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dedicated to License Plates and License Plate Collectors.

For ghost town chasing, treasure hunting (TH'ing), prospecting, genealogy, and searching for old towns your ancestors lived in, as well as lots of other interesting links, these sites are well worth visiting...

There are literally thousands of related websites out there, and this list is not intended to be all inclusive. 

These are just a few of the sites I find interesting.  I hope you do too.  Happy web surfing!


The Ghost Town Guru





Clubs for License Plate Collectors


·        Associazione Italiana Studio TargheAutomobilistiche AISTA  (Italian club)

Please note:  The website is in Italian, and does not offer an English translation. 

·        Autokennzeichen-Sammler AKS (German club)

·        Automobile License Plate Collector’s Association ALPCA

With around 3000 active members, ALPCA is the largest club for license plate collectors and is based in the United States.  It consists of a number of regional chapters, some of which also have their own websites and/or Facebook pages.  Please note that the club has an extensive archives and behind the scenes collection of pages that are only available to club members.

Some of these regional sites include:

1.   Southern California - SoCal Region SINCE 1963 – Celebrating 50 years as an ALPCA Regional Chapter – Currently no website (Contact me - Regional VP)

2.   Northern California – Gold Rush Region – Currently no website.

3.   Arizona – Arizona License Plate Society - ALPS

4.   Chesapeake Bay states & DC – Chesapeake Region

5.   Illinois area – Mid-America Plate Association - MAPA

6.   Iowa-Kansas-Missouri-Nebraska – Heartland Region

7.   Nevada – Silver State Region

8.   New Jersey – Garden State Region 

9.   Utah – Utah – This is the Place Region


·        De-Nummerplaat - Dutch club

·        De Taksplaat - La Plaque de Taxe - Belgian Club

Please note:  There is no website for this club. 


Louis Fierens
Wommelgemsteenweg 68
B-2110 Wijnegem BELGIUM

·        European Registration Plate Association - Europlate 

Access to their website now requires a password and registration.

·        Francoplaque French Club

They have over 100,000 photos of license plates from all over the world.

·        Michigan License Plate Association MLPCA

With over 250 active members, this is the largest, independent, individual state collector’s club in the United States.  It is NOT a regional chapter of ALPCA.

·        Number Plate Collectors Club-Australia - NPCC

1.   Photos of Souvenir Plates issued to North American club meets

2.   NOTE:  Contact ME if you live in North America and are interested in joining, as I am NPCC’s North American Coordinator, and have my own North American Coordinator Page.  You can download the NPCC membership form and mail it to me at the address listed on the form, or pay via Paypal (contact me for appropriate information to do so).



On-Line Collector Buy/Trade/Sell Forums


·        License Plate Hut


Online want ads for license plates – since 1994.  As of January 04, 2015, the links to the various ads and plates for sale are NOT active.

·        Plates USA




MISC License Plate Collector Sites


·        Dutch Number Plate Archives

·        John Northup’s

·        Porcelain (enamel) license plates are featured on Eric Taylor’s fantastic pages and online archives. 





Links to various websites and pages are listed in the following categories…



·        General Ghost Town sites

·        Individual States/Provinces

·        Individual Sites

·        History/Travel



·        General Sites

·        Specific Interest Sites

·        Treasure Hunting Equipment Manufacturers/Distributors

·        General Treasure Hunting Clubs/Organizations

·        Specific Interest Clubs/Organizations

·        Places to find treasure

·        Government information sources



·        Book publishers/sellers

·        Periodicals 



·        Clubs for License Plate Collectors

·        On-Line Collector Buy/Trade & Sell Forums

·        A few other misc. websites of interest to license plate collectors



·        General




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