James C. Leach
1863 - 1936

James C. Leach was a well respected businessman in Essex and Warren counties. The following chronology is taken from news items transcribed from newspapers available online via the Northern New York Library Network's Northern New York Historical Newspapers project. The Ticonderoga Sentinel is the primary source, with an occasional news item from the Elizabethtown Post and the Essex County Republican.

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The following is the "public life" of James C. Leach:

March 1899 - Moves to Hague to work for Mrs. Watrous. (See related story on the Lake George Monster).

January 1902 - Buys land near the Hague Dock to build a house.

"Fall" 1902 - The Hague Hunting Club is photographed by the village pond in Brant Lake, NY. Another photograph from the same time-frame shows Charles Wheeler, George Kanobe, Jim Leach, Glen Sherman, Will Keenan, Fred Doolittle, Elmer Decker, Eugene Doolittle, Richard Bolton, Jr., and Richard Bolton Sr. (from left to right).

January 1903 - Sells interest in a pool room in Graphite, NY.

November 1905 - Hunting party returns from Mud Pond (Long Lake, NY) with a record 3 deer.   

October 1906 - Heads to Canada's Boreas region with a hunting party.

October 1907 - Returns from Elk Lake (North Hudson, NY) with a record number of deer for a hunting party. Here is a postcard from 1907 showing Hunters and Their Game, At Elk Lake that may be the same group in the article (James Leach is the gentleman on the right side of the photograph).

April 1910 - Launches his 85 ft launch "Cecelia". (Note: This boat was build by the J. E. Sexton Boat Shop of Hague, NY.)

June 1912 - Advertises for "Maxwell Cars". Prices range from $625 to $1,480 (top and windshield extra on lower priced models).

January 1914 - Buys the Trout House Hotel from Sheriff Richard J. Bolton.

April 1915 - Jas. C. Leach & Son have opened their garage and boat repair shop on Water street in Ticonderoga, NY.

July 1915 - Advertises "best equipped machine shop on Lake George". (The ad ran throughout the summer.)

March 1916 - Leach and Son receive a large shipment of "Ajax automobile tires".

July 1916 - J. C. Leach & Son have leased the store vacated by Mr. Munningham near the hose house for their extensive automobile business.

October 1916 - J. C. Leach's chauffeur driven "7-passenger Chalmers automobile" catches fire in Dresden, NY.

February 1917 - J. C. Leach & Son move their Ford automobile parts business into the Dolbeck grocery store in Ticonderoga, NY.

September 1920 - Leases the Mountain View Hotel in Minerva, NY.

July 1922 - Advertises "Ideal spot for rest or recreation." at the Mountain View House in Minerva, NY. (The ad ran throughout the summer.)

March 1923 - Purchases the New Alpine Hotel in Olmstedville, NY.

February 1926 - Takes charge of the Phoenix Hotel in Hague, NY.

May 1927 - Purchases the "Hotel Phoenix".

October 1927 - Arrested for violation of the Volstead Law ("a Dry Charge") as owner of the Phoenix.

January 1931 - Buys the Denton Clark farm ("Halfway House") in South Ticonderoga, NY.

July 1933 - Advertises "Reasonable Rates" at the Tongue Mountain Inn.

August 1934 - Still running the "Hotel Phoenix".

Compiled by Bruce De Larm
Date Last Updated: 04/19/2009


From the Ticonderoga Sentinel:

James Leach has moved to the "Rock and Rye" house where, he will work for Mrs. Watrous and also at their summer residence the "Round Tower."

From the Ticonderoga Sentinel:

James Leach has bought of Will Delarm a lot opposite the Hague dock up on the cliff and will put up a house on that sightly (sic), beautiful place. Why don't some rich man buy the place and build a motel there. Hague has six hotels on the Lake Shore line about a mile beside the Road house a few rods away, and some fine locations are yet to be occupied. The hill property just south of Mr. Day's land is a very desirable place for a large Hotel.
It is said that Byron Doolitlle has the job of building James Leach's house and also of rebuilding and enlarging Hollis Spaulding's house.

From the Ticonderoga Sentinel:

James Leach has sold out his share in the pool room to Bert Duell and left for Ticonderoga.

From the Ticonderoga Sentinel:

James Leach, Walter Wallace, and E. L. Dalton returned from Mud pond this week with three as nice deer as we have ever seen brought in from the woods by one party. The party's record is further bettered by the fact that the deer, two bucks and a doe, were killed in only a day and a half's hunting. The deer were hung up in the Wheeler livery and excited considerable curiosity. H. R. Hulett also went out with the party but was called back before the hunt began by a message announcing the death of his sister.

From the Ticonderoga Sentinel:

A hunting party composed of Walter Wallace, James Leach, H. R. Hulett, A. A. Gatlant, H. A. Taft, and E. L. Dalton started for the Boreas region at noon today.

From the Ticonderoga Sentinel:

A party composed of James Leach, Dr. Decker, Jesse Sexton, Ezra Bartlett, and George Ross, all of Hague, and Robert Stimpson, Lee Rowell, E. L. Dalton, and H. R. Hulett, of this place, returned a few days ago from a week's hunt at Elk lake. The party had exceptionally fine luck, bringing home seven deer. This, as far as we can learn, is the record for hunting parties from this section.

From the Ticonderoga Sentinel:

James Leach launched his fine new 85 ft, launch "Cecelia" Thursday.

From the Ticonderoga Sentinel:

               Maxwell Cars
       Demonstrations Cheerfully Given
Automobile Accessories and Supplies on Hand
TIGONDEROGA                      NEW YORK


From The Elizabethtown Post:

Ticonderoga Man Buys Hague Hotel
James C. Leach, of Ticonderoga has purchased from Sheriff Richard J. Bolton, the Trout House, at Hague, which has been successfully conducted by Mr. Bolton for a number of years and has become one of the most popular hotels on Lake George. The price is not stated but it is understood to be in the neighborhood of $30,000. Mr. Leach's son will be associated with him in the management of the house.

From the Ticonderoga Sentinel:

Jas. C. Leach & Son have opened their garage and boat repair shop on Water street with Edward Gerow of Plattsburg, an expert mechanic. They have just received a large shipment of eleven hundred dollars' worth of Ajax tires.

From the Ticonderoga Sentinel:

To anyone that can prove that we have not the best equipped machine shop on Lake George for auto and motor boat repairs. Row boats and motor boats built to order. Row boats, motor boats, canoes, camping outfits and accessories bought, sold, exchanged or for charter. Prices right. Launches Cecilia and Shirley, each with 35 capacity, for rent by day or hour. Auto passenger and truck service. James C. Leach & Son, Ticonderoga, Phone 134-L.

From the Ticonderoga Sentinel:

Crown Point
James C. Leach & Son recently received their second consignment of a carload of Ajax automobile tires. The Leaches have contracted for ten thousand dollars' worth of these tires for this season.

From the Ticonderoga Sentinel:
THURSDAY, July 20, 1916

John C. Munningham has moved his tailoring shop from his old quarters near the hose house into the room over Miss St. Lawrence's millinery store. J. C. Leach & Son have leased the store vacated by Mr. Munningham and will use it for a salesroom for automobile accessories and supplies. The Leach firm has gone into this business very extensively and at all times have on hand a large and complete stock of tires, tubes, tools, car parts, oils, greases, etc.

From the Ticonderoga Sentinel:

Returning from Whitehall Sunday night, a 7-passenger Chalmers automobile owned by James C. Leach took fire in Dresden. The fire started from back-firing through the carburetor and in an instant the car was a mass of flames. The flames spread so rapidly that the chauffeur, Harold Pinchin, was unable to get his overcoat and sweater out of the car and his hair was somewhat burned. The car was insured for a small amount.

From the Ticonderoga Sentinel:
THURSDAY, FEB. 15, 1917

J. C. Leach & Son have moved their auto accessory business into the Dolbeck grocery store and will continue to carry everything in Ford parts in stock.

From the Ticonderoga Sentinel:


James C. Leach, a well known resident of Ticonderoga, has leased the popular Mountain View hotel in Minerva and took possession on Monday of this week, this being Mr. Leach's first venture in the hotel business. The hotel is owned by John Anderson of Newcomb, who has been running it himself under the direction of a manager, and the lease runs for a period of five years, Mr. Leach having the privilege of purchasing the property upon its expiration. He has various plans under consideration for improving the property, among which is the installation of an electric lighting plant this fall. He also will enlarge the capacity of the hotel. which now accommodates about fifty, and will keep it open winter and summer. He will endeavor to make the place a favorite spot for hunters  and fishermen, the surrounding country having an abundance of fish and game, besides catering to summer tourists.

From the Ticonderoga Sentinel:

        MINERVA, N. Y.
   In heart of fish and came country.
Ideal spot for rest or recreation. Din-
ners our specialty. Visitors welcome.
Reasonable rates.
            JAMES C. LEACH, Prop.

From the Ticonderoga Sentinel:

James C. Leach, formerly of this place, has taken possession of the New Alpine hotel at Olmstedville. Mr. Leach, who for several years had been proprietor of the Mountain View hotel at Minerva, recently purchased the Olmstedville hotel.

From the Ticonderoga Sentinel:
THURSDAY, FEB. 11, 1926

James Leach of Olmstedville was in town Saturday. Mr. Leach expects to move his family into the Phoenix Hotel in a few days. Mr. Leach, was a former resident of this place and his many friends are pleased that he is returning.

From the Ticonderoga Sentinel:
THURSDAY, FEB. 18, 1926

James Leach Of Olmstedville has arrived in town and will have charge of the Phoenix Hotel this summer. Electric lights have been added to the hotel and we wish Mr. Leach the best of success.

From the Ticonderoga Sentinel:
THURSDAY, MAY 12, 1927

James Leach has purchased the Hotel Phoenix of Forest Wood of Ticonderoga.

From the Ticonderoga Sentinel:
THURSDAY, OCT. 6, 1927

Hague Hotel Owner Held on Dry Charge Arraigned before U. S. Commissioner Herman Metzner in Glens Falls Monday on a charge of violation of the Volstead law. James C Leach proprietor of the Phoenix Hotel, Hague, was held in $1,000 bail for a hearing November 4th. Leach was arrested a number of days ago when federal agents raided his establishment.

Note: an article on 9/22/1927 states "arrested Friday afternoon by federal agents who claim to have found whiskey and gin on the premises".

From the Essex County Republican:
JAN. 16, 1931

Leaves Hotel for Newly Purchased Farm at TI
James Leach, proprietor of the Phoenix Hotel at Hague-on-Lake George, has purchased a residence and farm at south Ticonderoga, adjacent to the Ticonderoga-Hague state highway, known to old residents as the Denton Clark farm and as the "Halfway House" from the fact that it is situated about half way between the two villages, Ticonderoga and Hague. The property was purchased from Herbert Clark of Ticonderoga, a relative of the original owners of the farm.
Mr. and Mrs. Leach will close Hotel Phoenix at Hague this week for the winter and will move to the farm. Mr. Leach is a former resident of the village of Ticonderoga.

From the Ticonderoga Sentinel:

    Tongue Mountain
  Bolton Landing, N. Y.
      on Lake George
 Under New Management
    Reasonable Rates

From the Essex County Republican:
AUGUST 10, 1934

Mr. and Mrs. James Leach have charge of the Hotel Phoenix this year.

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