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When I Fall In Love -
Ballad by Jack Sidmon UTUBE

Wagner Electric Company Wellston, Mo

Betty's Patriotic Chicken FEEDSACK Dress!

Loop Building Memories

The Hodiamont Car, The Fabulous Fox Theater,
(And our first date!!)
Lost in the Fifties Tonight vocal by Jack Sidmon Sububan Garden Theater
1899 to 1918
Suburban Garden Wellston
 1899 to 1918
Design Project for
Wellston Loop

Businesses 1914 to 1960
Easton aka Dr. MLK Drive

Wellston, Victory and Mikado Theaters

Lindy Hall
Evergreen & MLK

Wellston, Victory and Mikado Theaters

Paperboy 1937-1942  

The Young Men of Wellston High School

George W. Koby Jr.
an Inspiration Class of '43

They Gave their Lives for Freedom 

The Clark Brothers in

Changes to Street Names The Muny & Wellston
Connection 1911

Eden Station at Wellston

Jack Sings: Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes?

100 Years Ago In My Home Town, Wellston, MO

The Store with a FUNNY
NAME - Piggly Wiggly

Airway Drive-In
Great Neon Sign Story

Plane Crash in Wellson

WWII and Streetcars

Maxwelton Track &
Wellston Kennel Club

Wellston,  So Close to Eden Norm Siebern 3 Time All Star
  History of the WHS Sutter
Ave,  Football Field
Bike Adventures!! The Old Seven Mile House
Lucas & Hunt & Rock Road
The Last Run of
The Hodiamont Car
The GardenTheatre near Heman Park   Absorene and Romper Room Playdough All about Unsolicited Mail
Caveat Emptor !!!

Newsletter & Reunion

Link to:
Wellston High School
St. Louis Co., MO

J&R Motor Supply - Spiegel
Easton aka Dr. MLK Drive
Route 66
Coral Court, St. Louis, MO
Wellston School Teachers Our Tributes Don Carter
Bowling Hall of Fame

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