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These were usually small “post offices” located in a farmer’s home or out building.  They served folks in outlying farming areas, and often acted as a community center or gathering place to catch up on the latest gossip or commodity prices. Many times the rural post offices also acted as a magnet for a small community that later faded away, or grew into busy little towns.  A few towns had post offices that had a different name than the town.  Those are also listed here.  SOME of the rural post offices that once dotted the landscape of Missouri included:


For details, please see the appropriately linked alphabetic listings. 


RURAL POST OFFICE                 COUNTY        NOTES



·        AIR                                                                  Johnson Co.                                           


·        BALDRIDGE                                                    Pulaski Co.

·        BATESVILLE POST OFFICE                                     Bates Co.

·        BEE BRANCH POST OFFICE                        Johnson Co.  

·        BELLE PLAINE POST OFFICE                      Cass Co.

·        BLEDSOE                                                        Hickory Co.

·        BLUES STORE                                                           Audrain Co.                  Rural store & post office

·        BROWNFIELD                                                Pulaski Co.


·        CAVE SPRING                                           Pulaski Co.

·        CHALYBEATE POST OFFICE                        Johnson Co.

·        CHAPMAN                                                       Benton Co.

·        CURTIS                                                          Pulaski Co.


·        DAN                                                                Maries Co.

·        DANA                                                              Bates Co.                     PO for the town site of West Point.

·        DEEPWATER                                                   Hickory Co.

·        DORMIS                                                         Ozark Co.


·        EIGHT-MILE                                                  Cass Co.                       PO for the town of Daugherty.

·        ELK FORK POST OFFICE                              Bates Co.

·        ELLIOTTSVILLE                                Monroe Co.                   Rural store & post office


·        FARGO                                                                        Benton Co.

·        FLOYD CREEK POST OFFICE                                   Adair Co.

·        FLOYDS CREEK POST OFFICE                     Adair Co.                    

·        FRANCIS                                                        Pulaski Co.                    AKA – Gascozark

·        FREDONIA                                      Benton Co

·        FULLER                                                           Benton Co.


·        GATH POST OFFICE                                     Johnson Co.

·        GEBLER                                                           Gasconade Co.

·        GERARD POST OFFICE                                 Cass Co.

·        GIBSON                                                          Benton Co.

·        GLOBE                                                             Johnson Co.

·        GOFFS POST OFFICE                                               Henry Co.


·        HAWKINS                                                      Pulaski Co.                    AKA - Pumkin Center (?), Punkin Center

·        HAZEN POST OFFICE                                  Cass Co.

·        HIGH POINT                                   Miller Co.                     …SEE Ramsey

·        HIGHGROVE                                                   Maries Co.

·        HOCKMAN                                                      Benton Co.

·        HOLLMANS POST OFFICE                           Warren Co.                  …SEE Hollmans Store & Post Office (#2)

·        HONSEVILLE                                                 Maries Co.                    AKA – Bert


·        IDA POST OFFICE                                        Adair Co.


·        KISNER POST OFFICE                                 Bates Co.


·        LACON                                                                        Maries Co.

·        LOEFFLER POST OFFICE                              Adair Co.                    

·        LONE OAK POST OFFICE                             Bates Co.                     ...SEE Stumpton


·        MAJORVILLE                                                 Benton Co.

·        MARVEL POST OFFICE                                 Bates Co.

·        MARVIN POST OFFICE                                Henry Co.

·        MELVIN                                         Benton Co.

·        MENTON                                                        Maries Co.

·        METCALF                                                        Pulaski Co.

·        MILL GROVE                                                  Monroe Co.

·        MOUNTAIN VIEW                                        Benton Co.


·        NORTH POST OFFICE                                  Henry Co.


·        PACKARD                                                      Hickory Co.

·        PEORIA POST OFFICE                                  Bates Co.

·        PINE BLUFF                                                   Pulaski Co.

·        PLUM GROVE POST OFFICE                        Cass Co.


·        RADER                                                             Maries Co.

·        RAMSEY                                                          Miller Co.

·        ROCKFORD POST OFFICE                            Cass Co.


·        SAINT ANNIE                                               Pulaski Co.

·        SAND CREEK POST OFFICE                         Adair Co.

·        SANTEE                                                          Maries Co.

·        SKAGGS POST OFFICE                                 Cass Co.

·        SOUTHBEND                                                  Lawrence Co.                Rural store & post office

·        STAFFORD                                                     Hickory Co.

·        STEEN PRAIRIE                                            Maries Co.


·        THORNBERRY                                           Camden Co.

·        TITUS                                                            Phelps Co.

·        TOLEDO POST OFFICE                                Henry Co.

·        TOPE POST OFFICE                                      Henry Co.

·        TUCKERSVILLE                                              Camden Co.


·        VENTURA                                                       Monroe Co.                   PO & country store

·        VESSIE                                                           Phelps Co.

·        VOORHEES                                                    Camden Co.                  Rural store & post office


·        WALNUT CREEK POST OFFICE                   Bates Co.

·        WHARTON                                                    Pulaski Co.


·        ZIG POST OFFICE                                        Adair Co.



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