Lindy Hall Ballroom Western Auto Wellston High St. Louis County Missouri

The New Lindy Ballroom
6300-6312 Easton Avenue, (now Dr. Martin Luther King Drive)
Wellston, St. Louis County, Missouri

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  Lower level left by the red pickup truck, the first window was Eddie's Barber Shop 40s, 50s, and 60s.  The next window was Hazel's beauty shop in the 1940s.
  I roller skated upstairs in the early 1940s.

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names of the other occupants I remember.
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Building Information:  (ca1928)
Built 1925, Fireproof construction. All floors are concrete, roof concrete, brick curtain walls,  interior walls are metal lath and plaster. There is a garage for 15 cars in basement.

The address of the Lindy Hall on 2nd floor is 6310  Dr. MLK (Easton).  The building is about 130 foot wide on  Dr. MLK Drive, by 100 feet deep on Evergreen Avenue.
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THANKS for the Memories!

Lindy Hall Building
In 1927, on the corner of Evergreen and Easton Avenues, in Wellston, St. Louis County, a multi story, multi purpose building was erected. The lowest level had parking for over fifteen cars, the ground floor had retail shops, and the second floor was the home of the "New Lindy Ballroom".

Gone is Western Auto, Central Hardware, Velvet Freeze, Piggly Wiggly, Muehlings, Busy Bee, Kresges and Jupiter Stores and most of the other stores we knew in the 30s,40s, 50s, and 60s, but the Lindy Hall building still stands. Home of the New Lindy Ballroom on the second floor and later a roller rink. Downstairs the largest tenant was Western Auto. It also was home for a barber, a beauty shop, a "surplus" store and a payment location for Union Electric and Laclede Gas.

Well, the old building still stands at 6300 Dr. MLK Dr. (aka Easton Avenue). We knew it as Evergreen and Easton. My Barber Shop was the door in front of the red truck, my Wellston High School was the building to the left. I went to skating parties upstairs, paid utility bills on the right, had my haircuts at Eddie's Barber Shop and bought bicycle repair parts at Western Auto. ca1940s.

Thanks for the memories..  I hope the old building can be saved.  Would be a great loft or perhaps a library, top vinyl records, used books, and arts and crafts building.

"Let's Dance" ! !

From "Dancing in St. Louis 1927-1940"
one of David A. Lossos many pages about St. Louis.

Notice the word "New" for many of the  ballrooms.

We can add the "New Lindy Ballroom", 6310 Easton Ave at Evergreen

The Aradia Ballroom
The New Cinderella Ballroom at the northeast corner of Cherokee and Iowa.  (In 1935, when partners Art Kawell and Nap Burien took over under the name  of the Casa Loma Ballroom did this facility become the premier ballroom in St. Louis.)
North St. Louis Turnverein (North St. Louis Turner's Hall)
Sacred Heart Hall at 25th and St. Louis Ave.

Polish-American Hall at 1940 Cass Avenue (Polish Falcons)
New Manion's Park , 8614 South Broadway.
The New Big Club Ballroom, at 5204 Shaw
New Concordia Ball Room at 13th and Arsenal Streets.
(Five years later Art and Nap began the Casa Loma Ballroom that is still the finest ballroom in St. Louis.)
New Croatian Hall at 12th and Russell.
The Chicago Dance Palace at 2914 S. Jefferson Ave.
Holy Trinity Hall at 1420 Mallinckrodt
New Slovenian Hall at 3331 South Seventh
St. George's Catholic Church, 4980 Heege Road.
Jewish Old Folks Home Ballroom located at Blair and East Grand
New Swiss Ballroom, Iowa and Arsenal Street
St. Augustine's Hall. Hebert and Lismore
Casa Loma , Grand opening 1935 the start of something big. Cherokee and Iowa
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