Various correspondents are looking for information on the following ghost towns in COLORADO.  These are not listed on my main page for this state, nor do I have anything in my records on them.  Are you able to help?  If so please respond to me and I will forward the information on to those looking for the information.


INFO in Red from CO-GT list)  CHANGE!!!!!


APISHAPA, Las Animas County:

Need historic information on APISHAPA.  It was located along the Apishapa River in southern Colorado in the 1880s.

Marcy (April 03, 2002)


“Just checked my Historical Atlas of Colorado:  Apishapa was about 20 miles NW of Trinidad & 20 miles S of Cucharas on the Barlow, Sanderson & Co. Stagecoach Line.

            Priscilla Arnett (April 03, 2002)”


            Apishapa was also known as San Antonia in Las Animas Co.”

            Bobby Giacomozzi  (March 22, 2006)




Date: Sunday, July 9, 2006 12:02 AM From: Tracie Watson <>

         Looking for Lincoln in Colorado

“My name is Tracie Watson and I am doing research on a tent city from late 1800's to early 1900's. I believe he said it was a mining area. I know it was called Lincoln and believe it was either around Mount Evans or in the mountains west of Denver. I talked to a man once who told me he and his daughter had hiked there and saw remains of a stone or brick building. I know there was a lake somewhere around the area. The Historical Society told me they weren't sure where to look. I couldn't find it in any mining books but was also told that many times tent cities weren't documented. Can you direct me to in anyway on how to find if it really existed? Thank you so much for your time.” Tracie




“Hello. I have acquired a nice, larger cabinet photo of the inside of a cafe, with a calendar in the background of 1917. On the back is a reference to it being a cafe in Lucas.”

Janie (June 08, 2003)


NOTE from GBS.  I have no LUCAS in my files, nor does Leanne Boyd & Glenn Carson list it in their two-volume Atlas of Colorado Ghost Towns. 


In GNIS, I did find a Lucas Cemetery at: 

Yuma Co., on west side of County Road AA, three miles west of Idalia and a half mile north of US 36, about 140 miles due east of Denver and about 15 miles west of the state line. 

·        E-Ctr Sec 13, T4S, R45W, 6PM (Sixth Principal Meridian & 40° Base Line)

·        Latitude: 39.7097141 / 39° 42' 35" N

·        Longitude: -102.3493627 / 102° 20' 58" W


AND a Lucas School (aban’d) at:

Weld Co., on west side of County Road 31, four miles southwest of Eaton and about seven miles north-northwest of Greeley.  It is 3.5 miles west of US 85 and one mile north of SH 382.

§  SW corner Sec 9, T6N, R66W, 6PM (Sixth Principal Meridian & 40° Base Line)

§  Latitude: 40.4960917 / 40° 29' 46" N

§  Longitude: -104.7735791 / 104° 46' 25" W


I am glad to find someone else like yourself who was curious about this, and certainly appreciate your attempts to help!! . My next direction is to reconnect to folks at the Colorado School of Mines where there is the scholarship based on this woman from "Lucas, Colorado".  It's called the Gold Pan Award and clearly states it was inspired by a woman from Lucas, Colorado whose husband died while trying to save a friend from drowning, and that he worked at the Edgar Mine (unfortunately, the site does not come up right now‑‑strange‑‑


I actually can't prove this photo was taken in a Lucas, "Colorado" since the back of it only mentions Lucas without a state. I was simply making an educated guess since I acquired the photo here in Colorado.


I have emailed Lucas, Kansas, but so far, no luck.


The only other option I can think of is to drive up to Idaho Springs and do some questioning of old timers........


Did I ever send you the photo?? If not here is is below:


Janie  (June 6, 2003)




Date: Thursday, January 25, 2007 2:54 PM From: Carl DiGregorio <>


The town of Majestic, CO existed in the early 1900's. It was located northwest of the present town of Trinidad, CO. Is there a site I can get into that will give me more information about this town? Thank you.




Date: Saturday, February 10, 2007 7:53 AM From: Cheri Eby <>

Subject: Spanish Fort Near Gunnison, CO


I understand that there once was a Spanish Fort located near Gunnison, CO. 'Rumor" has it that there is still evidence of this structure but no one really knows where it is. Do you have any information? Thank you. Cheri







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