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The Clotiaux (Clothiaux, Clostio) family in Louisiana began when François Mathurin Clotiaux arrived in New Orleans on the American ship "William Tell" in 1858. Born 16 Nov 1840 in La Fresnais, Department Ille-et-Vilaine, France, François emigrated to New York, NY on 14 Nov 1854 on the ship "Galliot Français" when only 14 years of age. Extant family letters from François' mother in France ask her son why he departed home without telling anyone and why he has not said where he is. It is still a mystery as to why this young boy left his family and home and sought a new life in distant lands across the great ocean.

François Clotiaux settled in Lafayette Parish, LA between the towns of Youngsville and Maurice where on 9 Jul 1860 he married Marie Seraphine Duhon who was 17 years old at the time. The young couple continued to live in Lafayette Parish and raised a family of three daughters and nine sons.

Gradually the family began a slow westward migration into Vermilion Parish and the small village of Kaplan. One branch of the family eventually relocated to the Galveston, TX area where they reside today.

The Clotiaux Surname
Throughout the database all direct descendents of Vincent Clotiaux and Toussainte Le Lievre are assigned the surname Clotiaux - even though their actual surname may be Clotiaux, Clotiaud, Clotiau, Cloteaux, Cloteaud, Cloteau, Clothiaux, Clothiaud, Clothiau, Clotio or Clostio. This is done for two reasons:

1) Over the years since the mid-1700’s the Clotiaux surname has been modified to many forms as shown above. Furthermore, a single individual may have used more than one form of the surname during his lifetime thus making it difficult to determine the proper form of the surname to use in the database.
2) Using the single surname Clotiaux throughout the database facilitates locating the direct descendents of Vincent Clotiaux and Toussainte Le Lievre in the Surname Index of the database

One can determine the commonly used surname(s) of each individual. On the Family Web Cards and on the Person Sheets the “Primary Surname” (“Sur.”) field identifies the main surname(s) used by each individual. Also, the “Names” section near the end of the Person Sheet contains all names found in the records for each individual.

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