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  • Unless noted otherwise, most of these listings are quoted from postings to Rootsweb’s Missouri Ghost Town discussion forum (THE LIST).  Some minor editing for editorial consistency and spelling WAS made, as well as spelling out of directions (N, SE, NNW, etc), and numbers less than ten.  
  • Unless noted otherwise, indicated population figures are from the 2000 census. If the population is listed as 0*, the asterisk indicates “assumed”, based on other facts.
  • Many of these listed locations may be just rural post offices, country churches schools, forts, stage stations, crossroads stores, mills or river fords, rather than what we normally consider towns.  The reason for that is that many of these types of locations had small communities grow up around the main business. 
  • When a current town that is not listed in this work went by a different name, or a name markedly different than its present name, it is indicated by the DEAD NAME entry.  These are noted due to the fact that these names MAY be discovered in research, and by listing them here, it makes it easier for the researcher to discover the current name.
  • In all the listings below, personal comments will be noted with either names or initials, like (MF) {Mike Flannigan}, or (GBS) {Me}. In some cases, I didn’t write down the name, but only an e-mail address, so I left them in.  If you know of any Missouri ghost town location not listed on these pages, please contact THE LIST if you are a member, or me if not.  I will pass on the information to THE LIST.
  • Highways are marked thus...
    • CR – County Roads
    • SH – State Highway
    • US – US Highway
    • I – Interstate Highway
  • Locations marked with a $ indicate an admission fee is charged to visit the site.
  • Locations with part of the name HIGHLIGHTED are linked to a page listing “all” locations of the same type such as those listed below.  Many times these type of locations acted as a magnet for a small community that later faded away.  Some of these locations included: Ferries, Mills (These include flouring, grist and logging mills.), Mines (and the associated mining camps), Rural Post Offices (These were usually small “post offices” located in a farmer’s home or out building.  They served folks in outlying farming areas, and often acted as a community center or gathering place to catch up on the latest gossip or commodity prices.), Way Stations (These include railroad & stage stations, rural stores, taverns, or other stopping points along transportation routes.).
  • See also our Ghost Town Index, listed by County.


Without further ado, let’s visit some of Missouri’s many hundreds of ghost towns!




SACVILLE                                                                   Greene Co.

I show both of those as active towns, but I really wonder about Sacville.  It was VERY small back in 1961, but still showed a school (probably inactive).  I see only about five active residences back in 1961, with some more places surrounding it.  (Mike Flannigan)


SAINT ANDREW                                                       St. Louis Co.

A small settlement now engulfed in the Missouri River.


SAINT ANNIE                                                           Pulaski Co.                                            0

Was a rural post office in Roubidoux Township. It was named after Santa Anna by soldiers returning from the Mexican War. It was discontinued by 1938. 

This is a fascinating town that had a church and school, amongst other things.  Wish we could find some more history on this one. (Mike Flannigan)


SAINT FERNANDO FORT                             Pemiscot Co.

            The exact location of this historical location is not determined.


SAINT HELENA                                                         Ozark Co.

            …SEE Helena


SAINT JAMES                                                           St. Louis Co.

Located near Saint John on the old St Charles Line.


SAINT JOHNS                                                          Franklin Co.

A small village once located somewhere on St Johns Creek somewhere above St Johns Settlement. (GNIS)


SAINT JOHNS SETTLEMENT                                 Franklin Co.

Located on St Johns Creek, west of Washington.  Lewis and Clark noted the settlement in 1804. (GNIS)

It was probably at or near the confluence of the creek with the Missouri River.  That would place it on the west side of Washington, possibly on St. Johns Island or on the flatlands where the creek makes a number of hairpin loops.  The area would be near the junction of Sections 8, 9, 16, and 17, T44N, R1W, St. Johns Township. The first county court was held in 1818/1819, in a private home. When the county seat was officially established it was set at Newport. (GBS)

The mouth of the creek is at:

Lat: 38.5689403, Long: -91.0212548

Lat: 38º34’08”N, Long: 091º01’17”W


SAINT MARTHA                                                        Lawrence Co.

Saint Martha was laid out for W. R. Wild and his wife, Martha, for whom the town was named.


SAINT MARY SCHOOL                                             New Madrid Co.

            Exact location of this historical location not determined.


SAINT MARYS                                                           St. Genevieve Co.

St. Marys is south of Ste. Genevieve on Highway 61.  (


SAINT MICHAEL                                                       Madison Co.                                         -

This site was originally settled around 1800 by a group of Creole Indians who constructed several log homes and established a settlement they named St Michael. In 1818 Madison County was formed and Fredericktown was declared the County Seat and gradually expanded to include St Michael. (GNIS)


SAINT PAUL                                                              St. Louis Co.

         AKA – Lewisburgh

Located in Meramec Township on the Missouri-Pacific Railroad. 

This is probably also north and/or east of Eureka MO, maybe near Glencoe?  (Mike Flannigan, Dec 29, 2000)


Take Kiefer Creek Rd south.  You will reach a road called St. Paul Road.  At the end of St. Paul Road was St. Paul.  The depot was just north of the Missouri-Pacific Railroad.  Shown on the 1878 St. Louis County Atlas, T44N, R4E.    (Michelle Robinson)


SAINT ROBERT CHURCH                                         Pulaski Co.

            Location not determined


SAINT STEPHENS                                                    St. Louis Co.

Located in southern Meramec Township. 

This is probably also north and/or east of Eureka MO, maybe near Glencoe?  (Mike Flannigan, Dec 29, 2000)


This town was located near Allenton Missouri, west of Eureka. Back on the horseshoe road that leads to the Allenton River Access at the top of the hill is St. Stephens road, where the town used to be.

(Donna Wirth, 03/17/2003)


SAINT VINCENT                                                      St. Louis Co.

Located at the Saint Vincent Insane Asylum.


SAINTE GENEVIEVE (1st site)                                  St. Genevieve Co.                                 0

The original site of Ste. Genevieve was located on the Mississippi River bottoms about three miles south-southeast of the present site.  It was washed away when the Mississippi flooded in 1785.  It was originally established around 1735 by French settlers, and is said to have been the first permanent settlement in what is now Missouri.  It served as a trading post and a base for lead miners.  The present town of Ste. Genevieve has a population of about 4500.


SAINTE WILLIAMS                                                  St. Francois Co.

            Located on the Saline Valley Railroad near Libertyville.   


SALINE                                                                       Mercer Co.                                           Rural

My Dad was born in a farm house there and my Grandma had a little store. I remember him saying there was a bank and post office. It shows up on an old map of MO. 1895 right on the border of Harrison and Mercer Co., just south of the Iowa border. 

(Contributed by Jeff Black – May 23, 2007)

It is located about two miles south of the state line and two miles east of the county line, about eight miles northeast of Blythedale. (GBS)


SAND CREEK POST OFFICE                                     Adair Co.                                             Rural

            Location not determined


SANDS                                                                        Phelps Co.                                            -

Post Office 1910‑1925. Shown on 1909 USGS map. Today it would be between Rolla and Vida, just south of Beaver Creek and just west of US 63. It’s the same place where Coolbrook Swimming Pool was. Driving past you can see a stone gate, post or column. Don’t know if that was part of Sands or Coolbrook.   (MO-GT, Dave P, Sep 07, 2002)


Was a post office in Cold Spring Township. It was named for Charles Sands, the first postmaster.  (GNIS)


SANDS                                                                        St. Louis Co.                                         0           

Located on the Wabash Railroa on the Missouri River, opposite St Charles.  In 1883 the town was swallowed up by the June rise.


SANDY BRIDGE                                                         Jefferson Co.                                      _

            Location not determined.


SANTEE                                                                      Maries Co.

Santee was a rural post office in Miller Township named for Addison Santee, a civil engineer for the Frisco Railroad. It was abandoned by 1938.


SARATOGA                                                               McDonald Co.                                       Rural

            Location not determined.


SARCY                                                                        St. Francois Co.

            Located on the Missouri Pacific Railroad.


SAUERS FORD                                                           Franklin Co.

            Located on Berger Creek two miles east of Kempers Mill.


SAVAGES MILL                                                          Cass Co.

Savages Mill was located on Big Creek, two miles west of Pleasant Hill as early as 1832. The mill moved to Strasburg in 1837. It was named for the man who built the mill.  (Mike Flannigan, Jan 07, 2001)


SCAGGSTOWN                                                          St. Francois Co.

            Located east of Doe Run.


SCHAAF MILL                                                            Warren Co. 

            …SEE Bierbams Steam Grist & Saw Mill


SCHNURBUSCH                                                         Perry Co.

…SEE Apple Creek


SCHOENEBERG                                                          Franklin Co.

            Located on a hill near Kiel in central Lyon Township.


SCHREINER FERRY                                                  Barry Co.

            Location not determined.


SCHROEDERS MILL                                                   Lincoln Co.

            ...SEE Jabius Mill


SCHUYLER                                                                  Cass Co.

Schuyler was an office northeast of Garden City in Index Township. It was named for some one now forgotten.  I think this was about 2.5 miles northeast of Garden City.  There is a Buckley Cemetery nearby. 

(Mike Flannigan, Jan 07, 2001)


SCHWEGMANN MILL                                                            Franklin Co.

            Located in St Johns Township near Washington.


SCOTTS STATION                                                   Atchison Co.

            Location not determined.


SCUDDER                                                                    St. Louis Co.

A station on the old West End Narrow Gauge Railroad in St Ferdinand Township.


SEDVILLE                                                                   Pettis Co.

            DEAD NAME – Original name for the City of Sedalia (1990 population – about 20,000)  (GBS)


SELDEN                                                                      Bates Co.

Selden was a town site two miles east of Papinsville laid out in 1842 for the county seat. It was later nicknamed Seldom because it was very seldom that anyone went to the place. It passed out of existence when the county seat was placed at Papinsville.


SETTLE FORD MILL                                                  Bates Co.

Settle Ford Mill was erected by N. Poage about 1850. It was named for Morgan Settle, who was an early settler.


SETTLETOWN                                                                    St. Francois Co.

            Is now part of the north west section of Bonne Terre. (Pam Shelton, February 26, 2002)


SEVEN STAR SPRINGS                                            Barry Co.

         AKA – Hodo Mineral Springs

            Was plotted about 1881 and named for the nearby springs.

This is a fascinating area in a very remote area northeast of Cove, MO.  It's in or near the Flag Spring Conservation Area.  (Mike Flannigan)


SEVENTY-SIX                                                           Perry Co.

This ghost is located at the end of CR D along the Mississippi River.  An excellent webpage featuring the history and photos of this community was put together by Patrice Klobe.  The page may be going down soon, so you can follow the links from her main webpage at Patrice.



SEYMOUR FORD                                                        Lincoln Co.

Seymour Ford was on North Fork Cuivre River in Bedford Township.


SHAKE RAG                                                                Monroe Co.

A predominantly African-American settlement established near Holliday. The name shake rag comes from the bandanna knotted at the four corners worn by the women, who often shook their heads when talking.

            I sure would like to find this, but I had no luck.  (Mike Flannigan)


SHAKE RAG COMMUNITY                                        Warren Co.

A rural settlement in the western part of Camp Branch Township.

I have a hard time believing we have lost the location of this one.  (Mike Flannigan)


SHAWNEETOWN                                                      Franklin Co.

         AKA – Shawney Village

This Native-American settlement was located on the Bourbeuse River about two miles north of Moselle.  It consisted of 200-300 cabins and was located near what in 1888 was Anderson Coleman’s Farm.  (GBS)

Probably located just southwest of St Mary's church and cemetery.   (Mike Flannigan)


SHAWNEY VILLAGE                                                  Franklin Co.

            ...SEE Shawneetown


SHELBY CHURCH                                                       New Madrid Co.

            Exact location of this historical location not determined.


SHELBY SCHOOL                                                       New Madrid Co.

            Exact location of this historical location not determined.


Sherlock and Robinson SawMILL                 Ste. Genevieve Co.

Located on Jonca Creek.


SHERLOCK GRISTMILL                                             Ste. Genevieve Co.

         AKA – Janis Gristmill

Located 0.5 mile from River Aux Vases. 


SHERWOOD                                                               Barton Co.

            Location not determined.


SHEWELL                                                                   Franklin Co.

            ...SEE Meramec Hills


SHIBLEYS POINT                                                     Adair Co.                                             Rural

            Lat 40° 18' 48" N, Long 092° 45' 39" W


SHOBE                                                                        Bates Co.

Shobe was a mining town located in New Home Township. It was named for Haley Shobe, who settled there about 1881. The town was abandoned by 1933.


SHOFIELD PLACE                                                      St. Louis Co.

Located in Central Township. 

Isn't the spelling wrong on this one? 



SHOTWELL                                                                Franklin Co.

            DEAD NAME – Original name for Gerald.  (GBS)


SHOTWELL MINE                                                     Franklin Co.                                          0

            AKA – Illmo Mine

This lead mine was located in Sec 32, T42N, R1W.  It was in operation during the last half of 1887 and produced about 75 tons of galena.  GNIS lists it as a barium sulfate mine located about 4.5 miles west of St. Clair.  (GBS)


SIGNAL                                                                      Phelps Co.

            Location not determined.


SILLS                                                                         Phelps Co.                                            -

Don’t know exactly where it was, but it was west of Rolla along the railroad. From Bridge School Road (CR 7000) next to railroad, you can see a light signal and building. For years, before it was repainted, the building had a sign that said 'Sills'. 

 (MO-GT, Dave P, Sep 07, 2002)

It was located in the center of Rolla Township.  (GBS)


SILVER HOLLOW MINE                                           Franklin Co.

            …SEE Thomas Mine.  Part of the Thomas Mine complex.


SIMCOE                                                                      McDonald Co.                                       Rural

Simcoe is located exactly two miles east of Longview, Missouri or six miles west of Rocky Comfort, on SH 76.  The community still has 7-8 families living within a half mile or so of the "old Simcoe" store which is still standing.  There is a church also.  I have also seen the spelling listed as "Simco".  Hope this helps.

Contributed by Iris Brock, (June 6, 2006)


SIMLER                                                                       Adair Co.                                            

            Lat 40° 07' 21" N, Long 092° 41' 43" W


SIMPSONS STORE                                                   Johnson Co.

            DEAD NAME – early name for Chilhowee (1990 population - 345)


SIGNAL                                                                      Phelps Co.

            Location not determined


SIGNAL STAND                                                         Franklin Co.

            Located in Boeuf Township on a high hill.


SILVER LEAD MINE                                                  Franklin Co.                                          0



SITES FORD                                                              Franklin Co.

            Located on Boeuf Creek.


SITTONS FORD                                                        Lincoln Co.

Sittons Ford was located in northeastern Millwood Township.


SITTONS MILL                                                         Lincoln Co.

Sittons Mill was located in northeastern Millwood Township.

Possibly near SITTONS FORD. (GBS)


SKAGGS POST OFFICE                                             Cass Co.                      

Skaggs Post Office was located in northeastern Pleasant Hill Township and named for J. Skaggs, who owned the land.

         Lat: 38°48'16"N

Long: 094°08'40"W – El 879'


SKINNER MINE                                                         Franklin Co.                                          0

            AKA – Enterprise Mine

This lead mine is located near Indian Creek in Secs 19, 30, 31, T41N, R1E, Prairie Township, and in 1888 had reached a depth of 75’.  (GBS)


SLEDD                                                                         Pike Co.

This was a store and post office in the southwestern part of Calumet Township, named for Alexander Sledd, the postmaster, who with his brother William ran the store. Previously Smiths Mill was located here.


SLEMMONSBURG                                                      Pike Co.

This was a residential section in the northern part of Calumet Township, northwest of Clarksville. It was laid out as a real estate venture by J. J. Slemmens and named for him. In 1933 only a few residences remained.


SLIP UP STORE                                                         Pike Co.

This was a store owned by John Motley. There was also a ford by the same name at this location in Hartford Township on Indian Creek. The name characterizes the setting, which comes suddenly into view because of curving roads and hills on both sides of it. 

Anybody know where this is?  I'd really like to find this one.  It could be where Grimmett Bridge is, or more likely a few miles west near Uncle Sammys Spring.  (Mike Flannigan)


SLYS MILL                                                                 Lawrence Co.

Slys Mill was located on Center Creek and named for its owner.


SMACKOUT                                                                Boone Co.

The name of this locale came from an expression used by Mr. McKinsie, the proprietor of its sparsely stocked store who would exclaim that he was just “smackout” of a product he did not have.


SMITH FORD                                                             Barry Co.

            Location not determined.


SMITH SETTLEMENT                                               Monroe Co.

This settlement was the second in the county, so named because it was made, among others, by Joseph Smith, Sr, Alexander W Smith, Joseph Smith, Jr, and Samuel H Smith, who probably were squatters, since their names are not in the deed record. Located between Paris and Florida, between the Middle and North forks of the Salt River.  The McGees were also pioneers here.


SMITHS MILL                                                            Pike Co.

This mill was run by Levi Smith, until pressure of the law caused him to quit business. A favorite transaction at the mill was a bushel of corn for two gallons of whiskey. The Sledd store and post office were later located here.


SMITHTON                                                                Boone Co.                                             0

Smithton was named after General T. A. Smith, one of the original landowners, and in 1818 was named the original county seat for Boone County.  In 1821 the county seat shifted to Columbia, which grew up a mile east of Smithton.  Smithton then faded.  (GBS)

Lat: 38.9528163, Long: -92.3376835

Lat: 38º57’10”N, Long: 092º20’16”W


SNOW HILL                                                               Lincoln Co.

AKA – Snowhill

Snow Hill was a voting place on Bobs Creek in Snow Hill Township in the late 1800s.  (MF July 18, 2001)


SNYDERS FORD                                                         St. Francois Co.

            Located on Terre Blue Creek near the east side of Marion Township.


SOMERSET                                                                Monroe Co.

         AKA – Clinton

This settlement was in Washington Township, and was laid out under the name of Clinton on Aug 5, 1836, by George Glenn, Samuel Bryan, and Spotwood Williams. When the post office was established about 1870 a little northwest of the old town its name was changed to Somerset because of another Clinton in MO.  Both names were doubtless borrowed.


SOUTH CARONDELET                                              St. Louis Co.

Located just south of St Louis.


SOUTH SKINNER MINE                                          Franklin Co.                                          0

            This lead mine is located south of the Skinner Mine. Exact location not determined. (GBS)


SOUTH VIRGINIA MINE                                         Franklin Co.                                          0

This lead mine is located south of the Virginia Mines in Sec 21, T41N, R1E, and produced 25,500 tons of galena from a 75’ deep shaft.  (GBS)


SOUTHBEND                                                              Lawrence Co.

Southbend was a post office and store in a big bend on the Spring River     named because of its location.

Probably located north of Stotts City.  (Mike Flannigan)


SOUTHSIDE                                                              St. Louis Co.

Located in southwestern Bonhomme Township south of the

Meramec River.


SPANISH NEEDLE                                                     Phelps Co.                                            -

Settled by William Hawkins 1820's. Became a post office in 1836. Located off CR C, on the east bank of Gasconade River, in the northwest corner of the county. Sec 18, T38N R9W. Cemetery there now.   (MO-GT, Dave P, Sep 07, 2002)

Variant name for Spanish Prairie (GNIS)

SOUNDS like the same location per GNIS.  (GBS)


SPANISH PRAIRIE                                                    Phelps CO.                                           -

            AKA – Spanish Needle

Old maps are a bit vague, but best guess for now is along Phelps‑Maries County line, southwest of Safe and east-southeast of Light, close to Hwy 68. It had a post office 1857‑1864.  (MO-GT, Dave P, Sep 07, 2002)

Formerly a post office in the north part of the city (Which city?  GBS). Established about 1836 by William Hawkins.  (GNIS)


SPARTA                                                                      Buchanan Co.                                       0

In 1839 Sparta was named the original county seat for Buchanan County.  In 1846 the county seat shifted to St. Joseph, and Sparta then faded.  It was located on SH 371, in section 21, Center Township, about eight miles south of St. Joseph and 4.5 miles west of Agency in the center of the county. A church is located there, and the cemetery is just to the east. The Sparta School was located to the south.  (GBS)

Lat: 39.6502731, Long: -94.8330192

Lat: 39º39’01”N, Long: 094º49’59”W


SPERRY                                                                       Adair Co.                                             Rural

            Lat 40° 16' 47" N, Long 092° 29' 18" W


SPIES LANDING                                                        New Madrid Co.

            Exact location of this historical river landing is not determined.


SPLITLOG                                                                   McDonald Co.                                       Rural

            Location not determined.



            A roadhouse and campground 2.5 miles west of St Peters.


SPRING CREEK                                                          Phelps Co.

            On CR J just past Spring Creek Bluff and on the west bank of Spring Creek.  The post office operated 1868-1943.

NW Sec 15, T35N, R10W.

(MO-GT, Dave P, Sep 16, 2002)


SPRING CREEK MILLS                                              Franklin Co.

            Located on Spring Creek in northwestern Meramec Township.

            This might be near Kratz Spring. (Mike Flannigan)


SPRINGVALE                                                             Pulaski Co.

Was an early settlement that was abandoned for a time and then repopulated by 1938.  It was located along Route 66. 

            Seems odd that this recent town has been lost.    (Mike Flannigan)


SPROTT                                                                      St. Francois Co.

I am interested in finding out more about a former town in Ste. Genevieve County, Mo.  There was a town in eastern Ste. Gen County named Sprott.  All I can find out is that the post office there opened in 1902 and closed in 1918.  Sure would like to know if any of your list members know of that one.  (Pam Shelton, February 26, 2002)


SPYRES MILL                                                             Lincoln Co.

Spyres Mill was located in northeastern Prairie Township.  (MF July 18, 2001)


ST. (NAME)                                                  

            ...SEE Saint (NAME)


STE. WILLIAMS                                                        St. Francois Co.

            ...SEE Sainte Williams


STAFFORD                                                                 Hickory Co.

Stafford was a rural post office in 1899. The name comes originally from a county in England.


STAGECOACH STATIONS                                  all counties

For a list of the various stage stations in Missouri, go to our WAY STATIONS page.


STAHL                                                                        Adair Co.                                             Rural

            Lat 40° 17' 29" N, Long 092° 47' 20" W


STALEY                                                                      Cass Co.

Staley was a switch in Cold Water Township on the K. C., Nevada and Fort Smith Railroad, and was laid out in 1891 on land granted by W. Chandler and H. Eversole. It was named for M. Staley, who was a large landowner in this section.  (Mike Flannigan, Jan 07, 2001)


STALLARDS MILL                                                      Lincoln Co.

Stallards Mill was a horse mill four miles southwest of New Hope in operation from the 1840s to the 1880s.

I suspect this is near Okete.  (MF July 18, 2001)


STANTON COPPER WORKS                                     Franklin Co.                                          0

This early 1800s copper mine produced a lot of copper, which was transported to St. Louis by wagon.  However the mining was not profitable, so it shut down around 1861.  (GBS)  


STATE LINE                                            Pemiscot Co.

            The exact location of this historical location is not determined.


STEEN PRAIRIE                                                        Maries Co.

Steen Prairie was a rural post office in Jefferson Township that was discontinued before 1938.


STEIN HEIGHTS                                                       St. Louis Co.

Located in Carondelet Township.


STELLAVILLE FURNACE                                           Franklin Co.

            …SEE Moselle Furnace


STEVENS                                                                   St. Louis Co.

Was located by Rombach's Pumpkin Patch.  (Michelle Robinson)


The Stevens area is booming.  Stevens is history as a town name.   Located in northern Meramec Township.  Apparently this is located just west of Gumbo Cemetery.  (Mike Flannigan)


Stevens was located where Long Road meets Wild Horse, in Chesterfield.  Mapquest shows it as being just south of where Gumbo used to be.  (Michelle Robinson)


It isn’t listed in the 1995 Rand McNally  (GBS)


STEWART CAMP                                                        Pulaski Co.

            Location not determined


STINKING WATERS                                                 St. Clair Co.

            …SEE Monegaw Springs


STOB TOWN                                                             St. Francois Co.

            Location not determined.


STOCKEY                                                                    St. Louis Co.

Located in Carondelet Township.


STONES MILL                                                           Lincoln Co.

Stones Mill was located in southwestern Waverly Township.


STONY DELL                                                              Phelps Co.

            Located on the opposite side of the Little Piney River from Arlington.

Ctr Sec 24, T37N, R10W.

(MO-GT, Dave P, Sep 16, 2002)


We basically agree on Stony Dell, except I put it in southern part of section 24.  It was 0.35 miles west (and barely south) of Pillman Cemetery. (Mike Flannigan  Sep 17, 2002)


STOUTS SETTLEMENT                                          Lincoln Co.

Stouts Settlement was an early community near New Hope.


STRINGTOWN                                          St. Louis Co.

Located two miles west of Florissant on Stringtown Road.

This is probably near Rosary School on Howdershell Road.  (Mike Flannigan)


STUDTS HEIGHTS                                     St. Louis Co.

Located in Central Township north of Ballas.

This is probably near Creve Coeur Lake.  (Mike Flannigan)


STUMPTON                                                               Bates Co.

         AKA – Lone Oak Post Office

Stumpton was located in west central Pleasant Gap Township near the confluence of the north and south branches of Double Branch Creek. It was named for the stumps left standing in the area cleared off for the site of the office.


SUBLETTE                                                                  Adair Co.                                             Rural

            Lat 40° 18' 02" N, Long 092° 34' 17" W


SUGARTOWN                                                            Montgomery Co.                                  

This was a rural settlement in southern Loutre Township, west of Rhineland. It was named for the many sugar trees in the vicinity. (Mike Flannigan)


SUMMITT                                                                  Miller Co.

This was a station on the Rock Island Railroad, in eastern Saline Township, east of Eldon. It was located on a high place.

This is probably Mount Pleasant or Etterville. (MF)


SUTTON STATION                                    St. Louis Co.

Located south of Maplewood.


SWEET SPRINGS                                                      Saline Co.                                                        

This chalybeate (iron salt impregnated) spring was a popular resort in the 1880s.  It was located on the Blackwater River in the southwest corner of the county at or near the present town of Sweet Spring (1990 pop – 1595).  The spring water had a sweet, alkaline taste.  Exact location not determined.  (GBS)

Lat: 38.9522401, Long: -93.4204877

Lat: 38º57’08”N, Long: 093º25’14”W


SWINK                                                                       St. Francois Co.

A stop on the St. Francois County Electric Railroad at the Swink farm. 

            This might be located near Womack.    (MF)


SWOPE                                                                       Jackson Co.

            Location not determined.


SYLVANIA (First site)                                                Dade Co.

…SEE Old Sylvania


*       *       *


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First Posted:  July 27, 2001

Last Updated: December 17, 2011



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