boone county naturalizations

Boone County, Kentucky, Naturalizations, 1840-1903

Naturalization is the legal and bureaucratic process by which immigrants become United States citizens. Many immigrants simply did not go through the somewhat involved process to become citizens; Statistics of the 1830-90 censuses showed that nearly 30 percent did not become citizens. Their offspring born in the United States, however, were automatically citizens by birth. During the period of this Boone County index, various federal laws governed naturalizations. A typical example, the naturalization law of 1802 (2 Stat.153), specified that free white aliens might be admitted to citizenship provided that they:

  1. declared their intention to become citizens before a competent state, territorial, or federal court of record at least 3 years before admission to citizenship;
  2. took an oath of allegiance to the United States;
  3. resided at least 5 years in the United States and at least 1 year in the state or territory where the court was held;
  4. renounced allegiance to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, and;
  5. satisfied the court that they were of good moral character and attached to the principles of the Constitution.
These 480 entries in Boone County court records comprise the declarations of intention mentioned above and the subsequent admissions to citizenship. (All applicants were male.) The declarations typically included brief particulars about the applicant's age, height, eye and hair color and complexion, where he came from and occasionally when he came to the United States. The admissions to citizenship sometimes contained additional information about where and when the applicant had resided. Neither of the two documents contains information on the applicant's family. Those who declared their intentions to become citizens did not necessarily appear automatically in the court records as admitted citizens 2 years later: some moved away, others just did not follow-up for whatever reason, e.g., death.

The naturalization declarations and oaths are intermixed with other subjects in the county court order books, except for a brief period in 1860 when they were kept in the Quarter Sessions Court order book (records marked with an asterisk in the table below). This listing ends somewhat arbitrarily with 1903 and may not be 100 percent complete. Later on, naturalization records were kept in the circuit court records: a Boone County circuit court naturalizations petitions book for 1908-1913 is at KDLA in Frankfort. Even later on, naturalizations became the sole responsibility of federal courts.

These records were transcribed over the years by Mrs. William A. Fitzgerald of the County Court clerk's office.

Last Name Given names Date of record Place of origin Order book & page
Ahmann Ignatius M. Nov. 1892 Germany P-274
Allbright Philip Aug. 1856 Baden H-355/56
Allen Michael Aug. 1861 Ireland I-350
Andrew Henry Aug. 1845 England E-168/69
Andrew Joseph Aug. 1845 England E-169
Arnold George July 1860 Bavaria I-218
Atkinson John Nov. 1840 Great Britain D-345
Bailey Henry May 1876 Ireland M-449
Barney Pelst Aug. 1872 Prussia L-523
Barns Frank July 1856 Oldenburg H-343
Bealk Frederick Apr. 1883 Germany O-130
Bealk Frederick Aug. 1885 Germany O-377
Bebb Thomas Aug. 1848 Great Britain E-425
Bebb John Feb. 1855 Ireland H-143
Bebb John June 1870 England L-163
Becker Arnold Aug. 1847 Oldenburg E-330
Bell Samuel May 1846 England E-231
Bentel Caleb Nov. 1860 Wurtemburg I-273/74
Bentel Cayleb Nov. 1860 Wurtemberg QC-024*
Bentham John Jan. 1891 England P-121
Bentham John May 1893 England P-314
Berry John July 1844 Ireland E-099
Berry John Aug. 1847 Great Britain E-326
Bitterer Roman Aug. 1858 Baden H-571
Blyth Arthur Nov. 1842 Great Britain D-445
Blythe Arthur Aug. 1844 Great Britain E-100
Bohm August July 1860 Baden I-212
Bolander Jacob June 1842 Bavaria D-434
Brendall George Sept. 1868 Bavaria K-476
Brink Barney Mar. 1890 Germany P-052
Brocker Anton Apr. 1852 Hanover G-042
Brodie Hugh J. Mar. 1845 Scotland E-145
Brodie Hugh I. June 1847 Ireland E-311/12
Brodie Peter Aug. 1858 Ireland H-576/77
Brodie John Aug. 1858 Ireland H-577/78
Brown William June 1854 Prussia H-047
Brown John Oct. 1856 Ireland H-390/91
Brown Michael Nov. 1864 Great Britain K-019
Brug John Aug. 1847 Darmstadt E-328/29
Brunna Ulrich Aug. 1858 Switzerland H-572
Bryse Henry Aug. 1847 Oldenburg E-331
Buckley Daniel Oct. 1856 Ireland H-391
Bullock Joseph Apr. 1888 England O-560
Bullock Joseph Apr. 1890 England P-054
Burke Michael Apr. 1855 Ireland H-173
Burnard Leonard Feb. 1894 England P-380
Burns James Aug. 1877 Ireland N-061
Busse Henry Aug. 1847 Oldenburg E-331
Butler Patrick Sept. 1852 Ireland G-095
Butler Morris Aug. 1860 Ireland I-233/34
Byrne Michael June 1857 Ireland H-452
Caldwell Alexander Aug. 1848 Great Britain E-422
Cardes Conrad Aug. 1848 Hanover E-426
Carney John July 1856 Ireland H-356
Carolen Michael June 1858 Ireland H-562
Casey James Aug. 1858 Ireland H-573/74
Castinetto Charles Mar. 1890 Italy P-049
Cattenberger Balser July 1860 Birn I-221
Cavnaugh Michael Aug. 1855 Ireland H-222
Cawthorn Levi Nov. 1860 Great Britain I-273
Christman Ignataus Sept. 1860 France QC-007*
Clark James Apr. 1843 Ireland E-020
Clovian Samuel July 1845 Ireland E-176
Coakley John July 1859 Ireland I-097
Collins William Aug. 1845 Ireland E-168
Collins Michael Aug. 1857 Ireland H-484/85
Collins Dennie Aug. 1857 Ireland H-486
Collins Andrew Aug. 1859 Ireland I-110/11
Conaugh Michael Aug. 1853 Ireland G-233
Conrad Baltzer Aug. 1860 France I-229/30
Conroy Matthew July 1859 Ireland I-097
Constantine Michael Aug. 1855 Ireland H-215/16
Cony Patrick Aug. 1859 Ireland I-104/05
Cook Peter Aug. 1860 Ireland I-240
Cook Peter Aug. 1862 France I-414
Cook Frederick Aug. 1876 Germany M-473
Corcoran Martin Aug. 1860 Ireland I-231/32
Corcoran James Aug. 1860 Ireland I-232
Costello John Dec. 1871 Ireland L-409
Coulter William Aug. 1847 Great Britain E-327
Cowan Samuel Aug. 1845 Ireland E-176
Cullen George June 1874 Ireland M-574
Cusach John Aug. 1860 Ireland I-229
Dallwig Valentine Sept. 1863 Hesse Cassel I-500
Darger John Aug. 1844 Switzerland E-102
David Ernest Aug. 1887 Austria O-531
Deach John Aug. 1860 Byrne [?] I-223
Dech Peter July 1860 Birn I-216
Dech John Aug. 1862 Birn I-412
Dech Peter Aug. 1862 Birn I-412
Delahunty William Aug. 1877 Ireland N-059
DeMarque Louie Aug. 1885 Italy O-378
Dempsey James Aug. 1857 Ireland H-485
Dempsey John Mar. 1871 Ireland L-253
Dempsey William Mar. 1871 Ireland L-253
Dempsey John Apr. 1873 Ireland M-048
Dempsey Michael Aug. 1877 Ireland N-055
Dempsey William Apr. 1892 Ireland P-232
Denade James Nov. 1858 Ireland I-024/25
Denning Barry H. Mar. 1878 Germany N-126
Dews Joseph H. Aug. 1866 Great Britain K-187
Dickerson William Aug. 1877 England N-054
Doyle John Aug. 1852 Ireland G-231
Doyle John Aug. 1855 Ireland H-216
Dringenburg Henry Nov. 1900 Germany Q-333
Drotman Leonard Sept. 1843 Bavaria E-039/040
Drourie Thomas Aug. 1857 Ireland H-485
Druenzer John Oct. 1873 Prussia M-096
Dunn Thomas Aug. 1858 Ireland H-572
Dunn Patrick Aug. 1861 Ireland I-350
Durmeyer Henry July 1854 France H-050
Dwire John Aug. 1861 Ireland I-349
Dwyer Michael Aug. 1860 Ireland I-236/37
Dwyre Thomas Aug. 1847 Ireland E-333
Dwyre Thomas June 1852 Ireland G-064
Early Thomas Dec. 1857 Ireland H-523
Englit William July 1856 Ireland H-353
Ensach John July 1860 Ireland I-229
Farley Thomas Oct. 1853 Ireland G-251
Farley Edward Aug. 1855 Ireland H-222
Farley Michael Aug. 1858 Ireland H-576
Farrell James Dec. 1847 Great Britain E-364
Fathers James July 1856 Ireland H-354
Feber Dorger Aug. 1858 Saxony H-571
Fehan Patrick Dec. 1866 Ireland K-244
Fehan Patrick Sept. 1869 Ireland L-064
Felthaus Fritz June 1878 Germany N-155
Felthaus Richard Apr. 1894 Germany P-386
Fesenmeir George Aug. 1858 Wurtemburg H-571/72
Fesenmeir George Aug. 1860 Wurtemburg I-235
Fiber George Aug. 1858 Saxony H-571
Fiber George Aug. 1860 Saxony I-228/29
Fibey John Aug. 1855 Ireland H-220
Fink John July 1856 Bavaria H-344
Finn Patrick Sept. 1852 Ireland G-096
Finne Patrick Aug. 1856 Ireland H-358/59
Fisher Robert June 1840 Scotland/G.B. D-320
Fisher Robert Aug. 1847 Great Britain E-329
Fitzmonis John June 1860 Ireland I-198
Fitzpatrick John Aug. 1858 Ireland H-574/75
Fraker John Gerard Aug. 1847 Hanover E-332/33
Free Charles July 1845 Bavaria E-165
Freitman Gustave Dec. 1890 Germany P-120
Furlong James Jan. 1852 Ireland G-005/6
Furlong James Aug. 1854 Ireland H-065
Futezer Adam P. Aug. 1859 Baden I-108
Gabrielson Alexander Nov. 1844 Sweden E-121/2
Gadler Frank Aug. 1856 Baden H-352
Gaffney Thomas July 1860 Ireland I-233
Gedge Christian Hope July 1845 England E-170/71
Gedge William H. July 1845 England E-171/72
Geghe William Aug. 1861 Ireland I-353/54
Gelway Edward Aug. 1855 Ireland H-215
Gilbert Wiley K. Nov. 1840 Prussia D-344
Glen John Sept. 1841 Scotland D-391
Glen John Apr. 1844 Scotland E-085/086
Glenn Jacob Aug. 1856 Baden H-354
Golway Edward Aug. 1853 England G-232
Golway Edward Aug. 1855 Ireland H-215
Goppenbaker Martin Aug. 1890 Germany P-090
Gorman John Oct. 1854 Ireland H-106
Gorman John Sept. 1855 Ireland H-233/34
Gormley John Apr. 1880 Ireland N-379
Gosepol John B. Aug. 1847 Oldenburg E-331
Govenor John Oct. 1854 Ireland H-106
Grafe Cord Henry Aug. 1844 Nandorf, Hanover E-103
Granahan William Aug. 1856 Ireland H-357
Grick Jacob Nov. 1860 Wurtemburg QC-025*
Grogan Peter Oct. 1856 Ireland H-387/88
Growney Thomas Mar. 1886 Ireland O-434
Growney Thomas Apr. 1888 Ireland O-561
Guethe Ferdinand Aug. 1856 Prussia H-353
Gunning Patrick Nov. 1852 Ireland G-128
Gunning Patrick June 1855 Ireland H-202
Guth Jacob Adolph June 1852 Germany G-064
Gutten Herman A. Aug. 1865 Wurtemburg K-090
Haass John Aug. 1860 Wurtemburg I-230/31
Haberle Jacob Aug. 1859 Wurtemburg I-105/06
Hafferty John Aug. 1858 Ireland H-573
Hafner August Mar. 1860 Baden I-188
Hafner August Nov. 1864 Baden K-020
Hagen Patrick Aug. 1861 Ireland I-349/50
Hagerts Peter Aug. 1850 England F-196
Hagerty Peter July 1854 Ireland H-062/63
Hall Peter Aug. 1877 Germany N-054
Hammille John Aug. 1847 Great Britain E-327
Hamsbrook Henry Aug. 1844 Hanover E-102
Hankerson Robert Nov. 1858 Ireland I-024
Hankerson Robert Nov. 1860 Ireland I-275
Hannington John Nov. 1858 Ireland I-024
Hanrehe John Dec. 1857 Ireland H-523
Hansen Julius June 1858 Baden H-561
Harlow Thomas Sept. 1856 Ireland H-372
Hassenncer John Henry Aug. 1848 Hanover E-428
Hawkins James Aug. 1877 Ireland N-056
Heist George Aug. 1860 Hesse Darmstadt I-230
Heist Jacob Aug. 1871 Germany L-316
Heist Adam Nov. 1880 England N-446
Helmbrecht Lewis H. Aug. 1877 Prussia N-061
Herchede Heinrich Sept. 1856 Prussia H-370
Herion Cornelius July 1856 Ireland H-352
Herman Thomas Aug. 1859 Ireland I-112
Hickey Michael Aug. 1853 Ireland G-233
Hickey Michael Aug. 1855 Ireland H-221
Hinds Stephen June 1855 Ireland H-200/01
Ho[?]man Bennet Apr. 1841 Hanover D-372
Hoambrock Henry Apr. 1841 Hanover D-372
Hoap John July 1860 Wurtemburg I-230/31
Hockman Bennett H. Jan. 1844 Hanover E-062
Hogen Patrick Aug. 1861 Ireland I-349/50
Hogents Peter Aug. 1850 England F-196
Hogvewe Gottfreed July 1860 Hanover I-213
Hollawell John Nov. 1848 Great Britain E-456/57
Holser George July 1860 Baden I-219/20
Holser John July 1860 Baden I-220/21
Holsworth Mike Apr. 1897 Germany Q-037
Holzer Philip Aug. 1860 Baden I-237
Holzworth John Jan. 1895 Germany P-458
Horegan Cornelius Aug. 1853 Ireland G-234
Horegan Cornelius Aug. 1855 Ireland H-217/18
Huber Fidelius July 1862 Baden I-407
Huffman Adam Aug. 1860 Bavaria I-229
Hunbrock Joseph Aug. 1848 Hanover E-427
Hunt Joseph Mar. 1886 Ireland O-411
Hurly [fnu] Aug. 1859 Ireland I-111
Jacobs Samuel Sept. 1855 Ireland H-233
Jager John July 1862 Baden I-407/08
Jager Joseph Aug. 1862 Baden I-413
Joyce Austin Aug. 1858 Ireland H-573
Judge Mark June 1852 Ireland G-063
Judge Mark July 1854 Ireland H-062
Judge Bartholomew Aug. 1858 Ireland H-578/79
Judge Thomas Aug. 1860 Ireland I-224
Judge Mark Aug. 1860 Ireland I-224/25
Judge Michael Aug. 1877 Ireland N-062
Kain Peter Aug. 1877 Ireland N-039
Kavey John Aug. 1859 Ireland I-104
Keene W.S. Nov. 1876 England M-506
Keiter Bernard Aug. 1847 Oldenburg E-331/32
Kelley Michael Oct. 1856 Ireland H-391/92
Kells James Aug. 1852 Ireland G-231/32
Kells James Aug. 1855 Ireland H-215
Kelly Michael Aug. 1849 Ireland F-071
Kendall John Aug. 1855 Ireland H-220/21
Kendy James July 1852 Ireland G-082
Kendy James July 1854 Ireland H-064
Kennedy Thomas Aug. 1860 Ireland I-234
Kime Peter June 1860 Bavaria I-197
King Theodore Aug. 1845 France E-173/74
Kinney William July 1860 Ireland I-217
Kirchhoff Johann H.F. Oct. 1856 Germany H-387
Kleinhaus Conrad Apr. 1870 Prussia L-144
Kloker Christopher Aug. 1848 Oldenburg E-427
Knight John Aug. 1856 Ireland H-353
Knight William Aug. 1856 Ireland H-353
Knost Anthony Apr. 1841 Hanover D-372
Knost Anthony Aug. 1844 Hanover E-102
Kramer John Aug. 1842 Bavaria D-444
Kraus Peter May 1903 Germany Q-607
Kreigger Henry Aug. 1847 Oldenburg E-332
Kreiser Francis Aug. 1853 Baden G-230
Kuhn Jacob June 1860 Hefna [?] I-197
Kune/Kime Peter June 1858 Bavaria H-561
Lally Anthony July 1859 Ireland I-097/98
Lambert Patrick Sept. 1844 Ireland E-106
Lampsee John Aug. 1853 Hanover G-230
Landragan Nicholas June 1852 Ireland G-063
Landragan Nicholas July 1855 Ireland H-207/08
Lane Patrick E. Aug. 1848 Ireland E-429
Lane Patrick Edward Aug. 1848 Ireland E-429
Lane Edward Pat Oct. 1852 Great Britain G-121
Lane Patrick Mar. 1894 Ireland P-382
Lathers John Aug. 1850 England F-196/97
Lathers James Aug. 1856 Ireland H-354
Lawler Michael Aug 1851 England F-315/16
Lawler Michael July 1855 Ireland H-207
Leguire Simeon Aug. 1848 Great Britain E-423
Lesiter Phillip Aug. 1861 Baden I-351
Liedibrand Henry Aug. 1855 Hesse Cassel H-217
Lighe William Aug. 1861 Ireland I-353/54
Limes Patrick Aug. 1854 Ireland H-065
Lindenborn Phillip July 1863 Austria I-491
Long William Aug. 1859 Ireland I-111/12
Long William Aug. 1861 Ireland I-352
Longhouse Baptist Aug. 1845 Bavaria E-172
Lonnentay Conrad Aug. 1856 Wurtemburg H-355
Loverman Otts June 1883 Prussia O-148
Loverman Otts July 1885 Prussia O-370
Lubbers George Aug. 1867 Oldenburg K-341
Luck Jacob Nov. 1860 Wurtemburg I-274/75
Maekes Anthony Aug. 1860 France I-233
Mahlmann Charles July 1860 Hanover I-227
Maloney David July 1880 Ireland I-226
Marschall John Bernard Aug. 1848 Hanover E-428
Martin Antonio June 1855 Bavaria H-201
McCabe Patrick Aug. 1861 Ireland I-351
McCarty Patrick Sept. 1852 Ireland G-095
McCormic Nicholas Aug. 1860 Ireland I-225
McCormic James Aug. 1860 Ireland I-232/33
McCormick Patrick Aug. 1860 Ireland I-226/27
McCormick James Aug. 1877 Great Britain N-055
McCormick Patrick June 1878 Ireland N-154
McDonald James F. Aug. 1860 Ireland I-227/28
McElroy George Oct. 1854 Ireland H-092/93
McElroy Thomas Aug. 1871 Ireland L-323
McElroy Edward Mar. 1871 Ireland L-324
McFee Edward July 1846 Ireland E-247
McFee Andrew July 1847 Ireland E-324/25
McFee Arthur Aug. 1848 Ireland E-430
McGraughran John Aug. 1877 Ireland N-057
McIroy John July 1860 Ireland I-214/15
McLaughlin John Aug. 1847 Great Britain E-330
McLoyn Robert Oct. 1856 Ireland H-392/93
McNarend Dennis Aug. 1859 Ireland I-103
McSweeney Terrence Nov. 1876 Great Britain M-508
Merrille Abraham Aug. 1848 Great Britain E-424
Merry Christopher May 1846 Ireland E-231
Miller George Aug. 1848 Hanover E-429
Miller Adam Aug. 1860 Bavaria I-234/35
Miller Wendel Mar. 1890 Germany P-049
Milnich Leonard June 1855 Bavaria H-201
Moloney David Aug. 1860 Ireland I-226
Moore Jonas Aug. 1859 Ireland I-112
Moore James Aug. 1861 Ireland I-349
Moran Edward Aug. 1857 Ireland H-484
Mulberry Samuel Aug. 1848 Great Britain E-422
Munn Thomas Aug. 1848 Great Britain E-425
Murphy John Nov. 1852 Ireland G-128
Murray Christy Jan. 1842 Ireland D-411
Murray Thomas F. Feb. 1878 England N-116
Murray James F. Mar. 1880 Great Britain N-365
Murry Alexander Sept. 1876 Scotland M-478
Nappest Joseph May 1887 Germany O-516
Nary Peter Aug. 1859 Ireland I-106/07
Nawn Edwann Oct. 1856 Ireland H-392
Nead Dennis Aug. 1845 Ireland E-175
Neazes Peter Sept. 1864 Prussia K-006
Nixon Robert Aug. 1858 Ireland H-574
Nixon [?] Robert Aug. 1855 Ireland H-218/19
Noland Peter Sept. 1852 Ireland G-095/96
Noland Peter Oct. 1854 Ireland H-092
Noll John July 1860 Hesse I-223
Oelsner Henry July 1856 Bavaria [unk]
Oelsner John June 1856 Bavaria H-332
Oelsner Henry Aug. 1869 Bavaria L-055
O'Gready Timothy Aug. 1857 Ireland H-484
O'Hara Michael Apr. 1880 Ireland N-379
O'Herion Cornelius July 1856 Ireland H-352
O'Neal James July 1860 Ireland I-212/13
O'Neal Edmond July 1860 Ireland I-213/14
Overman Herman Henry Aug. 1848 Oldenburg E-426
Owens John July 1857 Ireland H-477
Palmer George July 1860 Baden I-218/19
Paul Charles Nov. 1879 Prussia N-321
Pelgen Peter June 1852 Bavaria G-063
Pelgen John June 1854 Bavaria H-047
Pelgen Frederick June 1854 Bavaria H-047/48
Pelgen Peter June 1855 Bavaria H-199
Pelgen Frederick June 1858 Bavaria H-561
Pfutzer Joseph Aug. 1859 Baden I-109
Pfutzer John Aug. 1859 Baden I-110
Philips William Aug. 1855 Ireland H-219
Pilgen Frederick June 1854 Bavaria H-047/48
Piper George June 1854 Hesse H-046
Price Thomas Aug. 1877 Ireland N-060
Raedchen Philip Aug. 1860 Hesse Darmstadt I-234
Raedchen Henry Aug. 1860 Germany I-239/40
Ragenbogen Charles Oct. 1881 Prussia N-560
Reuchler John G. Aug. 1861 Wurtemburg I-352
Richardson J.V. Apr. 1870 England L-141
Richey Frederick Mar. 1860 Switzerland I-177
Rieb Henry Sept. 1860 Hesse QC-006*
Ritca Martin June 1854 Germany H-046/47
Roark John Nov. 1860 Ireland I-273/74
Roark John Aug. 1861 Ireland I-348
Rogers Nicholas June 1840 Ireland D-315
Rohole Francis Henry Nov. 1844 Oldenburg E-119/20
Roieb Jacob Sept. 1860 Hesse QC-005*
Rosemeyer Henry Nov. 1852 Hanover G-128/29
Rossfield John June 1852 Bavaria G-065
Rudolph Stephen June 1854 Bavaria H-048
Rudolph John B. June 1855 Bavaria H-200
Rudolph Lewis June 1855 Bavaria H-200/01
Ruslow Chris Aug. 1895 Germany P-518
Ryan Michael Aug. 1857 Ireland H-485
Ryan Patrick J. July 1878 Ireland N-172
Ryan Michael Nov. 1900 Ireland Q-335
Ryne Jerry Aug. 1877 Ireland N-058
Ryon Lawrence Apr. 1901 Ireland Q-375
Salzmann George Aug. 1855 Prussia H-216/17
Sandmeyer Jacob William Dec. 1851 Prussia F-369/70
Schmidt John July 1860 Baden I-212
Schramm Gottleich Nov. 1900 Germany Q-335
Schroder Frederick Nov. 1844 Oldenburg E-119
Schule Gotlieb Aug. 1859 Wintenbury I-105
Schwartz Nicholas Aug. 1858 Great Britain H-575/76
Schwartz Frederick Aug. 1858 Great Britain H-579/80
Schwarzwalder John Aug. 1856 Bavaria H-356/57
Searight William B. Aug. 1853 Ireland G-232
Severt Egnec July 1860 Baden I-216
Shaghnessy James Aug. 1877 Ireland N-053
Shanahan John Aug. 1854 Ireland H-064
Shartman Charles Aug. 1855 Mecklenburg H-219
Slick Nicholas Aug. 1877 Ireland N-058
Smith Barnabas Jan. 1852 Germany G-005
Smith Jacob A.G. June 1852 Germany G-064
Smith Barnabas Aug. 1856 Baden H-357
Smith George P. July 1863 Great Britain I-490
Smith Joseph Aug. 1877 Germany N-056
Smyth Michael Aug. 1858 Ireland H-578
Stahl Mike Mar. 1890 Germany P-053
Starnlar George Aug. 1860 Baden I-238
Stecht John Oct. 1886 Germany O-394
Steel Joseph Oct. 1872 Prussia L-544
Stephens John July 1863 Hanover I-491
Stephenson Samuel Aug. 1847 Great Britain E-328
Steven Henry Aug. 1858 Hanover H-580
Stevens Henry Aug. 1860 Hanover I-237
Stevenson Samuel July 1845 England E-166/177
Stohe Jack Mar. 1889 Germany O-626
Stoppie Henry July 1859 Hanover I-099/100
Straighthorst Henry June 1877 Germany M-575
Straighthorst William June 1877 Germany M-575
Strum George Aug. 1861 Bavaria I-353
Sullivan Joseph Aug. 1855 Ireland H-217
Sullivan John Feb. 1894 Ireland P-379
Sunning Patrick July 1855 Ireland H-202
Szambelin Marcus Aug. 1887 Austria O-532
Tait John Jr. Nov. 1840 Great Britain D-344
Tandayan Nicholas July 1855 Ireland H-207/08
Tate John Aug. 1844 Great Britain E-111
Taylor Edward Sept. 1852 Ireland G-095
Taylor Edward C. Oct. 1854 Ireland H-106/07
Taylor Arthur Aug. 1856 Ireland H-352
Thompson John Aug. 1856 Ireland H-359
Thompson William Sept. 1856 Ireland H-365
Thompson John Aug. 1858 Ireland H-579
Tobba Albert Aug. 1844 Hanover E-102/3
Tola William Aug. 1877 Prussia N-060
Tola William Apr. 1886 Prussia O-441
Tony William Aug. 1861 Ireland I-352
Tonyes Bernard Mar. 1866 Oldenburg K-152
Trapp Michael Aug. 1860 Prussia I-238
Tudsberry Charles Sept. 1840 Great Britain D-330
Tudsberry Charles Aug. 1848 Ireland E-421
Turney Lawrence Aug. 1877 Ireland N-058
Ullrich Leonard June 1855 Bavaria H-201
Ullrich Francis Aug. 1860 Bavaria I-228
Ullrich John J. Aug. 1861 Bavaria I-352/53
Ulrich Leonard July 1859 Bavaria I-099
Vandoren Theodore July 1856 Belgium H-344
Vololsnig Conrad Aug. 1860 Prussia I-235/36
Wagner George Aug. 1859 Saxony I-106
Wahl Fred Nov. 1886 Germany O-486
Wahl Fred Apr. 1890 Germany P-053
Welch John Oct. 1854 Ireland H-106
Welch John July 1857 Ireland H-477
Weldon Patrick Aug. 1849 Ireland F-071
Wems John Aug. 1860 Baden I-236
Wenn Thomas Aug. 1848 Great Britain E-425/26
Werns John Aug. 1860 Baden I-236
Whitaker William Aug. 1845 England E-167
Wilbey Thomas Aug. 1877 Ireland N-057
Wilkie William Aug. 1845 Scotland E-174
Williams Joseph June 1852 Bavaria G-065/66
Wilson Samuel Aug. 1859 Ireland I-104
Windhaus Joseph Aug. 1866 Oldenburg K-188
Winter/Wintce John June 1852 Bavaria G-064/65
Wyllyk Gilbert Nov. 1840 Prussia D-344
Yorkey John July 1846 Bavaria E-245
Zimmer Charles F. Aug. 1859 Baden I-108/09
Zimmer Charles F. Aug. 1861 Baden I-350/51
Zimmer Carl Sept. 1884 Germany O-282
Zimmer Carl Aug. 1887 Germany O-531
Zimmer Karl Nov. 1892 Germany P-274
Zimmerman Martin Aug. 1855 Baden H-218
Zimmerman Peter July 1860 Prussia I-223
Zimmerman John Aug. 1862 Prussia I-413/14
Zuck Jacob Nov. 1860 Wurtemburg I-274/75

By Stephen W. Worrel