Various correspondents are looking for information on the following ghost towns in FLORIDA.  These are not listed on my main page for this state, nor do I have anything in my records on them.  Are you able to help?  If so please respond to me and I will forward the information on to those looking for the information.





“I'm tracing a family tree that has taken me back to a place called "Fort Valley, Florida". I am not sure if this is really an actual place or not. It could be a township, settlement or a real fort.”

            (It’s not listed in Gnis - GBS)


GREEN SPRINGS: “West Coast” of FL

“My father tells me he recalls his father being born in a village named Green Springs ‘somewhere on the west coast of Florida’.”

(Gnis doesn’t show Green Springs, but does mention a Fort Green Springs as a small rural community located south of the junction of State Highway 62/Mine View Road and along the railroad.  It is just east of the Shirttail Branch of Payne Creek, about 35 miles east of Bradenton, which is on the east side of Tampa Bay, north of Sarasota.  Could this be the same place???   GBS)


JACK SPRINGS:  Escambia Co.

“I am trying to find out where this place was. I was searching and came across your address. Do you know where this place was? I know it was in Escambia County, Florida. Want to find the burial site of an ancestor and want to narrow the search.” 

            (It’s not listed in Gnis - GBS)



The person searching for Jack Springs, FL is probably searching for Jack Springs, Alabama, it's about 15 miles North of the FL/AL border. Depending on the age of the reference, it's possible that the person recording the town wasn't sure if it was in Florida or Alabama since the town is so close to the state line. On the map you see below, there does appear to be a small farming community and some larger structures that could be residential or agricultural.  Hope this helps. –Anna McDaniel



            “When I moved to Florida in 1965, I remember a state map showing these towns on a railroad going west. Some exist, but what of the others?”

(There is a city called Jupiter in Palm Beach County, but I don’t think it is the same place.  A Venus AND an Old Venus are shown, but Juno and Thor are not listed in Gnis.  Venus is located on County Road 731 along the railroad west of SH 25/US 27 in Highlands County.  Old Venus is along the County Road a little more than two miles to the west.  They are both about 40 miles northeast of Port Charlotte, and 20 miles west of the northern tip of Lake Okeechobee. GBS)



“I am searching for two Florida towns named CALL and RANDOLPH.  Any idea where they might be or were once located. I can't find them in Ghost Towns of Florida.”

            (It’s not listed in Gnis - GBS)



WOODROW: Lee Co.???

“Good morning… Meanwhile I am trying to locate the site of ghost town Woodrow FL. I think it was in Lee Co, and could have been in Charlotte County.”

11/19/2009  (He also submitted information for two ghost towns on our main Florida page.  GBS)





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