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A few years ago I ran across an interesting booklet in the library of the Kentucky Historical Society.

It was titled "To Honor and Commemorate the Men who Rendered Patriotic Service in the American Revolution and Lived in Taylor County, Kentucky." It included short sketches of 37 Revolutionary War soldiers who had made Taylor County their home. Twenty-four came from Virginia, three from New Jersey and Maryland, two from North Carolina and Pennsylvania, two from Ireland, one from Germany and one unknown. Among the group was one of my ancient grandfathers.

I was born in Campbellsville, Taylor County. So was my father. My grandfather moved there at an early age from Danville. My great-grandfather is buried in Danville. On my mother's side of the family all lines came to Taylor County from Virginia, after originating in Ireland or Scotland.

I became interested in family history and soon located a second ancient patriot grandfather who lived to Taylor County after the War of Independence but had not been included in the booklet.

By the time I reached 70 in February 1997, I had compiled documentation on eight ancient grandfathers who had served in the Revolutionary War. Six were from Virginia and two were from Pennsylvania. Either they, or their families (they had a total of 44 children) moved to Taylor County after the revolution.

One was a member of Daniel Morgan's famous rifle regiment. One served with George Rogers Clark. Two spent the winter with George Washington at Valley Forge. Another was in the siege of Yorktown.

All were farmers, enlisted as privates, and were undistinguished. None were injured, killed or captured. And as far as can be determined, none ever met or knew the others.

But they, or their families, all wound up in Taylor County. Most of them stayed right there, generation after generation. Many of their descendants still live there.

In appreciation of this heritage, I have compiled this journal.

George W. Trotter

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