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  • Unless noted otherwise, most of these listings are quoted from postings to Rootsweb’s Missouri Ghost Town discussion forum (THE LIST).  Some minor editing for editorial consistency and spelling WAS made, as well as spelling out of directions (N, SE, NNW, etc), and numbers less than ten.  
  • Unless noted otherwise, indicated population figures are from the 1990 census.  (In the next year these should be updated to the 2000 census.) If the population is listed as 0*, the asterisk indicates “assumed”, based on other facts.
  • Many of these listed locations may be just rural post offices, country churches schools, forts, stage stations, crossroads stores, mills or river fords, rather than what we normally consider towns.  The reason for that is that many of these types of locations had small communities grow up around the main business. 
  • When a current town that is not listed in this work went by a different name, or a name markedly different than its present name, it is indicated by the DEAD NAME entry.  These are noted due to the fact that these names MAY be discovered in research, and by listing them here, it makes it easier for the researcher to discover the current name.
  • In all the listings below, personal comments will be noted with either names or initials, like (MF) {Mike Flannigan}, or (GBS) {Me}. In some cases, I didn’t write down the name, but only an e-mail address, so I left them in.  If you know of any Missouri ghost town location not listed on these pages, please contact THE LIST if you are a member, or me if not.  I will pass on the information to THE LIST.
  • Highways are marked thus...
    • CR – County Roads
    • SH – State Highway
    • US – US Highway
    • I – Interstate Highway
  • Locations marked with a $ indicate an admission fee is charged to visit the site.
  • Locations with part of the name HIGHLIGHTED are linked to a page listing “all” locations of the same type such as those listed below.  Many times these type of locations acted as a magnet for a small community that later faded away.  Some of these locations included: Ferries, Mills (These include flouring, grist and logging mills.), Mines (and the associated mining camps), Rural Post Offices (These were usually small “post offices” located in a farmer’s home or out building.  They served folks in outlying farming areas, and often acted as a community center or gathering place to catch up on the latest gossip or commodity prices.), Way Stations (These include railroad & stage stations, rural stores, taverns, or other stopping points along transportation routes.).
  • See also our Ghost Town Index, listed by County.


Without further ado, let’s visit some of Missouri’s many hundreds of ghost towns!




TAM MINE                                                                 Franklin Co.

            …SEE Hamilton Mine


TAMM MINE                                                              Franklin Co.

            …SEE Hamilton Mine


TAPPEHORN LANDING                                             Miller Co.

This old landing was located on the Osage River near St. Elizabeth. It was named for William Tappehorn, who built a warehouse there.


TAVERN ROCK                                                        Franklin Co.

            A siding or station between Port Royal and St Albans.

            This is near the old Lewis and Clark cave of the same name. (Mike Flannigan)


TAVERNS                                                         all counties

For a list of the various roadside taverns in Missouri, go to our WAY STATIONS page.


TAYLOR                                                                      St. Francois Co.

            Located on the St Francois County Electric Railroad.


TAYLORS                                                                    Phelps Co.                                            -

Located 2.5 miles west of Rolla (on the 1876 railroad map). Could be same place as Sills. Today would be in the area where railroad/Bridge School Road/Spencer Road all run beside each other.  (MO-GT, Dave P, Sep 07, 2002)


On Taylors, I place it at the Rolla airport terminal, just based on your description.  Could be 0.25 miles east of there, just south of Blues Pond.  This would be about 0.9 miles northeast of Sills. (MF)


GNIS lists it in Rolla Township.  (GBS)


TAYLORS MILL                                                          St. Charles Co.

            Located on Femme Osage Creek. Named for Milton Taylor.


TEN SPRINGS                                                           McDonald Co.                          

            Location not determined.


THE OLD RED MILL                                                  Lawrence Co.

This mill, built in 1837 on Spring River, was so named because of the dark red paint.

I sure would like to find this one.  (Mike Flannigan)


THOMAS MINE                                                         Franklin Co.                                          0

This lead mine was a number of horizontal adits, and was located in Sec 5, T40N & Sec 32, T41N, R1W, Prairie Township.  It was discovered by Gabriel Cerre (Cerie) in 1787, and had produced some 2500 tons of galena prior to 1888.  It was a consolidation of a number of smaller mines including:

·        Clark & Appleton Mine

·        Coe Mine

·        Darby Mine

·        Enloe Mine

·        Gallagher Mine

·        Gopher Mine

·        Halligan Mine

·        Harrington Mine

·        Read Hill Mine

·        Reed Mine

·        Silver Hollow Mine

·        Woods & Christy Mine



THOMAS STATION                                                  St. Louis Co.

Located in Central Township on the St Charles Electric Line.


THOMPSONVILLE                                                     Monroe Co.

This country store was in Jackson Township, near Paris. Charles Thompson, of Illinois, bought a large tract of land here and built a handsome home and a small store. The latter was still in operation in 1933, but the house had burned down. 

            This was probably southwest of Paris.  (Mike Flannigan)


THORNBERRY                                           Camden Co.

Thornberry was a rural post office in northern Adair Township from 1918 to 1929. It was a family name.


THORNTONS FERRY                                                 Henry Co.

Thorntons Ferry was a ferry across Grand River operated by John T. Thornton.


THORNTONSBURG                                                   Chariton Co.

            ...SEE Louisville


THOROUGHMANS NEIGHBORHOOD                      Warren Co.

Located in southern Hickory Grove Township on Tuque Ridge. Named for the Thoroughman families, which have lived there.


THREE-TOWN                                                           St. Francois Co.

Just west of Desloge. Consists of one street. Is said to have been where immigrants (Hungarians?) settled when run out of Desloge. Local lead miners ran them out of town because they would work for ridiculously low wages and were putting the local miners out of work. (Story I was told.)  There is a book entitled Lead Mining Riot of 1917 by V. L. Lawson copyright 1976 Susan D Lawson (Pictures courtesy of Mo. State Historical Society)  (Pam Shelton, February 26, 2002)


This I am not sure, but I think it is off of CR P just on the outskirts of Desloge,  an old miner's settlement, a bunch of small houses.  (L Patterson, January 20, 2004)


TIBBETTS FERRY                                                      Stone Co.

Was named for the Tibbett family who operated a ferry across the James River about 1850.


TIFF CITY                                                                  McDonald                                            100           

            Location not determined.


TILLOTSONS MILL                                                  Lincoln Co.

AKA – Ellis & Powells Steam Mill

Tillotsons Mill was established in 1858 in eastern Union Township on Mill Creek. 


TIMES BEACH                                                           St. Louis Co.                                         20

On the Meramec River, in the southwest part of the county just northeast of Eureka.  Was famed as the site of a 1980s toxic chemical incursion which forced the town to be evacuated. (GBS)

Elevation 430' 


TIPPECANOE                                                              Schuyler Co.                                        0

In 1845, this was designated the first county seat, but it shifted later in the year to Lancaster.  Exact location not determined.  (GBS)

Was the oldest village in the county but has long since been abandoned. (GNIS)


TIPPERARY                                                                Adair Co.                                             Rural

            Lat 40° 11' 30" N, Long 092° 42' 35" W


TITUS                                                                        Phelps Co.

            This rural post office was discontinued by 1938.  (MF)


TODD                                                                          Platte Co.

Todd was a post office from 1886 to 1915. It was named in honor of Jonathan Todd, first postmaster.


TOLEDO POST OFFICE                                            Henry Co.

Toledo Post Office was located in Springfield Township.  It was laid out in 1860 on land granted by R. Robinson and L. Greeson.

Probably located somewhat near Calhoun.  (Mike Flannigan)


TOLONA                                                                     Lewis Co.                                              rural

         AKA – Blue Grass, Tolono

Was near Canton, Lewis County, MO, and originally known as Blue Grass because of the Blue Grass region in which it is located.  Shown on the USGS 7.5' x 7.5' Monticello map.  (GNIS)


Tolona is located on US 6 between Lewistown and Ewing.  (Brian Shay, Dec 29, 2000)


“Looks like it had a church and school within the last 50 years.  There is a small cemetery southeast of town by the railroad tracks”.  (Mike Flannigan, Dec 30, 2000)

            Lat 40 02' 35" N Long 91 44' 54" W ...Elevation 693'


TOLONO                                                                  Lewis Co.

            ...SEE Tolona


TOMPKINSVILLE                                                     Monroe Co.

This settlement in Clay Township, was laid out on July 4, 1839, by Joseph Sidner.  An addition was made on July 8, 1839, by Taylor Barton, but no lots were ever sold here. The place soon became extinct. It was named for Elihu B. Tompkins owner of almost a thousand acres of land in the neighborhood.


TOPE POST OFFICE                                                  Henry Co.

Tope Post Office was located in Osage Township.  It was named for G. M. Tope, who owned the store.


TRAVELERS REPOSE                                                 Franklin Co.

            DEAD NAME – First name for St. Clair,  (GBS)


TRIBULATION                                                           McDonald Co.

            Location not determined.


TRIBUNE                                                                    Pulaski Co.

            Location not determined


TRINITY                                                                    Adair Co.                                             Rural

            Lat 40° 20' 25" N, Long 092° 27' 03" W – Elevation: 948’


TROY MILLS                                                              Adair Co.                                                        

            Lat 40° 08' 48" N, Long 092° 36' 01" W


TROY                                                                          Lincoln Co.

            Troy was formally laid out in Sept. of 1819 by Joseph COTTLE, Lee F. T. COTTLE and Zadock WOODS, Son in law of "Deacon" Joseph COTTLE.  (Contributed by Shellie Allen, March 2002)


TUCKERS STORE                                                       Maries Co.

Tuckers Store was located in Miller Township.  It was named for the first storekeeper.


TUCKERSVILLE                                                          Camden Co.

Tuckersville was a rural post office in 1868. It was located in the northwestern part of Adair Township and was named for the owner of the land where it was laid out.

Probably located on Coffman Bend, but I'm not sure.  (Mike Flannigan)


TUQUE                                                   Warren Co.

            Location not determined.  (GBS)


TURLEY MILL                                                             Ste. Genevieve Co.

Located 10 miles N of Farmington.

This was probably on Bear Creek.  (Mike Flannigan, June 08, 2002)


TURPIN                                                                      St. Francois Co.

Located in Pendleton Township.

This is probably very close to Delassus.  Might even be Delassus.  (Mike Flannigan)



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