia Wicks.


            A distant relative who has done a tremendous amount of work on the Wicks family genealogy is Gary Luke of Australia.  Rather than restating his work, the charts he created can be viewed at the following website:


            It is my hope that my cousins will use the family information I have provided to write their own stories for their descendants.  I am sure they have many interesting stories to relate, just as I do.




            My maternal family history begins with Aaron Dodge (2/11/1791-5/23/1879) and Elizabeth (Allen) Dodge (3/13/1783-8/18/1875), who were my great-great-great-great grandparents. (Elizabeth Allen was the daughter of William Allen and Jenny (Iliffe) Allen.)  Aaron served in the War of 1812 and was a well-known farmer and landowner in Ontario County, New York.  (He was born in Wiscasset, Maine and moved to Ontario County at an early age.)  I have a copy of Aaron’s ‘Declaration of Soldier for Pension.’


            Allen Dodge (7/21/1818-3/1/1899) and Lorada (Penn) Dodge (7/23/1818-2/13/1852) were my great-great-great-grandparents.  Lorada Penn was the daughter of Roby Penn and Lucretia (Howes) Penn.  Lucretia Howes was one of 11 children born to John and Mary Howes, early settlers of Montgomery County, Maryland. (John and Mary settled there during the period of English colonialism and remained when Maryland became a state.) Roby Penns’s parents were Charles Penn (11/18/1734-1777) and Elizabeth Wyne.  Charles’ parents were Benjamin Penn (9/26/1707-1777) and Dina Acton.  Benjamin’s parents were Edward Penn (1683 in England - 1741 in Maryland) and Judith Deavour.  Edward’s father was William Penn (1609 in England - 1696 in Patuxent River, Maryland); spouse unknown.


            As mentioned in the preceding paragraph, my link to the Dodge family is via Allen and Lorada.  It is also important to mention that following Lorada’s death, Allen (my great-great-great grandfather), married two more times - to Abigail French and Eliza Garipe.  Although Allen died in Warsaw, Pennsylvania on March 1, 1899, he spent most of his life in Flint Creek, NY, where he was greatly esteemed and known as a prosperous farmer.  He was elected to such offices as assessor and highway commissioner for the old town of Seneca, NY.  He was also a member of the Masonic and Odd Fellows Fraternity.


            Allen Dodge and his first wife (Lorada) gave birth to Frank M. Dodge, who was to become my great-great grandfather.  The one child of Allen and his second wife (Abigail French) was Charles A. Dodge.  The four children of Allen and his third wife (Eliza Garipe) were Herbert E. Dodge, Seymore Dodge, Margaret W. Dodge and Allie Dodge.


            Frank M. Dodge (3/13/1848-4/18/1883) and Maria J. (Lightfoot) Dodge were my great-great grandparents.  They resided in Geneva, New York.  Frank distinguished himself in the Civil War (served in Captain Dwight Hamilton’s Company “A” of the 8th New York Regiment of the United States Cavalry) and he was very active in Geneva politics. (I have his discharge papers from the Civil War.)  He died prematurely of heart disease, which required my great-great grandmother (Maria) to file papers for a military pension (I have copies of these papers).  Frank and Maria had two children: Thomas Clark Dodge and Charles Leroy Dodge (my great-grandfather).


            The following is the death notice for Frank M. Dodge, as it appeared in the Geneva Gazette on April 20, 1883:


            “Frank M. Dodge died at his residence, corner of Pultney and High streets (Geneva), on April 18, aged 36 years.  Deceased was a son of Allen Dodge of Flint Creek, and a native of Seneca, NY.  He moved into the village (Geneva) only about a month ago, in hopes that a change from farm life and opportunity for regular medical attendance would prove beneficial in restoring impaired health.  He was a sufferer from disease of the heart and kidneys, and a year or two ago he was brought very near to death’s door by the severity of an attack at that time.  A man of irreproachable character in family and social relations, he was most highly esteemed.  He was a member of I.O. of O.F., had passed the chairs of the subordinate lodge and advanced to the patriarchal degree in the encampment.  His sorrowing breathren attended the funeral.”


            Charles L. Dodge (12/19/1872-3/2/1936) and Louise Amelia (Johnson) Dodge (died 9/12/1932) were my great-grandparents.  They lived alternately in Kalamazoo, Michigan and Rochester, New York. (Louise’s father, August, served in the Civil War, and I have records of his regiment.)  Louise was the third wife of Charles.  His first wife was Leona Biddle, and his second wife was Lizzie Mae Lowe, who died after only one year of marriage.


            Charles and Louise had five of their own children, in addition to raising Ethel, who was born to Charles and Leona: Charles Jr., Frank, Floyd, Margaret and Freddie. (Freddie died of scarlet fever at age 9 and Charles Jr. also died at a young age of unspecified causes.)  Frank was my grandfather.


            Frank L. Dodge (8/1/1901-1974) and Dorothy C. (Burke) Dodge (1902-1/15/1962) were my grandparents.  Frank was born in  Michigan and raised in Rochester, New York.  Dorothy was born to William Burke and Maud Grady of Toronto, Ontario- Canada (emigrated from Ireland).  She was later raised by the Furlong family of Rochester, New York.  (I recently learned that William Burke was only 19 (born 1883) and Maud (Grady) Burke was only 22 (born 1880) when they gave birth to my grandmother.  Realizing they were unable to raise her at this young age, they connected with the Furlong family and asked them to take care of her.  I also learned that William and Maud later had another daughter (Eva); they may have raised her themselves.)


            My grandmother had two step-sisters: Rose Furlong, who never married, and Phoebe Furlong, who was a Sister of Mercy (headquartered in Elmira, NY); she took on the name Sister Clarissa.


            I have many fond memories of my maternal grandparents (Frank and Dorothy).  Sadly, my grandmother died at a relative young age (59) in 1962, due to cancer of the esophagus.  She had a tremendous impact on my faith life.  (One of her step-sisters was a Sister of Mercy and I think this was influential toward her being a devout Catholic.)  While she was alive, she and my grandfather took me on many summer trips as a child and both helped to steer me in a right direction at times when I tended to be a little troublesome.  (My grandfather, Frank, died at age 74 in 1974, of heart disease.  He, too, was a very special person, and had a very large impact on my life.)


            Concerning my grandfather’s siblings: Ethel Dodge was married to William Hirt; they had one daughter, Betty.  Lloyd Dodge was married twice (Marian & Alice); He had two children: Lloyd Jr. and Robert. (Lloyd Jr. died in the San Diego Naval Hospital at age 20 on August 7, 1944 and Robert was institutionalized for life after being badly burned in a fire as a young boy.)  Margaret Dodge was married to Clifford Kavanaugh, and they had five children: Richard, Francis, Michael, Geraldine and David.


            My grandparents (Frank and Dorothy) gave birth to Dorothy E. Dodge, my mother, on October 8, 1922. 


            The majority of Dodge family members mentioned beforehand are buried in “Sand Hill Cemetery” in the town of Flint, N.Y.  Flint is a small town, which is positioned approximately half-way between the cities of Canandaigua and Geneva on Routes 5 & 20.  If heading toward Geneva from Canandaigua, the cemetery is on the right side of the road.  Dodges from both Michigan and New York are buried there.  My mother, Dorothy (Dodge) Grosswirth is buried in White Haven Memorial Park in Perinton, N.Y.  One of my great uncles, Lloyd Dodge, is buried in California.


                                                                                                            CHART #1  (PATERNAL)




Philip Groszwirth (Grosswirth) *My great-great grandfather



Children of Philip Groszwirth


Rose Groszwirth (married to Jakob Miller)

Samuel Groszwirth

Sigmund Groszwirth (married to Yetta) *My great-grandparents

Abraham Groszwirth

Jakob Groszwirth (b. 1833)

William Groszwirth

Nathan Groszwirth

Ferdinand Groszwirth

Simon Groszwirth

Lazar Groszwirth

Menachem Groszwirth




Son of Rose & Jakob:

Philip (b. 1874)


Children of Samuel:




Children of Sigmund & Yetta:


Nathan (b. 1874)

Henry (4/18/1879) married to Sallie Wicks (2/18/1888-1/29/1954)  *My grandparents





Son of Abraham:



Children of Jakob:

Morris (b. 1854)

Herman (b. 1862)

Jenny (b. 1864)

Samuel (b. 1868)

Sigmund (b. 1870)

Philip (b. 1872)



Children of Nathan:




Children of Ferdinand:





Children of Simon:

Adolf (b. 1890)







Grandson of Samuel; Son of Jack:



Grandchildren of Sigmund & Yetta; Children of Henry & Sallie:

Celia (died as infant)

Jonas (1908-1916)

Minna  (5/19/1909-1/1/2006); married to Milton Berkowitz

Regina (10/26/1911-11/9/2003; married to Norman Gallant (7/31/1913-8/18/2001)

Selma (2/27/1915-6/23/1995); married to Bert Silverstein (11/28/1910-11/4/1989)

Sidney (4/03/1917-); married to Dorothy Dodge (10/8/1922-8/25/1990) *My Parents

Louis (3/13/1919-6/20/1998); married to Dorothy, aka Dolly (4/13/1921-)

Edward (3/13/1919-1/25/2004); married to Rose, then to Betty


Grandchildren of Jakob; Children of Morris:





Deas (?)





Grandchildren of Jakob; Children of Herman:






Grandchildren of Jakob; Children of Jenny:








Grandchildren of Jakob; Children of Samuel:

Moric (b. 1896)

Jeno (b. 1903)

Pali (b. 1905)

Marta (b. 1908)

Erzsi (b. 1909)


Grandchildren of Jakob; Children of Philip:

Erzsi (b. 1900)

Sari (b. 1901)

Kato (b. 1902)

Sanji (b. 1906)


Grandchildren of Jakob; Children of Adolf:







Grandchildren of Simon; Children of Adolf:

Nekolson (?)





Granddaughter of Henry & Sallie; Daughter of Minna & Milton:

Sandra Berkowitz (married to Jeff Shender)


Grandchildren of Henry & Sallie; Children of Regina & Norman:

Joan Gallant (married to Yehezkel Shmia)

Shirley Gallant (married to Oliver Kee)


Grandchildren of Henry & Sallie; Children of Selma & Bert:

Ellyn Silverstein (married to Harold Schneider)

Linda Silverstein (married/divorced to Errol Cohen)


Grandchildren of Henry & Sallie; Children of Sidney & Dorothy:

Raymond Grosswirth (married to Brenda Seidenschwarz)

Cheryl Grosswirth (married/divorced to Mark Ranalletta)

Sally Grosswirth (married to David Baker)


Grandchildren of Henry & Sallie; Children of Louis & Dorothy (Dolly):

*(Louis changed spelling of last name to Groswirth)

Robert Groswirth (married to Jill Tenney)

Diane Groswirth (married/divorced)

Linda Groswirth (married/divorced)


Grandson of Henry & Sallie; Son of Edward & Rose:

Cary Wirth (married to Barbara Hinckley) *Cary changed last name to Wirth




Children of Rezsin:






Son of Jeno:



Son of Pali:



Son of Marta:



Son of Sanji:



Children of Sidonia:




Son of Malvin:



Children of Blanka:

Rezsi (?)



Children of Jakab:




Daughter of Eszti:





Granddaughter of Minna & Milton; Daughter of Sandra & Jeff:

Micah Shender


Grandchildren of Regina & Norman; Children of Joan & Yehezkel:

Moshe Shmia

Stanley Shmia

Sara Shmia


Grandchildren of Selma & Bert; Children of Ellyn & Harold:

Melissa Schneider

Rachael Schneider

Amy Schneider


Grandchildren of Selma & Bert; Children of Linda and Errol:

Jennifer Cohen

Scott Cohen


Granddaughter of Sidney & Dorothy; Daughter of Cheryl & Mark:

Rachael Ranalletta


Grandchildren of Sidney & Dorothy; Children of Sally & David:

Jennifer Baker

Justin Baker


Granddaughter of Louis & Dorothy (Dolly); Daughter of Robert & Jill:

Torie Groswirth



                                                                                                CHART #2 (WICKS FAMILY)


The following is consolidated information pertaining to the Wicks family.  (My paternal grandmother was Sallie (Wicks) Grosswirth).  My thanks to Gary Luke of Australia (related to Wicks family) for providing much of what follows:






Children of Jonas & Celia:

Louis Wicks

Jacob Wicks; married to Regina Grassgreen

Arnold Wicks; married to Bessie Lindemann

Regina Wicks; married to Henry Clifton

Sallie Wicks; married to Henry Grosswirth *My grandparents (see Grosswirth information above)

Lina Wicks; married to Benjamin Levy

Joseph Wicks

Adolf Wicks; married to Bertha Schaffer




Grandchildren of Jonas & Celia; Children of Jacob & Regina:

Jonas Wicks

Cilka Wicks

Imre Wicks

Margie Wicks; married to Al (Abraham) Shulman

*Julia Wicks (1909-1975); married to Irving Morris (1910-1993)

Leslie Wicks (1911-1979); married to Marian Carr

Selden Wicks

Jeanette Wicks (1921-2000); married to Albert Litman (1925-1998)

**Alvin Wicks (1923-2005); married to Sonia Tishkoff (1929-)

*I spent many of my formative years on the same street as Julia and Irving.  Their daughter, Lynn (my second cousin) and I became good friends.

**I occasionally see Jeffrey Wicks (son of Alvin & Sonia); we both work in downtown Rochester.


Grandchildren of Jonas & Celia; Children of Arnold & Bessie:

Corinne Wicks (never married)

Jason Wicks; married to Mary


Grandchildren of Jonas & Celia; Children of Regina & Henry:

Celia Clifton (1901-1963); married to Ely Levy

Ethel Clifton (1903-1988); married to Murray Rubel

Jonas Clifton (1909-1965) married to Marianna

Morris Clifton; married to Gertrude

Albert Clifton

Ruth Clifton (1918-1993); married to Myron William Brenner (1910-1972)


Grandchildren of Jonas & Celia; Children of Sallie & Henry:



Granchildren of Jonas & Celia; Children of Lina & Benjamin:

Celia Levy; married to Jack Rothbaum

Jonas Levy*; married to Lynn

Rose Levy

Henry Levy; married to Anita

Edith Levy; married to Harry Stein

Leonard Levy

*Jonas Levy took the stage name Jay Jason.  He achieved notoriety as a comedian, performing largely in the Catskills and made an appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.



Grandchildren of Jonas & Celia; Children of Joseph:

Celia Wicks

Eugene Vertes*

*Family information relates that either Joseph or Eugene changed the last name from

Wicks to Vertes.


Grandchildren of Jonas & Celia; Children of Adolph & Bertha:

Celia Wicks; married to Asher Ettinger

Ruth Wicks; married to Theodore Schatz



                                                                                                CHART 3 (MATERNAL)





Aaron Dodge (2/11/1791-5/23/1879 and Elizabeth Allen (3/13/1783-8/18/1875) *my great-great-great-great grandparents




Allen Dodge (7/21/1818-3/1/1899); married to Lorada Penn *my great-great-great grandparents


Following the death of Lorada, Allen married two more times: 1.) Abigail French 2.) Eliza Garipe.  My great-great grandfather (Frank) was born to Allen and his first wife, Lorada.  Allen and Abigail (2nd wife) had one son, Charles A. Dodge.  Allen and Eliza (3rd wife) had four children: Herbert E. Dodge, Seymore Dodge, Margaret W. Dodge and Allie Dodge.




Frank M. Dodge (3/13/1848-4/18/1883); married to Maria J. Lightfoot *my great-great grandparents




Charles L. Dodge (12/19/1872-3/2/1936); married to Louise Amelia Johnson (died 9/12/1932) *my great-grandparents


My great-grandmother (Louise) was the third wife to Charles.  They had five children of their own: Charles Jr., Frank (my grandfather), Floyd, Margaret and Freddie.  Charles and Louise also raised Ethel, who was the daughter of Charles and his first wife, Leona Biddle. (His second wife was Lizzie Mae Lowe, who died after only one year of marriage.)




Ethel Dodge; married to William Hirt

Frank L. Dodge (8/1/1901-1974); married to Dorothy Burke (1902-1/15/1962) *my grandparents

Floyd Dodge; married twice: 1.) Marian 2.) Alice

Margaret Dodge; married to Clifford Kavanaugh

Charles Dodge Jr. (died as a child)

Freddie Dodge (died as a child)




Daughter of Ethel and William:

Betty Hirt


Daughter of Frank and Dorothy:

Dorothy E. Dodge *my mother (See Grosswirth ancestry section)


Sons of Floyd and Marian:

Lloyd Dodge Jr.

Robert Dodge


Children of Margaret and Clifford:

Richard Kavanaugh

Francis Kavanaugh

Michael Kavanaugh

Geraldine Kavanaugh

David Kavanaugh


I did not keep up with the Kavanaugh family.  Both Robert Dodge and Lloyd Dodge Jr. died tragically (see details in maternal family history).  Betty Hirt was married twice and had a daughter, Carol.  (Carol and I have kept in contact over the years.)