AEDY Frank George 23 Jun 1900 Folkestone railway clerk, theft of luggage at Broadstairs
ANNISON R W FE 8 Jun 1872 gas explosion at Tonbridge
ATKINS Elizabeth FE 2 May 1874 drunk
ATKINS Harry FC 5 Jan 1889 of Hougham, his son severely injured by a calf
ATKINS Henry Folkestone 1860s with Wm Henry DEARMAN & Wm WHITEHEAD all under 12, stealing washing at Hythe from Mr TAPPENDEN.
AUSTEN Charles FE 11 Jan 1879 refusing to leave a public house
BAKER Ann FO 1867? Murdered child, Fred, killed herself. Husband John.
BAKER Richard FC 16 Jun 1866 86 died
BAKER Thomas FE 2 May 1874 to receive recognition from Royal Humane Society for saving a child
BAKER William Nov 1864 Folkestone wife Ellen Jane, offered stolen goods
BAKER William FE 29 Jan 1876 stealing a sack
BAKER William Henry Folkestone May 1912 or 15 or 17 smuggling
BALSILLI Henry FH 21 Jul 1906 army deserter
BARTON Clark 23/06/1900 Folkestone intoxicated in charge of a horse at Ashford
BAULDRY Margaret Elizabeth FH 17 Oct 1908 murdered by husband
BAXTER James FR 4 Jan 1862 wife Mary Ann, stealing
BEAL R FO 1861 poaching at Biddenden
BEER Annie & Rosie FH May 1919 in memoriam
BIGG Elizabeth Folkestone Jun 1927 died 22 Jun 1919
BIGG Elizabeth Folkestone Jun 1927 died 22 Jun 1919
BIRCH Frederick FC 12 Nov 1887 also Edward BIRCH, Percy HOOKER throwing fireworks at Sandgate
BLACKFORD Herbert FH 11 Oct 1919 suicide
BOUCHER WT FA 29 Sep 1897 son born at Kirkham House, Rochester, 20 Sep, architect
BRAZIL Horace FC 13 Jan 1900 Canterbury alias WOOD fraudulent enlistment
BRICE Beatrice FH 27 Feb 1937 died at Chatham age 35
BRIDGES Henry FC 3 Sep 1887 Dover, army pensioner, breaking 11 panes of glass and flower pots
BROWN John 23 Jun 1900 Folkestone obscene language at Ashford
BROWN John FE 19 Apr 1879 wilful damage
BURCHETT Richard FE 12 Mar 1890 threating language to Mr KS ELLIS
BURRIDGE James FA 29 Sep 1897 died at Western Rd, Maidstone 24 Sep 1897 age 74
BURT Edgar Feb 1850 Folkestone Died 13 feb in hospital, husband of Alice of 56 Broadmead Rd.
BURT Edgar Folkestone Feb 1950 died 13 Feb, husband of Alice of 56 broadmead Road
BUTCHER James FH 10 Nov 1900 drunk
CARPENTER Daniel J FE 7 Aug 1875 license of the Wonder Beerhouse transferred to FJ BOND
CHAMBERLAIN Francis Robert FE 2 May 1874 died 1 May age 22
CLOKE George FO 9 Feb 1867 Innkeeper
COLEMAN Dora M FA 29 Sep 1897 married Frederick Lang DAY at Deal 21 Sep 1897
COLLINS Thomas FE 16 May 1874 shoemaker drunk and begging
COLLINS Thomas 3 Sep 1887 FC Dover, drunk
COUZENS William FO 1861 assaulting Sarah Ann GIBSON at Chartham
CRAWFORD Marshall FC 12 Nov 1887 pte Kings Royal Rifles stationed at Shorncliffe, stealing
CROUCHER Charles Folkestone 1915 pte 11th btn CEF fell from a car
CROWE Catherine Ann FE 15 Jun 1872 died 14 Jun
DALE HD Folkestone Jul 1915 vicar of Hythe engagement to Edith Olive CHESSHYRE
DARBY Michael FE 1 Mar 1879 deserter from 4th Hussars
DAVIES Alfred FC 12 Nov 1887 and Thomas HILLS emp Buckland Gasworks, assaulted Henry HOGG at Buckland
DAVIS Thomas FE 29 Jan 1876 pte with 41st regiment of Foot, stealing
DIDIER Alphonse FE 15 Jun 1872 married Annie Elizabeth CULLEN at Dalston
DODD Robert FO 1861 Hothfield, drunk
DONAHUE Daniel FE 8 Jun 1872 murdered pte 3rd buffs?
DOYLE John FE 31 Jul 1875 with James FREEBORN soldiers in 18th foot at Shorncliffe stealing
DRAKE George N Folkestone 1915 pte with 36th btn CEF slipped from a bus
DRURY Phoebe 23 Jun 1900 Folkestone of crundale, charged by NSPCC with cruelty to a child named BUTLER
EVANS John Frederick FE 29 Jan 1876 bombadier with RA, stealing
FAGG John Thomas FH Oct 1919 in memoriam
FERMINGER Susannah FC 3 Aug 1889 assaulting Selina FAULKNER
FILMER Jane FE 29 Jan 1876 stealing pork
FINNIS Mary Elizabeth FA 29 Sep 1897 married Raymond W P JONES at Surbiton 22 Sep 1897
FLEET Frederick James Folkestone Jun 1927 died 17 Jun 1920
FRIZELL William H Folkestone 9 Jun 1900 Ashford, no payment of poor rate
FROST James Wm FA 2 Oct 1897 drowned
GATEHOUSE Albert FC 3 Sep 1887 Dover, drunk
GATEHOUSE Charles Nov 1864 Folkestone with William BEER of Buckland, stealing watercress
GATEHOUSE Mary Ann FH 22 Jul 1950 died - return thanks
GATEHOUSE William FE 22 Feb 1879 overcrowded house
GODDEN David Folkestone Jun 1927 died age 11 months
GODDEN William FC 3 Sep 1887 Dover, with Richard COURT drunk and fighting
GOODWIN Daniel FR 4 Jan 1862 attempted suicide
GRAHAM Violet Edith Folkestone Jul 1915 marriage to Leonard PLOWMAN, Lochnagar, Enfield
GRANT James FO 1861 with William PAINE, Hothfield drunk.
GREENSTREET Susannah FE 26 Jul 1879 stealing
HALDEN James FH 21 jUL 1906 army deserter
HALL John Freeman FH Mar 1919 silver wedding to Susannah SAUNDERS
HALL Robert C FH 25 Jun 1927 Post Office article
HALL Stanley Bosworth FE 30 May 1931 boy scout obituary
HANCOCK Marcus Leslie Folkestone Jun 1927 wife Dorothy, birth of a son at Bevan Nursing Home, Sandgate - from China
HARRANT Thomas FH 24 May 1919 boatman suicide
HARRIS Edith FH 11 Oct 1919 attempted suicide
HARRIS George FH 1 Apr 1916 application for exemption
HARRIS James FH 24 May 1919 lost at sea, photo
HARRIS James FH 1 Apr 1916 application for exemption
HARRIS James FH 1927 funeral report
HARRIS Jane 1912 Folkestone of Marshall St, inquest
HARRIS John James FH Jan 1933 marriage to Kathleen Nora STOCKLEY
HARRIS JT FH 27 Feb 1937 late of Plaistow died at Pedlinge
HARRIS Kate FH 25 Oct 1913 inquest of her baby
HART Edward FH 24 May 1919 lost at sea, photo
HART FB FH Mar 1919 wedding report to sgt WA STILL
HART Mr & Mrs FH May 1919 return thanks
HARTLEY Francis 44 31 Jul 1875 FE stealing a watch
HAWKE Albert FE 2 May 1874 died 30 Apr age 5
HAWKINS Frederick G FC 14 Jul 1888 Canterbury bankrupt
HAYDON Thomas Folkestone Jun 1927 pte died 16 Jun 1917 at Military Hospital Dover
HAYLER Clement FH 4 Jun 1927 family return thanks
HAYLER John William FC 9 Oct 1897 damaging fence
HEYDON BJ sgt FH Mar 1945 service report
HEYDON George Jan 1890 Folkestone With Others, charged with playing football in Bridge St.
HEYDON William FC 18 Dec 1880 also William MERTON and Thomas PAIN, cruelty to a gelding
HILLS Frederick Folkestone 1915 knocked down by a motor car
HOLLINGSWORTH John FO 1861 deserter of 17th foot
HOPLEY George FE 5 Jun 1875 body found in sea
HUNTLEY Eveline Louise FH 7 Aug 1915 marriage to William J BECKETT
JARROLD Ellen Folkestone Jun 1927 died
JONES Robert Folkestone 1860s 84th regiment, drunk
JUDD Jane 19 FC 9 Apr 1887 stealing
KEMP Agnes Jane FA 29 Sep 1897 selling oysters too late at night
KEMP William FE 11 Jan 1879 with William CORFIELD, slaters, stealing
KIDD James FC 14 Jul 1888 and Euphemia KINMONT, Canterbury, bankrupt
KIDHAM William FC 29 Sep 1855 Merchant Seaman "The Valid"
KINGSFORD Edmund FC 1 Mar 1879 testimonial
KINGSFORD Edmund FC 14 Feb 1880 more about him
KIRBY Fred Folkestone 1915 his bicycle collided with a van
LOCK Charles FE 21 Jun 1873 drunk
LUENBURGER Ernest Folkestone 1915 a Swiss subject, alien
LUNN William FC 9 Apr 1887 stealing
MACKESON HB Nov 1864 Folkestone of Hythe, son born 19 Nov
MAGGS Henry FC 3 Sep 1887 Devonshire Arms, Dover, license opposed
MARSH Charley Folkestone Jun 1927 died 13 Jun 1925
MARSHALL   Folkestone Jun 1927 wife of H MARSHALL of Queen Street died
MARTIN Jesse Alfred FH 21 Nov 1908 gunner 40th co RGA at Dover forgery
MATTHEWS George Folkestone 1860s 9th bde RA, shoplifting
MAYES Frederick Folkestone 1915 pte 28th btn Canadians received hospital treatment
MERCER 'bombadier' FO Jul/Aug 1861 funeral, volunteer with 1st (b) Cinque Ports Volunteer Artillery
MERCER John FR 4 Jan 1862 soldier, stealing
MOORE John FO Jul/Aug 1861 tailor, drunk
MOORE Mary Ann FE 15 Jun 1872 nee TAPPENDEN murdered by husband Thomas MOORE, Ashford area
MORGAN Saul FO 1861 assault on FEAKINS at Charing
MURPHY Mary Ann 17 FE 2 Mar 1872 damaging fence
MURPHY Patrick FO Jul/Aug 1861 of Coopers Arms, unmuzzled dog
NERTON Rose Folkestone 1915 skating accident
O'LEARY Elizabeth FE 2 May 1874 charged with wilful damage
PACKMAN William FR 4 Jan 1862 stealing potatoes
PATTERSON Isabella FH 24 May 1919 dog without muzzle
PAYNE George FC 2 Apr 1887 pte in RA with Herbert BASHFORD stealing
PEARCE Elgar Burton FO 1861 inquest at Canterbury
PEARCE Richard FH 10 Nov 1900 stealing bicyle
PENNY Elizabeth FE 15 Jun 1872 died age 73 of The Bayle
PENNY George FH 4 Jun 1927 death notice
PENNY Robert FC 30 Sep 1858 Victim of theft by Ann WRIGHT
PENNY Robert FO Sep 1862 Died 11 Sep 1862
PHILPOTT Alfred James FH Apr 1916 age 60 obituary
PHILPOTT Edward Ernest FH 28 Nov 1903 milkman of the Bayle, milk deficient in fat
PHILPOTT Esther Jane FH 6 Jan 1940 passed away aged 85
PHILPOTT Frederick Wm FH 11 Aug 1900 died age 21
PHILPOTT Henry FC 30 Sep 1858 Victim of theft by Robert JOHNSON
PHILPOTT James FO 1861 with James AUSTIN charged with raping Sarah Ann SIMPLE
PHILPOTT Leonard FS newspaper Jan 1937 died
PHILPOTT Louisa FC 22 Jun 1867 dau of Mr S PHILPOTT of Royal Oak, married Henry GODFREY
PHILPOTT Mary Ann FC 27 Oct 1888 assault
PHILPOTT Mrs & family FH 28 Jan 1933 return thanks esp Mrs GATEHOUSE
PHILPOTT Percy FH Feb 1919 birth of son
PHILPOTT William FC 28 Nov 1855 Charged with asssault
PRESNEILL Grace Folkestone Jun 1927 15y5m died
PURSEY Jessie FH 8 Jan 1910 Hawkinge, stealing
RAYMOND Mark Folkestone 1860s charged with assault at Hythe
REYNOLDS Thomas FC 1859 Car accident in Hythe age 75
ROBERTS James Allen FE 23 Feb 1918 Canadian soldier, pte, knocked down by motor bus in Cheriton Rd
ROBERTS Ruth FH 16 Jan 1916 103 years old
ROGERS Albert Folkestone 9 Jun 1900 Kennington, neglecting education of daughter
ROSSITER John 6 Jun 1863 FC licensee permitting drunkeness
ROSSITER Joseph FC 1894 Died 15 Jul at Victoria Hospital age 43.
ROSSITER Joseph FC1894 died at Victoria Hospital, Folkestone 15 Jul age 43
RUSSELL Charles FR 4 Jan 1862 stealing at Shorncliffe Camp
RYKACZEWSKI Valentine Folkestone 1915 alien remanded - russian pole
SAUNDERS Elizabeth E FE Jul? 1879 age 53 died at 6 Radnor St
SAUNDERS Percy Tiddy FE Oct? 1879 infant son of Mr Edward SAUNDERS died age 7 months
SAUNDERS Richard FE 1 Mar 1879 inquest
SAUNDERS Richard Thomas FH Mar 1919 died
SAUNDERS William Folkestone Aug 1915 Oldest fisherman dies
SCHNMIDT J C Folkestone 1915 of Dutch nationality, alien remanded
SHARP Frank FH 21 Jul 1906 assault of Mark WILLIS
SHARPE ST FH 17 Jun 1916 application for exemption
SHARPLEY Frederick Charles Folkestone Jun 1927 wife Doris birth of a son at Bevan Nursing Home, Sandgate
SIMS Matilda 4 Jan 1862 stealing
SMALL Edith Harriett FA 29 Sep 1897 died at Wood Lodge, West Wickham age 56
SMITH John FE 2 May 1874 quartermaster sgt 99th Regiment died at Shorncliffe Camp 27 Apr age 40
SPEARPOINT Richard FE 11 Jan 1879 drunk
SPRINGETT Jesse John FA 29 Sep 1897 son born at Forstall Farm, East Farleigh 18 Sep
STILWELL Mr FC 3 Sep 1887 Victory Inn, Dover, cautioned
SUTTON Charles FE 16 May 1874 alias CULLEN age 23 inquest
TAPPENDEN Constance FC 3 Feb 1900 widow of John died at Elham age 79
TAPPENDEN J FE 19 Aug 1876 dau born at East Hill, Ashford
TAPPENDEN John FE 28 Jun 1913 abusive language
TAPPENDEN John FC 12 Nov 1887 of Canterbury, ill treating pony
TAPPENDEN   FE 19 Aug 1876 Birth - daughter of Mr J TAPPENDEN of East Hill.
TAPPENDEN   FO 1861 Hastingleigh, assault on Mark DODD
TAYLOR James William FH 5 Dec 1903 oldest fisherman died
TERRY Eliza FE 2 May 1874 wife of John age 26 died 27 Apr
THOMAS James FO 1861 waggoner and Arthur FORTES, mate, theft at Hothfield
THOMPSON Ernest FH 1 Apr 1916 photo
THOMPSON Ernest FH 8 Apr 1916 age 14 stealing
THOMPSON George FH 25 OCT 1913 fishmonger & poulterer
THOMPSON John FC 28 Dec 1861 Murder at Birmingham with William BEAMISH
TODD Adam FH 17 Jun 1916 assaulting Mrs Richardson
TODD Percy 23 Jun 1900 Folkestone age 11, charged with stealing with other boys at Canterbury
TUCKER John Henry FE 15 Jun 1872 died age 59, boot & shoemaker
TUFF Sarah FE 5 Jun 1875 assault on Elizabeth Mary Devereese
VENNER Sarah Nov 1864 Folkestone assault on Elizabeth MAY
VERNON Jane Folkestone Jul 1915 died 1 Jul
WALEY Annie Emma C FA 29 Sep 1897 child, inquest
WELLARD Ebenezer FC 3 Apr 1887 with Charles HEMSLEY and Charles ALLEBONE damaging a church statue
WEST George 4 Jan 1862 stealing rabbits at Higham
WHITING Emma FO 1861 living in Ashford, prostitute of Maidstone drunk
WHITTINGHAM J FE 2 May 1874 baby son died 25 Apr
WILLIAMS Mary Ann FE 29 Jan 1876 obaining boots by false pretences
WILLIAMS Mary Ann FH 18 Jun 1916 44th conviction - 7th this year - mostly drunk
WILLS Henry FO 1861 stealing eggs at Bybrook
WILTON Mary FE 1 mar 1879 not sending boy to school
WINTER Henry FE 11 Jan 1879 drunk
WORTH Joseph Nov 1864 Folkestone stoker on Albert Edward, smuggling
WRAITH William Henry FA 29 Sep 1897 married Jennie HARRISON at Maidstone
WREFORD Elizabeth FA 29 Sep 1897 widow of Samuel died at Broughton House, Sevenoaks died 22 Sep

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