Louis Napoleon Beaudry's Family

Louis Napoleon Beaudry's Family

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Louis Napoleon Beaudry
Circa 1873

Stereoscopic Views-Montreal, PQ, Canada

Submitted by Fred Beaudry

Louis Napoleon Beaudry                     August 18, 1833 - January 3, 1892     (Jean Baptiste Beaudry + Marie Euphrosine Baille dit Printemps)
            Civil War: Enlisted January 31, 1863 as Chaplin in Company F, 5th New York Cavalry
    Celeste Caroline Gallipaux           August 12, 1835 - September 25, 1859
    Pearlie Rosetta Schermerhorn    August 28, 1842 - November 10, 1917

Pearlie's death is listed as November 9, 1917 in the Civil War pension records held at the National Archives.

Louis' Civil War service record is contained in the pension records held at the National Archives. He enlisted January 31, 1863 at Albany, NY and mustered out on July 19, 1865.

From a Biographical Sketch written by David B. Malone for the special collection, Rev. Louis Napoléon Beaudry (Boudrye) Papers, held by the Buswell Memorial Library (Wheaton College, 501 College Ave., Wheaton, IL):

"Throughout his life he was involved with volunteer organizations such as the Band of Hope Temperance Union and the Cabal, the latter being an impromptu speaking club of which he was a founder. Beaudry was a great writer of verse and has penned a select number of hymns. These can be found throughout his journals, both written and snipped from periodicals in which they were published; his motto was “Nulla die sine linea” (No day without a line) and his journal keeping expresses this well."

The journals in the collection cover an incomplete fourteen year period, beginning 1853-1863 and ending 1866-1867. A great majority of his entries after his marriage were written in shorthand and await translation (sample).

From Ticonderoga Methodism 1811 - 1936, A Souvenir of Ticonderoga Methodism..., Committee: Arthur Carr, Emma Ferguson, Frank Carr, Minister: Rev. Daniel T. Hill:

"   Louis N. Boudry was assigned to this circuit twice, once in 1856 and again in 1857 while still a young man, he having been born August 11, 1833. The place of this event was a farm near Saxe’s Mill’s, Franklin Co., Vermont. His parents were French Canadians of good families and very devout Roman Catholics. After removing to Canada and returning to Vermont during his boyhood, he came as a member of his father’s numerous family to Ticonderoga when about thirteen year of age. His father died when he was a youth and not being satisfied with his brother who lived in New Hague, N. Y., he took up residence with another brother on Cream Hill in Shoreham, Vt. Here he found, with a neighboring farmer, the opportunity to work during the winter and attend school. He was then seventeen years old and could neither read nor write. The stuff of which he was made showed up that winter. From a standing start by the aid of the daughter of the home who was the school teacher, he not only learned to read and. write but by spring was studying grammar and philosophy. The next winter he attended Newton Academy in Shoreham. His grasp of knowledge must have been remarkable as we find him within two years alternately teaching school and attending Keeseville Academy in Keeseville, N. Y.

    Here his roommate was his Ticonderoga neighbor, Joseph Cook, whose influence upon his life was tremendous. Joseph Cook introduced him to Protestantism and guided his philosophy.

    In 1854 while teaching school at Clintonville, N. Y., he experienced conversion under the Rev. Benjamin Pomeroy. In 1856 he joined the Conference. His pastorate here was thus, we may conclude, his first assigned charge. He later became quite a figure in religious life, doing great work among the French speaking people of Montreal, P. Q., and Worcester, Mass. Later he was in, charge of a French Mission in Chicago, where he died.

    During the War of the Rebellion he served with the 5th New York Cavalry. He was taken prisoner and held in Libby Prison for three months. He was the author of two books, "The Spiritual Struggle of a Roman Catholic" and another which set forth his experiences during the war."

After the War of the Rebellion, Louis was commissioned by the officers of the Fifth New York Cavalry to produce "true and full Historic Records of the Regiment". The third edition of his book, Historic record of the Fifth New York Cavalry, By Rev. Louis N. Boudrye, was published in 1868 by J. Munsell, 82 State Street, Albany, NY.

Furthering his writing on his Civil War experiences, he published The Libby chronicle. Devoted to facts and fun by Louis N Beaudry in 1889. This was a copy of a newspaper written by the prisoners of Libby in 1863.

His years of service are also recounted in a published version of his journals from those years that is titled The war journal of Louis N. Beaudry, Fifth New York Cavalry, edited and published by his great-great grandson, Richard E. Beaudry.

All four of these works can be found in most major libraries.

Louis and Celeste  were married March 24, 1858 and had no children.

Louis and Pearlie were married October 2, 1860 by the Rev. R. J. Wade at North Chatham, NY (1862 is listed on her Declaration for Widow's Pension contained in Civil War records at the National Archives). They had  7 children:

Minnie Luolla Beaudry                March 13, 1862 - ?

John Schermerhorn Beaudry     August 7, 1864 - January 23, 1929

Mary Angeline Beaudry              June 26, 1866 - ?

Louis Charles Beaudry               March 11, 1871 - June 3, 1945

Eva Rose Beaudry                            August 6, 1876 - ?

Ernest Garfield Beaudry               September 19, 1881 - January 6, 1943

Una Pearlie Beaudry                       September 3, 1883 - August 1, 1970


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