1855 New York Census for Hague (Warren Co.)

Hague, Warren Co., NY
1855 New York Census

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The1855 New York Census is important to researchers because it contains a valuable clue for finding someone's birthplace. Along with standard census data such as the age and birth county for each member of the household, it also lists how long each person has lived in the town. While all census data has some potential for error, this may be the only official source record of births for the early 1800's since town clerks (in New York) were not required to keep vital records data until the late 1800's.

One can be fairly certain that if the family was in town for the census years spanning the individual's age there is a high degree of probability that the town is the birthplace. As with all sources, the more cross-references the better... The information utilized for this transcription is from the copy available at the Warren County Records Center.

George M. Joslyn was the enumerator for the Hague census. His title for the job was "Marshal". He started about June 21st and finished just after July 2nd. He listed himself as a "Farmer" and indicated he owned land. Farmer/farming was the main occupation for 124 of the 170 men and women listed as employed. This is a summary of the professions:  1855 Census Occupation Summary for Hague.

The 1855 New York Census for Hague lists 110 families in 100 dwellings. There were 13 log houses, 1 brick house, 1 block house, and 1 plank house (the remainder were of frame construction).

While this database is limited to the 615 individuals listed in the census, you will find other research data for the individuals (including maiden names - sources are noted).

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