Descendants of Henry B. Bingham Walters of Jones Co, MS

Descendants of
Henry B. Bingham Walters
Jones County, Mississippi

As this is a work in progress, any new information is always welcome.

I am a descendant of Henry's son William B. Walters and Amarintha Shoemake who left Jones County, Mississippi and settled in Washington Parish, Louisiana. Some of their children stayed there and some, like my great-grandmother Mary Elizabeth Walters Fisher, moved to Texas after the drought in the 1910s happened in Louisiana.

A huge debt of gratitude goes to my mom, Anna Louise Fisher Goff and her sister Helen Marie Fisher Cook who remembered the family stories as helped me track down where some of the Walters were in Texas. The Washington Parish, Louisiana Genweb site and mail List and the Jones County, Mississippi Genweb site and mail List have been very helpful in finding the information I needed. This is monumental because in each county, the courthouses burned in the late 1800s and it's been a piecemeal affair in gathering information. Also, I would like to thank Andrew Kenneth Creel and his mother, Veda Walters Creel, for all the photos and remembered stories. Before Ken got in touch with me, we had no idea who William Berry Walters looked like other than he was a large man whose laugh went something like this - "Wauf! Wauf! Wauf!" and one of his favorite phrases when the girls in the family were going out was "Smells like gals goin' to meetin'!". Now we not only know what he looks like, we know what his wife, Amarintha looked like as well as the rest of the family. Ken and his mother have done a wonderful job in preserving the family photos and he has been kind enough to share them with me as well as the stories that his mother remembers.

I don't have all the descendants of Henry as it seems some have disappeared from known records and I haven't been able to find them. Ken, his mother, my mother and I are working to connect the Jones County, Mississippi Walters into a cohesive lineage but the work on that isn't any where near finished. So, these are the descendants I have so far for Henry B. Bingham Walters. It's been fun. As always, any new information is appreciated.

William Berry Walters Family Photos

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William Berry Walter Family ca 1894 page 1
William Berry Walters Family ca 1901 page 2
Miscellaneous Walters Photos page 3
Unknown Walters photos
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