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The Ghost Town Guru's Guide
to the Ghost Towns of 


BETULA   											McKean					rural
Established around 1912, this early 20th Century lumbering center was located just west of SH 46, about 12 miles south southeast of Smethport in the 
southeastern part of the county.  The wood was used for barrel staves, which were manufactured on site by the Pennsylvania Stave Company.  
The town had several stores, a church, school, theater, pool room and a skating rink.

BIG SPRING										Cumberland
	…SEE Springfield

BOSLEY'S MILL	Montour					0
AKA - Fort Bosley
This grist mill was operated by Mr. Bosley along the creek "at the lower end of Washingtonville." It was built around 1773, and was stockaded in 1777 
and used as a fort when the Native Americans and settlers in the area had issues with each other.

















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o   A major revision of the Inyo County Guide is currently underway (got sidetracked for the Salton Sea Guide)

·        NORTH DAKOTATHIS will be the next guide to be published once the Salton Sea Guide is completed.  Then I will then go back and finish my revision of the Inyo Co., CA guide as noted above.



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