Kittson County, MN


Historical Chronology of Pelan, Minnesota


(Photo and information contributed to Ghost Town USA

by Fred Hudson)

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1880:  First settlers arrive. Among these is Charles Pelan (a wealthy Englishman)

1888:  Pelan Post Office opens. Billy Clay appointed as first Postmaster.

1889:  Billy Clay disappears (with a full mail sack).

1894:  First Pelan School opens

1895:  School is enlarged to 12 by 24 feet

1896:  A resident travels to North Dakota to purchase two stagecoaches (the "Kitty" and the


1899:  First general store opens (size = 30 by 60 feet)

          The Good Templar Lodge organized

1900:  Pelan Township is formed

1901:  School resized again

Flour mill, Pelan Advocate (newspaper), and State Bank opens, first doctor and attorney come to town

1902:  Population soars to high of 175, telephone service is added

1903:  Pelan is incorporated as a village and has 24 established businesses, including a saloon

jail and Mission Church.

1904:  Creamery opens

1905:  Creamery closes

1907:  Failure to secure railroad causes most settlers to move away

Today:  Pelan Park stands where the town was. It consists of a church, cemetery and a few buildings and

is used for special events.


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