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Descendants of David Paulsell & Elizabeth Delaney

Third Generation

15. Eliza PAULSELL 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (Newton , David ) was born on 1 Jan 1858 in Linn, Cedar Co, MO. She died 7 on 18 Mar 1952 in Los Angeles Co, CA.

Eliza married 5 Stephen S SKIDMORE 1, 2, 3, 4 in 1882 in Los Angeles Co, CA. Stephen was born in Oct 1855 in TX. He died on 26 May 1934 in Los Angeles Co, CA and was buried in Downey Cemetery, Downey, Los Angeles, CA.

They had the following children:

+ 27 M i Grey Maxwell SKIDMORE

16. Alice PAULSELL 1, 2, 3 (Newton , David ) was born on 18 Aug 1860 in Linn, Cedar Co, MO. She died on 13 Apr 1945 in Los Angeles Co, CA.

Alice married 4 John C. SIMMONS 1, 2, 3 in 1883 in Los Angeles Co, CA. John was born in Jan 1856 in LA. He died on 10 Aug 1947 in Downey, Downey, Los Angeles, CA and was buried in Downey Cemetery, Downey, Los Angeles, CA.

They had the following children:

  28 M i Earl S SIMMONS 1 was born in Nov 1885 in Downey, Los Angeles, CA.

19. Oliver Patton PAULSELL [image] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (John , David ) was born on 12 Mar 1830 in Greene Co, TN. He died on 5 Jul 1902 in Rolla, Phelps, MO and was buried in Hudgens Cemetery, Phelps Co, MO. Oliver was employed as Farmer, Judge, State Legislator in 1884. He joined religion Elder in the Christian Church.

Oliver's farm was locared four miles southwest of Rolla on the Bridge School Road, near the present day Frisco railroad culvert over Little Beaver Creek. He served as Associate Judge of the County Court, Presiding Judge, and in the State Legislature in 1884 for one term. While a member of the Legislature, he helped draft the first Prohibition law which was used as a model for several states.

The Bureau of Land Management, Eastern States, General Land Office, shows records on Oliver. He purchased land in Phelps County: 40 acres in 1857 and 80 acres in 1870. County deed may show even more acquired land.

According to a Paulsell descendant, Charles Donnell Paulsell, the Paulsell farmhouse was in Gasconade County and the barn was in Phelps County. This had to be after the Civil War when Pulaski County was broken into several counties including Phelps County. He was an elder of the Christian Church that met at the Bridge School House, reputedly thought violins were sinful and would not have one in the house, so so Oliver Dabney Paulsell, kept his fiddle hidden.

CENSUS: 1850 Pulaski Co
72nd Dist Enumerated 26 Sep 1850
221/ 230
Oliver P Palsell 21 M W Farmer 157 TN X
Mary Ann 18 F W KY
Everett 12 M W TN X
Catherine Hudgens 48 F W TN
(I don't know why his name has been listed as Elijah or Elijar P Ralsell in the index but it does indicate that he and Mary Ann were married within the last year. In another 1850 Pulaski Census index, his name is listed as Oliver P Ralsell.) Everett is O P's younger brother. Catherine Hudgens is probably Catherine Paulsell Hudgens who married William Hudgens. I don't know how she is kin unless she's an aunt.
1860 Phelps Co, MO Green ED, Avery PO pg 701
O. P. Pausell 30 M Farmer 1500/2000 TN
Mary A 28 F KY
John 9 M MO
William 7 M MO
S 5 F MO
P A 3 F MO
K D 2 M MO
C. Arnold 30 F TN
Josiah Lowry 7 M TN
G. Whitcolm 24 M WI
Spencer Light 17 M TN
Henson Aker 16 M MO

1870 Phelps Co, MO Rolla
O. P. Paulsell 40 M W Farmer 4500/7255 TN
Mary C 35 F W Keeping House MO
John 19 M W Works on Farm MO
William 17 M W Works on Farm MO
Susanna 14 F W MO
Polly A. 12 F W MO
King D. 10 M W MO
Calvin 9 M W MO
Oliver 7 M W MO

CENSUS: 1876 Phelps Co MO State Census
105 1 Paulsell, John M D W
105 2 Paulsell, Emeline F D W
105 3 Paulsell, William M A W
105 6 Paulsell, Oliver P M E W
105 7 Paulsell, Mary A F D W
105 8 Paulsell, Mary Ann F C W
105 9 Paulsell, King D. M B W
105 10 Paulsell, Calvin M B W
105 11 Paulsell, Oliver M B W
105 12 Paulsell, Florinda J F B W
105 13 Paulsell, Edie E M A W
105 14 Paulsell, Jenetta F F A W

Ages are provided only by age group in the original census.
Age Categories are;
A=Under 10
E=45 & older
D=Deaf and Dumb
I=Insane (probably includes retarded)
(If one of the 3 latter categories are shown, the actual age is given)

CENSUS: 1880 Phelps Co MO ED 127 Rolla Twp pg 18 159
Oliver Paulsell W M 51 Head Md Farmer TN TN TN
Mary W F 48 Wife Md Keeping House KY KY KY
William W M 26 Son S Farmer MO TN KY
Polly Ann W F 23 Dau S Keeping House MO TN KY
King David W M 21 Son S Farm Laborer MO TN KY
Armenius W M 19 Son S Farm Laborer MO TN KY
Oliver D W M 17 Son S Farm Laborer MO TN KY
Florinda W F 18 Dau S MO TN KY
Edward E W M 13 Son S MO TN KY
Jennette F W F 9 Dau S MO TN KY

EDUCATION: Big Bridge School was approximately two miles west of Rolla. The school took its name from a nearby railroad trestle over a tributary of Beaver Creek. The school district encompassed all of sections 16, 17, 18, and parts of 15, 19, 20, 21, and 24 in Township 37 North, Range 8 West. George W. Gollahon and C. W. Campbell were the district clerks during the period represented by the record book, while R. A. Colyer, J. H. Madigan, E. E. Paulsell, and O. P. Paulsell were chairmen of the board of directors. Members of the Campbell, Dotson, Eddleman, Falkenrath, Flynn, Gollahon, Madigan, Merchant, Morse, and Paulsell families were prominent among the district's officers and students.

MISCELLANEOUS: "Wills, Bonds & Administrations, 1859-1863 & Book B 1863-1870", pg 24-25, he is listed as the intermediate administrator of William Bond's estate, probate date 20 May 1864. (Source: Missouri Pioneers XXIX, compiled and published by Miss Nadine Hodges and Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff, Dec 1975).

Oliver married Mary Ann HUDGENS [image] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, daughter of William David HUDGENS and Susannah TUCKER, on 18 Apr 1850 in Phelps Co, MO. Mary was born 6 on 6 Jun 1832 in Washington Co, KY. She died on 25 Dec 1889 in Phelps Co, MO and was buried in Hudgens Cemetery, Phelps Co, MO.

They had the following children:

+ 29 M i John Calvin PAULSELL
  30 F ii infant PAULSELL 1 was born on 16 Jan 1853 in Phelps Co, MO. She died on 20 Jan 1853 in Phelps Co, MO.
+ 31 M iii William PAULSELL
+ 32 F iv Susannah PAULSELL
+ 33 F v Mary Ann PAULSELL
+ 34 M vi King David PAULSELL
+ 35 M vii Armenius Calvin PAULSELL
+ 36 M viii Oliver Dabney PAULSELL
+ 37 F ix Florinda Jane PAULSELL
  38 F x Sarah Clementine PAULSELL 1, 2 was born on 13 Aug 1865 in Phelps Co, MO. She died on 22 Jul 1866 in Phelps Co, MO.
+ 39 M xi Edward Everett PAULSELL
  40 F xii Jeanette Frances PAULSELL "Jennie" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 was born on 29 Sep 1870 in Rolla, Phelps, MO. She died on 14 Oct 1922 in Rolla, Phelps, MO and was buried in Oct 1922 in Rolla Cemetery, Rolla, Phelps, MO. Jennie was employed as Farm wife.
        Jennie married 2 John C FALKENRATH 1 on 1 Nov 1890 in Phelps Co, MO. John was born in Oct 1870 in Phelps Co, MO. He died in 1915 in Phelps Co, MO. John was employed as Farmer.

CENSUS: 1900 Phelps Co, MO ED 107 Rolla pg 5b 97/102
John Faulkenrath Head W M Oct 1870 29 Mrd 2yrs MO Germany MO Farmer Rents
Jeanette F Wife W F Sep 1870 29 Mrd 2yrs MO TN KY 0ch
Oliver P Paulsell FIL W M Mar 1830 70 Wd TN TN TN

PARENTS: Charles and Minerva Falkenrath

20. Armenius Calvin PAULSELL [image] "Calvin" 1, 2, 3, 4 (John , David ) was born on 26 Jan 1832 in Greene Co, TN. He died on 27 Mar 1893 in Stockton, San Joaquin, CA and was buried 5 in Rural Cemetery, San Joaquin Co, CA. Calvin was employed as Famer's Cooperative Union - Paulsell & Wilbur 6 1889 - 1893 in San Francisco, San Francisco, CA. He was employed as Store Clerk, Rancher. He was employed as Harbor Commissoiner 7 1889 - 1891 in San Francisco, San Francisco, CA.

AC is shown on the 1850 Census as working for a merchant in Springfield, MO on Sep 3, 1850. He was 18. The merchant was John DeBrian, 56, from Holland and his wife's name was Mary K ___, 38, from Ky. AC was single at the time.

"The first marriage recorded in Stanislaus County (CA) wa that of Armenius Calvin Paulsell and Almira Gardenshire, the ceremony by a zealous preacher who had travesrsed the plains to aid in the regeneration of the camps, and savoring the crude and incomplete and desolate in western life, are both deserving of mention in any work bearing upon the upbuilding of the state, for the former performed his duty as a land owner and stock raiser, as one of the organizers and the first president of the Farmer's Union of Stockton, as a member of the state legislature, and as a grain merchant, and state harbor commissioner at San Francisco for seven years, while the latter proved one of the earnest and helpful pioneer women of the coast, and one in whom meemories of the events of those far distant days are as clear and well defined as if they happened yesterday......"

"...Mr. (A. C.) Paulsell began his business career as a clerk in a store in Springfield, MO. and, in 1853, he crossed the plains with oxen, bringing a large herd of cattle with which he started a stock-raising enterprise in Tuolumne county (CA). later, he bought a farm on the north side of Stanislaus River in Stanislaus County, in the San Joaquin Valley, of seven hundred acrews, raised grain and stock, and, eventually, became owner of about thirty-five hundred acres. Disposing of the first seven hundred acres of his land after he had realized a liberal profit, he located in Stockton, where he became one of the organizers and chief promoters of the Farmer's Union, and where he was elected to the state legislature in 1872.
Later on, he was appointed State Harbor Commsioner... living in San Francisco during that time and, at the same time, engaged in the buying and selling of grain on a large scale. He purchased the home now occupied by his widow in 1883, and it was while on a visit in Stockton in 1893, that an old kidney trouble resulted in his death. He died at the home of his son, J. J. Paulsell..."

Had he lived, A. C. would have been appointed Superintendent of the Mint in San Francisco. In the above article, A. C. and Almira had 12 children.

Gardenhire researcher Sharyn Estelle Roark Greeley states Calvin was urged to run for the nomination for Governor of California in 1890. He served on the Democratic County Committee for many years and he was also on the State Central Committee. He was a very active vice chairmen during the gubernatorial campaigns of 1886 & 1890.

CENSUS: 1850 Greene Co, MO pg 270
John DeBruin 56 M Merchant 500 Holland
Mary K. 38 F KY
Arminius Ca Paulsell 18 M TN

CENSUS: 1870 San Joaquin Co, CA Dent Twp pg 22
A. C. Paulsell 50 W M Farmer 9000/3500 TN
Miltie 48 W F AR
May 19 W F AR
Janes 17 W F AR
Frank 16 W M CA
Sallie 8 W F CA
Jack 6 W M CA
Arthen 3 W F CA

1880 San Joaquin Co, CA, ED 97, Stockton, Miner Ave, pg 9a
A. Calvin Paulsell Self W M 42 Mrd Wheat Dealer TN VA TN
Elmira H. Wife W F 41 Mrd Keeping House AR TN TN
John J. Son W M 16 S At School CA TN AR
Angenette Dau W F 13 S At School CA TN AR
Mary Ann Dau W F 10 S At Home CA TN AR
Oliver F. Son W M 5 S At Home CA TN AR
Edna Dau W F 1 S At Home CA TN AR
Jane Sperry Dau W F 24 Mrd At Home CA TN AR
Asa GSon W M 5mo S At Home CA TN AR
Katie Magginie Serv W F 20 Dv Domestic Switzerland Switz Switz

Calvin married 5 Almira Holford GARDENHIRE 1, 2, 3, 4, daughter of Jacob Harvey GARDENHIRE and Catherine MATLOCK, on 27 Jul 1854 in Stanislaus Co, CA. Almira was born about 1836 in Carroll Co, AR. She died 6 on 7 Oct 1910 in San Jose, Santa Clara, CA and was buried 7 on 10 Oct 1910 in Rural Cemetery, Stockton, San Joaquin, CA.

BIOGRAPHY: Of German ancestry, Almira was born in Arkansas. She attended the log school house near her home until she was 14 years old, and later, on the trip to California, helped others by reading and teaching. Her father, Jacob Gardenshire, was born in Tennessee, but the dates are unknown at the present. Jacob became a land owner in Tennessee. He and Catherine had nine children, amny of whom are not known. In 1850, he emigrated westward in an ox train for weeks and months to find California gold. He was fairly successful and returned to Arkansas in 1851 to gather his family and go back to California.

"...In April, 1853, all arrangement had been made, and one bright morning the family bade adieu to the friends and scenes with which they had long been familiar, and turned their faces toward the land of opulence described by the head of the house. Having traversed the distance before, Mr. Gardenhire was chosen captain of the company, and in the capacity, departed ahead in order to secure favorable camping places. The country abounded in buffalo, and great herds of these animals often came in sight of theotourist and ere somtimes killed to replenish their larder. The trip was without any serious accident, and husband, wife and nine children were little worse for the constant demands upon their patience and endurance. Settling temporarily on the Tuolumne river, Mr. Gardenhire rented a farm for a year, and in 1854, moved to the San Joaquin country, where he kep a country hotel, the Alabama House..."
After the death of her husband, Almira went to live with her daughter, Edna. She wore her "widow's weeds" until she died. By coincidence, her sister, Tennessee Gardenhire had died the day before in Stockton, California. (per the Oakdale Graphic Newspaper).

They had the following children:

  41 F i Mary Catherine PAULSELL 1 was born on 9 Apr 1855 in San Joaquin Co, CA. She died on 14 Apr 1868 in San Joaquin Co, CA and was buried 2 in Rural Cemetery, San Joaquin Co, CA.
+ 42 F ii Missouri Jane PAULSELL
+ 43 F iii Martha Augusta PAULSELL
  44 M iv Armenius Calvin PAULSELL Jr 1, 2 was born about 1858 in Stanislaus Co, CA. He died about 1860 in Stanislaus Co, CA and was buried 3 in Rural Cemetery, San Joaquin Co, CA.
  45 M v William Everett PAULSELL 1, 2, 3 was born in 1860 in Stanislaus Co, CA. He died 4 on 1 Jan 1937 in Alameda Co, CA. William was employed as resided in Reno, NV.

MARRIAGE: According to his death index, his wife's first name started with a J.

MISCELLANEOUS: In the Nevada State Journal, 15 Nov 1895, there's an article from San Francisco about William E. Paulsell, who had attempted to rob a faro bank in February 1894. Evidently, his first trial ended in a deadlocked jury so he was tried a second time. He was convicted. The article doesn't say anything about his sentence.

MISCELLANEOUS: In the Reno Daily News, 12 Nov 1903, the newspaper states the W. H. Paulsell was leaving for Stockton to visit relatives there.
He is also mentioned as participating in a live bird shoot there in Reno in 1911.

CENSUS: 1920 Alameda Co, CA, ED 58, Oakland, pg 5a (9) 5600 Genoa St
Boarding with the David Rothschild family 118/125
William Paulsell Boarder M W 60 D CA ME ME Steam RR Switchman
  46 M vi Lee Young PAULSELL 1 was born on 4 Jan 1862 in Stanislaus Co, CA. He died on 25 Jan 1894 in Stanislaus Co, CA from bronchitis and was buried 2 in Rural Cemetery, San Joaquin Co, CA.
+ 47 M vii John Jefferson PAULSELL
  48 F viii Anne Jeanette PAULSELL [image] 1, 2, 3 was born on 10 Sep 1866 in prob Stanislaus Co, CA. She died 4 on 30 Dec 1956 in San Francisco Co, CA and was buried in Rural Cemetery, San Joaquin Co, CA.

EDUCATION: She graduated 1887 from Mills College, Oakland, Alameda, CA.
Resided in San Fransisco

OCCUPATION: Bill Gardenhire states that she was a Episcopal nun.

DEATH: At the time of her death, Jeanette was living at 2770 Lombard St in San Francisco. According to her alumni card at Mills College, she worked and lived for a time at the Dentention Home in Redwood City, CA.

CENSUS: 1920 Santa Clara, CA, ED 139, Redwood Twp, Alma Pct, 3b (6)
Anne J Paulsell Head O F W 53 S CA TN AR General Farming
Edna P Gilchrist Sis F W 40 Md CA TN AR
Elizabeth A Niece F W 8 S CA TN AR
  49 F ix Dr Mary Ann PAULSELL [image] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 was born on 27 Jan 1870 in San Joaquin Co, CA. She died 7 on 10 Aug 1942 in Warren, Warren, PA. Mary resided 8 Apr 1935 in Warren, Warren, PA.

EDUCATION:~Mills College, Oakland, CA - A. B. 1890
~Women Medical College NYC - M. D. 1895

~Mitchell, Mary Paulsell 1870-
Woman's Who's Who of America. A biographical dictionary of contemporary women of the United States and Canada, 1914-1915. Edited by John William Leonard. New York: American Commonwealth Co., 1914. Reprint. Detroit: Gale Research, 1976. (WomWWA 14) pg 568 "MITCHELL, Mary Paulsell (Mrs. H. W. Mitchell) State Hospital, Warren, PA Physician; b. San Joaquin Co, Ca., Jan. 27, 1870; dau. Arminius Calvin and Almira (Gardenshire) Paulsell; ed. Mills Coll, Cal., A. B. '90; Women's Med. Coll. of NY Infirmary, M. D. '95; md. Danvers, Mass., Aug. 16, 1902, H. W. Mitchell, M. D. Interne in New England Hospital for Women and Children, Boston, 1895-1896; resident physician Women's Charity Club Hospital, Boston, 1896-1898; ass't physician Danvers (Mass ) Insane Hospital, 1898-1907; ass't physician Eastern Maine Insane Hospital, Bangor, 1907-10. Favors woman sufferage. Mem. Maine Suffrage Ass'n. Unitarian. Mem. Mass. Med. Soc., and Med. Soc."

Ellis Island transcript from where she sailed from San Francisco to New York-
Name: Paulsell, Mary
Ethnicity: U. S.
Place of Residence:
Date of Arrival: 10 Sep 1892
Age on Arrival: 27 yrs
Marital Status:
Ship of Travel: Colombia
Port of Departure: San Francisco

Evidently, she also made a trip to England in the 1896 and 1897 as she is also listed going through Ellis Island on the ship Germanic, having left Liverpool, England. She arrived in New York on 9 Apr 1897.

OCCUPATION:~In a letter dated 7 Aug 2001 from the Massachusetts Medical Society, Membership Information clerk Barbara Adler wrote, "Our archives show that a member by the name of Mary Paulsell Mitchell joined the Massachusetts Medical Society in 1895 and resigned her membership in 1915. At that time she was listed in Warren, Pennsylvania."

~In the centennial book for the Warren State Hospital, she is mentioned, "...Mrs. Mary P. Mitchell, M.D., wife of the superintendent, was elected an "assistant physician without compensation to have charge of Hygeia Hall, and of the transfer of patients to and from the same." So she was, in a way, employed here in 1912

CENSUS: 1900 Essex Co, MA ED 1784 pg 1a Danvers Enumerated Jun 1900
Danvers Insane Hospital
Mary Paulsell Boarder W F Traveling in Europe Physician
(No birthplaces were listed. Listed in the same residence was H. Walter Mitchell.)

RESIDENCE: A lookup in Warren County, Pennsylvania directories for the years after Harry died dont' have any listings for Dr. Mary Ann Paulsell Mitchell. However, correspondece from Mary to her alma mater Mills College shows that her address was 310 Third Ave in Warren, PA.

OBITUARY: Warren Times Mirror
Tuesday, 11 Aug 1942, Pg 2, Col 3
Dr. Mary P. Mitchell
Following an illness of some weeks, Dr. Mary Paulsell Mitchell passed away last night at her home, 310 Third Avenue. Private funeral services will be held from there Wednesday morning, followed by cremation at Buffalo, N. Y. Friends are asked to kindly omit flowers.
Widow of the late Dr. Harry W. Mitchell and a great woman known and greatly admired in the community, Dr. Mitchell leaves three sisters, Miss Jeanette Paulsell and Edna P. Gilchrist of San Francisco and Mrs. Bartlett Mel of Visalia, Calif.
        Mary married 8 Dr. Harry Walter MITCHELL [image] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 on 16 Aug 1902 in Danvers, Essex, MA. Harry was born on 6 Nov 1867 in Plymouth, Grafton, NH. He died on 13 Jun 1933 in Conewango, Warren, PA and was buried 9 on 15 Jun 1933 in Buffalo, NY.

OCCUPATION: ~A mental health physician. He was the superintendent of the Bangor Mental Hospital from 1907-1915. Further information on he hospital and some of his accomplishments can be found on the following web site:

OCCUPATION: ~"MITCHELL, Harry Walter, M.D.; b. Plymouth, N.H., Nov. 6, 1867; s. Harris Blair and Frances (Blair) M.; Peacham (Vt.) Acad.; M.D., U. of Vt., 1896, hon. Sc.D., 1931; m. Mary Paulsell, Aug. 16, 1902. Asst. phys., State Farm, Bridgewater, Mass., 1896-98; asst. phys., Danvers (Mass.) State Hosp., 1899-1907; supt. Eastern Me. Insane Hosp., 1907-10, Danvers State Hosp., Mass., 1910-12. Warren State Hosp., Warren. Pa., 1912—. Unitarian. Home: Warren. Pa,, Died June 13. 1933." SOURCE: Who Was Who in America. A component volume of "Who’s Who in American History." Vol. 1, 1897-1942. Chicago: A.N. Marguis Co., 1943, P. 850.

~Stepping Stones," published by the Warren County Hist Soc, Vol. 12, No. 1, Jan 1968, P. 335:
~ ". . . The greatest growth of Warren State Hospital in plant, staff and professional services came during the administration of Dr. Mitchell; the hospital was then led into the era of modern psychiatry. . . ."

CENSUS:1900 Essex Co, MA (see census listing for Mary Paulsell)

1910 Penobscot Co, ME Bangor, ED 178 pg 5a
Eastern Maine Insane Asylum
Harry W. Mitchell Superintendent W M 42 M2 8yrs NH ME NH Superintendent Insane Asylum
Mary P Wife W F 40 M1 8yrs CA TN MO Asst Super Insane Asylum
(it goes on to list all the residents, nurses and other physicians that lived and worked there.)

1920 Warren Co PA ED 152 Conewango Twp, Warren State Hospital for the Insane, pg 1a
Harry W. Mitchell Head W M 52 Mrd NH ME NH Institution Superintendent
Mary P Wife W F 49 Mrd CA TN MO None
Louisa D. Urban Serv W F 48 D PA Ger. Gern Private Family Cook
Afreda Lindstrom Serv W F 26 S Swe Swe Swe Private Family Servant

EDUCATION: ~Peachham Academy, Peachham Vermont
~University of Vermont - College of Medicine -1896 graduate

PARENTS: Harris Blair Mitchell (abt 1833 ME - aft 1913 prob Malden, MA) and Frances Maria Blair (25 Apr 1839 Plymouth, NH - 16 Dec 1896 prob MA)
Source - Stearnes History of New Hampshire, pg 41-44, 257
Research on Parents - Charles R. McCain

RESIDENCE: He and Mary were listed in the Warren, PA Directory from 1912-1933. In the 1912 Warren, PA Directory, Harry is listed as Henry. He and Mary had moved to Warren Co, PA on 1 Mar 1912 according to Harry's death certificate.

Former Superintendent of State Hospital and Prominent Citizen Dies This Morning; Ill Past Two Years.
The entire community of Warren learns with the most profound sorrow of the death this morning of Doctor Harry W. Mitchell, for twenty years the respected and beloved superintendent of the Warren State Hospital.
Though in poor health for the past two years, it was not until March that Dr. Mitchell was forced to resign from the hospital and since that time, in spite of the most heroic efforts of medical skill and his own inherent vital courage, his condition grew more serious and his suffering more acute.
In spite of the fact that his death was not unexpected, it is nevertheless with a sense of shock that Dr. Mitchell s friends everywhere join with his family in their grief as they face the actuality of their irreparable loss.
Service in memory of Dr. Mitchell will be private and friends are asked to kindly omit flowers.
A more extended obituary will appear later.”
WARREN TIMES MIRROR, 13 June 1933, Pp 1,7 (with a large 8-inch by 9-inch photo).
“Doctor Harry Walter Mitchell, whose death occurred at his home at the Warren State Hospital, on Tuesday [(June 13, 1933], was born in Plymouth, Vermont, on the sixth day of November 1867, the son of Harris and Frances Blair Mitchell.
Inheriting only a magnificent physique, a bright mind and vigorous intellect, and imbued with an insatiable thirst for an education, he passed his boyhood days in hard work, turning his hand to any employment that presented itself. He attended high school at Malden, Massachusetts, St. John s Academy in Vermont; and Peacham Academy in Peacham, Vermont. He next entered the medical department of the University of Vermont, from which he was graduated in 1896 with the degree of Doctor of Medicine.
Then followed service in the Bellevue Hospital in New York, the State Farm at Bridgewater, Massachusetts, the Eastern Maine State Hospital and the Danvers State Hospital of Danvers, Massachusetts .
In 1902 he married Mary Paulsell of California, herself a physician, who survives him.
On November 14, 1911, Doctor and Mrs. Mitchell arrived at the Warren State Hospital to take up their duties here. Doctor Mitchell, having been appointed superintendent a short time before, and he continued in that position until forced to resign on account of ill health in March of this year [1933].
During his hospital service in New England and later in this state, his whole interest lay in the good he could do for the people in his charge, and to render better service he was untiring in his efforts to raise his own stature, to improve himself and to this end he became a member of the American Medical Association, the Pennsylvania Medical Association, the Boston State Medical Association, and countless neurological and psychiatric societies, being president of the American Psychiatric Association in 1922 and 1923 and declining further re-election.
He was the author of many pamphlets and articles dealing with special phases of medical and medico-legal questions and with hospital care and management.
Doctor Mitchell appeared as an expert witness in many murder cases, and so great was the confidence of judges and juries in the honesty of his testimony and the recognition of his ability was so universal, that no jury ever rendered a verdict involving the sanity of a defendant that was contrary to the opinion expressed by Doctor Mitchell from the witness stand. His testimony was given only after a careful examination of the defendant and an exhaustive study of all the facts of the case.
In addition to his professional attainment, Doctor Mitchell had a remarkable business capacity. . . . The conduct of the hospital business, the management of the hospital farm, the purchase of coal and other supplies for the hospital received his personal attention. Plans for the erection of every new building and addition were checked by him, and in many instances his ideas were reflected in the architects’ plans.
The State Department of Public Welfare relied upon Doctor Mitchell for help and advice in many involved and intricate matters, and his position at the head of the hospital administrators in Pennsylvania was unquestioned.
Many honors were bestowed upon Doctor Mitchell, not the least of which was the degree of Doctor of Science awarded him by the University Of Vermont in recognition of his notable service and outstanding ability which made him a nationally known figure in the field of psychiatry.
Not only has Doctor Mitchell left the impress of his personality upon the work he loved and upon the hospital he helped create. His service for humanity is written large in the annals of scientific attainment; but the reality of his character is etched upon the hearts of his friends. Endowed with indomitable will, boundless energy and undaunted courage, he yet possessed that gentleness and tender tolerance which win not only man s admiration, but man s love. The qualities of his mind and of his spirit, embodied in his ideals of imperishable science, humanitarian service and warm-hearted comradeship will serve as inspiration to those who carry on. Truly this great-souled man has given much of himself to his friends, to his associates and to the world.”
+ 50 M x Oliver Franklin PAULSELL
+ 51 F xi Edna E PAULSELL
  52 F xii Jessie D PAULSELL [image] 1 was born on 4 Oct 1880 in San Joaquin Co, CA. She died 2 on 30 Dec 1956 in Menlo Park, San Mateo Co, CA. Jessie was employed as school teacher in Oakland, Alameda, CA. She died 3 on 22 Nov 1985 in Menlo Park, San Mateo, CA.

Bill Capps, her nephew, said that she was a woman of great intellect, as seems to him to be the case with the whole family, and that she had "class" even as an elderly lady.
EDUCATION: Graduated 1898 from Mills College, Oakland, Alameda, CA.
        Jessie married Washington Bartlett MEL 1, 2, 3, 4. Washington was born 5 in Dec 1882 in Alameda Co, CA. He died prob bef 1930 in Alameda Co, CA.

CENSUS: 1920 Maui Co, HI, ED 92, Makawao, pg 22b (46)
John A Templeton Head R M OC 43 S MO PA VA ???
Washington B Mel Boarder M OC 37 M CA NY OH Dresser

21. Martha Ann Narcissus PAULSELL 1, 2, 3, 4 (John , David ) was born 5 on 8 Sep 1833 in Greenville, Greene Co, TN. She died 6 on 13 Oct 1912 in Phelps Co, MO and was buried in Hudgens Cemetery, Phelps Co, MO.

Mrs. Martha Wilson, relic of Napolean /Wilson, died sunday night at the home of her son, thos, E Wilson, five miles southwest of Rolla, on the same farm on Little Beaver on which she has lived the past sixty-four years."
"Mrs. Wilson was formerly Miss Martha Paulsell, sister of the late Judge O.P. Paulsell of this county. She was born Sep 8th, 1833 at Greenville, Tenn., making her at the date of her death 79 years, 1 month and 5 days old. She came with her parents and settled in Dawson township in this county in 1835. In 1848, at the age of fifteen, she was united in marriage with Napolean Wilson, and of this union thriteen children were born, eleven of whom survive: F.M. Wilson, Ada, OK; Mrs. I.D. Brown, Rolla; John C Wilson, late of Alaska, now of Rolla; W.L. Wilson, Rolla; Mrs. Alice Brown, St. Louis; Thos. E and Jos. L Wilson of Rolla. In addtion to this splendid family, Mrs. Wilson is survived by fourty-one grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren. Her husband, of the influential and prominent men of this county died July 4, 1877..."
"All of her surviving children, except Mrs. Alice Brown and F.M. Wilson, were present to attend her funeral."
"Funeral services were held from the home of her son, Thos E Wilson, Tuesday afternoon, Rev. L. D. Moneymaker officiating. Besides the large family connection, many friends were present.
Burial was in the Hudgens Cemetery, Phelps, Co.

CENSUS: 1880 Phelps Co, MO ED 127 Rolla Twp pg 15
Martha Wilson W F 46 Head Wd Farming TN TN TN
Lindsey W M 20 Son S Farm Labor MO KY TN
Louisa W F 18 Dau S Keeping House MO KY TN
James W M 18 Son S Farm Labor MO KY TN
Susana W F 16 Dau S MO KY TN
Lewis W M 14 Son S At School MO KY TN
William W M 12 Son S MO KY TN
Alice W F 10 Dau S MO KY TN
Edward W M 8 Son S MO KY TN
Joseph W M 7 Son S MO KY TN

Martha married Napolean WILSON 1, 2, 3, son of Valentine WILSON and Frances HUDGENS. Napolean was born 4 on 20 Dec 1828 in Washington Co, KY. He died on 4 Jul 1877 in Phelps Co, MO and was buried in Hudgens Cemetery, Phelps Co, MO.

CENSUS: 1850 Pulaski Co MO pg 87

CENSUS: 224/ 233
Napoleon Wilson 21 M W Farmer 100 KY
Martha N. 16 F W TN

1860 Phelps Co MO Rolla Twp, Dillon PO pg 36
N Wilson 27 M 2000/1500 KY
M N 27 F TN
F M 7 M MO
P A 6 F MO (Mary Ann "Polly")
J. C. 3 M MO
L. L. 6/12 M MO
Thos Noakes 19 M Laborer KY

They had the following children:

  53 F i Valentine WILSON 1, 2 was born on 30 Jul 1851 in Phelps Co, MO. She died on 16 Aug 1852 in Phelps Co, MO.
  54 M ii Francis Marion WILSON 1, 2, 3 was born on 1 Nov 1853 in Phelps Co, MO. He died in Ada, OK.

CENSUS: 1880 ED 127 Rolla Twp pg 17
Marion Wilson W M 25 Head Md Farming MO KY TN
Delani W F 20 Wife Md Keeping House AR AR AR
Rebecca Melton W F 23 Servant S MO MO MO
        Francis married Delani 1 in 1878/1879 in Phelps Co, MO. Delani was born about 1860 in AR.
  55 F iii Mary Ann WILSON "Polly" 1, 2 was born on 3 Sep 1855 in Phelps Co, MO.
        Polly married Living
+ 56 M iv John Calvin WILSON
+ 57 M v Lindsay Long WILSON
  58 M vi James Patton WILSON 1, 2, 3 was born on 3 Nov 1861 in Phelps Co, MO. James was employed as St Louis.
  59 F vii Louisa WILSON 1 was born on 3 Nov 1861 in Phelps Co, MO.
  60 F viii Susannah A WILSON "Susie" 1, 2, 3 was born on 31 Oct 1863 in Phelps Co, MO. She died in 1938 in Phelps Co, MO and was buried in Hudgens Cemetery, Phelps Co, MO.
        Susie married James F RINCK. James was born in 1858. He died in 1939 in Phelps Co, MO and was buried in Hudgens Cemetery, Phelps Co, MO.
  61 M ix Louis Napolean WILSON 1, 2, 3 was born on 15 Jan 1866 in Phelps Co, MO. Louis was employed as miner AK, farmer in Rolla.
  62 M x William Layfayette WILSON 1, 2, 3 was born on 27 Dec 1867 in Phelps Co, MO.
+ 63 F xi Missouri Alice WILSON
  64 M xii Thomas Edward WILSON 1, 2, 3, 4 was born on 29 Jul 1871 in Phelps Co, MO. He died in Phelps Co, MO.

CENSUS: 1900 Phelps Co, MO ED 107 Rolla pg 7b 143/150
Thomas Wilson Head W M Jul 1872 27 Md MO KY TN
Martha Mother W F Mar 1866 37 Wd TN -- --
Allice Brown Sister W F Apr 1861 29 Md 8yrs MO KY TN 2ch lv
Edith Niece W F May 1894 6 S MO MO MO
Morris Nephew W M Aug 1896 3 S MO MO MO
  65 M xiii Joseph Lee WILSON 1, 2, 3 was born on 9 Mar 1873 in Phelps Co, MO. He died in Rolla, Phelps, MO.
  66 M xiv Charles Everett WILSON 1, 2 was born on 23 Nov 1875 in Phelps Co, MO. He died before 1880 in Phelps Co, MO.

22. Everett Delaney PAULSELL [image] "E. D." 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (John , David ) was born on 18 Aug 1837 in Greene Co, TN. He died on 5 Nov 1914 in Republic, Greene, MO and was buried in Wade Chapel Cemetery, Greene Co, MO. E. D. was employed as Farmer.

Everett Delaney Paulsell, who resided for many years in Greene Co, MO, said that his family was of Pennsylvania German descent, and at an early age David Paulsell emigrated to East Tennessee (Greene Co, TN). Everett said he was the youngest of four children, and when he was about three weeks old, the family left Tennessee and cam to Illinois where his father, John Paulsell, died in the fall of 1838. His mother Polly Ann (Bailey) then moved to what is now Maries Co, MO, but Everett was mainly raised in Phelps Co. His uncle, Henry Paulsell, was livng in Greene Co on a fam. In 1845, when Everett was about eight years old, he came to Greene Co and for four years lived with Henry Paulsell, after which he returned to Phelps Co. Where he had been living until he went back to Greene Co in the fall of 1875, farming Sec 31 of twp 29, range 23. He had six children. (From the Illustrated Atlas of Greene Co, MO 1875)

LAND: Plat Records-
Name City twp-range-sec Year State County
PAULSELL, E. Republic 1904 MO Greene
PAULSELL, E. D. 29-23-31 1904 MO Greene
PAULSELL, E. D., Walnut Shade Farm 28-23-5 1904 MO

CENSUS: 1860 Phelps Co, Mo Meramac Twp pg 41
E. D. Paulsell 23 M Farmer 300/200 TN
Rachel 17 F MO
1870 Phelps Co, MO, Coldspring Twp
Everett Pausell 33 M W Farmer 500/412 TN
Rachel C. 27 F W Keeping House MO
Oliver 8 M W At Home MO
Sarah A. 7 F W At Home MO
Harvey B. 4 M W At Home MO
John C. 1 M W At Home MO

CENSUS: 1880 Greene Co, MO ED 38, Brookline Twp, pg 121C
16 E D Paulsell W M 42 Head Mrd Farmer TN TN TN
Clarinda M W F 38 Wife Mrd Keeping House PA PA PA
Oliver P W M 18 Son S Farming MO TN MO
Sarah A W F 16 Dau S At Home MO TN MO
Hary B W M 14 Son S Farming MO TN MO
John C W M 10 Son S MO TN MO
Charles C W M 8 Son S MO TN MO
Martha M W F 6 Dau S MO TN MO
May F W F 1 Dau S MO TN PA
Minie O W F 9/12 Dau S MO TN PA

CENSUS: 1900 Greene Co ED 54 Republic Twp pg 16a
Everett D Paulsell Head W M Aug 1837 62 Mrd 22yrs TN TN TN Farmer Owns Farm #141
Clarinda Wife W F Jul 1841 58 Mrd 22yrs PA PA PA 6ch 5lv
May F Dau W F Jul 1878 21 S MO TN PA Music Teacher
Minnie O Dau W F Mar 1880 20 S MO TN PA At School
Jessie L Dau W F Jun 1882 17 S MO TN PA At School
Milton E Son W M Jul 1885 14 S MO TN PA At School
David B Son W M Jul 1885 14 S MO TN PA At School

RESIDENCE: His farm in Greene County, Missouri was called Walnut Shade Farm.

E. D. married 3 (1) Rachel Catherine DUNIVIN 1, 2 on 8 Mar 1860 in Phelps Co, MO. Rachel was born on 28 Sep 1842 in MO. She died on 15 Nov 1877 in Greene Co, MO and was buried in Wade Chapel Cemetery, Greene Co, MO.

PARENTS: Cornelius Dunivin & Sarah Harris

They had the following children:

  67 M i Oliver Patton PAULSELL 1, 2, 3, 4 was born on 24 Oct 1861 in Rolla, Phelps, MO. He died on 2 Aug 1927 in San Diego, Santa Clara, CA.

LAND: 10 Aug 1904 he filed for a homestead in Carbon Co, MT.

CENSUS: 1900 Carbon Co, MT, Red Lodge Twp, ED 5, pg 23a
Oliver Paulsell Head W M Nov 1861 38 S MO IL MO Farmer Owns
        Oliver married Living
+ 68 F ii Sarah Ann PAULSELL
+ 69 M iii Harvey Ballard PAULSELL
+ 70 M iv John Calvin PAULSELL
  71 M v Charles Cornelius PAULSELL 1, 2, 3, 4 was born on 24 Dec 1871 in MO. He died 5 on 13 Sep 1950 in Baker Co, OR.
        Charles married Elnett 1. Elnett was born 2 about 1864 in MI. She died on 20 Jul 1939 in Baker Co, OR.
+ 72 F vi Martha Narcissus PAULSELL
  73 M vii Everett Delaney PAULSELL Jr 1 was born on 4 Oct 1876 in MO. He died before 1880 in Greene Co, MO.

E. D. also married (2) Clarenda MILLER 1, 2 on 12 Sep 1877 in MO. Clarenda was born 3 on 18 Jul 1841 in PA. She died on 5 May 1909 and was buried in Wade Chapel Cemetery, Greene Co, MO.

PARENTS: David Miller (24 Nov 1796 - 11 Jan 1873) farmer & Susanna Warne (13 Jun 1816 - 17 Feb 1889)

They had the following children:

+ 74 F viii Francis May PAULSELL
+ 75 F ix Minnie Oriella PAULSELL
+ 76 F x Jesse Lee PAULSELL
+ 77 M xi David Bailey PAULSELL
+ 78 M xii Milton Everett PAULSELL

24. Elizabeth Ann BAILEY "Betsy" 1, 2, 3, 4 (Margaret PAULSELL , David ) was born on 26 Jan 1833 in Greene Co, TN. She died on 9 Apr 1909 in Republic, Greene, MO.

Betsy married George W BRITTAIN 1, 2, 3 about 1853 in MO. George was born on 10 Jun 1827 in TN. He died in Greene Co, MO.

PARENTS: John Brittain & Catherine Hensley

CENSUS: 1850 Polk Township, Greene, MO
George Brittain 23 M farmer 600 TN
Elizabeth 18 F TN
Marquis F 1 M MO
Levi Long 12 M

CENSUS: 1860 MO Greene Co, Pond Creek Twp, pg 200-201
G. W. Brittain 30 M Farmer 3000/2000 TN
Betsy A 26 F TN
Marcus F 9 M MO
Eliza J 5 F MO
John W 4 M MO
Elihu 3 M MO
Malicia A 1 F MO

CENSUS: 1870 Pond Creek Township, Greene, MO M593 Roll 777 Page 212
#1707 1700
Britain, George 44 M W farmer 10000 4025 TN Male Citizen
Betsy A 38 F W Keeping House TN
Marcus 21 M W Farm Hand MO
John 14 M W Farm Hand MO
Elchi 12 M W MO
Malissa 11 F W MO
Alexander 9 M W MO
Sarah 7 F W MO
Mary 15 F W MO
John 14 M W MO

CENSUS: 1880 Greene Co, MO Pond Crk Twp ED 39 pg 9
George W Britain W M 51 Farmer Mrd Farmer TN SC TN
Betsy A W F 47 Wife Mrd Keeping House TN
Markus F W M 19 Son S Laborer on Farm MO TN TN
Sarah E W F 16 Dau S Not Employed MO TN TN
Albert R. W M 12 Son S Not Employed MO TN TN
Amanda B W F 10 Dau S Not Employed MO TN TN

CENSUS: 1900 Green Co, MO Pond Crk Twp, ED 53 pg 5a
George W Britain Head W M Jun 1827 72 Mrd 50 yrs TN TN TN Farmer
Betsy A Wife W F Jan 1834 66 Mrd 50 yrs TN TN TN 9ch 8lv
Lucinda Doty Apprentice W F Jan Jan 1881 19 S IN IN IN

They had the following children:

+ 79 M i Marcus F. BRITTAIN
+ 80 M ii John Wesley BRITTAIN
+ 81 M iii Eli H BRITTAIN
  82 F iv Melissa A BRITTAIN 1, 2 was born about 1859 in Greene Co, MO.
        Melissa married George W HAYES in Greene Co, MO. George was born 1 about 1858 in Greene Co, MO.
+ 83 M v James Alexander BRITTAIN
+ 84 F vi Sarah Emmaline BRITTAIN
  85 F vii Mary BRITTAIN 1 was born about 1865 in Greene Co, MO. She died in 1870/1880 in Greene Co, MO.
  86 F viii Albert R BRITTAIN 1 was born in Jul 1867 in Greene Co, MO.
        Albert married Sarah W 1 about 1891 in Greene Co, MO.
+ 87 F ix Amanda B BRITTAIN

25. Mary Elizabeth BEALS 1, 2, 3, 4 (Eliza PAULSELL , David ) was born on 7 Mar 1843 in Greene Co, TN. She died on 5 Sep 1921 in Greenfield, Dade, MO from flux and was buried in Stockton Cemetery, Dade Co, MO.

DEATH: Her mother's name on the death certificate is listed as Paulson.

Mary married Benjamin Franklin STOCKTON 1, 2 on 14 Jul 1861 in Dade Co, MO. Benjamin was born in 1839/1841 in Polk Co, MO. He died on 7 Apr 1891 in Greenfield, Dade, MO and was buried in Stockton Cemetery, Dade Co, MO.

They had the following children:

+ 88 M i Colonel Newton Alexander STOCKTON
  89 F ii Mary Elizabeth STOCKTON "Mollie" 1, 2 was born in 1864 in Dade Co, MO. She died after 1931 in Webb City, Jasper, MO.
        Mollie married William Jasper THOMPSON 1 on 11 Sep 1884 in Dade Co, MO.
+ 90 F iii Genevia Sophia STOCKTON
+ 91 F iv Delfahana Jana STOCKTON
+ 92 M v William Denton STOCKTON
  93 M vi John Franklin STOCKTON 1, 2 was born on 4 Oct 1881 in Dade Co, MO. He died on 13 Jan 1966 in Napa, Napa, CA.
        John married Dove P FARRIER 1 on 2 Jan 1904 in Dade Co, MO. Dove was born in May 1884 in Dade Co, MO.

26. John A BEALS 1 (Eliza PAULSELL , David ) was born 2 about 1845 in Greene Co, TN. John was employed as farmer.

CENSUS: 1870 MO Dade Co, Polk Twp, Greenfield P.O.,pg 95 (190)
John A Bales 25 W M Farmer 500/400 TN
Mary E 24 W F Housekeeping TN
Alonzo H 2 W M MO
Wm Allen 3/12 W M MO

John married Mary E about 1867 in Dade Co, MO. Mary was born about 1846 in TN.

They had the following children:

  94 M i Alonzo H BEALS 1 was born about 1868 in Dade Co, MO.
  95 M ii William Allen BEALS 1 was born in May 1870 in Dade Co, MO.

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