1865 New York Census for Hague (Warren Co.)

Hague, Warren Co., NY
1865 New York Census

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The1865 New York Census is important to researchers because it contains data about the service of the town's men in the Civil War. Every 4th page contains the details of their tour of duty which can be viewed in this transcription:  Hague men in the Civil War. The information utilized for this transcription is from the copy available at the Warren County Records Center.

This census also lists several families of servicemen not included in the list above, as the husbands died before the taking of the census. The brave men of these families can be found in this list:  1865 Hague Civil War Widows.

Edwin Bevins was the enumerator for the 1865 NY Census for Hague. He listed his primary occupation as "Farming", which was the occupation reported by 189 of the town's residents. 2 males had "none" as their occupation and 14 others were involved with the typical support roles for a town: (1865 Hague Census Occupation Summary).

The 1865 New York Census for Hague lists 126 families and 123 dwellings (including 6 empty). There were 17 log houses, 1 brick house, 105 houses of frame construction.

While this database is limited to the 684 individuals listed in the census, you will find other research data for the individuals (including maiden names - sources are noted).

                              List of People from the 1865 New York Census for Hague (Warren Co.) New


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