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Researching the exile of various Acadian groups to France and their subsequent resettlement in Louisiana as part of the “Seven Acadian Expeditions of 1785” can be confusing unless one understands the various lists for the Expeditions and their purposes.

At least three different sets of lists exist of the Acadians who either planned to go to Louisiana from France or who did make the journey in 1785. The earliest document of September, 1784 is a list of Acadian Families desiring to depart France for Louisiana. The seven embarkation lists of 29 April 1785 through 22 September 1785 identify the Acadians who boarded vessels in France for Louisiana. Finally, the debarkation lists of 29 July 1785 through 19 January 1786 enumerate the Acadians who arrived in Louisiana. To further complicate research, the embarkation lists are in French, since they originated in France, while the debarkation lists are in Spanish since Spain owned Louisiana in 1785. This resulted in the ship L’Amitié being “renamed” L’Amistad on its arrival in New Orleans, LA.

The three sets of Expedition lists, along with locations of the original records, as well as sources of the published lists are:

1)  “Acadian Families Who Want to Go to Louisiana to Establish Themselves at the Expense of His Catholic Majesty (September, 1784; Spanish)

Original Record

Archivo General de Indias, ‘Audiencia De Santa Domingo’ (A.D.S.) (Seville, Spain) - Legajo 2575 (Microfilm copy at University of Louisiana in Lafayette; Lafayette, LA)

Published Copies

Voohries, Jacqueline K, Some Late Eighteenth-Century Louisianans - Census Records of the Colony, 1758-1796 (The USL History Series, University of Southwestern Louisiana; Lafayette, LA; 1973) pp. 488-517


- Name of Head of Family
- Name of Wife
- Number of Sons
- Number of Daughters
- Names of Young Men and Women Who Have Attained Their Majority
- Number of Orphans

2) Lists of Embarkation on the Seven Ships from Nantes, France to Louisiana (French)

- Le Bon Papa (List dated 29 Apr 1785; Ship departed 10 May 1785)
- La Bergère (List dated 7Apr 1785; Ship departed 14 May 1785)
- Le Beaumont (List dated 29 May 1785; Ship departed 11 Jun 1785)
- Le Saint-Remi (List dated 21 Jun 1785 with Supplement on 24 Jun 1785; Ship departed 27 Jun 1785)
- L’Amitié (List dated 1 Jul 1785 with Supplements later in Jul 1785; Ship departed 20 Aug 1785) Volume 2 Issue 2 8
- La Ville d’Archangel (List dated 14 Jul 1785; Ship departed 12 Aug 1785)
- La Caroline (List dated 22 Sep 1785; Ship departed 19 Oct 1785)

Original Records

At the Archives Departementales de la Loire Atlantique (Nantes, France) - for the ships La Bon Papa, La Bergère, Le Beaumont, Le Saint-Remi, L’Amitié and La Caroline

At the Archives de la Charente-Maritime (La Rochelle, France) - Supplemental list for the ship L’Amitié

At the Archives de la Maritime (Brest, France) - for the ship La Ville d’Archangel

Published Copies

Rieder, Milton P. Jr. & Rieder, Norma Gaudet, The Crew & Passenger Registration Lists of the Seven Acadian Expeditions of 1785 (Milton P. Rieder, Jr. and Norma Gaudet Rieder; Metairie, LA; 1965)

Hébert, Rev. Donald J., Acadian Families in Exile - 1785 and (Part Two) Exiled Acadians - An Index (Hébert Publications; Rayne, LA; 1995)

Braud, Gérard-Marc, Les Acadiens á Nantes au 18ème Siecle Depart pour la Louisiane (Association Régionale de l’Ouest des Amitiés Acadiennes; Nantes, France; ca. 1999) [Contains photocopies of the original embarkation lists]

Contents (For All Ships)

 - Name of Head of Family
- Occupation of Head of Family
- Names of Wife and Sons and Daughters
- Names of Other Persons with Family and Their Relationship to Family
- Ages of All Persons Listed

3) Lists of Debarkation from the Seven Ships at New Orleans, LA (Spanish)
- Le Bon Papa (List dated 29 Jul 1785; Ship arrived 29 Jul 1785)
- La Bergère (List dated 22 Sep 1785; Ship arrived 15 Aug 1785)
- Le Beaumont (List dated 6 Sep 1785; Ship arrived 19 Aug 1785)
- Le Saint-Remi (List dated 19 Dec 1785; Ship arrived 10 Sep 1785)
- L’Amitié (Also called L’Amistad) (List dated 14 Apr 1786; Ship arrived 8 Nov 1785)
- La Ville d’Archangel (List dated 17 Jan 1786; Ship arrived 3 Dec 1785)
- La Caroline (List dated 17 Jan 1786; Ship departed 17 Dec 1785)

Original Records

Archivo General de Indias, ‘Papeles Procedentes de Cuba’ (A.G. I.; P.P.C.) (Seville, Spain)

- Le Bon Papa - Legajo 602-b (29 Jul 1785; Anselmo Blanchard’s Registration; 9 Volume 2 Issue 2 New Orleans)
- La Bergère - Legajo 576 (22 Sep 1785; Prieto to Morales; New Orleans)
- Le Beaumont - Legajo 626-A (6 Sep 1785; Pedro Aragon y Villegas Registration; New Orleans)
- Le Saint-Remi - Legajo 604-B (19 Dec 1785; Navarro to Morales, New Orleans)
- L’Amitié - (Also called L’Amistad) Legajo 576 (14 Apr 1786; Prieto to Morales; New Orleans) (Also 15 Dec 1785 & 15 Jan 1786; Prieto to Navarro; New Orleans)
- La Ville d’Archangel - Legajo 576 (17 Jan 1786; Prieto to Morales; New Orleans)
- La Caroline - Legajo 576 (17 Jan 1786; Prieto to Morales; New Orleans)

Published Copies

 Winzerling, Rev. Oscar W., Acadian Odyssey (Louisiana State University Press; Baton Rouge, LA; 1955) pp. 199-206

Hébert, Rev. Donald J., Acadian Families in Exile - 1785 and (Part Two) Exiled Acadians - An Index (Hébert Publications; Rayne, LA; 1995)

Contents (For Le Bon Papa & Le Beaumont)

 - Names of All Persons in Family and Others with Family
 - Their Relationship to Head of Family

Contents (For La Bergère, L’Amitié (also called L’Amistad), La Ville d’Archangel & La Caroline)

- Name of Head of Family
- List of Tools and Implements Given to the Family

Contents (For Le Saint-Remi)

- Names of Persons Married and Dates of Marriages


* The dates of embarkation and debarkation for a specific ship often differ among the various sources. The date of embarkation cited by one source may be the date the passengers actually embarked on the vessel while another source may cite the date that the vessel actually departed Nantes, France. Several days could elapse between these two events. The debarkation dates may differ because the ships sometimes lingered at the mouth of the Mississippi River due to their size and, therefore, arrived in New Orleans days or weeks later than they arrived at mouth of the Mississippi River. One source may use the date of arrival at the mouth of the Mississippi River while another source may use the actual date that passengers debarked from the vessel.

* The ship L’Amitié is referred to by this name in the French records; however, in the Spanish debarkation lists it is called  ‘L’Amistad. In French the word ‘L’Amitié’ means ‘friendship’ which is the same meaning of word ‘L’Amistad’ in Spanish.

 by Marty Guidry