G. W. Trotter, Revolutionary War Journal, Robert McNair
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ROBERT MC NAIR (1741-1781)

Philadelphia Militia - Pennsylvania State Troops

Born 10 January 1741 in Newberry, Scotland, where four generations of his family had lived, Robert was a saddler by trade.

He married a Scottish girl, Christiana Young, in about 1764. The couple had two children, John and Margaret. John died at an early age. Margaret was born in 1768. Between that time and 1779 the McNairs emigrated to America and settled in Philadelphia.

Robert's name is found as a taxpayer of the Middle Ward of that city for that year. The next year, 178l again listed as a taxpayer in the Middle Ward. He evidently sold this property and moved to the South Ward the same year, as he purchased premises at 232 Chestnut Street in 1780, having taken title to the same by a deed of 5 May 1780 and recorded in Deed Book 2, page 209.

On 18 May 1781 he was called into actual service as a private in the company of Captain Ezekial Letts in the Fifth Class, Philadelphia Militia.

On 2 June 1781 Robert made his will and died later that year at the age of 40. The cause of death is not known. The only record we have of his death is that his property in the South Ward is taxed in 1781 "For widow McNair's estate."

Robert's will included the bequest that, should he have no surviving heirs, his estate should be divided equally between the Philadelphia Hospital and the City of Glasgow for "the poor house when I was last there, situated on the beach below the Bridge."

Robert and Christiana had two children, John and Margaret. John died at an early age. Margaret McNair married Martin Hawkins in 1797. They had four children, three daughters and a son.

Robert was an ancient grandfather of the compiler of this journal.

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