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History - March 12, 1958
The Budweiser bowling team of St. Louis

The Wellston High School Connection
. . . to Bowling Hall of Fame event, March 12, 1958.

March 12, 1958 - The Budweiser team of St. Louis (featuring Ray Bluth, Don Carter, Tom Hennessey, Pat Patterson and Dick Weber, all of whom would become members of the
ABC Hall of Fame) rolls an ABC record 3,858 series in league play, breaking a 21-year-old record.


Ray Haefner '37
PBA Charter Member '58

Don Carter '44
PBA Charter Member '58

Lee Haefner '44
PBA Charter Member '58

To set the Scene....That night...   March 12, 1958

Floriss Lanes was owned and operated by Ray Haefner, Lee Haefner was manager, Bob Haefner Class of '49 was working there that night.

Don Carter and all of the above were from Wellston High School and all had been or were full time employees of Ray Haefner's Floriss Lanes.

John Archibald of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and ex-Cardinal baseball player, then radio announcer, Joe Garagiola  of St. Louis radio station KMOX, were there.

Officials from the ABC arrived before the third game was over. After the final game, the lanes, the balls and all the pins passed inspection by the ABC representatives.  The pins were removed from play and stored.

John Archibald, was inducted in to the Bowling Hall of Fame 1989.  Joe  Garagiola was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame 1991 as a broadcaster, and the St. Louis Walk of fame 1992.

Years  later Ray Haefner class of '37 donated the original score sheets and bowling pins to the St. Louis Bowling Hall of Fame.

Don Carter's nomination to the St. Louis Walk of Fame has been approved, and will be voted on for the 2009 ballot, which is mailed in the Fall of 08.

1957  Floriss Lanes photo above, is through the
courtesy of cs3_newbie and www.flickr.com/

2007  The building still stands on Warne near West Florissant

Floriss Lanes 2006
Two rare ABC sanctioned three game team records were bowled at Floriss Lanes. Many bowlers from all over the country would visit and bowl on the lanes. For 57 years this was the THE PLACE.
The Hermann Undertakers shot 3797 on lanes seven and eight in 1937. This record stood for 21 years.
On March 12, 1958, the old record was eclipsed by the very hot Budweiser Team. Three game total 3858, with 138 strikes (another record) in this series which was shot on lanes seven and eight.
This record stood for 35 years and 11 months
Floriss Lanes was a 16-lane center with two floors. There were eight lanes on the second floor and another eight on the third floor. ..

From the American Bowling Congress Hall of Fame:

DON CARTER   Class of 1944, Wellston high School
Born: July 29, 1926  Inducted 1970

Voted the greatest bowler in history in a 1971 Bowling Magazine poll, Carter was the first star to score a grand slam of bowlings' match game titles. He won the All-Star, Worlds Invitational, PBA National and the ABC Masters. He also owns four ABC titles. Carter started as a youth with the veteran Hermann Undertakers of St. Louis, then went to the Ziern Antiques whose lineup included Ray Bluth, Pat Patterson and Tom Hennessey. After two years with the Pfeiffers of Detroit, he returned to St. Louis when the Budweiser team was organized in 1954. He bowled 266, 253, 235
in the Buds longtime record 3,858 series in 1958



Donald James Carter,  Class of 1944
Wellston High School

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"In 1964, bowling legend Don Carter managed the unthinkable for a bowler -- or any athlete for that matter -- when he landed a $1 million endorsement deal with bowling manufacturer Ebonite. He was the first bowler to hit the magic mark, and far outpaced his contemporaries throughout the sports world."

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