1860 Federal Census Mortality Schedule for Hague

1860 Federal Census Mortality Schedule
for Hague, Warren County, New York




 Schedule 3 - Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st, June 1860     Enumerated by Wm. M Marshall
Name Age Sex   Birth Place Month of Death   Disease or Cause of Death Length of Illnesss
Albert G Gregory 4 Male   New York Sep   Malignant Dysentery 6 Weeks
John J Gregory  11/12 Male   New York May   Typhoid Fever 9 Weeks
Frank Bevins 2 Male   New York Sep   Fracture 3 Weeks
Annis T Phillips  10/12 Female   New York Mar   Putrid Sore Throat 10 weeks
Reuben H Hays 14 Male   New York Nov Farm Laborer Accidental Drowning  
Orra M Bolcomb 2 Female   New York Aug   Cause Unknown 3 Weeks
Orphy Rand 11 Female   New York Jan   Accidental Drowning  
Ada Rand 4 Female   New York Jan   Accidental Drowning  
Polly Balcomb 40 Female Married New York Jul House Keeper Consumption 15 Months
Hariett P Barnett 6 Female   New York Jul   Typhoid Fever 4 Months
Mary E Barnett 1 Female   New York Sep   Malignant Diarrhea 6 Months
Betsy E Ward 16 Female   New York Oct House Work Consumption 6 Months
Eva Ward  2/12 Female   New York Jan   Lung Difficulty 7 Months


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