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Many different types of mills were established along creeks and rivers to take advantage of water power.  Whether they were flouring (grist) mills or lumber mills, or of some other type, they served folks in outlying farming areas, giving them a place that often acted as a community center or gathering place to catch up on the latest gossip or commodity prices. Many times mills also acted as a magnet for a small community that later faded away, or grew into busy little towns.  SOME of the mills that once dotted the landscape of Missouri included:


For details of any of these mills, please see the linked alphabetic listings.  These mills are all flouring or grist mills unless noted otherwise.


NAME OF MILL                        COUNTY        NOTES



·        ADAMS MILL                                                  Jasper Co.                   

·        ALEXANDER & RIEDS MILL                  Lincoln Co.

·        ALLEY SPRING MILL                                     Shannon Co.

·        ASH MILL                                                       Barry Co.

·        AUDRAINS MILL                                           St. Charles Co.

·        AUSTINS MILL                                             Vernon Co.                   …SEE Little Osage


·        BAKERS MILL                                                 Montgomery Co.

·        BALLS MILL                                                    Vernon Co.,                  …SEE Little Osage

·        BAND MILL                                                    St. Charles Co.             …SEE Cog Wheel Mill

·        BASS MILL                                                     Greene Co.

·        BELLS MILL                                                    Bates Co.

·        BIERBAUMS CUSTOM MILL                        Warren Co.                  …SEE Bierbaums Steam Grist & Saw Mill

·        BIERBAUMS STEAM & GRIST SAW MILL Warren Co.                  …SEE Bierbaums Steam Grist & Saw Mill

·        BIERBAUMS STEAM GRIST & SAW MILL Warren Co.                  AKA – above 2, plus Schaaf Mill

·        BIG RIVER MILLS                             St. Francois Co.        AKA – Georges Mill, Tyler Mill

·        BIG SPRING MILLS                                       Lincoln Co.                   AKA – Enon, Zumwalts Spring

·        BLISH MILL                                                   Franklin Co.

·        BOLEJACKS MILL                                          Johnson Co. 

·        BOLLINGER MILL                                          Cape Girardeau Co.

·        BOONS MILL                                                 Lincoln Co.

·        BOUSES MILL                                                Cass Co.

·        BRADLEY MILL                                               Monroe Co.

·        BRIGHTON MILLS                                         Jefferson Co.

·        BROWNS MILL                                              Cass Co.

·        BROWNS MILL                                              Lincoln Co.

·        BULLS HELL MILL                                          St. Charles Co.             AKA – Audrains Mill     

·        BURR OAK MILL                                            Lincoln Co.                   AKA – Robinsons Mill

·        BURR OAK VALLEY MILLS                            Lincoln Co.

·        BURTON MILL                                               Lawrence Co.


·        CAMP CREEK MILL                                         Lincoln Co.

·        CANNEFAX MILL                                           Greene Co.


·        CAREY & PERKINS MILL                               Greene Co.                   ...SEE Perkins Mill

·        CARROLLS MILL                                            Montgomery Co.                                              

·        CARRSVILLE MILL                                         Henry Co.

·        CARTERS MILL                                              Lincoln Co.

·        CASON'S MILL                                 Greene Co.

·        CAVES MILL                                                   Monroe Co.

·        CHORETTES MILL                                         Bates Co.

·        CLEMENTS MILL                                           Barry Co.

·        CLEVES MILL                                                 Franklin Co.

·        COFFEY & DEGARMAS MILL                        Lincoln Co.                   ...SEE Coffeys Mill

·        COFFEYS MILL                                              Lincoln Co.                   ...SEE Coffey & Degarmas Mill 

·        COG WHEEL MILL                                         St. Charles Co.             AKA – Band Mill

·        COLLARDS MILL                                            Lincoln Co.

·        COLLINS MILL                                            Henry Co.

·        COMEGRIS MILL                                           St. Charles Co.             AKA – Comegy’s Mill

·        CONAWAY MILL                                            Dent Co

·        COONS MILL                                                             St. Charles Co.             AKA – Coonz Mill

·        COONZ MILL                                                 St. Charles Co.             ...SEE Coons Mill

·        COPPER MILL                                                 Jefferson Co.

·        COTTLES MILL                                              Lincoln Co.

·        COTTLES MILL                                              St. Charles Co.

·        COXS MILL                                                    Lincoln Co.                   ...SEE Jesse Coxs Mill     

·        CRENSHAW MILL                                          Cass Co.


·        DALES MILL                                                   Lawrence Co.

·        DAUGHERTYS MILL                                      Johnson Co.

·        DAVID McMILLANS MILL                             Lincoln Co.                   ...SEE McMillans Mill

·        DAVIS MILL                                                   Barry Co.                     ...SEE J. J. Davis Mill

·        DAVIS MILL                                                   Johnson Co.

·        DAVIS MILL                                                   Lincoln Co.

·        DEGARMAS MILL                                           Lincoln Co.                   ...SEE Coffey & Degarmas Mill 

·        DENNYS MILL                                               St. Charles Co.

·        DIAMOND MILL                                             Bates Co.

·        DIBBITS MILL                                               St. Charles Co.

·        DIGGS MILL                                                   Lincoln Co.

·        DILLARD MILL                                               Crawford Co.

·        DIXONS MILL                                                Henry Co.

·        DOMEY’S MILL                                              Adair Co.

·        DRYDENS MILL                                              Montgomery Co.          

·        DUNCANS MILL                                             Lincoln Co.

·        DUTCH MILLS                                                Lincoln Co.

·        DYSART & HEADLEE SAWMILL                   Greene Co.                   Sawmill


·        ELK MILLS                                      Mc Donald Co.

·        Ellis MILL                                     Lincoln Co.             ...SEE Tillotsons Mill   

·        ELLIS & Powells Steam Mill                 Lincoln Co.                   ...SEE Tillotsons Mill

·        ENON                                                             Lincoln Co.                   ...SEE Big Spring Mills

·        ERBSLOW & MONNIGS MILL                      Montgomery Co.          

·        EUREKA MILLS                                              Johnson Co.  

·        EVANS MILL                                                  Greene Co.


·        FARMER & GARDNERS MILL                        Cass Co.

·        FARMERS MILL                                              Cass Co.

·        FAWVERS MILL                                             Barry Co.

·        FEDIT MILL                                                   Johnson Co.

·        FLORENCES GRIST MILL                             Lincoln Co.

·        FORDS MILL                                                  Lincoln Co.

·        FRIEND MILL                                                 Greene Co.

·        FUGITTS MILL                                              Atchison Co.

·        FULBRIGHT MILL (#1)                                  Greene Co.

·        FULBRIGHT MILL (#2)                                  Greene Co.

·        FULKERSON MILL                              Boone Co.


·        GALLAHERS MILLS                                        Franklin Co.

·        GALLIGHER FURNACE                                   Franklin Co.                  Gallahers Mills???  Iron furnace

·        GALLUPS MILL                                               Boone Co.

·        GARRETTS MILL                                         Benton Co.                   Sawing, planing, hub and spoke mill

·        GEIGERS MILL                                               Lincoln Co.                               ...SEE Martins Mill

·        GIBSON'S MILL                                            Greene Co.

·        GIBSONS MILLS                                           Stone Co.

·        GILLESPIE MILL                                            Dade Co.

·        GODDARDS MILL                                           Bates Co.

·        GOODE(S) MILL                                             Franklin Co.

·        GOODNIGHT MILL                                        Greene Co.

·        GOSS & VANDEVENTERS MILL                  Monroe Co.

·        GRIFFETHS FLOURING MILL                      St. Charles Co.

·        GRIFFIN MILL                                               Christian Co.

·        GRIMMETTS MILL                                        Lincoln Co.                   AKA – Richardsons Mill


·        HACKNEY MILL                                              Greene Co.

·        HACKNEYS MILL                                           Johnson Co.

·        HAFFS MILL                                                   Lincoln Co.

·        HAMILTON MILL                                         Franklin Co.

·        HAMMONDS MILL                                         Lincoln Co.

·        HARVEYS MILL                                              Lincoln Co.

·        HAUNS MILL                                                 Caldwell Co.

·        HAVEN                                                            Greene Co.                   AKA – Johns Mill

·        HAYMAKERS MILL                                         Bates Co.

·        HAYMAKERS MILL                                         Cass Co.

·        HAYS MILL                                                     St. Charles Co.

·        HICKMANS MILL                                           Monroe Co.

·        HODGSON MILL                                            Ozark Co.

·        HOFFMANS MILL                                          St. Charles Co.,

·        HOOVERS MILL                                             Christian Co.

·        HOYLE MILL                                                   Dade Co.

·        HUNT MILL                                                    Greene Co.

·        HUNTLEY MILL                                              Henry Co.

·        HUNTS MILL                                                 St. Louis Co.

·        HUTTONS MILL                                            Lincoln Co.


·        INGLE MILL                                                   Greene Co.

·        INGLES MILL                                                 Cass Co.

·        INGRAM MILL                                                Greene Co.


·        J. J. DAVIS MILL                                         Barry Co.

·        JABIUS MILL                                                 Lincoln Co.

·        JACKSON MILL                                             Henry Co.

·        JANIS GRISTMILL                            Ste. Genevieve Co.

·        JEFFERSON MILLS                                       Jefferson Co.

·        JESSE COXS MILL                                        Lincoln Co.

·        JOHNS MILL                                                 Douglas Co.

·        JOHNS MILL                                                 Greene Co.                   …Also SEE Haven

·        JOHNSON-CHERRY MILL                            Lawrence Co.

·        JONATHAN BRYANS MILL                          St. Charles Co.

·        JONES MILL                                                  Lawrence Co.


·        KEMPERS MILL                                              Franklin Co.

·        KIMBERLING MILL                                        Christian Co.

·        KIMSEYS MILL                                              Henry Co.

·        KINGS MILLS                                                Montgomery Co.                                  

·        KITES MILL                                     Warren Co.

·        KLINGERS MILL                                             St. Charles Co.

·        KREISSELS MILL                                           Benton Co.


·        LAWSON FULBRIGHT MILL                                     Greene Co.                   Fullbright Mill???

·        LEFKER MILL                                                  Bates Co.

·        LIKINS MILL                                                  Lawrence Co.

·        LIME KILNS  (#1)                                          St. Louis Co.

·        LIME KILNS (#2)                                           St. Louis Co.

·        LUMLEYS MILL                                              Lawrence Co.

·        LUTSENHIZER MILL                                                 Bates Co.


·        MARAMEC SPRING                                        Phelps Co.                    Iron mill

·        MARSHALL MILL                                            Greene Co.

·        MARTINS MILL                                             Lincoln Co.

·        MARTINS MILL                                             Vernon Co.

·        McCOYS MILL                                                            Lawrence Co.

·        McCRACKENS MILL                            Greene Co.

·        McCULLOCKS MILL                                        Lincoln Co.                   ...SEE Widow McCullocks Mill          

·        McMILLANS MILL                                         Lincoln Co.      

·        McNEILS MILL                                              Vernon Co.                              

·        McSPADDINS MILL                                       St. Charles Co.

·        MEREDITHS MILL                                         Monroe Co.

·        MILL SPRING MILLS                                     Franklin Co.

·        MISSOURI MINE                                          St. Francois Co.           Lead mill

·        MOLLITORS MILL                                        St. Charles Co.

·        MONNIGS MILL                                            Montgomery Co.           ...SEE Erbslow & Monnigs Mill

·        MOSELLE FURNACE                                      Franklin Co.                  Iron furnace.  AKA – Stellaville Furnace


·        OLD MILL                                                       Lincoln Co.

·        OLD RED MILL                                               Lawrence Co.

·        OZARK MILLS                                                            Iron Co.


·        PARSONS MILL                                             Cass Co.

·        PARSONS MILL                                             Lincoln Co.

·        PEARSON MILL                                              Greene Co.                   Grist mill/distillery

·        PERKINS MILL                                               Greene Co.

·        PERSINGERS MILL                                        Montgomery Co.          

·        PILLMANS MILL                                            Phelps Co.

·        POGUES MILL                                                Barry Co.

·        POWELLS MILL                                 Lincoln Co.                   ...SEE Tillotsons Mill     

·        POWERS MILL                                               Bates Co.                     Saw & grist mill

·        PRESTONIA MILL                                         Ozark Co.


·        R. T. ELSBERRY MILL                                   Lincoln Co.

·        RAGSDALES MILL                                          Dade Co.

·        RANDELMAN MILL                                        Stone Co.

·        RANKINS MILL                                              Hickory Co.

·        RED MILL                                                       Lawrence Co.                ...SEE The Old Red Mill

·        RICHARD CAVES MILL                                 Boone Co.

·        RICHARDSON MILL                                  Lincoln Co.                   Saw and grist mill

·        RICHARDSONS MILL                                                Lincoln Co.                   ...SEE Grimmetts Mill

·        RIED & ALEXANDERS MILL                         Lincoln Co.                  

·       RIGDONS MILL                                             Ste. Genevieve Co.                  

·        ROARING RIVER MILL                                 Barry Co.

·        ROARKS MILL                                                            Dade Co.

·        ROBESONS MILL                                         Stone Co.

·        ROBINSON MILL                                        Christian Co.

·        ROBINSONS MILL                                        Lincoln Co.                   ...SEE Burr Oak Mill

·        ROSS MILL                                                    Lincoln Co.

·        ROSS MILLS                                                  Clay Co.


·        SAVAGES MILL                                              Cass Co.

·        SCHAAF MILL                                                            Warren Co.                  ...SEE Bierbams Steam Grist & Saw Mill

·        SCHROEDERS MILL                            Lincoln Co.                   ...SEE Jabius Mill           

·        SCHWEGMANN MILL                                                Franklin Co.

·        SETTLE FORD MILL                                      Bates Co.

·        Sherlock and Robinson Sawmill     Ste. Genevieve Co.

·        SHERLOCK GRISTMILL                                 Ste. Genevieve Co.       AKA – Janis Gristmill

·        SITTONS MILL                                             Lincoln Co.

·        SLYS MILL                                                     Lawrence Co.

·        SPRING CREEK MILLS                                  Franklin Co.

·        SPYRES MILL                                                 Lincoln Co.

·        STALLARDS MILL                                          Lincoln Co.

·        STELLAVILLE FURNACE                               Franklin Co.                  …SEE Moselle Furnace

·        STONES MILL                                               Lincoln Co.


·        TAYLORS MILL                                              St. Charles Co.

·        THE OLD RED MILL                                      Lawrence Co.

·        TILLOTSONS MILL                            Lincoln Co.              AKA – Ellis & Powells Steam Mill

·        TROY MILLS                                                  Adair Co.

·        TURLEY MILL                                                 Ste. Genevieve Co.


·        Unnamed MILL                                                Boone Co.


·        WADES MILL                                                 Henry Co.

·        WATKINS MILL                                Clay Co.

·        WATTS MILL                                      Jackson Co.

·        WATTS MILL                                   Lincoln Co.

·        WEHRMANNS MILL                           Warren Co.

·        WHINNERY MILL                              Greene Co.

·        WHITES MILL                                  Bates Co.

·        WIDOW McCULLOCKS MILL                          Lincoln Co.

·        WILLIAMS MILLS                             Stone Co.

·        WINTERS MILL                                Montgomery Co.       

·        WOMMACK MILL                                           Greene Co.


·        YOAKUM MILL                                               Greene Co.

·        YOUNGS MILL                                               Franklin Co.


·        ZINNS MILL                                                  Bates Co.

·        ZINNS MILL                                                  Lawrence Co.

·        ZUMWALTS MILL                                          St. Charles Co.



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