Early Families of Hague

Hague, Warren Co., NY
Early Families of Hague

Date Last Updated: 01/05/2008

From the 1799 Assessment Roll for Bolton:

Abel Rising

Bezaleel Waste
From the "Waste family history" website (see Important Offsite Links...):

"During the Revolutionary War of 1776, Lieutenant Waste enlisted in the United States Army and performed many heroic deeds as a surgeon on the battlefields of New England.

The War over, he moved to Wilmington, Vermont in 1778 and he found a job as a surveyor on the highways of Wilmington and Somerset. He was then 36 years old. With his family of 12 children, he traveled northwest beyond Albany, N.Y. in 1788, and settled for a time in the small town of Hague, New York by Lake George.

The Waste cabin in Hague was filled with profound sorrow in May, 1794, with Death took away 18-year-old Deborah, then returned three short months later to claim 16-year-old Joanna. It required people of extraordinary courage and faith to face such dire tragedy and rise above it, as they had to do."

Note: The site has several conflicting statements concerning the members of the family, the time frames, and locations of the events. But all references point to this family as being one of the first (if not the first) families in Hague.

Samuel Cook

Elijah Belden

Amasa Burt
Amasa's mother, Annaretta Belding, was the sister of Elijah Belden. Amasa's son, Amasa, married Louisa Taylor (the daughter of Isaac Taylor).

Charles Dodd
Charles' daughter, Margaret, married Nathan Taylor (the son of Isaac Taylor).


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