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The Acadian family of Claude Guédry and Marguerite Petitpas has many descendants in North America and possibly other parts of the world. Today the largest concentrations of descendants are in south Louisiana, southeast Texas and the Clare municipality of Nova Scotia. Although we go by many names today, we are all cousins. Some of our surnames are Guédry, Guedry, Guidry, Gaidry, Guildry, Guitry, Gidry, Geddry, Gedry, Jeddry, Jedry, Labine, LaBine, LaBean, Soucie-Labine and Soucie.

The Guédry Surname
Over the past three hundred and fifty years the Guédry surname used by Claude Guédry, husband of Marguerite Petitpas has undergone many transformations. Names transformed from Guédry include Guedry, Guidry, Gaidry, Guildry, Guitry, Gidry, Geddry, Gedry, Jeddry, Jedry, Labine, LaBine, LaBean, Soucie-Labine and Soucie. Persons bearing each of these surnames (except Soucie) are direct descendants of Claude Guédry and Marguerite Petitpas and would be a Guédry today if the Guédry surname had not been changed to their surname. The Soucie surname also occurs for individuals not descended from Claude Guédry and Marguerite Petitpas.

A single individual may have used more than one form of the surname during his lifetime thus making it difficult to determine the proper form of the surname to use in the database. For example, Pierre Guédry, son of Augustin Guédry and Jeanne Hébert, is found in the records under Guédry, Guedry, Lledre and Guidry. When this occurred, we have used the surname most often attributed to that individual.

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