Various correspondents are looking for information on the following ghost towns in KENTUCKY.  These are not listed on my main page for this state, nor do I have anything in my records on them.  Are you able to help?  If so please respond to me and I will forward the information on to those looking for the information.



BAUER (McCreary Co.):

We are currently looking for "Bauer" town in KY. It was located at longitude 36.93222 and latitude -84.44722 in McCreary County on Bauer Road. We cannot find much info other than that. Can you please help?


DEVON (Pike Co.):

“My mom and grandfather were born in Devon, KY, in Pike County, according to their delayed birth or death certificates. (There is a) Devon that used to be in Mingo Co., W. VA (just across the Tug Fork River from Woodman, KY) but cannot find one in KY. Can you help me with where Devon used to be or is today? Bible records say (my Grandfather) was born in Devon, KY in 1878 and my mom in 1913. I sure would like to find just where that was or is, in KY.”  Elaine R.


EAST CAIRO (Ballard Co.):

“I was wondering if you might have any information on an abandoned town named East Cairo, Kentucky. It was located on the KY side of the Ohio River across from Cairo IL., just northwest of Wickliffe KY.  It was supposed to be a busy place in the late 1800's until around 1935-40. Any information would be helpful.”  Gene S



I am looking for a town in KY which no longer exists, if it ever existed.  My mom's older sister, Ethel Whittaker, was born in 1909 at "Green River", Kentucky.  Of course, I only find a river named "Green River", not a town.  No one is left alive to ask any questions of and this town could solve a solid mystery in my family.  All other children of Benjamin Whittaker and Nevora Porter were born in West Virginia.  Only Nevora and her daughter, Ethel, claim to have been born in KY.  None of Nevora's documentation gives the name of the town or county in KY where she was born. This is stopping me from finding her father.  I do have the widowed mother; but, no maiden name (Mary Porter).  I am hoping that she may have gone home to have her baby and that somehow I will find just where this town, Green River, was.  I have followed the Green River around the map of KY; but found nothing that stand out.  Could you post this town on your pages in case anyone may remember where it was?  There may still be someone alive who does, since it was around in 1909.   Dee D'Errico (September 26, 2008)



“Have you any information on a town in Kentucky called Isbellsville? It had a post office at one time in the very early 1800's.” Tom Isbell



“In Greenup Co., KY, is there or was there a community by the name of 'Kaut'?”  K.E. Harris



“I can't locate Marysville on any map.  Perhaps this was a mining town and no longer exists?  The McCune side of my family was known to be miners so it's important that I locate this little town in Kentucky in order that I might locate them.” Annette S



Possibly renamed to Colt or Forrest City – mid 1800s



“In researching genealogy I came across a WWI Registration card for James Lusk Hill and it states he was born in Wallacetion, Ky.  I am unable to find it, can you help?”  Diana J



“I was driving thru Westpoint in Hardin County and found a sign that said there was a ghost town named Williamsville near the Salt River but could not find it. I was hoping you could help with more information.” Maria


Unnamed - near Falls of Rough (Breckinridge & Grayson counties):

“(I was) wondering if anyone can tell me the name of an old town at the end of a rural route in Falls of Rough, KY.  (Some) friends and I went for a walk down the road and found this abandoned town on a creek with a mill, general store, and a couple other stores all connected on the same side of the road right before crossing a blue iron bridge. I don’t remember the name of the road, and I haven't been there in years, but I want to go back and see it.”  Patti




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