Various correspondents are looking for information on the following ghost towns in ARKANSAS. These are not listed on my main page for this state, nor do I have anything in my records on them. Are you able to help? If so please respond to me and I will forward the information on to those looking for the information.






1840s (Possibly BLUFFTON???)

There is no BLUFFING, AR in the USGS system, nor has such a place ever been a post office in AR. BLUFFTON is a possibility, since a native of Arkansas might pronounce that place name as "bluff-un," very similar to "bluff-in," the name you listed! (Contributed by Ed Sanders, Nov 08, 2002)

Im leaving it here in case someone has more info(GBS)



Active in 1863



Shown on a 1901 Ouachita Co., map near Buena Vista & Elliott



Northwest AR?



c. 1901



Possibly renamed Zion Hill, which is a rural community in Van Buren Co.


HOMAN: Miller or Hempsted Co.

Would like to know a little more about Homan, Arkansas (as far as what happened to the town, exactly where it was and why it closed down). It was listed in the 1910 census and my father's people were living there at the time. (It) was located in either Miller County or Hempstead County. I have driven through the area from Dallas, TX and cannot locate it, or anyone who knows anything about it - would you believe the librarians don't even know? I have read several ghost town listings for the state but these two places are simply not mentioned...anywhere. Do you know anything about these two little townships? Are they still there? Did they change the name? Or did they just cease to exist? Thanks in advance for your help.



Any towns??? c.1884-6



I am looking for a town named Kilgore Arkansas. Its not on any map and have not been able to find any information what so ever. I acquired some old coins (store tokens) from a store in Kilgore called M.L. NELSON & CO. General Merchandise.



I am looking for information on the founder of Lampe Arkansas, a ghost town near Grady in Lincoln County.  It was founded in the mid 1800s and was still known to the US Post Office at the turn of the 19th century.


MANES: Searcy Co. ??



My grandmother who is in the hospital is from birth record born in Maultin, Arkansas. We believe this is in or around Stamps, Arkansas area but are not having any luck. Have you heard of this town?


PHELAN: Ashley Co.

No town is located here anymore. Near Snyder and east of Hamburg.



A Post Office dating to late 1800's and 1890s. Nothing remains


RUSH: Marion Co.

I found a really interesting Ghost Town - Rush, Arkansas, in northern Arkansas. It is quite an interesting place. Does anyone have any info they can share or would like to tell any history about Rush?


SIMPSON, Grant Co.:

Hello, I am going through old genealogy. And it reads Katie was born 1886 in Simpson, Grant Co., Arkansas.

Is there such a place? Thank you for your help here. Toni



Possibly renamed to Colt or Forrest City mid 1800s


unknown: Jefferson Co.

I'm not sure what the town was named but my mother-in-law (now deceased) once took me to the old Ledbetter Cave. This sits between Redfield and the Arkansas River. She told me there was once a town there as well as an Indian village farther down river between Redfield and White Bluff. We also passed several large holes in the ground near the cave. You could tell that someone had been digging. She told me there had been tales for years of stolen Union army payroll (gold) that Confederate soldiers had supposedly buried in the area and that people still searched for it. It would be interesting to learn more about this.




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