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Many of the transportation corridors in Missouri had various stopping places along them.  Some of these included (but are not limited to): boat landings (excluding ferries & fords), Pony Express, railroad & stage stations (sidings & switches), rural stores, taverns, or other types of stopping points.  Like other types of businesses in the outlying areas, these locations often acted as a community center or gathering place where the locals could catch up on the latest gossip or commodity prices. Many times these way stations acted as a magnet for a small community that later faded away, or grew into busy little towns.  SOME of the various way stations that once dotted the landscape of Missouri included:


For details of any of these way stations, please see the linked alphabetic listings.



NAME OF LOCATION                 COUNTY        NOTES



·        ACID                                                               Franklin Co.                  RR switch

·        ASH LANDING                                               St. Francois Co.           Electric RR car stop


·        BACON                                                            Cass Co.                       RR switch

·        BEAVER                                          Phelps Co.                    Railroad station                    

·        BEAVER STATION                             Phelps Co.                    …SEE Beaver  

·        BEAVER VALLEY                                Phelps Co.                    …SEE Beaver

·        BECKERS LANDING                                       Franklin Co.                  Boat landing

·        BECKS LANDING                                           Lincoln Co.                   Boat landing

·        BELLEVILLE STORE                           Montgomery Co.           Store & PO 

o   AKA – Half Way House

·        BLATTNER STORE                             Warren Co.                  Rural store

·        BLUES STORE                                                           Audrain Co.                  Rural store & post office

·        BLUES STORE                                                           Ralls Co.

·        BLYTHEVILLE                                                 Jasper Co                    Rural store & post office

·        CAHN STATION                                            St. Louis Co.                 RR station

·        CALIFORNIA HOUSE                                    Pulaski Co.                    Roadside tavern

·        CAMPBELLTON                                               Clay Co.                        RR station

·        CARSON STORE                                            Phelps Co.                    Rural Store

·        CHESLEYS STATION                                            St. Louis Co.                 RR station

·        CLARDY                                                           St. Francois Co.           Electric RR car stop

·        CLARKS STATION                                         St. Louis Co.                 Electric RR car stop

·        COLEMAN                                                       St. Louis Co.                 RR station

·        CROSS ROADS                                              Dade Co.                      Crossroads trading center


·        DELAWARETOWN                                         Christian Co.                Delaware Indian trading point.

·        DELAWARETOWN                                         Greene Co.                   Delaware Indian trading point.

·        DRYDEN & SHARPS STORE                          Montgomery Co.           Rural store


·        ELLIOTTSVILLE                                            Monroe Co.                   Rural store & post office

·        EMERSON                                                      St. Louis Co.                 RR station

·        ENTIGHT STATION                                     Lawrence Co.

·        ERNEST                                                          Dade Co.                      Trading point

·        EVANSTON SIDING                                     Adair Co.                     RR siding

·        FAIRVIEW STATION                                   St. Louis Co.                 RR station

·        FOREST HOME                                              Lawrence Co.                Trading point

·        FRAY                                                               Franklin Co.                  RR siding

·        FREEMANS STORE                                       Phelps Co.,                   rural store

·        FURNESS                                                     Greene Co.                   Trading point


·        GEBLER                                                           Gasconade Co.              Rural store & post office

·        GERDEMANNS STORE                        Warren Co.                  Rural store

·        GERDEMANS STORE                                     Warren Co.                  …SEE Gerdemanns Store

·        GLENROCK                                                      Henry Co.                     Trading point

·        GRAFTON LANDING                                     St. Charles Co.             Boat landing

·        GRANGE HALL                                                Benton Co.              Trading post, rural store, Grange Hall      

·        GRANGE STORE                                            Osage Co.                     …SEE Flora

·        GRIMSLEY(S) STATION                               St. Louis Co.                 RR station

·        GRUBE                                                            Franklin Co.                  AKA – Grubes Store.  Rural store

·        GRUBES STORE                                             Franklin Co.                  ...SEE Grube


·        HALFWAY HOUSE                                        Montgomery Co.           …SEE Belleville Store

·        HALLS STORE                                                Johnson Co.                 Rural store

·        HOLLMANS STORE & POST OFFICE (#1)              Warren Co.                  AKA – Holmans Store

·        HOLLMANS STORE & POST OFFICE (#2)   Warren Co.                 AKA – Hollmans Post Office    

·        HOLLYWOOD STATION                               St. Louis Co.                 RR station

·        HOLMANS STORE                                         Warren Co.                  …SEE Hollmans Store & Post Office (#1)

·        HONSEVILLE                                                 Maries Co.                    AKA – Bert Rural store & PO

·        HORSE SHOE LAKE STATION                    St. Charles Co.             RR station

·        HOWE                                                             Jefferson Co.              RR station

·        HUNT                                                              St. Francois Co.           Electric RR car stop

·        HUNTS SWITCH                                           St. Louis Co.                 RR Switch


·        JEFFERSON                                                   Jefferson Co.              RR station

·        JOHANNES                                                    Jefferson Co.              AKA: Johanes, RR station

·        JOHNSON SPUR                                           Benton Co.                   RR spur

·        JOHNSON STATION                                               Gasconade Co.              RR station

·        JONES LANDING                                        Montgomery Co.           Boat landing


·        KALLMEYERS LANDING                                Montgomery Co            Boat landing

·        KELSO                                                             Franklin Co.                  RR siding

·        KERSTENS STORE                                        Warren Co.                  Rural store

·        KINGS STATION                                          St. Louis Co.                 RR station

·        KLUSMEIERS LANDING                                Warren Co.                  AKA – Klausmeir Landing

·        KLUSMEIR LANDING                                    Warren Co.                  …SEE Klausmeiers Landing

·        KNAUSS                                                         St. Francois Co.           Electric RR station

·        KROENUNG                                                    St. Louis Co.                 RR station

·        KURLBAUMS LANDING                                 Franklin Co.                  AKA – Kurlsaum Landing.

·        KURLSAUM LANDING                                   Franklin Co.                  ...SEE Kurlsbaums Landing


·        LAKE FARM                                                     Warren Co.                  RR watering station

·        LEICHLITER                                                   Monroe Co.                   Country store

·        LOCKHART                                                      Lawrence Co.                RR station


·        MALLARD                                                        Henry Co.                     RR station

·        MAPLE LAKE STATION                                 St. Charles Co.             RR station

·        MAUNES STORE                                           Franklin Co.                  Rural store

·        McDANIELS                                                   Ste. Genevieve             RR siding

·        McNATTS STORE                                         Lawrence Co.                Rural store/trading point

·        McPEAK SWITCH                                          Bates Co.                     RR switch

·        MENTOR                                                         St. Louis Co.                 RR station

·        MID WAY                                                       Bates Co.                     Filling station


·        NEEDMORE                                                    Dade Co.                      Trading point

·        NORTH WASHINGTON LANDING          Warren Co.                  Boat landing


·        O’MEARA                                                        St. Francois Co.           RR station

·        OLD BLOOM LANDING                                 Maries Co.                    Boat landing

·        ORLEANS                                                       Polk Co.                        Trading point

·        OTTO SPUR                                                   New Madrid Co.           RR spur

·        OWINGS STORE                                           Montgomery Co.           Rural store


·        PETERS STORE                                             Gasconade Co.              Rural store

·        PITTS LANDING                                           Warren Co.                  Boat landing

·        PITZERS LANDING                                       Warren Co.                  Boat landing

·        PLUMB TOWN                                                            Dade Co.                      Trading point

·        PORT ROYAL                                                  St. Louis Co.                 RR station

·        PORT ROYAL LANDING                                Franklin Co.                  Boat landing

·        PRIEURS LANDING                                       St. Charles Co.             Boat landing


·        QUACKENBRUECK                                         Franklin Co.                  Covered bridge


·        REKATES STORE                                           Warren Co.                  Rural store

·        RICHEY                                                           Maries Co.                    Rural store…AKA – Bucksnort

·        RIDGE FARM STATION                                St. Louis Co.                 AKA – Ridgefarm Station

·        RIDGEFARM STATION                                 St. Louis Co.                 …SEE Ridge Farm Station

·        ROBINSON                                                                Cass Co.                       RR station

·        ROCKLAND SWITCH                                                 St. Louis Co.                 RR switch


·        SCUDDER                                                        St. Louis Co.                 RR station

·        SIMPSONS STORE                                       Johnson Co.                 DEAD NAME – early name for Chilhowee (1990 population - 345)

·        SOUTHBEND                                                  Lawrence Co.                Rural store & post office

·        SPIES LANDING                                            New Madrid                 River landing

·        STALEY                                                          Cass Co.                       RR switch

·        SWINK                                                           St. Francois Co.           Electric RR car stop


·        TAPPEHORN LANDING                                 Miller Co.                     River port       

·        TAVERN ROCK                                            Franklin Co.                  RR siding or station

·        THOMAS STATION                                      St. Louis Co.                 RR station

·        THOMPSONVILLE                                         Monroe Co.                   Country store

·        TUCKERS STORE                                           Maries Co.                    Rural store


·        VAN HORN TAVERN                                     Boone Co.                     Roadside tavern

·        VAN STUDIFORD STATION                                    St. Louis Co.                 RR station

·        VAULT STORE                                               Franklin Co.                  Country store

·        VENTURA                                                       Monroe Co.                   Country store

·        VOORHEES                                                    Camden Co.                  Rural store & post office


·        WEST ASHBY STATION                              St. Louis Co.                 Electric RR car stop

·        WEST BELTON                                              Cass Co.                       RR station

·        WHITENER                                                   St. Francois Co.           Electric RR car stop

·        WILDWOOD STATION                       St. Louis Co.                 Electric RR car stop

·        WORTMANS STORE                                     Franklin Co.                  Rural store

·        WRIGHTSBURG                                             Bates Co.                     Filling station


·        YEAGER SHOP                                               Franklin Co.                  Blacksmith shop-voting precinct




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