Various correspondents are looking for information on the following ghost towns in ALABAMA.  These are also listed on my main page for this state.  I have nothing in my records on them.  Are you able to help?  If so please respond to me and I will forward the information on to those looking for the information.  These towns are also listed on the main listing page




            Any help?  Don’t know location, county, or history.    



Outside of Bessemer, AL - coal 1940's.



The correspondent had a family member die there in 1871, but the county is not listed.



Possibly in northern AL



            Any help?  Don’t know location, county, or history.    



            Any help?  Don’t know location, county, or history.    



“Do you have any information on the Civil War era town of Hillsboro? It would have been south of Birmingham and north of Montevallo which would have put it in either Jefferson or Shelby County. Thanks for any help or suggestion of resources that would have a location of this ghost town.”


HUGHES  (Tuscaloosa Co.)

“Greetings from an old War Horse searching for the ghost town, (or old community of HUGHES), Alabama, We think it was southeast of Tuscaloosa, (formally in the County of TUSCALOOSA). Grandparents had a farm, or "Sharecropped" a farm called "BIG SANDY", Grandmother told stories of how the "YANKEES STOLE THE FARM", after the WAR. We know of the BIG SANDY CREEK and BEAR CREEK which flow southwest to the WARRIOR RIVER, and are pretty sure it was in that area. Some sources say it was near the OLD SARDIS CHURCH which was purported to be on or near the BEAR CREEK/ BEAR CREEK ROAD.  RELATIVES/ FAMILY were also in the FOSTERS SETTLEMENT areas, on or near the WARRIOR RIVER CROSSING and in the northwest areas of Tuscaloosa County near NORTHPORT/ BROWNSVILLE. Our g-g-grandparents - REV. JOHN HINTON - (b.JOCO, NC-circa-1790-1843) & EASTER (MONTGOMERY) HINTON - (b. GA-circa- 1797-1870) - were married - (1823) - in TUSCALOOSA COUNTY.  THANKS & GOD BLESS - SEMPER FI”  (From BA 4/30/2007) 

Gary’s Note:  Foster had 250 people in 1990



In Novemer 2005, Jeremy T contacted me for info on this old college.

“I live in Morgan Co. AL on Trinity Mountain. I have been told by many people that there use to be an old college up here named Lile College. Do you have any information on anything of the sort.” 

Can anyone help Jeremy out?



(GARY’s note:  I found a RODENTOWN in DeKalb Co., 1990 pop of 120. It is located in the southwest corner of the county, 15 AIR miles north of Gadsden, in the SW corner of the county. It once had a post office.)



Russell Co. mid 1800s.



In Dec 2004 Brandon D contacted me.  (edited slightly for length)

“I'm an individual researcher from Indiana and have (recently) relocated to Oneonta, Alabama and have gained knowledge of a ghost town in Etowah County Alabama said to have 50-500 individuals (who) abandoned the town for some unknown reason. I've done a lot of research and still can't discover where the location of the settlement could be. There is an old mill, a cemetery, foundations of homes and still some clear trails there. It was an old Indian settlement before, but there’s still no evidence of where it could possibly be.” 

Can anyone help Brandon?  Please let me know.



“I think it is near or north of Wilsonville, Alabama.  I am doing research on the Weldon family ancestors from that area and need to find the exact location. Possibly in T 19 S, R 1 E, Sec. 6 but the town does not seem to be anywhere except in older records as to death, etc. Any ideas?




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