Civil War Widows for the 1865 Hague, Warren Co., NY Census

Hague, Warren Co., NY
Civil War Widows for the
1865 New York Census

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Washington, DC


(not listed)

of service


Eunice Bevins Osteyee

Henry Osteyee

62nd NY Infantry

May 02, 1864
Wilderness, VA

Emeline Fosmire

William Fosmire

16th Heavy Artillery

November 29, 1864
10th Army Corps Hospl

Lois F Glazier Walker

Orrin H Walker

96th Infantry

January 05, 1865
While a prisoner at Salisbury, NC

Mary A Bristol

Isaac Bristol

118th Infantry

21 Jan 1864
After discharge at Portsmouth, VA

Louisa L Balcom Wilcox

Maro Wilcox

23rd Independent Battery Light Artillery

July 04, 1862
Washington, DC

Rhoda Holman Ward

Asahel "Asa" Ward

123rd Infantry

February 26, 1863
Stafford Court House, VA

Ophelia Monroe Haskins Barney Haskins 5th Regiment,
Vermont Infantry
 June 29, 1865 (About)
General Hospital (Died from wounds)







These families require more research:







Charlotte Foote Ward

Zachariah Chandler Ward, Jr


February 21, 1862





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