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Greencastle is a tiny class D community that is located on 51st Avenue West, 2.2 miles southeast of Mingo and 0.5 miles   west of SH 117.  It was originally settled in 1846, with the first store being built in 1848 and school in 1849.  The town was platted August 30, 1855 by August Shipp and his wife.  A post office was established on August 1, 1856, with Erastus Hull as the postmaster.  By 1859, the community had 15 new buildings, and was a busy agricultural community.  The original Slaughter Schoolhouse had been replaced by a larger building to accommodate the growing population.


Greencastle was at its zenith in the 1870s through the first couple years of the 1880s.  The town had a baseball team, blacksmith, church (Evangelical Church), five doctors, the steam-powered Fisher & Pfeiffer Flouring Mill (built in 1875), two general stores (Rumbaugh’s and Witmer & Marsh’s), post office and school (Slaughter School).


It was a flourishing community until 1883 when the railroad came through, placing the station two miles to the northwest. Most of the town’s businesses and people moved to the new site which was called Mingo.  However a few businesses remained, including the post office, church and school.  In 1895 there were still two broom makers, a carpet weaver, three carpenters, the church, two gardeners, two general stores, post office, the school and a watch & clock repairer.


In 1900 the population was 92.


The Greencastle Post Office closed its doors on Dec 31, 1901. 


In May 1997 the site consisted of a large, well-maintained cemetery and a scattering of homes.


Population figures: 1980 - rural, 1990 – 25, 2000 - 30


This was our GHOST TOWN OF THE MONTH for March 2005.



·        SE¼ Sec 11, NE¼ Sec 14, T80N, R21W, Fifth Principal Meridian, Poweshiek Township.

·        Latitude: 41.7460992 / 41° 44' 46" N

·        Longitude: -93.2615940 / 93° 15' 42" W






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