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  • Unless noted otherwise, most of these listings are quoted from postings to Rootsweb’s Missouri Ghost Town discussion forum (THE LIST).  Some minor editing for editorial consistency and spelling WAS made, as well as spelling out of directions (N, SE, NNW, etc), and numbers less than ten.  
  • Unless noted otherwise, indicated population figures are from the 1990 census.  (In the next year these should be updated to the 2000 census.) If the population is listed as 0*, the asterisk indicates “assumed”, based on other facts.
  • Many of these listed locations may be just rural post offices, country churches schools, forts, stage stations, crossroads stores, mills or river fords, rather than what we normally consider towns.  The reason for that is that many of these types of locations had small communities grow up around the main business. 
  • When a current town that is not listed in this work went by a different name, or a name markedly different than its present name, it is indicated by the DEAD NAME entry.  These are noted due to the fact that these names MAY be discovered in research, and by listing them here, it makes it easier for the researcher to discover the current name.
  • In all the listings below, personal comments will be noted with either names or initials, like (MF) {Mike Flannigan}, or (GBS) {Me}. In some cases, I didn’t write down the name, but only an e-mail address, so I left them in.  If you know of any Missouri ghost town location not listed on these pages, please contact THE LIST if you are a member, or me if not.  I will pass on the information to THE LIST.
  • Highways are marked thus...
    • CR – County Roads
    • SH – State Highway
    • US – US Highway
    • I – Interstate Highway
  • Locations marked with a $ indicate an admission fee is charged to visit the site.
  • Locations with part of the name HIGHLIGHTED are linked to a page listing “all” locations of the same type such as those listed below.  Many times these type of locations acted as a magnet for a small community that later faded away.  Some of these locations included: Ferries, Mills (These include flouring, grist and logging mills.), Mines (and the associated mining camps), Rural Post Offices (These were usually small “post offices” located in a farmer’s home or out building.  They served folks in outlying farming areas, and often acted as a community center or gathering place to catch up on the latest gossip or commodity prices.), Way Stations (These include railroad & stage stations, rural stores, taverns, or other stopping points along transportation routes.).
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Without further ado, let’s visit some of Missouri’s many hundreds of ghost towns!





CABEEN                                                                      Phelps Co.

            Looks like an early name for Bucklands.

(MO-GT, Dave P, Sep 16, 2002)


CABINS OF THE WHITE FOLKS                             Adair Co.

As near as tradition can fix, the date of the first settlement is 1828, when a number of whites settled near the present site of Kirksville, and the little colony became known to the Indians as the "Cabins of the White Folks". There is little known of the members of this colony, whence they came or whither they went. It is generally thought that they came from Kentucky...

(Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri, 1901, Conard, Vol. 1, 6.)


A settlement known to the older portions of Howard and Randolph County as the "Cabins of White Folks", was made near the present site of Kirksville in 1828. The little colony had been established about a year, when they were visited by a considerable body of the Iowa Indians, who insulted the women and committed many depredations. The pioneers becoming alarmed, dispatched messengers to Randolph County for aid. The messengers reached the house of Wm. Blackwell on the night of July 24, 1839, and before many hours the news of the attack had spread through the settlement and by the next evening a company under command of Mr. Trammell marched to the "Grand Narrows" now in Macon County, so called from a peculiar opening in the timber bordering the prairie. Here they camped for the night, and the next day marched to the "Cabins", a distance of 44 miles. At a council on the morning of the 27th, they determined to order the Indians to leave. They marched ten miles, and formed a line in the rear of the Indian encampment and called for an interpreter. As the Indians appeared, a Mr. Myer, who lived at the "Cabins", recognized an Indian who had insulted his wife and shot him dead.


A small Indian War then broke out, and the Indians were rapidly driven north of the State boundary. This comparatively small affair was one of the incidents leading to the Black Hawk War.

(Campbell's Gazetteer of Missouri, 1874, 33, 34.)


(All Contributed by Jim Peeler, 04/15/2003)


CAHN STATION                                                        St. Louis Co.

Located in St. Ferdinand Township on the old St. Charles Railroad line.


CALAWAYS FORT                                                      Warren Co.

            …SEE Callaways Post


CALAWAYS POST                                                      Warren Co.

            …SEE Callaways Post


CALIFORNIA FORD                                                   Johnson Co.

California Ford was a ford across Blackwater Creek in northwestern Warrensburg Township. It was named for the Santa Fe Trail, which crossed the creek at this point.

I think this is two to three miles north of Warrensburg.  (Mike Flannigan)


CALIFORNIA HOUSE                                                Pulaski Co.

Was an old tavern in Cullen Township near Waynesville on the road from St Louis to Springfield. It was built in the 1850s by Hugh McCoin and named for the state of California.


CALLAWAY POST                                                      Warren Co.

            …SEE Callaways Post


CALLAWAYS POST                                                    Warren Co.

AKA – Calaways Post, Callaway Post, Callaways Fort

Located several miles west of Marthasville. A fort and settlement established about 1799 by Flanders Callaway, son-in-law of Daniel Boone.

Maybe this was near Peers? (SEE Peers below)  (Mike Flannigan)


CALLOWAY FORD                                                      Barry Co.

            Location not determined.


CALVEY STATION                                                    Franklin Co.

            DEAD NAME – Early name for Robertsville (1990 pop – 230).  (GBS)


CAMBELLTON                                                Franklin Co.

            …SEE Campbellton


CAMP CREEK MILL                                                     Lincoln Co.

            Camp Creek Mill was located in southeastern Bedford Township near Troy.


CAMP CROWDER                                                        Newton Co.

            AKA – Fort Crowder

“Camp Crowder is located in Neosho MO. It was once a small town, but became a military training area, which it remains today. Some portions of the old Camp Crowder can be found on the campus of Crowder College, also in Neosho MO.”

Contributed by T. Morris, Jr. (November 24, 2010)


CAMP FRANKLIN                                                       Franklin Co.

            A Civil War camp at Gray Summit. (GNIS)

I think this may be the town of Pacific, which is three miles east of Gray Summit.  (Mike Flannigan)


CAMP HERRON                                                          Franklin Co.

            An important Civil War military center at Pacific.  (GNIS)


CAMP KREKEL                                                             St. Charles Co.

            Located near Cottleville. Named for Judge Arnold Krekel.


CAMPBELLS STATION                                              Bates Co.

            Campbells Station was a hamlet on the Marais des Cygnes River, established after the Civil War. It was named for a family who had a store there.  It was abandoned by 1933.


CAMPBELLTON                                                           Clay Co.

            This appeared to be a railroad station.  Location not determined. (Mike Flannigan, Jan 02, 2001)


CAMPBELLTON                                                           Franklin Co.                                          30

            AKA – Cambellton, Campbelltown

On SH 185, 0.2 miles northeast of the junction with CR KK, about 2.2 miles northeast of Lyon, six AIR miles southeast of New Haven and eight AIR miles west of Washington, in NW¼ Sec 28, T44N, R2W, Lyon Township,  (GBS)

Lat: 38.5400505, Long: -91.1607056

Lat: 38º32’24”N, Long: 091º09’39”W - elevation 774’


CAMPBELLTOWN                                                       Franklin Co.

            …SEE Campbellton


CANE CREEK                                                              Butler Co.                                            _

            Location not determined.  (GBS)


CANNEFAX                                                                 Greene Co.

Established by R. Cannefax in 1831.

(Possibly the same as Cannefax Mill – below  GBS)


CANNEFAX MILL                                                       Greene Co.

Dating to 1832, this small mill on Walnut Creek never became important.  Actual location not determined.


CANTWELL                                                                 St. Francois

            DEAD NAME – Now part of Desloge



            Mills at Cappeln in northwest Femme Osage Township.


CAREY & PERKINS MILL                                           Greene Co.

            ...SEE Perkins Mill


CARNES CAMP GROUND                                          Maries Co.

Carnes Camp Ground was located in Boone Township. It was named for Reverend Carnes.


CARROLLS MILL                                                        Montgomery Co.                                              

This was a water-powered mill in northern Loutre Township, near Big Spring. It was built and operated

by Charles Carroll.  (Mike Flannigan)


CARRSVILLE MILL                                                     Henry Co.

Carrsville Mill was established in Big Creek Township, by an early settler for whom it was named.

I'm wondering if this is Petersburg.  (Mike Flannigan)


CARSON STORE                                                        Phelps Co.                                                        -

            Location not determined.


CARSONVILLE                                                           St. Louis Co.

I think this was north of Clayton, University City, and Creve Coeur, maybe near Ferguson.

(Mike Flannigan, Dec 29, 2000)


CARTERS MILL                                                          Lincoln Co.

            Carters Mill was named for Sam Carter.


CASE                                                                          Warren Co.                                          rural

Shown on a 1938 map, this lost community was several miles northeast of McKittrick (Montgomery Co.), near the Daniel Boone Memorial Forest.  Not shown on the 1995 RMcN Atlas or current state road map.  (GBS)


CASEWELL MINE                                                      Franklin Co.

            …SEE Caswell Mine


CASON'S MILL                                         Greene Co.

         Named after its owner, Cason's Mill was one of the oldest mills in the county, and was located where the

            James River Bridge was in 1914. 

            Probably near where Highway 65 crosses the James River, but I'm not sure this is the “James River

            Bridge”.  This is also near the site for Ingles Mill.  (Mike Flannigan)


CASTLE                                                                       Andrew Co.                                          -

            Location not determined.


CASTLIOS FORT                                                       St. Charles Co.

            A wooden fort near Howells Prairie.  Named for J. Castilo.

            This may be near the Francis Howell schools.  (Mike Flannigan)


CASWELL MINE                                                        Franklin Co.                                          0

            AKA – Casewell Mine

This lead mine was located in Sec 3, T40N, and Sec 34, T41N, R1E, Prairie Township.  It and the Mt. Hope and Cove mines were near each other, and the three of them together had produced 15,000 tons of galena by 1888.  GNIS calls it the CASEWELL Mine. (GBS)


CATALANS FORD                                                      St. Louis Co.    

Located on the Meramec River, at the end of Lemay Ferry Road.


CAVERNA                                                                   McDonald Co.                                       Rural

This is a small town right on the border of MO and AR.  Most of the town is in MO, but almost half in AR.  The state line is right on Main Street.  Interestingly, there is a "locale" of Caverna listed for MO in a pretty remote area between two small tributaries 5.5 miles east of the town of the Caverna mentioned above.  This is just 0.7 miles northeast of where CR E crosses into AR.  I think this location might possibly be a mistake.  (Mike Flannigan, 04/06/2003)


CAVE CITY                                                                 Lincoln Co.

Cave City was a contractor’s camp just north of Silex and named for a cave.  Other data suggests this is seven miles south of Silex. (MF)


CAVE SPRING                                                            Pulaski Co.

Was a rural post office in Roubidoux Township.  It was named for a small spring, which issues from a nearby cave. It was discontinued before 1938.  This is a very rugged place on the Ft. Leonard Wood reservation.

If it's not another name for the town of Hanna, then it's just west of Hanna.   (Mike Flannigan)


CAVES MILL                                                               Monroe Co.

This mill was on North Fork, in Jefferson Township, west of Stoutsville. It was named for the owner, Richard Cave


CAYUGA                                                                      McDonald Co.                          

            Location not determined.


CCC CAMP                                                                                                                            0

            Near Bradyville

(NOTE:  I do not know where Bradyville is, as it is not listed in the 1995 edition of the Rand McNally Commercial Atlas and Marketing Guide.  However, there is a Bradleyville in Taney Co. – GBS)


CEDAR BLUFF                                                             St. Louis Co.

At Jedburgh, you make a left down a road right next to the railroad tracks, it is now owned by Castlewood State Park.  (Michelle Robinson)


Cedar Bluff has had only two - six occupied structures that I know of since 1954.  I think all the development out that way is going on above it on the bluffs.  (Mike Flannigan)


CEDAR BLUFFS                                                          Franklin Co.

A resort in southwestern Boles Township on the Meramec River.

            I'm guessing this is somewhere near Good Cemetery.  (Mike Flannigan)


CEDAR CREST                                                            Franklin Co.

            A resort near St Clair.


CEDAR FALLS                                                             St. Francois Co.

            East of Desloge.  (Pam Shelton, February 26, 2002)


CEDAR LODGE                                                            Pulaski Co.

            Location not determined


CENTAUR                                                                   St. Louis Co.

Was located off of Wild Horse Creek Road, west of Highway 109. (Michelle Robinson)


Centaur was established in 1891, mainly to serve the Centaur Lime Company in the area.  The Leiweke family supplied the postmasters there from 1900-1959.  In 1959 the mail service was discontinued.  The railroad goes right by this town, so “Centaur Station" is or was very nearby.  This is a gem of an area to visit, but an extremely small town. Interesting houses (about two).  In 1982, Centaur only had about eight occupied structures.  The most interesting feature is the limestone quarry that a few people still fish and swim in. It's quite large, and just a little east of town, a few hundred feet from the railroad tracks.  Not extremely easy to get to unless you don't mind getting a little wet.  (Mike Flannigan, 04/06/2003)


CHAIN OF ROCKS FERRY                                         St. Charles Co.

            Located on the Cuivre River near a series of exposed rocks.


CHALK LEVEL                                                             St. Clair Co.

Chalk Level it is just north of the junction of County Highways "E" and "B". I don't know much about it, because there is nothing there. It is mentioned in the report of the Younger/Pinkerton shootout. It might still be on the maps.

Contributed by John Williams, Jan 15, 2006


CHALYBEATE POST OFFICE                                    Johnson Co.

Chalybeate Post Office was south of Holden in Post Oak Township.  It was named for its location on Chalybeate Springs.


CHALYBEATE SPRINGS                                            Boone Co.                                             0

This chalybeate (iron salt impregnated) spring was a popular resort in the 1880s.  It was located on the Campus of the University of Missouri in Columbia.  (GBS)


CHAMINADE                                                              St. Louis Co.

Located near Chaminade College.


CHAPMAN                                                                   Benton Co.

Chapman was a rural post office from 1887 to 1893, located 7.5 miles east of Warsaw. It was named for the man who gave the land for the town site.


CHAPMAN                                                                   St. Louis Co.

Located in Central Township on the Missouri-Pacific Railroad.  (Mike Flannigan, Dec 30, 2000)


CHARITON                                                                 Chariton Co.                                         0

            AKA – Old Chariton

Established 1818 near the mouth of the Chariton River, at its confluence with the Missouri River.  According to GNIS, this was the first town established in the county.  In 1832 the county seat was transferred to Keytesville the current county seat. I suspect this is probably the same location as the Howard County site, as the mouth of the Chariton River is in the far southern point of the county less than a half-mile west of the county line.  (GBS)


CHARITON                                                                 Howard Co.

This (populated place) was laid out at the mouth of the Chariton River by General Duff Green in 1817 and was abandoned in 1829 because it was regarded as too unhealthful to inhabit.  I suspect this was near Glasgow, or was to the west in present day Chariton County.  (Mike Flannigan)

In 1819, the Steamship “Independence “ navigated to this point.  By 1888 it was called “an abandoned town a short distance above Glasgow…” I suspect this is probably the same location as the Chariton County site, as the mouth of the Chariton River is in the far southern point of that county, and just a half-mile west of the Howard County line. (GBS)


CHARITY                                                                    Dallas Co.

         AKA: Hogeye

         HOGEYE and CHARITY are the same location.  Charity is the official name of the town founded by Josiah

            SHARICK, and named for his wife Charity ANGLIN. Through a feud with Josiah and another gentleman of

            the town, the town was split in half down the main street, with one side being called Hogeye and the other

            side called Charity.  Charity (ANGLIN) SHARICK was the postmaster and her husband Josiah owned the

            general store.   (Clarence Hunt)


CHARLESWORTH FARM                                            St. Charles Co.

         AKA – Janis Park

            Located in the Cul de Sac neighborhood.

            This is now sparsely populated, I think.  (Mike Flannigan)


CHAUVINS FERRY                                      St. Louis Co.

AKA – Chevins Ferry

            Located near St Charles.


CHELSEA                                                 St. Louis Co.

Located in southern Central Township.


CHELTENHAM SPRINGS                                           St. Louis Co.

This sulfur spring was a popular resort in the 1880s.  Exact location not determined.  (GBS)


CHEPOUSA                                                                 New Madrid Co.                                              

            Exact location of this historical location not determined.

I have locations for all of these except for Chepousa.  I don't have any information on it.  Anybody heard of it?  (Mike Flannigan, Jun 11, 2002)


CHESLEYS STATION                                  St. Louis Co.  

Located on the St. Louis and Iron Mountain Railroad.

I wonder if this is Wickes?  (Mike Flannigan)


Wickes is not listed in Rand McNally.  (GBS)


CHEVENS FERRY                                       St. Louis Co.  

...SEE Chauvins Ferry


CHICK                                                                         Clay Co.

            Location not determined.


CHOCTAW                                               Pemiscot Co.

            The exact location of this historical location is not determined.


CHORETTES MILL                                                     Bates Co.

Chorettes Mill was located on the Marais des Cygnes two miles from the Harmony Mission in 1833. It was named for John B. Chorette, a Frenchman.


CHOUTEAU SPRINGS                                               Cooper Co.                                            -

This sulfur spring was a popular resort in the 1880s.  It was located just south of I-70, about four miles northeast of present-day Pilot Grove, and about nine miles southwest of Boonville. (GBS)

Lat: 38.9250231, Long: -92.8949143

Lat: 38º55’30”N, Long: 092º53’42”W


CHURCH HOLLOW                                                     Cedar Co.                                             _

A Civil War-era agricultural community in the southwest part of the state, 45 miles northwest of Springfield.  EXACT location not determined.  (GBS)


CINCINNATI                                                             Ralls Co.                                               -

My father was raised at Cincinnati and lived in the hotel.  In the 1930s it was in use as a residence.  At that time the only other buildings were the barn and the old store building.  I played there as a child when we had picnics in the early 50s.  The only building left now is the barn.  My cousins live in a newly built home.  The town site has been in my family since the 1920s.  In prehistory this site was also a Native American village.

(Condensed from an E-mail from Laura Hamm, Apr 09, 2003) 


It was located on Cincinnati Road, a half mile north of the Salt River, about 13 AIR miles southwest of Hannibal.  The GNIS aerial photo only shows a few scattered farms around the area. (GBS)


·        Ctr Sec 8, T55N, R6W 5th Principal Meridian.

·        Lat: 39.5633757, Long: -91. 5943235

·        Lat: 39º 33’ 48”N, Long: 91º 35’ 40”W - elevation 528’


CLARDY                                                                       St. Francois Co.

A stop on the St Francois Co., Electric Railroad about one mile west of Farmington.


CLARK & APPLETON MINE                                       Franklin Co.

            …SEE Thomas Mine.  Part of the Thomas Mine complex.


CLARKS STATION                                                     St. Louis Co.

Located in Central Township in St. Louis County on the electric car line. (Mike Flannigan, Dec 29, 2000)


CLAY                                                                           Adair Co.                                            

Clay is situated on Sec 33, T73N, R14W on Highway 22 east of Kirksville.

Mail via Kirksville; no population. (Rand McNally, 1974.)

(Jim Peeler 04/15/2003)


Lat 40°13' 39" N, Long 092° 27' 08" W at an elevation of 696'. (GNIS)


CLAYBURN                                                                  St. Louis Co.

Located in Central Township on the Missouri-Pacific Railroad. (Mike Flannigan, Dec 30, 2000)


CLEMENTINE                                                             Phelps Co.

            Located just east of the CR J exit off I-44.  A post office operated here 1891-1926.

Ctr Sec 3, T36N, R10W.

(MO-GT, Dave P, Sep 16, 2002)


CLEMENTS MILL                                                       Barry Co.

            Was near Washburn and named for the owner.


CLEVES MILL                                                             Franklin Co.

            This old mill is located in central St Johns Township.  In 1874, it was one of the county’s 12 polling places.  (GBS)


CLINTON                                                                   Monroe Co.

            ...SEE Somerset


CLOVERDALE                                                              Benton Co.

Cloverdale was a village in the center of White Township and had a post office between 1867-1868.


COBBTOWN                                                               Montgomery Co.                                  

Founded as early as 1823, this early settlement was located in southwestern Montgomery Township. 

It was established by Samuel Cobb, Sr., and his three sons, Samuel Jr, Adam, and Philip, and later by

relatives of the Cobbs. Hence the name.  (Mike Flannigan)


CODY                                                                          New Madrid Co.

            Exact location of this historical location not determined.


COE MINE                                                                  Franklin Co.

            …SEE Thomas Mine.  Part of the Thomas Mine complex.


COFFEY & DEGARMAS MILL                        Lincoln Co.

            ...SEE Coffeys Mill


COFFEYS MILL                                                          Lincoln Co.

         AKA – Coffey & Degarmas Mill

            Coffeys Mill was located on the West Fork of Cuivre River.


COG WHEEL MILL                                                     St. Charles Co.

         AKA – Band Mill

            Located on Howells Prairie. Built by Francis Howell.  

            This may be near the Francis Howell schools.  (Mike Flannigan)


COLE CAMP MINE                                                     Benton Co.                                           0           

This important lead mine is listed in 1888 Goodspeed’s History of Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Crawford & Gasconade Counties, Missouri.  The citation reads: “Benton County contains a number of lead deposits, the most important being the Cole Cany (sic) mines.”  (GBS)

“The actual mines were located four miles south of Cole Camp on what was once a station called Tahoma on the Sedalia, Warsaw and Southern Railroad line to Warsaw MO. (Abandoned 1946). The site was also known as Raymond and once had eight different mines producing lead, zinc, barites and some silver. It once had 40 families, two general stores, a blacksmith, hotel, post office and the mines employed over 100 men. Most mining activity ended prior to World War I (1916) but some of the tailing piles were reworked up into the 1920s and creek gravel was mined from Cole Camp Creek into the 1940s.  Today the site has evidence of tailing and chat piles and concrete foundations of the mill. There are open water filled shafts also in the area.” 

Contributed by: Kenneth L. Bird, Cole Camp Area Historical Society

The town of Cole Camp has a population of about 1025, and is very much alive.  (GBS)


COLEMAN                                                                   St. Louis Co.

         AKA – Colman

            A Missouri-Pacific Railroad station in Bonhomme Township.  (Mike Flannigan, Dec 30, 2000)


COLES FORT                                                              Howard Co.

This populated place was named for Stephen Cole who led the several families who settled at this site, which was just below the present site of Booneville. (GNIS)

            I assume this means downstream of Booneville.  (Mike Flannigan)

Howard County is on the north side of the Missouri River, and Boonville, is the county seat of Cole County, along the south bank.  Being that GNIS lists the site in Howard County, I would agree with Mike that the site is probably downstream (east) of Boonville AND on the north bank of the Missouri.  The fort was built by Captain Stephen Cole in the 1830s. (GBS)


COLLARDS MILL                                                        Lincoln Co.

            Collards Mill was located near Troy.


COLLEGE VIEW HILL                                                St. Louis Co.

A station on the Wabash Railroad in St. Ferdinand Township. Named for Ben Blewett College.

I think this might be north of Jennings.  (Mike Flannigan)


COLLINS MILL                                                           Henry Co.

Collins Mill was located in southeastern Henry County. It was erected in 1835 by William Collins for whom it was named.


COLMAN                                                                     St. Louis Co.

            ...SEE Coleman


COLOMA                                                                     Henry Co.

Coloma was a town in Big Creek Township, laid out in 1855 on land granted by Alfred Kimsey, Nathan D. Lane, and Gideon Dunham, trustees of the Concord School District.


COLUMBIA                                                                 St. Louis Co.

Located in northeastern St. Ferdinand Township near the mouth of the Missouri River.


COMBS                                                                       Pulaski Co.

            Location not determined.


COMEGRIS MILL                                                       St. Charles Co.

         AKA – Comegy’s Mill

            Located in the Dog Prairie area.  Named for the owner.

            This is in the northeast part of St. Charles city. (Mike Flannigan)

            For additional details see St Charles County page.


CONAWAY MILL                                                        Dent Co

"Old Conaway Mill was on Hutchins Creek, 1906". 

            This could be the Victor Mill, but I don't think so.  (Mike Flannigan)


CONCORD                                                                   Clinton Co.

DEAD NAME – This was the original name for Plattsburg, the current county seat.  It was changed to Springfield, then finally

Plattsburg.  (GBS)


CONCORD                                                Warren Co.

            Location not determined.  Possibly the same as Concord Hill  (GBS)


CONCORD HILL                                                         Warren Co.                                          70

Shown in the 1995 Rand McNally Commercial Atlas & Marketing Guide, but not on the current state road map, this tiny community is a couple miles northwest of Peers (SEE), which is on SH 94 about four miles west of Marthasville.  (GBS)


CONNELLSVILLE                                                       Adair Co.

It is situated in the northwest section of the county nine and one‑half mile south of Schuyler County line.

(The State of Missouri in 1904, Walter Williams, p. 317.)


It is situated on Sec. 9, Twp. 63 N, R. 16 W on 149 north of Novinger.  Mail via Novinger (disincorporated in 1950).

(Rand McNally, 1974.)


Only houses remain.  (Jim Peeler 04/15/2003)


CONTINENTAL                                                          St. Louis Co.

Located in Carondelet Township on the Frisco Lines.


COOKVILLE                                                                Pulaski Co.                                            0

Could you tell me if there are any ghost towns in Pulaski County, Mo? I would like to know what happened to Cooksville, MO. I believe it was in that county. Fort Leonard Wood Army base now is where the town stood.

(Margaret MO-GT Jun 09, 2002)


Cookville (no S) looks like it was history before the reservation was formed.  It had no residences in 1954 that I can see.  In 1941 I see 3 residences.  St. Annie Church and School were to the south.  Dondas Church to the north.  It's a pretty neat area.  I suggest you visit it if they still allow it.  They did allow it 3 years ago.  All the towns in this area, were taken over and basically razed by the army.  They now do bombing practice in this area and sometimes target the old structures. You have to be careful if you visit.  (Mike Flannigan, Jun 10, 2002)


COOKVILLE                                                                Adair Co.                                            

            Location not determined.


COONS MILL                                                             St. Charles Co.

         AKA – Coonz Mill

Located on the Dardenne in southeastern Dardenne Township. Built prior to 1803.


COONTZ FORT                                                          St. Charles Co.

            ...SEE Coonz Fort


COONZ FORT                                                            St. Charles Co.

         AKA – Coontz Fort, Koontz Fort, Kountz Fort

            An early fort near Cottleville.


COONZ MILL                                                             St. Charles Co.

            ...SEE Coons Mill


COOPERS BOTTOM                                                   Franklin Co.                              0

According to the 1888 Goodspeed’s History of Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Crawford & Gasconade Counties, Missouri,   this pioneering settlement was established in 1810. (GBS)


COOPERS FORT                                                         Cooper Co.                                -

This location is in the (Missouri) River Breaks off of Highway 87, to the west on SH 187 (near Boonville).

(Vicki 3/19/2003)


COPPER MILL                                                             Jefferson Co.

Located south of DeSoto.


CORINTH                                                                   Phelps Co.

            Was located in East Miller Township and named for Corinth, Greece.  (MF)


CORNERSVILLE                                                         Hickory Co.

Cornersville was a rural post office from 1867-1868 and again 1886-1896. It was located four miles east of Weaubleau. It was kept in the home of John Gentry.


COTE SANS DESSEIN                                             Callaway Co.

            …SEE Parkersville


COTNER FORD                                                           Barry Co.

            Location not determined.


COTTLES MILL                                                          Lincoln Co.

            Cottles Mill was an early mill on Cuivre River.


COTTLES MILL                                                          St. Charles Co.

Located on Dardenne Creek. Named for Dr. W. Cottle who came here around 1800.


COTTONWOOD                                                         Adair Co.

            Was located on the Quincy, Missouri & Pacific Railroad a short distance east of Stahl.  It was a construction camp.  No remains.

(Jim Peeler 04/15/2003)


COVE                                                                          McDonald Co.

            Location not determined.


COVE CITY                                                                Bates Co.

Cove City was a town located in northeastern Mingo Township. It was of great importance in the 1870s, but abandoned by 1933. It was named for the creek.

            Probably located fairly close to Mullins Cemetery.  (Mike Flannigan)


COVE MINE                                                               Franklin Co.                                          0

This lead mine was located in Sec 34, T42N, R1E, Calvey Township.  It and the Mt. Hope and Caswell mines were near each other, and the three of them together had produced 15,000 tons of galena by 1888.  (GBS)


COWSKIN                                                                  McDonald Co.

            Location not determined.


COX FORD                                                                  Lincoln Co.

Cox Ford was a crossing on the North Fork of Cuivre River in Bedford Township.


COXS MILL                                                                Lincoln Co.

            …SEE Jesse Coxs Mill


COY                                                                             McDonald Co.                                       Rural

            Location not determined.


CRADDOCK                                                                 Phelps Co.

The post office was in operation 1893-1954.

NE Sec 19, NW sec 20, T34N, R8W

(MO-GT, Dave P, Sep 16, 2002)


CRAWFORD TOWN                                                   St. Francois Co.

            Located near Doe Run.


CRAWFORDSVILLE                                                    Adair Co.                                            

            Crawfordsville was platted by Thomas J. Docking, for Allen Crawford, July 1, 1880. The location on the southeast quarter of

Sec 5, Twp. 63, Range 17, northeast of the Quincy, Missouri & Pacific Railroad, shows Main Street and Oaks Avenue running northeast; North, Green and Garfield Streets intersecting.

(History of Adair County, 1888, Goodspeed, 373.)


This area is west of Stahl and east of Sullivan County line. It is no longer listed in Adair County; Crawford is listed in Scotland County. (Rand McNally, 1974.)


            This was also a construction camp on >>the QM&P RR.  No remains.  (Jim Peeler 04/15/2003)


CRAWLEY BOTTOM                                                 St. Francois Co.

Located in northwestern St. Francois Township. (Mike Flannigan)

Along the Flat River creek, by Haney, Reuter & Crane Sts. (L Patterson, Jan 20, 2004)


CREBSTON                                                                 Adair Co.

            Location not determined.


CREECH FORD                                                            Lincoln Co.

            Creech Ford was a crossing on Big Creek in southern Clark Township.


CRENSHAW MILL                                                      Cass Co.

Crenshaw Mill was a small water mill erected by Mr. Crenshaw as early as 1843. It was located on the Middle Fork of Grand River.  (Mike Flannigan, Jan 02, 2001)


CRIGLERS MILLS                                                       Ralls Co.

            AKA - Rouseburg

This discontinued Post Office and mill was named for the owners of the mill, Robert, William and James Crigler. It was formerly known as Rouseburg for two cousins, Jack and Lee Rouse, who ran a store there. It was in Saling Township.

(GNIS via Mike Flannigan)


CROSS ROADS                                                          Dade Co.

Cross Roads was located at the crossing of the Springfield-Fort Scott and the Booneville-Sarcoxie roads, a mile northeast of where Everton now stands. Cross Roads was a trading point after 1850. At the coming of the railroad in 1881, the houses were moved to Everton.


CRUMPECKER                                                             New Madrid Co.

            Exact location of this historical location not determined.


CURTIS                                                                      Pulaski Co.

This rural post office was in Cullen Township and was named after J. M. Curtis, an early county judge. It was discontinued before 1938.


CYCLONE                                                                    McDonald Co.                                       Rural

            Location not determined.


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