Necktie Workers Organization 6150 Bertha Wellston MO

Necktie Workers Organization
1940s -1950s in Wellston, MO
An employer of handicapped workers.


  All solicitations for your contributions should be thoroughly researched!   Your donations need to help the needy, not the greedy. You should pursue due diligence and research for all requests for donations or purchases from "Non-Profit" organizations that tug at your heartstrings.  Make sure the Organization distributes a reasonable amount of the total remittance to the needy.  


Example in our own home town . .  For three decades.

1939  The Necktie Workers Organization is located at
1317 Delaware Ave.,  Wellston, St. Louis County, MO  (West side, between Page Boulevard and Lenox Avenue)

1940 June 13 San Jose Evening News -
Neckties not a Racket!   (see clipping on the right)

1941 Necktie Workers Organization is located at
6150 Bertha Ave.,  Wellston, St. Louis County, MO   The  building is
still in use today.   Sandorn Maps indicate the building was
constructed after 1939.
  Business is booming!  Now mailing out over a million pieces
a year.

1942 May 30  See article on the right ..The Miami News -
Necktie Workers Organization

1951   "In St. Louis, the Necktie Workers Organization, in business many years, sent out unordered neckties for which it asked $1 on the representation that this would provide work for handicapped persons"

Coronet Volume 30   Arnold Gingrich  & David A. Smart, 1951 - Social Science

November 10, 1958  Miami News  
Necktie Workers, 6150 Bertha, Wellston, MO ("Only hires disabled employees")
Not for profit solicitation for the disabled is exposed.  

Tie Scheme Knotted Here .
Miami News - Google News Archive - Nov 10, 1958
Craig named the solicitors as The Necktie Workers , 6150 Bertha Ave, Wellston, St Louis County Mo The group is Identified as a nonprofit organization ...

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It appears this Old News Scam is still a "Legal" procedure.

It still happens every day, from your name and address stickers, save your local sheriffs, help the veterans, save the animals, to feed the hungry somewhere.

Check 'em out by Golly! 
What part of your contribution actually gets where it will help?

Throw unsolicited mail away without guilt.  Enjoy doing it!


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