Mineral Spring Farm New Hague Warren County NY

Mineral Spring Farm
New Hague, Warren County, NY
By Nelson Peter Dolbeck

Transcribed by Bruce De Larm
Date Last Updated: 12/10/2006

From the Ticonderoga Sentinel: (NNYLN.net)

Mineral Spring Farm
NEW HAGUE, Warren County, N. Y.

    I have just got home from a tramp to Chestertown and back. I find the people generally well and apparently glad to see me, especially those who are in want of garden seeds and Dolbeck's Ready Relief. Last week I was in Moriah and Crown Point and find we are in need of different road laws. There should be provisions regulated by the state or county, as in Florida and other states. Good roads always attract visitors. Frequent communications always create a closer friendship. A closer friendship augments interest. I am obliged to do without the SENTINEL today, as no one wanted to tramp through the mud yesterday and that reminds me of the oft repeated question: "Why don't you write for the SENTINEL ?" So now I wish to say, through your very welcome paper when I get it, that I am very thankful to my friends and readers of your paper for their very lavish and unmerited compliments and that makes me think of something else to say. I don't expect that my poor effort at scribbling will please you all, neither do I expect to rank with the majority of the local news gatherer for your paper, but if you allow me a small corner in the literary department, I shall certainly say something if not so cunning. Another thought, I don't believe in "nom de plume" or any other "jaw breaker;" I don't believe in using "grip" or "la grippe" for a bad cold that has settled on some disordered organ of the body. Neither do I believe in calling a back ache "Bright's disease of the kidneys," when "Simple Dolbeck's Simple Remedy" will cure it every time. No cure, no pay!

    I am not soliciting for or paid for booming the SENTINEL, but must admit that the indomitable pluck and courage of the editor has won a decided victory and a lasting reputation, and should command a greater patronage. I believe in patronizing all home industries we can.

    I have been selling garden seeds and Dolbeck's Ready Relief since Jan. 15th. Many of my friends will be glad to know that I have sold nearly $300.00 worth of seed and over 300 bottles of R. R. Another thought and I am done for this time. I have found in my travels lately several imitations of Dolbeck's R. R. and other nostrums purporting to cure almost everything. It will be advisable to consult a reputed physician before any unknown medicine is used. Very many of the patent medicine so called are worthless, in fact, dangerous. So in conclusion will say that I am fully qualified by law and fully able to sustain the statement that Dolbeck's Ready Relief is a purely vegetable compound recommended by able physicians and as good a blood purifier as can be found.

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