The First Settlers arriving in Temeswar


The First Settlers Arriving in Temeswar.


Alex Leeb

After Prince Eugene v. Savoy re-occupied Temeswar on 17th of October 1716, he forced the Turks South as far as Pantschowa. Except for 645 men, women and children decided to remain behind, which included 466 Serbs, 35 Armenians and 144 Jews. Prince Eugene stipulated that only German speaking and Catholic inhabitants are allowed to live in Temeswar, a Commission from Vienna was sent to Temeswar immediately to form a committee to emigrate people from Western Europe. After witnessing the houses the Turkish people lived in houses built from wood with flat roofs, the committee implemented new plans for buildings the cities and villages. Only educated and skilled people were allowed to immigrate.
In spring of 1717 the first settlers arrived in Temeswar and by January 1, 1718 55 people settled from Western Europe.
         The following is a list of the first 55 settlers in Temeswar. It tells you the location they came from and their occupation. I thought maybe your ancestor’s name might have a connection and can be proud of them for being one of the first pioneers in Banat.

1. Adam, Johann, from Kolmnitz, (Colmnitz in Sachsen, South West from Dresden. 20 yrs old. Salesman, became a citizen of Temeswar 13.01.1717, died 11.08.1719.
2.  Arnold, Johann, from Kammersee, Austria, 35 yrs old, salesman, citizen of Temeswar 1.1.1717.
3. Bauer, Johann Wolf, from Jessendorf, dist. Ebern, Fürstbistum, Bayern, Baker, citizen 1717.
4. Baum, Johan, nähere Daten fehlen.
5. Böckl, Johann, from Weiden is Neusiedlersee, Burgenland, Austria, 40 years old, citizen 1717.
6. Brenner (Prenner) Hans Georg. From Pinkafeld, Burgenland, Austria, citizen 1717 butchers.
7. Carl (Karl), Jakob, data unknown.
8. Cram, Friedrich, from Lessen, Poland (Pommern) 46 yrs old.
9. Danauer, Maximilian, from Emmersdorf a.d. (on the) Donau, Wachau, Lower Austria, 31yrs. Citizen 1718 shoemaker.
10. Daniel, Maximilian, from Danzig, (Gdansk,) Poland, 46 yrs old, citizen 1718, no trade.
11. Diepold, Sebastian, from Purgstall, Lower Austria, 33 yrs. Old, citizen 1718 butchers.
12. Dorfmayer, Christoph Wolf, from Göstling on the Ybbs, Austria 34, years old, citizen 1718, baker.
13. Fleischhacker, Anton, Ödenburg, (Sopron) Hungary, citizen 1717, baker.
14. Freitag, (Feiertag),Jakob, from Graz, Steiermark, citizen 1717, goldsmith.
15. Frantzing, Jakob, data unknown.
16. Fröhlich, Martin, Prth? from Schlesien maybe Prudnik in Upperschlesien, citizen 1717.
17. Glas, Jakob, from Rockenberg, Dist. Friedberg, Hessen, citizen 1717.
18. Glas, Lorenz, Pistdorf, Pfalz, or Büsdorf Hüchelhoven, Rheinland-Plaz, citizen 1717, died 11.12.1728.
19. Gruber, Jakob, from Pfaffenburg, Gemeinde Oberailsfeld, dist. Pegnitz, Bayern, citizen 1717.
20. Gugevitz, Pankratz, data unknown.
21. Günsinger, Stephan, from Güns, Burgenland, (now Köszeg, Hungary), citizen 1717.
22. Hammer, Johann, from Holzkirchen in Bayern, or from Holzkirchen, village Soldenau, dist. Vilshofen in Lowerbayern, or from Holzkirchen, village Allnig, dist. Fürstenfeldbruck, in Upperbayern, citizen 1717.
23. Hirn, Johann, came from Bayern, data unknown.
24. Hold, Tobias Balthasar, from Frankenhausen in Bayern. Since there is no Frankenhausen in Bayern it remains a question where he came from. Citizen 1717 and 1720 was the first German Mayor of Temeschburg. He died on 17.4.1721.
25. Jung, Hans, from Maikammer, Rheinplaz, citizen 1717 baker.
26. Lippert, Pankratz, from Traustadt, dist. Gerolzhofen, at one time was Fürstbistum Bamberg, Bayern, citizen 1717.
27. Loder, Johann, from Wüzburg, Bayern, citizen 1718.
28. Mach, Johann, from Eisenberg in Mähren, Austria todaz Czech. Rep, citizen 1717, butchers.
29. Meister, Johann, from Landau in the Pfalz. Citizen 1718.
30. Müller, Johann, from Mainz, citizen 1717, Wagner (person who builds wagens).
31. Paul, Melchior, from Würben, now called Wierzbno Schlesien, Poland, citizen 1717.
32. Pilz, Leopold, from Rosenberg, now Rozemberk on the Moldau, Czech, citizen1717, baker.
33. Ploberger, Johann Balthasar, from Stadt Bamberg, Bayern, citizen 1718, carpenter.
34. Plum, (Blum) Florian, from Pölling, dist. Neumarkt, Upperpfalz, citizen 1718, shoemaker,
35. Polack, Georg,  from Preßnitz,  (ß=ss), Austria, now Prisecnice, Czech. Citizen 1717, baker.
36. Pollermann, Matthias, from Pest, Budapest, Hungary, citizen1718butcher.
37. Pramer, Hans Georg, from Rodheim vor der Höhe, dist. Gießen, Hessen, citizen 1717, wagner.
38. Prembsner, Klemens, from Thurnreuth near Passau, dist. Wegscheid, Bayern, citizen 1718, baker.
39. Püspök, Gábor from Borovitz,  Hungary.
40. Raindl, Franz, from Lang-Enzerdorf by Vienna, Austria, citizen 1717, baker.
41. Ramleitner, Matthias, mayor from Oggau by Neusiedlersee, Burgenland, citizen 1717, butcher +6.11.1726
42. Reibrecht, Georg, from Sonnenberg, Schlesien, village Rittersgrün, dist.Erzgebirge, citizen 1717.
43. Scherer, Peter, from Feldkirch, Austria born in Nenzing on the Jll. Citizen 1717, saddle maker, +14,3.1728
44. Schlosser, Elias, from Znaim, now Znojmo, Czech. Citizen 1717, baker.
45. Schön, Johann Kaspar, from Leopoldstadt, Hungary, citizen 1718, shoemaker.
46. Schörghofer, Johann, from Salzburg, Austria, citizen 1717, baker.
47. Senneng, Johann, from Höchstadt a.d. Donau in Donauried, Bayern, citizen 1718.
48. Solderer. Peter, from born 1690 Mittendorf, by St. Veith, dist. Stollberg, Sachsen. Citizen 1717 51yrs old.
49. Thonner, Johann, from Eintrag (Eggenthal,) Degerndorf, dist.Parsberg, Upperpfalz.
50. Tomb, Wenzel, data entered was wrong.
51. Topp, Johann Bernhard, from Hannover, Germany, citizen 1718.
52. Tworschak Georg, data are missing.
53. Weiß Hans Georg, from Schwechat, Austria, citizen 1717.
54. Werner Martin, from Pettau, now Ptuj, Jugoslavia, citizen 1718, blacksmith.
55. Wundel Johann Jakob. Data unknown.


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