1875 New York Census for Hague (Warren Co.)

Hague, Warren Co., NY
1875 New York Census

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The1875 New York Census contains the standard elements:  full name, age, sex, marital status, relationship to the head-of-household, birth county (or state), and occupation for each member of the household. The information utilized for this transcription is from the copy available at the Warren County Records Center.

Albert C. Clifton was the enumerator for 1875 New York Census for Hague. He lists 134 families and 133 dwellings (3 of the dwellings were not occupied at the time).

There were 21 log houses, 1 brick house, 1 block house, and 1 plank house (the remainder were of frame construction): The dwellings ranged in value from $10 to $5,000:

Total value:                 $55,320 
Median value:                $400
Average value:               $413
Log house value:        $10 - $200
Frame house value:   $25 - $5000               

The census contains 678 names. Three folks were listed in multiple households, so 675 folks officially resided in Hague during June of 1875. Some notable information about the town's residents:

Mrs. Sophia R Davis, widow of Reuben Davis (Sr.), had the distinction of being Hague's most senior resident at the young age of 91.

Hague's youngest resident, Luella Ackerman, daughter of Edmond and Carolina (Irish) Ackerman, was born just before work began on the census. She was about two weeks old when Mr. Clifton reached her residence on June 10th., 1875.

Three different sets of twins were identified by Mr. Clifton:

Emerson and Emery Decker - 1 year, 10 months old.

Rosella and Petronella Decker - 22 years old.

Carrie and Cora Sheldon - 3 years, 11 months old.

This census does an above average job of noting extended family members (neice, nephew, in-laws, etc). This data is particularly useful for identifying maiden names!

The Thomas Vradenburg family, listed as Bradenburg, consisted of 14 folks with the same surname. The family spanned 3 generations and was the largest contained in one household.

Farming remained the main occupation for most of the families. There were 103 farmers and 30 farm laborers. Eight additional men were listed as retired farmers. 33 different occupations were listed in 1875. This census listed more jobs related to the tourist industry the area always had been noted for. The best example is the census enumerator, Albert Clifton, listed his main occupation as "Guide, Adk w'ds" (Guide in the Adirondack woods).  One gentleman's job was listed as "Nothing". (click here to see a summary)

The dwelling for James Chamberlin's family (and staff) was listed as a summer residence. Based on the census data, Mr. Chamberlin brought his legal team to the area for the summer, a trend that continues to be seen in town today!

Joel Rising's establishment, the Phoenix Hotel, was clearly indicated on the census report. He employed a Cook, Ostler, Plasterer, and two other hotel staff. Two boarders were listed, but other census records indicate they were life-long residents of the town.

Twelve (12) different homes listed one or more boarders in residence at the time of the census. Most of the heads of household for these dwellings are mentioned in The Hotels Of Hague. Most of the boarders do not appear to be short-term residents.

While the following database is limited to the 675 individuals listed in the census, you will find other research data for the individuals (including maiden names - sources are noted).

                              List of People from the 1875 New York Census for Hague (Warren Co.)


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