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 May 2, 1912, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO

Big Day for Barry County Schools. The Eight Grade graduation, spelling and declamatory contests made Saturday May 4 a red letter day for the year in the school work in this county.

Certificates of graduation were awarded to 70 pupils from the various schools in the county for their successful completion of the work in the common school course of study including the eight grade. An address to the class was made by Rev. J. T. Brattin. The certificates of graduation were awarded by Prof. J. Turner Horner, president of Horner Institute of Stella, Newton County. Both addresses were excellent ones and were very much enjoyed by all present. After the graduation exercises were over the audience assembled in front of the Christian church in which the exercises were held and J. W. Hisey took a photo of the crowd and also one of the class and Superintendent Hankins, the latter had been asked for by the state superintendent to be used in his annual report this year. A large number of pupils receiving diplomas were present. The following is the list of pupils, the school to which they belong and the names of their teachers during the past year.

Walter Riddle, Butterfield School - Ben Ray, teacher

Ethel Neil, Callie Wilson, Walter Riddle, Clio - H. O. Ray, teacher

Agnes Hailey, Maurice E. Ashby, John E. Phillips, Hailey - Hazel Hailey, teacher

Flossie Zinn, Mamie Browning, House - Mrs. Rilda McNally, teacher

Warren Fox, Durham - Elvira Taylor, teacher

Eldon Ennis, Myra Willard, Hervey Willard, Forest Grove - Farmer Ennis, teacher

Emma Rausch, Laura Utter, Lucy Beal, Emmit Utter, Roy Aulderman, Shady Grove - Maggie Ruddick, teacher

Pearl Coons, Alvin Rudick, White Oak - Lillie Rudick, teacher [Check also for Redick, Reddick and Ruddick spellings when searching]

Earl Prier, Oliver Crane, Ira Gulick, Gunter - W. H. McNally, teacher

Alta Loftin, Wilford Keith, Mt Sinai - Otis Keith, teacher

Roy Harper, Pearl Gurley, Bazel Gravett, Pleasant Valley - James Sapp, teacher

Mamie Sherick, Montie Ellis, Byron Cook, Floyd E. O. Banion - Hickory Grove, C. H. Clanton, teacher

Uel Williams, Marsh Hill - Roy Striker, teacher

Maynard Francis, Lloyd McMillen, Nannie Stewart, Harry Hutchens, Pioneer - Dan S. Majors, teacher

Nellie Hall, Mary Brown, Elma Padgett, Orva Shore, Beauchamp Shore, Black - Harve Truhitte, teacher

Clinton Cope, Oscar Wade, Ella Neill, Osa  - R. A. Sullivan, teacher

Henry Balmas, Fred Mermound, George Mermound, Mary Dwyer [O'Dwyer], Goldie Phillips, Mary Phillips, Orville Banks, Laura Smyth, Stella Warner, Walnut Grove - Florence Edens, teacher

Grace Collier, Etta Hammers, Dema Tankersley, Bessie Tankersley, W. E. Frost, Ouida Northcutt, Pansy Woodruff, Seligman - W. C. Hankins, teacher

Jennie Tarvin, Osie Tarvin, Dema Ghan, Little Davis, Johnson - Avesta Barnett, teacher

Otto Sengpiehl, Effie Roller, New Salem - H. C. Montgomery, teacher

Golden Lawrence, Nora Lawrence, Twin Springs - Elsie Taylor

Charley Riddle, Mineral Springs - Flora Hankins, teacher

Immediately after the graduation exercises were over the spelling contest was taken up. Eleven pupils entered this contest. They were Mamie Montgomery, Roaring River School; Jessie Rubow and Etta Hammers, Seligman; Hervey Willard, Forest Grove; Agnes Hailey, Hailey; Nora Lawrence, Twin Springs; Otto Sengpiehl, New Salem; Henry Balmas, Pleasant Dale; Roy Harper, Pleasant Valley; Gracie Newman and Jennie Montgomery, Cassville.

Prof. Ben Ray and H. P. Sons were appointed judges of this contest and Profs. C. E. Wilhite and J. R. Wallen were the enunciators. The contest was begun by each pupil entering the contest being given in this turn 50 words to be spelled orally. Then each pupil was given 59 words to be written, making 100 words to be spelled by each contestant. The result as announced by the judges was the Hervey Willard of the Forest Grove School had spelled very one of the hundred words given him correctly, Mamie Montgomery and Nora Lawrence had missed one word each and Etta Hammers had missed only two words. Mamie Montgomery and Nora Lawrence then were given three hundred words to spell orally before either missed a word, the second place prize going to Mamie Montgomery. The final announcement of the judges were a follows:

First Prize - Hervey Willard, Forest Grove School.

Second Prize - Mamie Montgomery, Roaring River's school.

Third Prize - Nora Lawrence, Twin Springs School.

The first prize is all expenses paid to the state spelling contest to be held next week at Jefferson City where the representative from each county are to contest for the state prizes.

The Second prize was $10. in gold, and the third prize $5. in gold.

The judges compliment the pupils all highly for the good record they made and especially in spelling before strangers.

The declamatory contest was held Saturday evening at 8 o'clock, nine pupils entering this contest. They were Margaret Hodges, Cassville, subject, "Phillip Barton",  Laura Utter, Shady Grove; "The Life Boat," Opal Smith, Exeter; "The Fireman's Fiery Ordeal", Bertha Hankins, Butterfield; "Mrs. Blakes' Visit to the White Mts.", Onida Northcutt, Seligman; "Taken by Surprise," Pansy Woodruff, Seligman; "Political Parade", Harvey Williard, Forest Grove; "The Last Hymn, " Mamie Browning, House; "Barbara Freticia", Nova Trollinger, Cassville, "Aunt Dorothy's Opinion". 

The judges in this contest were L. F. Jones, Miss Thena Brookman, and John Thompson. The first prize a gold medal given by E. N. Meador and $5 in gold, was awarded to Pansy Woodruff of Seligman. The second prize $3. was awarded and the third prize $2 to Nova Trollinger of Cassville.

Prof. J. Turner Horner made the presentation address and awarded the prizes. He is a pleasing and entertaining talker, devoted to educational work and his remarks were full of inspiration and encouragement.

Superintendent Hankins expresses himself as well pleased with the results of the contests and believes that more interest will be shown next year as a result of the success of the first year's efforts. He is grateful to the citizens of Cassville for their liberal assistance in arranging for the prize and for their cooperation in other ways. The superintendent and the pupils who took part in the exercises are all thankful for the interest taken by the citizens of the county in their behalf.



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