Cemetery Listings

Hague, Warren Co., NY
Cemetery Listings

Date Last Updated: 04/15/2017

Town of Hague Cemeteries  

Hague Heritage Cemetery (Pine Orchard Road)
N 43 44.320', W 073 30.187'
Elevation 396' (approx.)

Aka: Dodd Hill Cemetery,
Old Hague Cemetery,
and Lakeside Cemetery

(79 photos as of 12/20/06)

Hague Cemetery (Cemetery Road) (Updated 04/15/17)
N 43 45.351', W 073 30.689'
Elevation 598' (approx.)

Often referred to as West Hague Cemetery
Incorporated as the Mountain View Cemetery

(754 photos as of 12/20/06)

Wardsboro Cemetery (Wardsboro Road)
N 41 41.300', W 073 35.801'
Offsite link to Bolton Historical Society's listing
of the Wardsboro Cemetery

(25 photos as of 10/18/06)

West Hague Cemetery (Coldwater Canyon Road)
N 43 46.490', W 073 33.480'
Elevation 1312' (approx.)

Only a few graves are markers (above ground). The only "real" gravestone is unreadable.

(8 photos as of 07/29/2004 tell the story.)

Davis Gravesite (Route 9N)

(Photos as of 08/05/2009)

Internments near Leo Wells property (West Hague Road)
(Brown and Glazier families)


May Memorial Cemetery (New Hague Road)
Hague Cemetery Assn. Inc.
117 New Hague Rd.

(partial listing only)


Stevens Gravesite  (Across the street from 248 Split Rock Rd.) - New (07/10/2012)
N 43 43.397'   W073 31.173'

(Photos as of 08/12/2011)


Waters Memorial (Decker Hill Road)  - New (07/11/2012)
N 43 45.125' W073 30.582'

(Photos as of 08/20/2011)


Other Links

Old Map of Hague with cemetery locations

1930 Survey Map of the Hague Cemetery
(Obtained from Hague's town records in the
Warren County Archival Collection.)



Valley View Cemetery (Route 9N)
Ticonderoga, Essex Co., NY - This cemetery is located northeast of Hague on Route 9N. Many residents of Hague are interred here.

(Partial listing with 217 photos as of 11/26/06)






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