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  • Unless noted otherwise, most of these listings are quoted from postings to Rootsweb’s Missouri Ghost Town discussion forum (THE LIST).  Some minor editing for editorial consistency and spelling WAS made, as well as spelling out of directions (N, SE, NNW, etc), and numbers less than ten.  
  • Unless noted otherwise, indicated population figures are from the 1990 census.  (In the next year these should be updated to the 2000 census.) If the population is listed as 0*, the asterisk indicates “assumed”, based on other facts.
  • Many of these listed locations may be just rural post offices, country churches schools, forts, stage stations, crossroads stores, mills or river fords, rather than what we normally consider towns.  The reason for that is that many of these types of locations had small communities grow up around the main business. 
  • When a current town that is not listed in this work went by a different name, or a name markedly different than its present name, it is indicated by the DEAD NAME entry.  These are noted due to the fact that these names MAY be discovered in research, and by listing them here, it makes it easier for the researcher to discover the current name.
  • In all the listings below, personal comments will be noted with either names or initials, like (MF) {Mike Flannigan}, or (GBS) {Me}. In some cases, I didn’t write down the name, but only an e-mail address, so I left them in.  If you know of any Missouri ghost town location not listed on these pages, please contact THE LIST if you are a member, or me if not.  I will pass on the information to THE LIST.
  • Highways are marked thus...
    • CR – County Roads
    • SH – State Highway
    • US – US Highway
    • I – Interstate Highway
  • Locations marked with a $ indicate an admission fee is charged to visit the site.
  • Locations with part of the name HIGHLIGHTED are linked to a page listing “all” locations of the same type such as those listed below.  Many times these type of locations acted as a magnet for a small community that later faded away.  Some of these locations included: Ferries, Mills (These include flouring, grist and logging mills.), Mines (and the associated mining camps), Rural Post Offices (These were usually small “post offices” located in a farmer’s home or out building.  They served folks in outlying farming areas, and often acted as a community center or gathering place to catch up on the latest gossip or commodity prices.), Way Stations (These include Pony Express, railroad & stage stations, rural stores, taverns, or other stopping points along transportation routes.).
  • See also our Ghost Town Index, listed by County.


Without further ado, let’s visit some of Missouri’s many hundreds of ghost towns!




FAINSWICK                                                               Maries Co.

Fainswick was located in northwestern Jackson Township. By 1938 no trace of this place could be found.


FAIR LAWN STATION                                             St. Louis Co.

Located in East Kirkwood in Carondelet Township.


FAIR OAKS                                                                 Bates Co.

Fair Oaks was a settlement in Hudson Township, and established in 1920 by Dr. Troy Brown.  It was named for the large number of oak trees there.


FAIRBANKS                                              Pemiscot Co.

            The exact location of this historical location is not determined.


FAIRMOUNT                                                              Henry Co.

Fairmount was a town in Bear Creek Township, laid out on land granted by Jerome McAbee in 1857.


FAIRVIEW                                                                  Franklin Co.

            A resort near Sullivan.  Platted in 1925.


FAIRVIEW                                                                  St. Francois Co.

            ...SEE Haggai


FAIRVIEW ACRES                                                     St. Francois Co.

            Now part of Flat River, which itself is now a DEAD NAME, as on Jan 01, 1994, it was incorporated into the town of Park Hills.


FAIRVIEW STATION                                               St. Louis Co.

Located in southeastern Central Township. (Mike Flannigan)

Was located on the Missouri-Pacific Railroad, possibly east of the junction of Shady Avenue/Brown Road  (Michelle Robinson)


FALLS OF PLATTE                                                     Platte Co.

            DEAD NAME – Original name for Platte City (1990 pop – 2947)  (GBS)


FAMOUS                                                                     St. Louis Co.

Located in southeastern Meramec Township and named for the Famous-Barr Co. store in St. Louis, which owns a clubhouse here.

This might be near Times Beach.  Anybody know?  (Mike Flannigan)


FANITA                                                                      St. Louis Co

Located in Central Township.


FAR WEST                                                                 Caldwell Co.                                         0

In 1836, after being evicted from several previous locations, a large contingent of Mormons settled here after leaving Ohio.  Far West was established and laid out with four main streets filled with buildings, along with population of 4000.   On Dec 26, 1836 Caldwell County was established, and Far West was awarded the county seat honors.  In 1838, an armed militia moved against the Mormon enclave, and the resultant “Mormon War” caused the town to be destroyed and the Mormons evicted.  The county seat was then shifted to Kingston.  The site of Far West is located at the junction of CR D/Far West Drive, about five miles northwest of present-day Kingston,  (GBS)

Lat: 39.6711164, Long: -94.1316095

Lat: 39º40’16”N, Long: 094º07’54”W 


FARGO                                                                        Benton Co.

Fargo was a rural post office from 1895 to 1901.  It was possibly named for W. G. Fargo, one of the founders of Wells, Fargo Express Company.


FARMER & GARDNERS MILL                                    Cass Co.

Farmer & Gardners Mill was built by Mr. Farmer and Mr. Gardner, on the south side of the South Fork of the Grand River about 1846.  It was just below the Clark Bridge, and later washed away.

Anybody know where the Clark Bridge is?  Unfortunately the South Fork of the Grand River has been straightened along much of its length. (Mike Flannigan, Jan 02, 2001)


I think the Clark Bridge sits on the south side of 307th Street in a field about 6 miles southwest of Harrisonville, Mo near the Grand River. There is also a small community to the east-southeast of this bridge. Hope this will help.

(Roy S. 01/11/2003)


FARMER SETTLEMENT                                             Cass Co.

Farmer Settlement was located on Big Creek in Big Creek Township, and named for the farmers, who came to Cass County about 1860. (Mike Flannigan, Jan 02, 2001)


FARMERS MILL                                                          Cass Co.

Farmers Mill was built about 1838, and named for some of the farmers who operated the mill.

(Mike Flannigan, Jan 02, 2001)


FAWVERS MILL                                                         Barry Co.

Was located one mile southwest of Seligman on Sugar Creek.  Named for the owner.


FEDERAL                                                                     St. Francois Co.

Not listed in the 1986 Rand McNally atlas, it was listed in 1995 as a part of Park Hills.  It is located on the south edge of that community, west of Leadington, and southeast of Rivermines.


FEDERAL TRANSIENT CAMP                                   Clay Co.

It was located on Shoal Creek on the northwest side of the Wabash Railroad, about a ½mile west of the confluence of Shoal Creek with old channel of the Missouri River, about 1.2 miles west of where present Highway 291 crosses the old channel, and 3.0 miles south of Liberty.  It was at the base of Arsenal Hill.  It appears to have been comprised of 14 buildings.  During WWII it was used as a Prisoner of War Camp, with the internees working in local potato fields.  I think that is the location of a large industrial complex now, so I doubt that there is even a trace of it remaining.

(Condensed from an E-mail from Jim Peeler, Apr 14, 2003)


FEDIT MILL                                                               Johnson Co.

Fedit Mill was a horse-powered mill on Scaly Bark in Rose Hill Township. It was named for Enoch Fedit.


FEGLEY                                                                       Adair Co.                                            

Fegley was located in the northwest section of the county on R. F. D. from Kirksville.

(The State of Missouri in 1904, Walter Williams, p. 317.)


It was east of Stahl.

(Map of Missouri, 1911, Rand McNally.)


Remains of an old store here.

(Jim Peeler 04/15/2003)


Lat 40° 17' 10" N, Long 092° 38' 57" W – Elevation: 946’.  (GNIS)


FELIX                                                                          Moniteau Co.                                       

This is a discontinued PO. I suspect this was on the border of Moniteau and Morgan counties. 

(Mike Flannigan)


FERRIES                                                                     all counties

            For a list of the ferries in the state of Missouri, go to our FERRIES & FORDS page.


FINLEY                                                                       Holt Co.

            DEAD NAME – Original name for Oregon, the county seat of Holt County.  (GBS)


FINNEYVILLE                                                            Cass Co.

Finneyville was located in northwestern Cass County.  Maybe up around Belton or Raymore?

(Mike Flannigan, Jan 02, 2001)


FIRMA                                                                         St. Charles Co.

On Firma Road, just off of Highway 79 in St. Charles County, outside O'Fallon, near where CR M (or K) hits CR 79 near Peruque Creek. 


FIVE POINT                                                               New Madrid Co.

            Exact location of this historical location not determined.


FIVE POINTS                                                                        Phelps Co.

“Was at the intersection of several roads, hence the name.”

SE Sec 8, T35N, R9W.

(MO-GT, Dave P, Sep 16, 2002)


FLAT                                                                           Phelps Co.

            The post office operated 1895-1967.

NW Sec 21, T35N, R9W

(MO-GT, Dave P, Sep 16, 2002)


FLAT RIVER                                                               St. Francois

            DEAD NAMEOn Jan 01, 1994, it was incorporated into the town of Park Hills.


FLINT                                                                         McDonald Co

            Location not determined.


FLINT HILL                                                                Franklin Co.

            ...SEE Roedderville


FLORA                                                                         Osage Co.                                             -

         AKA – Grange Store

April 1881 thru Oct 1898

I suspect this was just a little northeast of Linn. (Mike Flannigan)


FLORENCES GRIST MILL                                         Lincoln Co.

Florences Grist Mill was located in Union Township 2.5 miles northwest of Auburn. Named for its owners.


FLOYD CREEK POST OFFICE                                      Adair Co.

Floyd Creek post‑office was moved to the house of Edgar Tiffany in September, 1869, and became known as Summit post‑office.

(History of Adair County, 1888, Goodspeed, p. 374.)

It was situated in Sec 13, T73N, R15W in Polk Township.

(New Atlas of Missouri, Campbell, 1874, Map 14.)

(Jim Peeler 04/15/2003)


FLOYDS CREEK                                                          Adair Co.

Floyd’s Creek was situated in Sec 8, T63N, R14W in Clay Township.

(New Atlas of Missouri, Campbell, 1874, Map 14.)

(Jim Peeler 04/15/2003)


FLOYDS CREEK POST OFFICE                                 Adair Co.                                             Rural

            Lat 40° 16' 47" N, Long 092° 29'18" W – Elevation: 956’.

            POSSIBLY the same place as above.  (GBS)


FLYNN                                                                        Pulaski Co.

            Location not determined


FORD MINE                                                               Franklin Co.

            …SEE Northumberland Mine


FORDS                                                                        all counties

            For a list of the river fords (crossings) in the state of Missouri, go to our FERRIES & FORDS page.


FORDS MILL                                                              Lincoln Co.

            Fords Mill was located in Northwestern Lincoln County.


FOREST GROVE                                                         Monroe Co.

 This was a settlement in Woodlawn Township that no longer existed in 1933. The name was doubtless descriptive. Probably located southeast of Woodlawn.


FOREST GROVE                                                         St. Louis Co.

Located in Bonhomme Township on Big Bend Road.

I guess this is near Osage Hills or Woodhine Heights.  (Mike Flannigan)


FOREST HOME                                                          Lawrence Co.

Forest Home was the name of a trading-point established after the Civil War near present Stotts City.

It was named for the forest around the store and for the homelike atmosphere.


FOREST SPRINGS                                                     Knox Co.

            You need to check into this town in Knox County Missouri. It was around when I was little, but I couldn’t tell you if

it is still inhabited. It’s located back in the forest of north eastern Knox County.

Contributed by Sherri List, Sep 29, 2005


FORT CLARK                                                               Adair Co.

Fort Clark was built on land settled by John Cain of Kentucky. It was located about five miles northeast of Kirksville.

(Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri, 1901, Conard, Vol. 1, 6.)

(Jim Peeler 04/15/2003)


FORT CROWDER                                                        Newton Co.

            SEE Camp Crowder


FORT DAVIDSON                                                      Iron Co.

            On Pilot Knob, along SH 21.


FORT DAVIDSON                                                      Madison Co.                                         0

            At Frederickstown.  Exact location not determined.


FORT MATSON                                                         Adair Co.

After a careful examination of the county, Capt. Matson selected the site of his fort in the northern part of what is now Polk Township, Adair County. Its exact location, as nearly as can now be described, was about eight miles east of the Chariton on the north side of Salt River, one‑fourth of a mile from the stream (southwest quarter of the northeast quarter of Section 36, Township 64, Range 13 west), where there was in 1888 a local cemetery.  In honor of the gallant captain, his fortification was named Fort Matson. It was built as a protection against the Indians during the Black Hawk War. Fort Matson consisted of a blockhouse enclosed by a strong palisade. On the 15th of July, 1832, General Gentry...arrived at Fort Pike (Clark County) and came on to Fort Matson. Finding that the rumors of war and invasion were without foundation, General Gentry ordered the work on Fort Matson to be abandoned, the fort itself to be evacuated.

(History of Adair County, 1888, Goodspeed, 300, 301.)

(Jim Peeler 04/15/2003)


FORT OSAGE                                                             Jackson Co.                                          0

A reconstructed 1808 era frontier fort located at Sibley, 15 miles northeast of Independence overlooking the Missouri River. $ (GBS)


FOUR HOUSE TOWN                                               St. Francois Co.

            DEAD NAME – Now called Leadington. (1990 pop – 201)


FOURTEEN BEND                                      Pemiscot Co.

            The exact location of this historical location is not determined.


FOXS SETTLEMENT                                                             Monroe Co.

This was the first settlement in the county, made in 1819 or 1820 by Ezra Fox, Andrew and Daniel Wittenburg, and others. It was named for Fox. It is about three miles east of where Middle Grove now is.


FRANCIS                                                                    Pulaski Co.

         AKA – Gascozark

Was a rural post office in Liberty Township. It was discontinued by 1938.  This is another name for the town of Gascozark, which is a little over a mile east of Hazelgreen.


FRANKLIN                                                                  FRANKLIN

DEAD NAME – original name for Pacific City when it was established in 1852. When Pacific City was incorporated in 1859, the name was changed.   (GBS)


FRANKLIN (1st site)                                                   Howard Co.                                          0

            AKA – Old Franklin

In 1975 the site of this one-time Santa Fe Trailhead and county seat was located along SH 87, north of the junction with US 40, south of the present towns of Franklin and New Franklin, probably in the vicinity of the Boonville Airport. At its peak, several thousand folks lived here.  From 1816-1823 this was the county seat, but in that latter year the county seat relocated to Fayette and the town faded.  By 1843, the “Metropolis of the West” was nearly gone, and by 1975 the barren site was located in a farm field.  A couple Civil War battles were also fought here.  It is shown on the “Official Highway Map” for 2004. (GBS)


FRAY                                                                           Franklin Co.

            A railroad siding east of New Haven and west of Kent.


FREDONIA                                                                Benton Co.

Fredonia was a rural post office from 1896 to 1910. It was located on the Osage River in northern Union Township. The name means "Home of Freedom".


FREEDOM                                                                   Osage Co.                                             rural

In the eastern part of the county.  Actual location not determined.


FREEMANS STORE                                                   Phelps Co.

            On US 63.  Exact location not determined.

Ctr Sec 13, T34N, R9W.

(MO-GT, Dave P, Sep 16, 2002)


FREMONT                                                                   Cedar Co.

DEAD NAME – This was the second name used for what is now the county seat of Stockton. The name of the community was changed from Lancaster to Fremont in 1847, thence to Stockton in 1856.  (GBS)


FRIEND MILL                                                             Greene Co.

Augustine Friend built a corn-mill in 1832 or 1833 at Jones Spring, in Sec 27, T29, R21 four or five miles east of Springfield.   The Henderson Jones' distillery was built at the site later.


FRIENDSHIP CHURCH                                              Pulaski Co.

            Location not determined


FRISCO HEIGHTS                                                     Franklin Co.

            ...SEE Meramec Hills


FRISTOE TOWN                                                     Benton Co.

AKA – Old Town

Fristoe Town was an early trading post or village north of Warsaw.  It was established by Judge M. Fristoe, and was a formidable rival with Warsaw in the race for the County Seat in 1837. It was also called Old Town because it was older than Bledsoes Landing. 


It could be that Fristoe and some of these others are now under the Osage River after the dam was built at Warsaw.  (Dolores 12/30/2001)


I suspect you are right.  Probably quite a few are underwater now.  (Mike Flannigan)


FRUMET MINE                                                          Jefferson Co.                                      0

Prior to 1888, this was the most productive lead mine in the county.  It was also a large producer of zinc. Exact location is not determined.  (GBS)


FRY STATION                                                           Adair Co.

            Location not determined


FUGITTS MILL                                                          Atchison Co.                                        0

Operated from 1844-46.  (Mike Flannigan)


FULBRIGHT MILL (#1)                                              Greene Co.

It is claimed that this was one of the first mills in the county, established around 1823 by William Fulbright near the head of the Little Sac.  The original “tub-mill” was torn down in 1859 and replaced by a new one, which operated until sometime after 1883.

            Sec 3, T29, R22.


FULBRIGHT MILL (#2)                                              Greene Co.

William Fulbright built a second mill in the 1820s or 1830s “just below the great spring flowing from under a bluff on Little Sac”, about 2.5 miles north of Springfield.  It operated until about 1870.

            Sec 3, T29, R22


FULKERSON MILL                                      Boone Co.

This mill “stood on the Hinkson, in Missouri Township, and was built in 1819.”


FULLER                                                                       Benton Co.

Fuller was a rural post office from 1897 to 1899.


FURNESS                                                                 Greene Co.

Was a trading-point named for its owner.

Anybody hear of this one?  (Mike Flannigan)


FYAN                                                                           Pulaski Co.

            Location not determined


*       *       *


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