1912 Barry Co., MO, Newspapers, Cassville Republican

 May 16, 1912, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO

Murder Captured: After 17 years of hiding from justice Ab. Meade has been arrested in Oklahoma for the murder of Will Agan in Pierce City.

Our readers will many of them, remember that in July 1895, Meade shot and killed Agan in Fagan's saloon on the coroner of Commercial and Elm streets in the building now occupied by the Leader. After a quarrel of several weeks standing Meade stood in the back door and shot Again, who had gone into the back yard. Meade then escaped and had not been seen by any who recognized him as the murdered until a few days ago when he was arrested in Western Oklahoma, in what is known as "No Man's Land", and requisition papers are now being made and as soon as signed by the proper officials the murdered will be brought back for trial. The parents of Agan, Charles Agan and wife, now reside in Aurora.

During all these years detectives have been looking for Meade. His family has been watched, and a short itme ago, when they moved from Ft. Smith, Ark., they were tailed and the murdered located. Pierce City Leader.


In Memory of Ralph Kenney: Ralph Alexander Kenney, the son of Rev. A. J. Kenney and Mrs. Lula Kenney, was born Aug. 26, 1896 in Barry County, MO, died March 20, 1912 in McCurtain, Okla. His stay on earth with father, mother, brothers and sister was short - a little more than fifteen years, yet during this brief sojourn he had endeared himself to loved ones, teachers, classmates and many others, not only in in McCurtain, but also in Texas and other points.

Ralph was a bright boy, with splendid physique and a noble manly face. He was always ready to render service of his friends or those in need. He was his mother's confident and the pride of his father's heart, an obedient son, a loving brother and a true friend. Every man, woman and child who knew him, lamented his untimely death which was caused by the McCurtain mine disaster.

His funeral was conduced by Rev. S. H. Babcock and Rev. Brannon. His remains were laid to rest in Sans Bois Cemetery to await the resurrection morn. S. M. Rutledge.

Ralph was a grandson of Dr. A. A. Overton of Shoal Creek and has many friends and relatives in that part of the county.


State Spelling Contest: The first prize of $100 offered in the state spelling contest was won by Hugh Sappington of Clarksburg. He miss-spelled 14 of the 200 words pronounced. Helen McCain of Scotland County won second prize, $50. She missed 18 of the 200 words. Ernest Campbell of Jackson County and Elvan Allen of Adair County tied for the third prize of $25, which was divided between them.

Hugh Sappington is 14 years old and an eight grade pupil. He missed the following: abacus, ukase, jardinière, appetence, araneous [erroneous], dehiscence, defecate, synovia [synovial], apostolicity, dalliance.

The listed of 200 pronounced to the contestants were what would ordinarily be considered difficult words and not in the vocabulary of the average pupils below the ninth grade.

Barry County's representative in the contest was Hervey Willard of the Forest Grove School.



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