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1909 Map of Barry County, MO - Owner Darla Marbut

1909 Extracts from Barry County, MO, Newspapers  

An interlibrary loan of microfilm from the Missouri State Historical Society was the source of the below given data

April 3, 1909, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Barry Co., MO

Prof. Builteman received a message Thursday informing him of the serous illness of his mother in Southeast Missouri.

Miss Carrie Nation was in Barry County Wednesday on her way to Eureka Springs. She went over the MO & North Ark., R. R.

Maud James was released from jail, Thursday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Martin of near Pioneer were at the funeral of his sister Mrs. C. F. Marbut, here March 20th.

Mrs. Henry Birks of Seligman died March 13, 1909, aged nearly 60 years. She left a husband and four children to mourn her death.

Crossed the River of Death: After continued suffering of the severest nature, Mrs. Lutecia Henderson Brown wife of Roy Brown of Purdy, died at her home in that place, Monday 29th, 1909, of tuberculosis of the bone, age 23 years, 2 months and 11 days. She was a daughter of the Rev. F. P. Henderson. She and Mr. Brown were married July 1, 1903, and to them were born two children, Noveta 4 and Jed two years old. Rev. Chas. L. Siler conducted the funeral at the Baptist Church, Tuesday, March 30, 1909, and the church could not accommodate the many assembled to pay the last respect to the dead. She was a devoted Christian lady, and a worker in the Sunday Schools. To her, the struggle and burden bearing of earth are ended and we confidently trust that like one who awakes from a troubled dream, she has awakened to see life's endless morning break and known herself at home with all the vast throng of loved ones, missed from earth, safe about her. Gone from their sight, but because life and love are stronger than earth she is still there. She is still the mother of the dear children, upon whom she devoted with such enlacing? fondness, and the companion still of him, who mourns earth's greatest loss, and may she not by this transition wild over then a stranger force for goodness and truth than before.

Homer Thompson of Exeter, was adjudged insane, Saturday by the County Court and Sheriff Newman took him to the Nevada Insane Asylum that night.

On complaint of his father, J. W. Johnson, Fred Johnson, was lodged in jail last week, on a charge of insanity. We hear that he threaded to kill his father and some other relatives. Fred has led a dissipated life for several years, that was too strenuous, and brought these complications about. His exemption will be held April 8.

Mrs. Eliza Hurst age 94 years, March 14, who has been residing with her son Wm., near Pawnee, Okla., is at Washburn, with her daughter Mrs. Jennie Hamilton.

Shell Knob News: Melvin Cooper left last week for Kansas.

Eagle Rock News: Mrs. John Sherman visited Saturday and Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Easley.

Eagle Rock News: James Shaffer and family left Tuesday for Wyoming. They have been visiting R. W. Whittington and family for the past two weeks.

Hailey News: We are sorry to hear of the death of Henry Short of Jenkins. He was indeed the poor man's friend and the people in this section will feel the loss very much. We extend our sympathies to the bereaved but our loss is his gain, for he has made himself a house in heaven, where the Master has a place for him.

Hailey News: Married Saturday March 27, by Squire Phillips at his office, Mr. Everel Henson of Jenkins and Miss Alice Burbridge of Mineralspring. May their path be a bower of roses. The young couple will make their home on the Smith farm on Rock House.

A Wife and Mother Gone: Mrs. Amanda Drinkwater, wife of John F. Drinkwater died Saturday night, March 27, 1909, of paralysis, age 64 years, 3 months and 10 days. She was born Dec 17, 1845, in Salem, Ind., and was married Mr. Drinkwater, Dec 25, 1866. To this union 9 children were born, 8 of whom are living. In 1871, she professed faith in Christ and united with the Christian Church. They came to Barry County in 1875, have resided here ever since.  Rev. M. Smith conducted services at Maplewood Cemetery, Exeter, Sunday, March 28, 1909, in the presence of a large crowd of relatives and friends, after which the remains were lowered to the tomb, there to rest and sleep until he bright resurrection morning. Vain is the attempt to measure the loss of a wife or mother, after all the poets have sung and lovers dreamed, outside of heaven there is no love like mothers-love. We believe the tender care devoted in those nearest and dearest, went with her to the better land, and in the possibilities of eternality, may be needed hereafter. We fancy her awaiting them in the bright and eternal city. Get ready to meet her. 

Shady Grove News: The writer felt very sad on learning of the death of Mrs. Florence Marbut, as she was an old schoolmate of ours twenty-six years ago. We sympathize with her bereaved husband and children.

Shady Grove News: Mrs. Drinkwater, living three miles west of Shady died Saturday and was buried Sunday at Exeter. Another good citizen is gone and a husband and children are left to mourn their loss. The bereaved have the sympathy of a host of friends.

Ash No. 2 News: Mrs. Annie Privitt died at her son's residence in Washburn, Saturday night and was buried on the old home place Sunday. She was 73 years of age. The bereaved family have the sympathy of all.

Rock Springs News: Mrs. Susan Still died at her residence, South of Washburn, four miles, of paralysis, age 63 years. She was the wife of James Still of Ash township; they have resided in this section for many years. She was a member of the Baptist Church and was buried at the Rocksprings Cemetery. She died March 23, and was buried the 24th. Funeral services were held at the cemetery by Elder Atchey of Herd, Ark.

Rev. O. D. Bettick of Joplin, is the father of seventeen children. He was formerly pastor of the First Baptist Church of Cassville.

Mrs. Mary Wise an old resident of Aurora, aged 77 years, died last week at Orenogo. The remains were buried at Aurora.

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Hoover returned Monday from Corsicana where they had been called by the death of his brother, Jos. Hoover, who died Saturday. Crane Chronicles.

Thursday morning, Jasper N. Sallee residing 2 or 3 miles northeast of Exeter, seen out on his farm and his son Charlie saw him stoop down but never saw him straighten up; he went to his father and found him struggling but unconscious from which he never recovered. He was conveyed to the family residence and a doctor was summoned by phone, but nothing could be done, and in an hour his spirit had gone to his Maker.

He was born on the old Timothy Truelove farm now owned by W.R. Thompson, near Washburn, and was about 53 years of age. In 1872, he married Miss Eliza Stephens who died in 1880, leaving one son, Walter. In 1883, he wedded Miss Margaret Duncan, who survives him, to them were born one son Charles.

He was a member of the concord C. P. Church, and Rev. C. M. Smith conducted the services at that church yesterday, Friday, April 2, after which the remains were laid to rest there. He left one brother Thomas and one sister Miss Lizzie Sallee.

Jasper Sallee was an honest man, and had the confidence and respect of his many acquaintances. Well may his children cherish his memory as a precious legacy and we fain but say a word of comfort to the stricken ones, we can but let the years flow in sympathy with theirs, and paint them to the promise. "An eventide it shall be light."

Marriage Licenses:

Evert Henson of Jenkins and Alice Barbridge of Minearlsprings

Homer Terry and Nellie Burg of Purdy

David Talbert and Rhoda Adams, Cassville

T. E. Berry of Aurora and E. A Burnett, Madry

April 10, 1909, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Barry Co., MO

John Thompson will teach the Pasley school.

Thomas Hollow News:  Jesse N __ and Jane Burris were married here the 6th?

Purdy News: Miss Lula Lough was called the bedside of a sick friend at Oswego, Kansas. She returned home Sunday morning.

Purdy News: Mrs. Cora Gilbert came down and spent Sunday with her cousins, Misses Bess and Ina Boucher.

Scholten News: Mrs. Am Wiley has recovered from sickness.

Mayflower News: Rev. William Taylor of Garfield, Ark., occupied the pulpit at the Baptist Church Sunday. 

We are sorry to learn that Tim Wilson of near Osa, is losing his mind. He was taken to Nevada Asylum for treatment Tuesday.

Hailey News: Mrs. W. C. Boyd was called to the bedside of her brother J. Elisha Perriman on White River, who died Saturday of pneumonia.

Mrs. and Mrs. Will Elsey of Purdy, were visiting here last week.

Mayflower News: Dick Shipley, of McDonald County, age 86 years, cut his throat Monday morning, April ?, at 6 o'clock. No one knew the cause of him doing the deed only loss of mind; the remains were taken to the Roller Cemetery.

Mayflower News: J. T. Vanzandt is having some trouble with one of his eyes. [Van Zandt]

A. C. Tennant and wife of Farmington, Ark., came up Friday to attend the funeral of their nephew, Jasper Salle.

A twenty year-old child of Lee Wood __  ___ ___ died Sunday and  remains  __  ___ through Cassville ___ ___ ?  their way to  ?  ___ Rev. E. _  ?  [unreadable] Family formerly resided in Mineral Spring.

Marriage Licenses:

Cleo England and Ada Thomas, Exeter

James Woodward, Pierce City and Essa Reed, Exeter

J. C. Mitchell, Puden, Okla. and Oma Widders, Butterfield

Homer Drinkwater and Susie Metcalf, Cassville




April 17, 1909, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Barry Co., MO

Rev. James Alderson died Saturday morning April 3, 1909, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Riddle of Purdy, aged 92 years. His life was a veteran in the service of his Maker. For 80 odd years he had traveled up and own this earth preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and directed many persons on the pathway to heaven. He had been a minister of the Christian Church for 60 odd years and thousands had listened to him, as he pointed the way to Heaven. The writer had known him since the year 1864, and he was always a good man. Some years ago he resided in the Pasley neighborhood and moved from there to Monett, where he resided until his wife died 2 or 3 years ago and for a time made his home at Purdy, with his daughter. He leaves several daughters and two sons Jasper of Monett and John. The remains were laid to rest at Monett. He was a valiant solider of the cross, and has gone to his reward.

Mrs. E. M. Bare goes tomorrow to visit her mother at Eagle Rock, MO, a sister joining her in the visit to their old home. Eureka Springs, Ark., Flashlight.

John Tate is planning to build a new house on the site of the one recently burned on Kings Prairie. Monett Times.

Mrs. Bessie Stucky of Tulsa, Okla., is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Livingston.

Rock Springs News: Clyde Northcutt has been employed to teach the Rock Springs school seven months, beginning August 9.

Rock Springs News: At this writing we are sorry to say that Mrs. P. E. Roller's condition seems no better.

Washburn Prairie News: Uncle George Arnhart is in very poor health at the home of his daughter Mrs. C. F. Jaynes. Malone Cox and wife and Joshua Arnhart of Purdy and J. C. Ault and family of Cassville were called to the bedside of their father Saturday.

Cross Hollows News: Myrtle Land and Ernest Wallace attended the wedding of Miss Omie Widders and Chesley Mitchell at Cassville, Wednesday. The mean to hold their future home in Oklahoma. they will certainly be missed by their many friends. We all wish them joy and success.

Cato News: We are sorry to hear of our old friend and neighbor Jolisha Periman's death. Mr. Periman lived near Shell Knob. He was formerly of this place. The bereaved family has the sympathy of this entire community.

Mrs. Jane Smithey of Washburn township fell Sunday and fractured the bone of her left hip. Dr. Geo. Northcutt of Seligman, was summoned. She is 75 years old and her recovery will be a long time off, it ever. They have written for her daughter in Kansas and son of Texas. She is living at J. M. Fines' but has lived at several different places in this county and has been a resident of the county for many years.

Gus Rainey who killed Charles Sheppard at Springfield was acquitted of the charge last week. Rainey inherited a fortune from his father and his income has cause him to live a debauched life.

W. M. Carlin and his son Pleas passed through Cassville, Tuesday taking a drove of cattle to his ranch east of this city.

Henry Birks of Seligman, was in town last week. He reported everything quiet down there.

John A. Duke of Springfield, formerly of Mt Vernon, died last week.

Jake Sanders of near Aurora, who has been at the Sanatorium for the past week, left Saturday evening for his home. He seemed to have an acute attack of home sickness together with a complication of others diseases and was not satisfied to stay away from home. Mt. Vernon Record.  

Marriage Licenses:

J. E. Fehring, Rocky Comfort and Junie Smith, Oak Hill, Ark.

Ben C. McClure, Mineralspring and Emma Gurley, Purdy

Barnard Felarsk and Antonia Schroetter, Pierce City

April 24, 1909, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Barry Co., MO

Miss Nettie Lucky aged 17 years of Joplin, has sued George White of Neosho, son of Tom White, a wealthy citizen of Neosho, for $50,000, for promise of marriage and seduction. The child was born and White refuses to comply with his agreement. Tom White father of George has been in the saloon business at that place for many years. 

Henry Lick, aged 72 years, died near Neosho this week. He was an old time newspaper man, having published papers in many locations.

J. C. Barker was arrested Tuesday on a charge of disturbing the peace of J. P. Merrill.

Enoch Trolinger has secured the Forest Grove School, 5 miles out on the Hailey and Galena road.

Mrs. W. T. Denbo of Monett died April 17, 1909, of nervous trouble, leaving a husband and four children, and her parents to mourn her death. They formerly resided at Washburn and Cassville. Services were held from the Catholic Church. Mrs. Dembo was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Mooney. [Research Note: Jennie Dembo was a niece of Timothy Patrick Mooney and a sister to John, Ed, and Patrick Mooney. Two of the four children were hers and probably the other two were the children of Ida Edens, the first wife of Wesley Denbo.]

The report is that L. F. West and Maud James were married at Monett, Monday.

Thomas Hollow News: Born to Henry Metcalf and wife, April 11, a daughter.

Rock Creek News: We are sorry to hear of the death of our old friend J. E. Periman. The bereaved have our sympathy.

Wm. Burch and family of Prosperity are spending a few days with Mrs. Burch's mother, Mrs. A. W. Karns.

Marriage Licenses:

U. H. Harris and Flora Baldwin, Madry

Edgar W. Previtt and Mabel Wooten, Exeter

Geo. E. Phillip and Nellie Westenhaver, Golden

L. F. West, Monett and Maud James, Butterfield

Jas. Vanderpool and Myrtle Keith, Seligman

Fred L. Jennison and Bertha A. Atkisson, Monett

Ira A. Russell, Seattle, Wash. and Mabel E. Riddle, Purdy

S. W. King and Maggie Nolan, Seligman

May 1, 1909, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Barry Co., MO

Card of Thanks: To the good people of Exeter who so kindly assisted us in the illness and death of our mother and sister, we give our thanks and hope when they have finished their life's work, on earth and are called to the great beyond that they may be fortune enough to have the kind care and attention of as good neighbors as live in Exeter. Sarah Weatherly, Ollie and Jesse Kemper, C. W. and E. C. Kemper, W. S. and W. L. Taylor and Charlotte Wheeler. 

Mrs. R. C. Kemper died at her home in Baxter, Sunday night after a continued Illness, age 59 years. She was the mother of Mrs. John Weatherly, and Chas. Kemper of Exeter and Riley Kemper and four or five other children. She was a member of the Baptist Church. The remains were buried at Exeter.

J. C. Baker plead guilty in Squire Plattenburg's court Monday to disturbing he peace of J. P. Merritt and was fine $1.50 and costs.

Travers News: Sunday morning at 5:30 a. m., Mr. Randolph passed from this life of the great beyond. He was a well respected citizen and was well liked by everybody. He left a wife and several children. The remains were interred in the Pilant Cemetery. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Ennis Sunday afternoon.

Marriage Licenses:

Lambert W. Draper and Margaret E. Beymes, Monett

Wm. D. Wilson and Zella Bridgman, Carr, Stone County

M. V. Vickers and Nellie Bouldin, Monett

G. W. Botts, Monett, Mo., and Mrs. Mollie Marshall, Garfield, Ark.

wm. A. Wagner, Purdy and Frances Wimsatt, Monett

C.A. Keeling and Dove Ash, Cassville

May 8, 1909, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Barry Co., MO

The Funerals: Below we give all we were able to learn of the funerals of the victims of the cyclone.   [Click here to read]  

Obituary:  Grandma Duckworth died of paralysis Dec 11, 1897 after being confined to her bed and chair nearly four months. [Click here to read]

Geo. Earl who has been teaching in East Lynn, Cass County, is visiting his father Geo. Earl of near town. He does not know yet where he will teach this fall and winter.

Thos. Arnold of Viola took Wednesday evening train for Washington. If he likes the state, will locate there.

Newman's Store at Pierce City was robbed of about $500. worth of goods one night last week.

A stroke of epilepsy caused W. K. Butler an inmate of the county jail to fall and strike his head on the concrete floor, inflicting a severe wound, Wednesday morning, and for a time, it was thought he might be dangerously injured, but he is recovering. He is from Monett and is serving out fine and cost. He was discharged Thursday.

Married - in this city, at the home of and by the Rev. E.W. Love, Tuesday evening, April 27, 1909, G. W. Butts of Monett, and Mrs. Mollie Marshall of Garfield, Ark. Mrs. Butts is a passenger brakeman between Monett and Ft Smith. They stopped over night at the Hotel Barry, and went to Monett Wednesday morning. [Name may be Botts and not Butts. Copy is faded.]

Mrs. Geo. L. Curtice died at Akron, Ohio, April 30th. Her husband Geo. L. Curtice is a brother of Charlie Curtice of the Neosho Miner and Mechanic.

Mayflower News: Roam Dent is fixing to put up a big pea huller.

Mayflower News: Ike Scott is fixing to put in a big pumpkin patch.

Mayflower News: Mrs. Birdie Fine died, April 25, she left a husband and two children to mourn her death.

Shell Knob News: Misses Della Blythe and Kate Dodson have been employed to teach our school the ensuing term.

Washburn Prairie News: Jennie Montgomery of Cassville is visiting her cousin Allene Sparkman.

Washburn Prairie News: Chas. Vanzandt filled his appointment at Antioch Saturday and Sunday. [Van Zandt]

Washburn Prairie News: Miss Ethel Hood visited Gail Hancock of Washburn Sunday. [Research Note: Gale Hancock was a daughter of William Calvin and Alice (Gates) Hancock.]

A. J. Pease of Washburn was in Cassville, Monday and reported the fruit slightly damaged in that section by the recent cold weather. [Research Note: This was James Alvin Pease - J. A. Pease and not A. J. as printed.]

May 15, 1909, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Barry Co., MO

Probate Court, May 15, 1909  [Click here to read]

Independence News: J. M. Davidson, County Collector, brought suit in Squire Salle's court against Randolph Bowman for delinquent poll tax. Bowman paid the claim and costs and did not go to jail.

Ash No. 2 News: Born to Charley Mitchell and wife on Sunday, a boy baby. All doing well except Charley , his recovery seems doubtful.

Rev. Whittington passed through on his way to his appointment last Friday.

Mrs. P. E. Roller of near Seligman died Monday May 10 of a cancer. The remains were laid to rest in the King Cemetery, Tuesday. She was a splendid woman, wife, mother and citizen and her death is regretted by all her acquaintance. She left a husband, daughters and sons to mourn her death.

George Long, a groceryman of Galena, Kansas, accepted a forged check for $31.80 from Chas. Kelley and W. M. Campbell. He sold Kelly $5. worth of groceries and paid in $26.50 in cash. Both fellows have been arrested and place in jail. George Long is a son of Aaron Long of Cassville.

Rev. John Hudson of Round Rock Tex., will hold all day services at Concord Church, the 5th Sunday in this month. Rev. Hudson was pastor of this church many years ago.

Geo. Gee plead guilty to common assault on Jas. Channell last week and was fined $1. and costs.

A young babe of Geo. Kring's, residing 1 1/4 miles northwest of town, died Monday morning.

Mrs. Matilda Morrow attended Probate Court Monday and Thursday.

Rev. John Hadley died at his home four miles northeast of Cassville, Monday, May 20, 1909, aged nearly 77 years. He was born in Kentucky Aug 20, 1832, and came to Barry County with his parents when a boy and has resided in this county since that time. His children are Wesley Hadley of Purdy; Mrs. Thos. Bowen of near Hailey; Mrs. John Browning of near Exeter, and Mrs. Julia Browning, who resides on the old homestead and Charles Hadley who is in California. He was a son of the late Henry Hadley. Rev. Ed. Chappel conducted funeral services at the residence Thursday, after which the remains were buried in the family cemetery.

Clifford Turner of Pierce City, visited his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. M. Horine last week.

Mrs. Jas. Mullens, 3 1/2 miles northwest of town, had a very narrow escape from burning to death Monday. While making soap her clothing caught fire and was burning very rapidly, when C. M. Sprugeon who was driving by ran to her rescue and threw a tub of water on her. She burned badly but not seriously.

County Court Proceedings: Notice from Nevada asylum that Nellie Washick had been furloughed from said asylum April 7, 1909.

R. D. Lenhart of Aurora and Mrs. Lydia Gohlance? of Kansas City were married last week in Mr. Vernon. Mr. Lenhard was formerly a resident of Monett and at one time was proprietor of the Monett Eagle. His bride is the sister of his late wife. Monett Star

May 22, 1909, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Barry Co., MO

Probate Court Proceedings, May 22, 1909  [Click here to read]

Married Sunday, May 16, 1909, at he residence and by Rev. R. G. Mitchell in this city, Wm. P. Graber and Missouri E. Beck. Mrs. Graber is a daughter of the late Daniel Beck, who resided four miles out on Golden road, and is well and favorably known. Mr. Graber comes from a good family is a good man. They will reside on his farm northwest of Cassville. We hope for them a successful and happy life.

James Williams of Ozark township, died May 1st of paralysis, age 73 years. He was a good citizen and was an uncle of Circuit Clerk C. W. Williams. He left a wife and children.

A 4 year-old daughter of Arthur Burrass of Purdy, died Wednesday and was buried Thursday. The grieved relatives in this sad hour have our sympathy.

Dewey, youngest son of Z. L. Roberts fell of of [sic] a fence and broke his left arm between the elbow and wrist Thursday.

Martin Linden of Abilene, Kan., had both legs cut off in the railroad yards at Monett Monday night, and died Tuesday.

O. Arnold, a machinist of Seligman, spent Sunday, in this city.

Sheriff Newman removed Byron Barker from the county farm to the Nevada Asylum Monday night; he had become dangerous. He also took Anna Spitzner of the northwest portion of the county to the asylum.

Record of old soldiers buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Cassville, May 30, 1909, as reported by J. R. Lee: Wm. Talbert, Jacob Bowers, Elias Horine, C. M. Emerson, Wm. Gillmore, Wm. Trim, Wm. Criswell, C. S. Bryan, L. D. Oxford, J. W. McGlosson, T. R. Hankins, John Hessee, H. M. Hurbert, C. M. Jimerson, John Ray, B. F. Gabriel, Lafayette Scroggins, E. M. Frost, Allen N. Woody, Elbert Bert, Henry Lohmer, George Dodson, A. L. Talby, W. J. Robertson, Alfred Gensel, W. F. Mullens, John Bougher and D. P. Pharis.

Mrs. Martha Clark of near Butterfield, died May 31, 1909, after a lingering illness, age 54. The remains were laid to rest Tuesday in the New Church cemetery. She left six children to mourn her death.

Roy Elrod of Carterville, visited his grandmother Mrs. Rebecca House and family of near town and relatives of Exeter last and this week.

Mark Swope's store at Beaver, Ark., was burglarized one night last week, Geo. Skelton was arrested.

A fellow giving his name as J. S. Thomas, who claimed to be looking for a farm, beat John Baker of the City Hotel, out of about two days board last week and walked out of town. It is also said he treated a Seligman hotel man the same way. Such fellows will eventually come to grief.

A report from Elsey says Deputy Sheriff Wes Spears had to shoot a man Saturday evening to arrest him. He had a warrant for one Bob Bland for assault on a son of Bent May. When Spears went to get Bland the later commenced shooting and shot four times at Spears, the aim was bad, and then Spears plugged him once thought he arm. This took some of the fight out of Bland, and he was taken to Galena. Crane Chronicle

Mrs. Henry Langston of near Lone Elm departed for the great beyond Monday night of heart failure. She was apparently in her usual health when retiring, but death came before the morning. She was 63 years old and has been a great suffered all her life; she leaves a husband and several children to mourn her departure. Not long since she professed faith in Christ. 

Frank Brown of Hungry Hollow failed to keep his regular Sunday appointment at Roy Madison's.

Seligman News: Nathan Skelton is staying at Rev. G. W. Nobles most of the time.

Shoal Creek News: Born to Luther Smith and wife a fine baby girl; mother and babe are doing nicely.

Scholten News: Everybody is invited to celebrate the 70th birthday of G. B. Hancock, June 7, 1909. [Research Note: He was born June 7, 1839 in Wayne Co., KY.]

May 29, 1909, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Barry Co., MO

Dr. J. B. Woods who has been failing in health died last Thursday, age 75 years. He leaves a wife and seven children to mourn his death. He came here many years ago from Tennessee, and during his long residence here, had many friends who will regret to hear of his death. Berryville Ark. Star   

Martha Green, 77 years of age, a respected citizen, died at the home of his son in Aurora, last week. Pierce City Lender.

Clark News: We are sorry to chronicle the death of Uncle Wheeling Combs, who passed from this life May 25, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Walter Strother; he was one of the oldest settlers of Barry County and an honorable citizen. One by one the old pioneers of our county are passing away.

Clark News: Mrs. Georgia Cooper and daughters, Misses Hazel and Ruby, of Monett are visiting Hiram Cooper and wife.

June 5, 1909, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Barry Co., MO

Shell Knob News: Died at home near here, Sarah M. Taylor aged about 16 years. She was the oldest daughter of Zeb Taylor. Her remains were laid to rest in the Clark Cemetery. We sympathize with the relatives in their bereavement.

Marriage Licenses:

James R. Schueller, Wood Lake Neb and Mrs. O. E. Rapp, Carrolton, MO

Frank Craigler and Mary Rowe, Cassville

Charles Murphy and Gertie Toy, Garfield, Ark.

Geo. E. Smith, Mano and Myrtle M. Cooper, Shell Knob

Arthur Hall and Susie Stansberry, Seligman

J. W. Turner, Cassville and Margaret Lyford, Pana, Ill.


June 12, 1909, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Barry Co., MO

That the Terry and the Ambrose factions in Stone County had another fight. [Research Note: States no more.]

John M. Sheets Dead: From a complication of diseases that had baffled the medical profession, John M. Sheets died at Exeter, Tuesday morning June 8, 1909, age 61 years, leaving a wife and three children to mourn his death.

He was born at Rochelle, Ill., and lived there until 1873, when he moved to Nora Springs, Iowa, and engaged in the hardware business for many years. In about 1905, he moved to and located at Exeter. He had been married three times and led a child by each marriage.

Funeral services were held a the family residence Thursday afternoon by Rev. P. St. Clair of the M. E. Church, South, to a large number assembled to pay the last respects to a good man. He had been a member of the M. E. Church for many years. After the funeral services the remains were conveyed to this city and laid to rest in the Oak Hill Cemetery.

He was a devoted husband and a kind and indulgent, father; to his relatives, he was tender and kind; to his friends the soul of friendship. As a man, it is that those who knew him best, most love to contemplate him. He believed that the man who scatters flowers in the pathway of his fellow men, who let into the dark places of life, sunshine of human sympathy and human happiness, is flowing the footsteps of his Master.

His life was gentle, but like the still waters, it was deep. He was a little slow to make acquaintances, but when you once learned his character, you would appreciate his acquaintance.

C. W. Edens is the happy father of a young daughter. May she live to a long life to comfort her parents.

Bud Arnold out on the Washburn road, had a fine democratic son born to him.

Jas. A. Ray of Granby and Mrs. Mary Bunge of Monett, were in Cassville, Monday, in the interest of Henry Birks for whom they are working to secure a pardon for killing Marion Thomas at Monett.

We are very sorry to chronicle the dangerous sickness of Robert Houston of McDonald township, at Purdy, this week. He was an aggravated case of cystitis, extending to the bowels. We hope for his recovery.

C. C. Carney and wife went to Marionville, Saturday evening, in response to a message informing him that his mother had suffered another stroke of paralysis. We hope they found her better. She nearly 70 years old.

Ash No. 2 News: Laura, wife of Young Vanderpool, died at her home near Washburn Tuesday night. She left her husband and seven little children, including twin babies three weeks old, to mourn her death. They have the sympathy of the entire community.

Ash No. 2 News: Born to Walter Stewart and wife, one day last week, a boy baby. Mother and baby doing well, and we understand they have turned Walter lose.

Mrs. Albert Burris nee Towler, a daughter of Elisha Towler living between Eagle Rock and Mano, came to this city Wednesday evening, and stopped at the City Hotel. Early Thursday morning, her husband Albert Burris and her brother Sid Towler, came in and went to the City Hotel, where his wife was stopping and got his baby and started off with it, when the mother gave chase for her babe, when W. T. Balley came along and took the babe from the father and gave to the mother. We understand Mrs. Burris was on her way to Monett. The husband and brother returned home.

J. W. Strother of near Butterfield, was in town Tuesday. He said his father-in-law, the late Wheelin Combs had deeded all of his real estate to his three children, with the exception of 10 acres. He reported crops good.

W. A. Champ of near Exeter, is reported slowly dying with a cancer. Mr. Champ is a good man and has borne his afflictions with patience and fortitude.

Dick Elam of Eagle Rock brought up a lot of sheep for Ben Johnson, Tuesday. He said crop conditions were good in his section excepting timothy; that oats were splendid.

Marriage Licenses:

J. A. Salts, Springfield and Lena Boucher, Exeter.

June 19, 1909, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Barry Co., MO

Dock Skelton a prominent citizen of Eagle Rock, was in town Wednesday, and said two men recently camped near his home and killed a very valuable dog belonging to him. He said he would prosecute the parties, if there was a law for so doing.

Wm. Houston of Purdy, was in town Monday. Will is all broken up over his brother Bob's death. Will was made Executor of Bob's estate. The will was made equally between is wife and two children. He carried $6,000 life insurance; $2,000 in the M. W. A.; and $4,000 in the Banker's Life.

Ash No. 2 News: The ice cream social at Uncle Jeff Berryhill's was well attended and enjoyed by all. Uncle Jeff and Aunt Clara make all pleasant around them.

Ash No. 2 News: During the storm last Thursday, Bob Dalton was shocked by lighting. The skin was cracked on his face, but he got all right.

An aged Mother Dies: Mrs. Mary Carney of Marionville, died Friday morning, June 11, 1909, at 11 a. m., of paralysis, age 70 years, 8 months and 2 days. She was the widow of the late Judge Absalom Carney a well known and highly respected citizen of this county, up to 1891, when they moved to Marionville, where they resided until death. Mrs. Carney was a Miss Henson and was born and raised in Stone County. In 1851, she and her husband, were married and lived near the Flat Creek post office, this county, until they moved to Marionville. There was born to this union eight children all of whom survive her. They are John, F. P., Anderson and T. W. Carney of Marionville, Mrs. Susan Ragsdale, Purdy, Mrs. J. S. Thomas and Mrs. Sarah Suttles of Leann and C. C. Carney of Cassville, and Mrs. Aud Williams of Kansas City. She had been a member of the Christian Church for forty years. The funeral was conducted by Rev. Blunt at Marionville, Saturday and interment was made there. A good mother has lived to see her children all grown, an ambition that not many are blessed with. Her children are all good citizens and will have the sympathy of all their acquaintances. 

Dr. Mitchell received a letter from Mrs. Ellen Wynkoop of Rockport, Texas, yesterday, stating that her husband G. J. Wynkoop died at Leavenworth, Kan., Soldiers Home May 17, 1909, of apoplexy. Before moved to Texas, Mr. Wynkoop resided in Cassville.

[abstract] 1 Dead, 7 Hurt: Andrew A. McCormick, Dead. The tornado formed on Capps Creek, two miles South and one mile east of Pierce city near Mr. Heunegan's and traveled in a northeasterly direction.

The dead body of Mr. McCormack was found in a pound 12 yards southeast of the site of the house a short time after.  J. J. Lauderdale had bad place on the head where he had been hit. 

The seven McCormick children were thrown on the wood pile, a distance of thirty yards, and were injured. That was a lot of damage done and listed was that Fleming Dummit and Dave Thomas had found two cat fish that were blown out of McCormick's pond, 1/4 of a mile from the pond. And a number of small catfish were found ten or fifteen yards from the pond. Glass fruit jars were found 1/4 mile from McCormick's but not broken. Steve Courdin's barn 1 1/4 miles southwest of McCormick's was entirely destroyed. Chas. Carlin's orchard was damaged to the extent of a row of trees 100 yards wide through the orchard were laid to the ground.

Andrew A. McCormick was born and reared around Monett, and was held in high esteem and respect by all who knew him. He was honest, good to his family, and a good neighbor. Besides his seven children he leaves four brothers, W. T., R. R., J. L., and John A. McCormick and two sisters Mrs. Martin Jenkins and Mrs. Allie Park. Mrs. McCormick died about two years ago. He leaves his children in good circumstances because he owned 350 or 400 acres of land around Monett. [Research Note: Andrew McCormick was married to Dora Chandler, Nov 30, 1884 in Barry Co., MO]

John Mooney of Washburn has filed suit in the circuit Court, against W. T. Denbo, his son-in-law for $1,000 the he paid Denbo to maintain and support Mr. Mooney and wife during their life time. The plaintiff claims defendant did not comply with his contract, by making things unpleasant and intolerable, he seeks the recover of $900.

Married, Tuesday, June 15, in this city, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Henley, by Squire Plattenburg, Claud Mathis and Miss Bell Maxwell of McDowell. We bestow our best wishes upon this young couple, and hope for them a continued life of happiness and success. They returned to McDowell their future home that evening.

A very large crowd of people from Cassville, attended Robert A. Houston's funeral Sunday afternoon, at the sparks Cemetery. This was right, as it was paying the last respect to a good man. The surrounding country nearly all turned out, band there were many from Purdy.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Marion Hessee, at their home, northeast of town, June 14, 1909, a daughter.

Marriage Licenses:


Claud Mathis and Belle Maxwell, McDowell

Fred Bounous and Victoria Avondent, Monett

June 26, 1909, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Barry Co., MO

Born to Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Stadler of west Texas, a daughter. Grandpa Jas. Neeley is smiling.

J. B. Logan of Marionville died June 22, 1909, at his home in that city of paralysis, age 74 years. He was the father of Mrs. C. C. Carney of this city, who was present when he died. Mr. Carney went there Tuesday night. The deceased left a wife and ten children to mourn his death. He was a member of the Baptist Church and an Odd Fellow. He was a member of the Logan family that formerly resided at Logan Station, just east of Marionville, a very prominent family in that section.

Lynn Plummer of Pierce City and Miss Emily Hulse of Lees Summit were married recently. Mrs. Plummer has visited friends in this city and is an excellent lady.

Roy Reaser of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and Miss Lula Lough of Purdy were married Wednesday at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Lough, in Purdy. We trust their journey through life will be as happy as their start. Mrs. Reaser comes from excellent parentage and we have no doubt her selection of a husband is a splendid one.

Mrs. Susan Powell and James T. Davidson of Liberty township attended their mother, the late Mrs. Davidson, who died Tuesday at the home of her son, J. M. Davidson, in this city.

The 4 year old son of M. L. Barnett, the blacksmith on East Paint street, while playing in his father's blacksmith shop, Saturday was badly wounded by an anvil failing striking the little fellow a glancing lick, that possibly fracture a bone in his leg and bruised his foot. Had it struck a leg or bone with its entire weight, there would be a different story to tell.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Zeb Thomas, south of town, Saturday, June 19, 1909, a daughter. Zeb is able to be about.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Bert Robbins on June 19,1 909, a daughter. Bert is holding up very well.  

Mrs. John Witt who is at her daughter's Mrs. Vaughan, 3 miles out on the Springfield road, and is afflicted with dropsy, was much worse this week.

[Abstract] Mrs. Mary Jane Stratler: Mrs. Mary Jane Statler died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. J. A. Livingston, in this city, Tuesday about 12 o'clock, age 84 years, 10 months, and 22 days. She was born in Schellsburg, PA, July 30, 1825.  She was the mother of five children, one boy and four girls, one boy and one girl dying in childhood, Mrs. M. D. Livingston of this city, Mrs. Belle Otto of Bedford, Penn., and Mrs. Kate Cameron of Ralston, OK. Rev. E. W. Love officiating and remains were laid to rest in Oak Hill Cemetery.

Mrs. Rhoda J. Davidson died Tuesday, June 22, at the home of her son, John M. Davidson, age 76 years, 4 months, and 18 days, of general debility.

Mrs. Davidson was born in Lewis County, Tenn., Feb 4, 1833, and was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Keeling and grew to womanhood there. In 1851, she was married to Wm. J. Davidson and came to Barry County in 1854, and settled on what is now known as the W. A. Boucher farm, 3 1/2 miles west of Cassville. She was a consistent member of the Presbyterian Church and had been a member since her early days.

She was the mother of ten children, four boys and xix girls, seven of who are living. They are: W. J. Davidson of Cook County, Texas, J. M. Davison of this city, Mrs. Sallie Powell, Liberty Township, Mrs. Susan Beshears, start, Texas, J. T. Davidson, Liberty Township, Mrs. Margaret Wilkerson, Cook County, Texas and Mrs. August Edens, Grayson County, Texas.

She is gone. Another name is stricken from the ever lessening roll of our old settlers, and her children are left to attest how sadly they will miss her. It must be so those tender human ties cannot be severed without a pang. Yet, in such a death there is really no cause for grief. Her lie's work has done and well done. Not for her, be our tears! Rather let us crown her grave with garlands; few of us will live as long, or as well, and fewer will yet will the Angel of Death greet with such a  loving touch.

Rev's Love and Sade conducted impressive funeral services at the grave Wednesday morning, after which Interment was made in the Vineyard Cemetery.

[Abstract] George Hayes He died from Heart Failure: Body found in the Foot Crossing First Ford below Thomas Mill. Thursday, afternoon, June 22, hunting for frogs, just below the second crossing of the creek from Cassville near the J. F. Pilant farm where Ed Allison reside, Jas. M. Neeley of Cassville, discover a man lying in the creek on his face, at the foot of the crossing of the creek. Mr. Neeley went after Alfred Pilant who was plowing on his farm near by, and  E ? Wilson, who resided near by and ? Most of the rest is unreadable. But it indicated that he had $1.25 in his pocket. And that that this was George Hayes whose uncle was Joel Hayse, who at one time resided Camp Bliss Hollow, and later in McDonald Township was the man. Joel's wife made baskets. J. M. Neeley, Alfred Pilant, Ed Allison, Jas. M. Turner and Chas Ray were witnesses before the inquest jury.


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