Manchester/Guysborough Township Book

Manchester/Guysborough Township Book


In the early years of many communities, a book for registering marriages and births was kept by a clerk or the local magistrate, or some other person in authority.

This is a transcibed copy of the Manchester Guysborough Township Book.

The book was set up with one page each for the very early records (1784-85), but as time went on, other entries for later years were added to the pages, so they are not chronologically or alphabetically in order.

Many of the entries were not readable while viewing the microfilm copy at P.A.N.S. The photocopies I made of the microfilm copy are even worse, but I have done my best to transcribe the entries as accurately as possible.

Please let me know of any errors.

Patsy Lumsden

Registry of Marriages

Registry of Marriages, Births & Deaths
for the Township of Manchester
And Town and Township of Guysborough in County of Sydney
Including returns of the Lands as located to the Different Corps


Thomas Cutler Married to Elizabeth Goldsbury
March 3rd, 1783 And have Issue
Robert Molleson Cutler, born October 9th, 1784
Harriet Elizabeth Cutler born Sept. 15th, 1787
Elizabeth Armstrong Cutler born March 13th, 1790
Caroline Priscilla Cutler born February 13th, 1792
Maria Sophia Cutler born September 25th, 1798
Elizabeth Cutler, wife of Thomas Cutler died 17 Nov. 183_.

Nathan Hubbill Esq. married to Miss Honor
Hierlihy November 10th, 1786 and have Issue
No children listed

Richard Morris Married to Margaret his wife
Have Issue viz.
Richard Morris born Jan. 6th, 1783
Edward John Morris born 30th Jan., 1785
Thomas Morris born

Joseph Harrell, Son to Peter & Elizabeth
Harrell, born August 27, 1784

Margaret McDougall, Daughter to Alexander
& Margaret McDougall, born November 5, 1784.

John Pauper married to Ann MacKay 10th Day
of February 1818 and have Issue
Sophia Pauper born 31 st Day December, 1828
_________born 24th February, 1824.

John Carr married to Katharine Carter 9th Day
of January, 1821 & have Issue
Mary Carr born 26 February, 1822
Robert Carr born 19th December, 1823

The next entry is illegible

Robert Carr married to Mary Elizabeth Jamieson
20th Day of January 1813 & have Issue
James William Carr born 20th January 1814
Mary Ann Carr born 5th January 1817
Charlotte Carr born 8th February 1819
Robert Henry Carr born 22nd December 1820

Henry Rider Junior was Married to Catharine Jamieson
7th December 1816 & have Issue
No children listed

Valentine Dort married to Elizabeth Kiesel
18(?)th January, 1785 & have Issue
Christian Dort born February 24th, 1785

The next entry is illegible

Kraft Webber & _______Webber have Issue
Katherine Webber born 30th July 1788
Elizabeth Webber born 13th February 1790
Mary Webber born 19th May, 1791
Barbary Webber born 19th April, 1794
Phillip Webber born 28th June 1796
Christian Webber born 28th October, 1798
Susannah Webber born 14 January, 1803
Sarah Webber born 19th April, 1805
Peter Webber
Sophia Webber ~ Twins born 3rd May, 1808
Juliana Webber born 28th January 1811

Mary Rheinhold Daughter to John Casper &
Ann Rheinhold, born February ___, 1785

Robert Molleson Cutler married to Sophia Reynolds
2nd December 1809 and have Issue
Elizabeth Mary Cutler born 11th November 1810
Sophia Olivia Cutler born 25th May, 1812
Harriet Ballaine Cutler born 2nd October, 1814
Thomas Cutler born 29th September 1816
Robert Cutler born 6th September 1819
William Reynolds Cutler born 3rd November 1821
Francis Jane Cutler born 6th June, 1828
Caroline Horton Cutler born 27th March, 1832

The next entry is illegible

James Keay, Jnr married to Isabella McPherson
the 4th Day of February 1823 & have issue
Grace Jane Keay born 2 December, 1823
James Keay born 28th June, 1825

Mary Carr Daughter to Robert & Mary Carr
born November 12th, 1784 _______________
Robert Carr born February 8, 1787
Katherine Carr born October 17th, 1789
George Carr born June 5th, 1791
John Carr born December 9th, 1793
Henry Carr born July 2nd, 1796
James Carr born January 23rd, 1800
Peter Carr born August 24th, 1804

Hannah Hurst Daughter to Samuel &
Elizabeth Hurst born February ___, 1785
illegible writing here
Mary Hurst born 18th March, 1787

Alexander & Katherine Cumming ______
George Cumming born Dec. 2, 1784
Katherine Cumming died Dec. 12, 1784

John Dunaway was drowned
Sept. 2nd, 1785

John White died the
22nd November, 1784

Elisabeth McDonald, Daughter to John &
Sophia McDonald born May 8th, 1785

John Creshine _____ married to Hannah Sower
July 27th, 1784 and have Issue
William Creshine born 27 June, 1790
John Creshine " 23rd May, 1792
Mary Creshine " 25th May, 1794
George Creshine " 8th August, 1796
Ann Creshine " 9th November, 1798
Elizabeth Creshine " 13th September, 1803
Hannah Creshine " 28th April, 1806
Margaret Creshine " 12th December, 1809

Robert Kinney and Ann Kinney have Issue
Elisabeth Kinney born No dates given
Sarah Kinney born April, 1825
John Kinney born 9th May, 18__

Oliver and Elizabeth Mcghee have Issue
Esther Mcghee born January 7, 1785

Thomas Hart was married to Ann Ross on
the fifteenth Day of February 1825 ~ & have Issue
Ann Elizabeth Hart born 30th December, 1825

Malcolm McIntyre married to widow Levviath
Knowles on November 5, 1784

Rebecca Doggett wife of Abner
Doggett Died on December
9th, 1784.

John Stout died
October 24th, 1784

The next entry is illegible

Edward Kergan married to Widow Margaret
Sangster October 26th, 1786
Underneath in faint writing: one Child born

David Lewis married to Margaret Valentine
March 11, 1785.

Joshua Maxwell married to Sarah Shroule
17th May, 1812 and have Issue
Robert Maxwell born 3rd November, 1814
David Maxwell born 3rd March, 1816
Joshua Maxwell born 16th January, 1818
William Maxwell born 16th December, 1819
Ann Maxwell born 20th January, 1822

James McAllum son to Malcolm &
Jane McAllum born 6th July 1784

Robert and Hannah Mills have Issue
Joseph Mills born October 20th, 1782
Jenny Mills born March 19th, 1785

William Anderson Married to Jane Sutherland
26th February 1824

Augustus and Alithea Fricke have Issue
John George Fricke born October 30th, 1784

John Greshiem Junior married to Margaret Imlay, widow of James
Imlay ~ 27th August 1815 & have Issue
John William Greshiem born 24th June 1816
MaryJane Greshiem born 21st May 1818
Margaret Greshiem born 31 January 1821

The next entry is illegible

Duncan McColl married Caroline Priscilla
Cutler 16th November 1814 & have Issue
Archibald McColl born 12th September 1815
Thomas McColl born 31st December 1816
Duncan McColl born 6th July 1818
Barlow McColl born 5th December 1819
Thomas McColl born 3rd December 1820
Anna McColl born 31st January 1822
Maria Jane McColl born 15th September 1823
Caroline McColl born 11th March 1825
Malcolm Wallace McColl born 25 May 1826
Robert Cutler McColl born 5 April 1828
Elizabeth Adelaide McColl born 10th February 1830
Malcolm Wallance McColl 2nd born 30th june 1831
Jeffery McColl born 16th June 1833
Of the above children, Thomas, Malcolm Wallace, Robert Cutler, Elizabeth Adelaide, and Malcolm Wallace 2nd all died young, but my photocopied page has the dates cut off.

The next entry is illegible

William Drier Son to William Drier and
Martha Henry born 26th May 1785
Martha Henry Died
May 31st 1785

There are two more death entries on this page that are illegible

Alvarous Atwater married Margaret McKay
23rd February 1813 and have Issue
James William Atwater born 30th january 1814
John Atwater born 7th January 1816
Alvarous Atwater born 8th March 1818
Amelia Eleonar Atwater born 19th April 1820

Dorothy Free wife to George
Free, died December 23rd, 1786

William Sealy married to Hannah
Godfrey _______ 1784 & have Issue
Uriah Sealy born March 7th 1785.

William Sealy, Hannah Sealy,
Uriah Sealy were Drowned October 23rd, 1785.

Martha Godfrey Drowned October 23, 1785.

Daniel Williams was Married to Sophia Stewart
September 23rd 1834

The next entry is unclear....looks like
______John & ______McPherson have Issue
____________McPherson born 5th May, ____

Additional faint writing underneath:
Another child born

James McKenzie married to Hannah Larribee
September 29, 1794 ~ and have Issue
Simon McKenzie, born 18th August, 1785

____McPherson, Daughter to Paul & Mary
McPherson, born August 17, 1785

Edward I. Cunningham married to
Elizabeth C. Wylde, 7th june 1832 and have Issue
Lucretia Amelia Cunningham born 28th Dec. 1833
Harriet Frances Cunningham born 15th Dec. 1835
Elizabeth Catharine Cunningham born 29th Dec. 1837
Emma Grace Cunningham born 23rd July 1839
Maria Wylde Cunningham born 24th Nov. 1841
Eliza Cook Cunningham born 24th Dec. 1843
________Louisa Cunningham born 16th June 1846
Edward John Cunningham born 2nd Oct. 1848
Adelaide Elizabeth Cunningham born 21 July 1850
Arthur Neury Cunningham born 15 Nov. 1852
Alfred George Cunningham born 28th January 1855
Edward Allison Cunningham born 26th May 1859.
Next entry is unclear, but looks like:
__________married to Mary O'Hara
October 27, 1785 and have Issue
No children listed

Isaac Wylde married to Lucretia Jackson at Halifax
___March, 1813 and have Issue
Elizabeth Catharine Wylde born 10th January 1814
Lucretia Wylde born 14th August 1815
William Henry Wylde born 7th February 1817
Sarah Ann Wylde born 28th May 1819
Isaac Jackson Wylde born 19th July 1821
Emmeline Wylde born 26th April 1823
Maria _______Wylde born 14th October 1824
John Thomas Wylde born 30th June 1827
Harriet Louisa Wylde born 19th February 1829
______James Wylde born 22nd August 1831
Louisa Pamelia Wylde born 19th July 1833
Caroline Cutler Wylde born 1st March 1836

There are additional entries on the side for this family, including some deaths and marriages;
however, my photocopy is missing key words.

William Davis, son to John & Mary
Davis, born November 17th, 1785.

William Gresheim was married Margaret
Smith 23rd Day of January 1822 & have issue
George James Gresheim born 18th February 1823.

Daniel Aiken was Married to Charity Jamieson
19th December 1815 & have Issue:
No children listed

Charles Horton son to Isaiah & Anna
Horton, born the 2nd December, 1785

Charles Horton married to Sarah Scott, Daughter of Samuel Scott
18th Day of January 1810 and have issue
Ruth Godfrey Horton born 5th November 1810
Ann Elizabeth Horton born 18th January 1813
Thomas Jones Horton born 14 February 1815

Elizabeth Henley Daughter to George and
Katherine Henley, born April 22nd, 1786 ~

Moses Cook was married to Ann Foster
25th January 1816 ~ and have Issue
Philomelia Cook born 28th January 1817
William Foster Cook born 11th February 1820
Moses Cook born 19th September 1821

Faint writing underneath above entry:
Eliza Cook
Mary Randall Cook
Maria Jane Cook

Isobel Shaw Daughter to Evan and May
Shaw born April 9th 1785
(Illegible word) have Children after these
Margaret Shaw born March 31st, 1787~
William Shaw born June 24th 1789
James Shaw born 18th June 1794

James Shaw married to Elizabeth Welsh, widow
22nd March 1819 & have issue
Elizabeth Sophia Shaw born 6th March 1822

John Jost was born February 14th
1797 and married Amelia Cook
Dec. 5, 1829 and have issue
Mary Elizabeth born 28 November 1830
John Francis born 10 August 1833
Catherine Maria born 20 August 1835
Lavinia Davis born 28 February 1838
James Randall born 29 July 1840
Henry Marshall born 28 April 1845

Christopher Jost was born July 22
1805, and married Harriet Hart
Sept. 4, 1837 and she was born
10 October 1815 and had issue
Cranswick Jost born 25 August 1838
Sarah Jost born 23 April 1840
Burten Jost born 21 March 1842
Harriet Amelia born 21 April 1844
Christopher born 20 June 1846
George Edward Jost - December 18, 1848
Jeremiah Jost - 26 April 1832

Lewis W. DesBarres was
Married to Harriet Carritt
18th of Dec. 1856 and have issue
Peter DesBarres born 26 August 1866
Suzanna Matilda June 21 June 1868
William Louis Frank July 10, 1870

Samuel Russell Russell eldest son of Samuel and Elizabeth Russell (whose maiden name was Elizabeth Boyce) was born on the fourth day of November 1808 at the village of Welton in the _______ Northampton. Left home on the 9th March 1832 and left _______ the 12th April 1832, bound for Quebec in the Brig Sir George A___________. Was cast away in Chedabucto Bay 31st May 1832 - arrived in Guysborough from Arichat in time and commenced teaching school in the Interval in June 1832 and in Guysborough town 6th Feb. 1835 and taught regularly in the Intervale and Guysborough Town till 30th April 1861 - 29 years.

S.R. Russell born Nov. 4th 1808
Isabella Shaw born Feb. 22 1814
the 3rd Nov. 1836 by the Rev. C. I Sharpe in the house of W. Shaw
and had issue
1. First child Elizabeth Boyce Russell born 23rd August 1837 died 27th Sept. _____
2. Edmund Francheville Russell born 3rd December 1838
3. Sarah Isabella Russell born 12th January 1841
4. Francis William Samuell Russell born 6th January 1843
5. Mary Elizabeth Hannah Russell born 6th February 1845
6. Abigail Margaret Harriet Russell born 19th Sept. 1847
7. John Plomer (?) Clarke Russell born 24th Nov. 1849
8. James William Johnson Russell born 27th January 1852
9. Ida Alice Russell born 27th February 1854
10. George Perks Russell born 19th April 1857

Edmund G. Russell went Clerk to W. James Gosbee 2nd June 18__
" left W. Gosbee and went to Charles Galliher
" left Mr. Galligher and went with Young & Hart 29 April ___
F. W. G. Russell went with Mr. Levi Hart to Canso
" went with Mr. Galligher
" went to Halifax in Gabriels vessell and engaged himself.
" went to Fraser & Marshall 15th March 1860 Left Fraser & Marshall
and engaged with Messrs. Robert Noble & Sons October ___

Charles William Bigsby was married to Maria
Jane Cook 1st February 1855
and had issue
James Hart Bigsby Born 22nd November 1859
and died December 11th 1860

John Deveraux married ___________________
_______Day of January 1820, and have issue
William Deveraux born 1st December 1820
John Deveraux born 22nd February 1823

Abijah Scott married to Mary Grant 6th February _______
Martha _________Scott born 22 December 1810
William Grant Scott born 2nd December 1812
Lemuel Scott born 6th July 1814
John Henry Scott born 10th May 1816
Charles Steel Scott born 30th November 1817
Sarah Jane Scott born 27 December 1819
Maria Elizabeth Scott
Ruth Jane Scott ~ twins born 4th December 1821
In faint writing underneath :
Mary Scott

William Dort married to Barbary Weber on the
9th Day of March 1813 and have issue
Mary Ann Dort born the 20th November 1814
Elizabeth Dort born the 10th March 1816
Sally Dort born the 27th September 1817
Valentine Dort born the 25th January 1821
Jane Dort born the 5th November 1822
William Dort born the 15th October 1824

Donald Sellars was Married to Isabella
Bears, widow, 7th Day of December 1826 & have issue
Margaret Sellars born 21st September 1827

John Wm. Nixon Godfrey was married to Ruth Ann Scott
the 9th of January 1827 ~ & have issue
Ann Miller Godfrey born 14th January 1828

William Frederick DesBarres was married to Maria
Sophia Cutler 19th July 1825 & have issue
William Frederick DesBarres born 17th August 1826
Elizabeth Maria DesBarres born 10th February 1828
Lewis Wethins (?) DesBarres born 21st May 1830
Thomas Cutler DesBarres born 3rd November 1832
Maria DesBarres born 2nd July 1834
Faint writing underneath lists three more children, but is illegible

George Horton was married to Susanna Longille
on the 12th Day of January 1803
George Horton was again Married to Elizabeth McKenzie, widow
on the 3rd February 1829 & have Issue
Susanna Elizabeth Horton born 6th November 1829

Ages of John Casper Jost (Family . Halifax N.S.)
John Casper Jost was born Sept. 11th 1763 @ Halifax
And Married Catharine Hastel (Haskel ?)March 29th 1791 and she was __________
and had issue as follows.
George Martain born July 16th 1792
Mary born Oct. 1st 1794
John born July 14th 1797
____________ born June 12th 1799
Elizabeth born Dec. 12 1801
Christopher born July 22nd 1805
Jas. Wm. born June 10th 1807
Edward born Feb. 27th 1811
Jeremiah _______born January 5th 1813

Elizabeth Henley Daughter to George and Katherine Henley

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